tagIncest/TabooDrunk Mother-in-Law

Drunk Mother-in-Law


I got married for the second time when I was thirty, and my wife is several years younger than I am. We have a great relationship, and I get to enjoy the more open, fun sex than I had in my first marriage. Clair is really great, and I know she will still be fun and exciting when she is older, because her mother still looks great in her fifties.

Her mom, Susan, got divorced when the kids were still in elementary school, and she struggled to bring them up well on a small income, and it is still tough for her to make ends meet.

About six months after Clair and I moved to Northern California, Susan lost her job and was wondering what to do. Clair asked if it would be alright for her to move in with us and find a job in our town, and I figured, why not, she's fun to have around.

I never gave Susan too much of a look, she's still got a nice figure and a large chest, that I will admit I noticed, and her nipples sometimes show through her bra, even with a sweater on, but that's as far as my looking ever went. After she moved in, we treated her like a friend, and since she was a bit depressed, Clair kept telling me to compliment her. You know, "tell her she looks nice, tell her new hairstyle look great," that sort of thing.

I never thought anything of that, but kept giving her nice compliments to keep her happy. When we went out for dinner, she would beg-off, and I would say things like, "there are lots of nice guys out there looking for an exciting, beautiful woman like you," and sometimes she would go with us, but she wasn't interested in other men.

One evening after we all sat up late drinking and watching a movie, the girls both pretty much passed out on a couple bottles of wine before I turned off the TV. There was a third bottle, but I only had a single glass, so I was still wide awake.

I woke them up and then carried my wife downstairs. I plopped her down on the bed and we kissed and she was really drunk, but was still giggling and whispering to me, so we stayed on top of the bed. She reached down and cupped my balls, and then started stroking my cock while I kissed her neck and worked my way down to her tits.

They are very sensitive, so I didn't spend much time on her nipples, just kissed down to her pussy and before I gave her more than a few licks she was pulling my head up and trying to get me to enter her.

We managed to make love, but before I came, she was asleep. Literally. Kind of a blow to my ego, but I went back down on her and licked her pussy. She moaned and moved around a little, but was really still asleep. That was a super turn-on for me, that I was licking her pussy and she was out!

I moved back up and slid my hard cock into her slippery slit. It only took me few minutes to cum, a very strange feeling with Clair asleep.

I cleaned her up but I was still a bit wired, so I went back upstairs to see some more TV.

Susan was still sleeping on the couch, but she had moved to the other side and had finished off the rest of the other bottle of wine. The TV was on, and I picked up her legs to sit down and she didn't even stir.

I looked over at her and could see the edge of her nipple peeking up from the corner of her nightgown. It was darker than Clair's, and I wondered how big the areola was. I said, "Susan, you're taking up the whole couch," while I moved her legs again, and then I pulled her gown down to cover them. I pulled again so the top would come down, and completely uncovered her left breast. It looked great, and I couldn't help staring at it.

I gave her a shake and she still didn't move at all -- totally passed out. This was a new and very exciting evening and I couldn't help myself. I said, "Susan, we need to get you to bed," and I put an arm under her back and helped her sit up. She just barely murmured something, and then was limp in my arms. I reached around and felt her bare breast, and squeezed it. So soft, so warm, and after a little while I was bold enough to put my fingers around her nipple. It didn't get hard, so I figured she was really out.

My hands were shaking, but I stood part way up and picked her up to take her to her room. She was just dead to the world, and I carried her down the hall. She was hot and a little sweaty and smelled of alcohol, a kind of sweet-wine smell.

When I got to her room, I realized I should have come in and pulled the covers down, but I put her down in the middle of the bed and moved the covers down and then kind of shuffled her back under the sheets.

She still hadn't moved, and I couldn't help but stare at her big breasts. They were prominent in the moonlight, and I said, "Well, just going to cover you up with the blankets," as I pulled them over her but kept my hands underneath. I was so excited they were really shaking as I rubbed her tits and gave them quite a massage.

Eventually I was tweaking her nipples and could feel them getting quite large in my hands. She moaned a little, and then snored a bit. Talk about being out cold! Holly crap.

I got bolder when I realized she was sleeping so soundly. I pulled the covers back down and then took a quick walk to the door to listen for my wife. There was no sound and only the glow of the TV from the front room, so I went back to Susan's bed and sat down. She had rolled over, and now was almost on her stomach, but I was able to pull a spaghetti strap down and pull her right breast out. I gave it a rub and then leaned down and popped the nipple in my mouth. It seemed to grow enormously as I sucked it. I just kept rolling it around my tongue, which was really cool because I can't do that with Clair.

I moved a bit and realized that I had a monster erection popping up in my sweat pants. I reached down and gave it a rub and then looked back down at Susan. She seemed to still be pretty out, but I was getting nervous. I left her tit hanging out, but sat back and pulled her pajamas up her leg slowly.

She moved a bit, but I worked my way carefully until her ass was exposed. It was well rounded and she had her right leg up a bit so it really looked great. I could see some hair and the edge of her pussy in the soft light, and I leaned in close and gave he snatch a smell. It was amazing.

After having just fucked my wife, smelling another woman's pussy was an amazing turn-on, and my mother-in-law no less. And, she would never have any idea about what I did.

I reached down again and inside my sweatpants and started stroking my hard cock for real at this point. I was already dripping pre-cum from the head and my fingers slipped around the glands of my penis.

I leaned over and looked at Susan's great pair of tits with the right one still sticking out and the nipple long and brown. Then I leaned in and got close to her pussy again, still stoking my dick and knowing I was going to explode soon.

Although Susan is in her fifties, the hairs were dark. There was just a hint of pussy juice around her squeezed lips, and I wanted to taste her so bad I could actually feel my neck and ears getting red and hot.

Just then Susan had a strange snore-snort that scared me to death. I stood up and took a couple steps away and my heart was pounding in my chest. I walked to the door and into the hallway, then looked back around the door jam.

She had moved completely onto her stomach. I was pissed that I had missed my chance to somehow taste that pussy. Her face was turned to right and her left hand was dangling over the edge of the bed. However, her gown was still up over her ass.

When my heart slowed down I moved back into the room. I spoke lightly to her, "Susan, I'm going to get you all the way into the bed and pull your covers up," and I moved her leg a bit and grabbed the covers.

She only moved a bit, so I put my hand on her upper thigh and to my delight, she stirred a bit and I pulled her leg to the left and she actually moved them apart a bit.

It was too dark to see anything very well, but I massaged her leg a bit and moved my hand up to her pussy - very slowly. My left hand was on my dick, which was fully flying and so close to cuming I could barely stand it.

My leg brushed against her dangling hand and it twitched a bit. I swear I could smell her pussy now, and I got down on my knees and put my face close to her ass and breathed in the aroma. At the same time, I moved my dick next to her hand.

Moving my face back, I looked down and guided my right hand along her pussy lips. She moved her legs together and I just got my fingers out. They were slightly wet, and I moved them to my tongue tasted he juices.

Her head still hadn't moved, so I pulled the covers over her and guided my dick into her left hand. I put my hand around her's and helped her grip my dick. She actually squeezed a little, and I was about to shoot my load.

I stuck my right fingers into my mouth and again tasted my mother-in-laws pussy juice and with just a few slow stroked my balls went on fire and shot a huge load of cum into the side of the bed.

I couldn't believe my luck that evening. After catching my breath, I stood up and looked at Susan. Still completely out, and being the really sick fuck that I am, I leaned into the bed as far as I could and put my still dripping dick next to her face.

She was slightly snoring, and her mouth was open a tiny bit, and I just couldn't help it. I slid my dick over her lips for two or three seconds and she actually put her tongue out licked her lips - and the head of my dick, before moving deeper into the pillow.

So on the most amazing sexual night of my life, I fucked my wife while she was asleep, and tasted my mother-in-law's pussy and had her lick my dick - and my cum, after she jacked me off. Unfucking believable.

That was last week. I'm still trying to get us all together to watch a show and get drunk again. It hasn't been as easy as I had hoped, it was a fluke, but I'll keep at it until I get another chance. I'd really like to slip my dick inside my mother-in-law!

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