Drunk Sister Needs Help


I was too dazed to think straight, but one idea burned itself into my mind: after this night, there would be no more need for Dad's magazines; only the real thing would ever work again. Even the light touch of my sister's fingers as her hand drew away from my shrinking penis was 100 times more sensational than anything I'd done with my own hand. It would be the real thing or nothing, I knew.

Beth looked down at the cum on her body and idly ran her fingers through it, like seeing it for the first time. Considering how adept she'd just been with me while drunk out of her rational mind, I was sure the male essence was familiar to her (to say the least), but it was still satisfying to see her rubbing it around on her tits and belly. That drop on her chin finally broke free and splattered her chest, prompting me out of my reverie.

I gathered up reserves of strength from somewhere and managed to remove her skirt and panties from the tub and set the water to running at a reasonably warm temperature, and then reached to get the shower going. It hit me that I'd have to be in the tub with my sister in order to get her up and properly bathed, so I clambered over the side and balanced myself gingerly on my none-too-steady feet.

She looked even more like a zombie now than before, her eyes glazed and heavy-lidded, and it was all I could do to pull her into a standing position. Beth mumbled some protest sounds but got into the swing of it after I propped her against the wall and held her with one hand while grabbing the soap with the other, all the while praying she would stay out of it just long enough...

I lathered the soap up a bit against the swell of her hip and ran the bar over her front and back as efficiently as possible, resisting the urge to probe even as I felt the seductive softness of her body. All I needed now was for her to wake out of her sedated condition. I stole a few moments to clean myself off as well, startled to find with my fingers that just the act of being this close to a real live naked woman was giving me a resurgence. I was at half-mast again; maybe it was the sight of soapy water running down over the flesh of her ass.

Surprisingly Beth never broke back into full consciousness again, much to my relief. As I stepped her out of the tub and dried her with a big towel she stood there, swaying slightly, with a peaceful smile on her face and her eyes mere slits. She reminded me of a drowsy infant being toweled-off by a parent. I was careful to use soft movements with the towel so she wouldn't awaken. This meant I had time to feel her body more intimately, even though it was through the cotton. Yes, I dried her off front and back in those areas...you know...with little careful pats.

My dick was rock hard again from the unbearable newness of what I was doing, and my balls screamed in protest at being called into service anew. I tried to concentrate on getting her to her bedroom as quietly as possible. I couldn't help staring at Beth's nipples as she shuffled because it seemed they hadn't softened since I first saw her sprawled on her back on the porch. It was all I could do not to clamp my lips on them. I guess that urge is instinctual, no matter the circumstances.

I managed to get a bedside lamp working and the covers on her bed pulled aside before Beth collapsed on it, face down, and started immediately to make light snoring sounds. I'd intended to get her in there on her back, but I soon found that her drunken dead weight was next to impossible to move, never mind flip over. Try as I might, I couldn't turn her around.

Besides, I was frankly wiped out from everything that had been happening. It was nearly 2 AM at that point. Only my penis was on the alert. I swear I meant only to get my sister into bed, creep out of her room, and pray silently that Beth would remember not a thing in the morning. I should never have pressed my luck and done anything further, as I well knew. But then I noticed the way the lamp was illuminating her ripe ass.

The light just seemed perfectly suited to view her by. It made her skin look all silky and slightly shadowy, mysterious, womanly, and all that. I'd managed to get the covers over her lower legs and her upper right shoulder and arm, but the way Beth had sprawled on the bed kept her buttocks and back exposed, as though framed intentionally by the bedspread for my enjoyment.

Many had been the men's mag pose that I'd soaked in, taken from this same point of view. I'd always been as much of an ass admirer as a tit lover, so this was my cup of tea. Emboldened by how much I'd gotten away with so far, I barely struggled for a moment with my baser urges to take a good look at everything, everything no magazine had yet revealed to my eyes. Beth's snoring took up a deeper pitch, indicating she was slipping into a deep sleep. I encouraged myself to take a chance.

I perched on the edge of the bed and bent forward to study her. My sister's hips were womanly but not wide, and her buttocks rode high above her thighs in a firmly-toned, peach-like shape. She was lying flat, so I gingerly reached to grasp her on the outside of her hips to gently pull her soft flesh up towards me. Though dead to the world, some automatic reaction deep in Beth's mind cooperated with my intent, delighting my by arching her back slightly and parting her thighs as I oh-so-gently urged her upward.

After all those frustrating hours fantasizing over what was suddenly presented to my eyes at that moment, I was in total awe at the raw dirtiness, the overpoweringly-forbidden nature of seeing a woman's spread-open private parts. You must remember that this was all a mystery to us young men back then. Diagrams in the Encyclopedia Britannica just didn't cut it. Plenty of models would be posed from the rear in girly pictures, but never actually exposed. Here I was, finally, my face mere inches from the view I had fantasized about for years. My cock positively weeped with renewed arousal.

It wasn't just the view, either. Accompanying the sight of her open pussy (and above it the tight rosebud that lay nestled in the crack of her slightly parted buttocks) was the delicate but powerful aroma of what I'll call a woman's "nether region", for lack of a better term. This heady scent from her most intimate female parts shot what felt like an arrow of lust to my already dripping cock. I had to fight a strong urge to bury my face in her.

I knew immediately what I wanted to do, but again, could I get away with it? I began by moving my hands away. To my delight Beth's hips stayed in place, slightly raised and parted. Next, I ever-so-carefully rose from the bed, taking my weight away bit by bit. Still she stayed as I wanted her. Then I rushed to the bathroom and ran the hot water in the sink, hunting feverishly for a washcloth on the shelves behind the door. Finding one, and running it under the hot water before wringing it out as much as possible, I stole back into Beth's room.

I was an animal. Everything was the lust I felt between my legs. What shame I might've properly been feeling was pushed aside as I laid the washcloth on the bed under my sister's thighs. There would be no way to explain cum stains on her bedspread or sheets, you see, so planning was necessary. When I got back onto the bed it seemed to take forever to position myself correctly without the possibility of waking her, but damned if Beth didn't just snore contentedly on as I wormed myself into place on my knees.

I gently placed my left hand on her supple ass, feeling an indescribably erotic sense of power. Her skin was warm and smooth. My right hand grasped my aching prick and brought the flanged tip as close to her twin targets as possible without actually touching, even as my left palm pried my sister's charms apart even more to my view. I had to bite my lip to keep from groaning out loud at the sight of her forbidden openings. I spread her as wide as I dared.

I could see myself burying my heated manhood in her warm sheath, could feel her vagina hugging me as I slowly thrust it in and out of her, could hear the sounds of our grunts and groans as I bent over her welcoming form and fucked her for all I was worth. All of that was instinctual; I felt it just as though it were happening. Never mind that this was my sister, never mind that it was actually my own hand -- in my mind I felt for all the world as if I were buried balls-deep in her pliant body, about to send all that was left of my ardor spurting up her channel.

It didn't take much longer. A few more well-practiced strokes along my heated length and then I was spewing threads of male essence all over her exposed flesh, much of it splashing her anal ring and nestling in her pubic hairs after running down between the open lips of her cunt. More of it sprayed the flesh of her ass. Despite my vow to keep my cock from actually touching my sister, I did lose balance for a moment as I came, the swollen head of my prick pressing right onto her asshole as another spurt came forth out of me. I pulled back in panic and milked the rest of my cum onto her thighs and the washcloth, making some low sound in my throat I'd never heard from myself before.

I spent a long time recovering, just kneeling there behind her sleeping body and trying to get my breath under control. In the bedroom lamplight I studied my drunken sister's ass, streaked with my fluids, not so much as the first time in the tub but more than enough to make for a touchy clean-up job. I watched it dripping down through the crack of her buttocks and the sluice of her cunt lips, and gathering in her pubic hair before dropping off onto the washcloth. Translucent white fluid clung to her forbidden areas like glue. It was the dirtiest thing I'd ever done or seen.

For a horrified instant I thought of the possibility of her getting pregnant, but shook it off just as quickly as the idea had come to me. After all, I hadn't penetrated her, I kept telling myself. Stories of girls getting pregnant in swimming pools were just stories, right?

Cleaning Beth up took forever, since I had to use dainty little touches and movements with my hand and the washcloth. Not that I was in a hurry -- when again would I get such an intimate anatomy lesson? She did plenty of lazy squirming, but never came to. I must have had a guardian devil watching over me that night. I cleaned her asshole and pussy with love and care, then reluctantly set about the business of rounding up our clothes and generally straightening up around the house.

I found myself ravenously hungry so I heated up a Swanson TV dinner. Sure, that took forever in those pre-microwave days, but it did give me some time to think as I sat there at the kitchen counter waiting. I was excited and exhausted at the same time by what had happened. Everything was wholly new, it seemed, but I tried in vain to envision what would happen next for me, or how to make it happen. It wasn't like I would wake up handsome and desirable the next morning, but I did find myself determined to overcome my shyness and try to make it with a girl, once and for all.

I never got so much as a funny look from Beth the next day. She was right back to treating me like an annoying scab that wouldn't heal, even more so because of the suffering from her hangover. For my part, I think about that experience every once in awhile and feel different ways about it, depending on my mood. In a manner of speaking, I lost my virginity that night. Another angle of thought is that I took advantage of a woman who was too drunk to know what she was doing.

I've written it off, at any rate. Can't go back again. But every now and then I indulge in feeling up my sleeping wife when she's in a deep enough doze, slowly bringing her awake by rubbing her clit with one set of fingers and caressing her neck (just where it meets her collarbone) with my other. Almost always when she comes out of her slumber her arousal level is high, if I've been patient and thorough enough.....and, damned if the lovemaking that follows isn't the best we ever have.

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