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Drunk Wife


I’ve been married to Jane for ten years. She is beautiful with long blond hair flowing down her back. She has three or four orgasms nearly every night while I usually have only one. We enjoy sex so much that we explore sex with others. We often surf the internet to find other sexy couples to meet. Jane doesn’t want to jump in bed with just any guy, but likes to have some familiarity with the man before getting in bed.

We had been in contact with one couple, Tony and Trudy, for the past two weeks. We exchanged pictures on the internet and talked on the phone. We thought we could have fun together. Tony had been very jovial and rather outspoken as to his sex preferences. My wife responded favorably to all his suggestions, but Trudy never did say very much. I was wondering if she was really interested in meeting us. We invited them to our house on Saturday evening.

Saturday evening at 8 PM, the door bell rang. We invited Tony and Trudy in. As introductions were made in person, Tony kissed Jane lightly on the lips. I leaned forward to kiss Trudy the same way, but she turned a cheek.

The drinks were flowing and we all seemed to get along. Tony and my wife were touching quite a bit while sitting in the love seat. They were very jovial and seemed to like each other, but I noticed Trudy wasn’t saying very much. I kissed her once while I was sitting on the couch, but she rejected touching tongues. I was beginning to think she didn’t like me. I noticed Tony was feeling up under my wife’s blouse, so I decided to do the same thing. Trudy said, “Please don’t”

About that time my wife said, “Tony and I are going to use the spare bedroom. You two can have the master bedroom”

My wife took Tony by the hand and easily tugged him to stand up and led him down the hall. I could hear Tony and my wife talking and laughing as they left. I watched as they went down the hall. They left the door open as they went into the spare bedroom. Whenever my wife and I meet other couples, we make it a point to leave the bedroom doors open. We like to hear what is going on with the other couple. No secrets.

I looked at Trudy and wondered what was going to happen. She got up and surprised me by saying, “I want to look at that picture on the wall.”

We walked over to look at the picture. I put my arm around her waist and tried to kiss her.

Trudy said, “I’m sorry, but I can’t do this.”

“Don’t you like me?”

“No, that isn’t it. I never wanted to do this, but Tony insisted. He said he would divorce me if I didn’t. I love him and I want us to stay together.”

I responded, “That’s rather unfair. Your husband is in the bedroom with my wife and you came here to refuse sex.”

“I’m sorry, but that is the way it is. I’ve never really liked sex very much anyway. Tony wants more than I can ever give him. This is our first time to do this with other people. Tony insisted we try it.”

We could barely hear Tony’s voice from the bedroom telling my wife, “Your breasts are beautiful.”

Then I heard my wife say, “Quit wasting time, let’s get in bed.”

I turned to Trudy to say, “Let’s go sit down on the couch.”

We sat down and didn’t say anything for awhile. I could hear Tony and my wife in the bedroom talking now and then, probably between sexy kisses. Then I heard my wife becoming vocal. She always becomes vocal when she is working up to an orgasm. Probably Tony was kissing her pussy. I heard my wife’s very familiar noises. She always makes noises like that when she is approaching an orgasm. Then Tony was beginning to groan and grunt. I knew he was fucking her instead of licking her clit. My wife began the familiar, “Oooohhhoooo oo oo” and groans as she had her first orgasm of the evening.

Trudy and I sat still while listening to our spouses.

A couple of minutes later, I saw my wife naked in the hall going to the bathroom. She was holding tissues at her crotch. She saw us sitting quietly on the couch.

“Why aren’t you two in the bedroom?”

I responded, “That is a good question for Trudy to answer.”

Tony appeared in the hall. Trudy and I could see his flaccid cock hanging down over his large balls.

Tony looked at Trudy, “Why aren’t you in the bedroom with Jim?”

Trudy started weeping.

Tony was very mad, “You get in the bedroom with Jim right now. Damm it! I told you that you had to do it or else!”

Trudy screamed back at him, “Alright, I will.”

Both Jane and myself were very distraught to be in the middle of a family argument. I didn’t know what to say.

Trudy said, “Alright, I have to get very drunk before I can do it. Bring the bottle of Vodka in here.”

I got up, mixed two drinks for us and returned with the vodka. Instead of taking the drink I had fixed for her, Trudy took the bottle of vodka and tipped it to her lips. After several gulps, she held the bottle in her lap. Then she tipped the bottle some more.

I said, “You’re going to be out of your mind doing that.”

“That’s what I want.”

A few minutes later she slumped in my lap very drunk. I got up to allow her to lie flat on her back on the couch. Her eyes were shut.

I said, “Trudy, can you hear me?”

Her eyes were closed and there was no answer. I didn’t know what to do. This very pretty girl was passed out in front of me and I could do whatever I wanted with her. I was feeling no pain from the several drinks I had. Should I leave her alone to sleep or should I take advantage of her. It’s my choice.

I started undressing her. I first took off her blouse and bra. Her breasts weren’t large but they were very shapely. I unzipped her skirt and tried to pull it down.

I said, “Lift up your butt so I can pull your skirt off.”

I think she heard me in her daze because she made a feeble attempt to raise her butt. I tugged and pulled it down and off. Then her thin panties were easier to tug down and off. She had a very shapely body. She was now lying on her back on the couch. I lifted one leg up on the back of the couch, then let the other leg dangle off the couch. This spread her legs wide to expose her pussy. I decided to taste her. I licked up and down, then sucked on her clit. I thought I was getting a little response from her at that time, but it was very little. Maybe in her dazed drunkenness she had some sexual feeling. I wasn’t sure.

It went though my mine that I should leave her alone, but after hearing Tony and my wife having an orgasm, I had a very big erection that needed relief. Her pussy would give it to me even though I would not have her cooperation.

I decided to take her into the master bedroom where it would be easier to fuck her. She was rather petite so it was easy for me to pick her up and carry. As I was in the hall ready to enter the master bedroom, I could hear Tony and my wife starting to become vocal again.

I plopped Trudy on the bed on her back. I shed all my clothes and spread Trudy’s legs. I was having second thoughts about fucking a passed out drunken woman, but I was consumed with animal lust. My cock was very hard and needed relief. What should I do? I watched her tits go up and down as she breathed. She did come here with her husband to get fucked, so why don’t I fuck her. The decision was finally made.

I didn’t think she was juicy enough for me to get my cock in, so I got the KY jelly from the night stand and applied a liberal amount in her pussy. I used two fingers to get her well lubricated.

I moved up over her body to let my erection dangle near her pussy. I decided to lift up both her limp legs and push her knees back toward her breasts. This gave me easier access to her pussy.

My cock head was searching for her hole. I was unable to aim my cock with my hand because I had both hands busy keeping her legs pushed up. After a few pokes at her pussy, my cock found the hole. I felt her heat as my cock head spread the entrance of her pussy. Even in my boozy state, her pussy felt like silk enclosing my hard cock. Her body was soft and tender and I nearly shot my load before being fully in her. I didn’t want to cum too soon, so I remained still just to enjoy the feeling. I looked at her face to notice she was pretty in the dim light with her hair spread out over the pillow. When I had gained my composure, I slowly eased all the way in.

I was in no hurry and slowly fucked her for quite a while. The noise my wife and Tony were making in satisfying their animal passion caused me to realize I was soon going to cum. I pushed her limp legs up tighter toward her head and started banging her. I pulled nearly all the way out, then plunged in each time. I started blasted spurt after spurt in her. I was groaning rather loud and realized I could probably be heard by my wife and Tony in the other room. My body spasms slowly dissipated and I laid still for awhile. Her body was very still and I knew she was not aware of being fucked. My cock slowly became small, but it felt good to let it remain in her.

I stayed on her for awhile because there was no hurry in getting up. Her breath was very regular as if she was asleep. When I pulled out, I used tissues to clean her up, then I went to the bathroom to wash.

I could hear Tony and my wife talking and decided to investigate. I went in their room where a small light allowed me to see. Tony was on his back while my wife was sitting on him. I was behind her and could see she was impaled on Tony’s cock. They were just resting like this while talking.

I said, “Hello, do you mind if I come in?”

My wife said, “No come on in. We’re just relaxing and having a conversation.”

Tony spoke, “Did Trudy get in bed with you?”

“Yes, and I’ve already cum in her pussy. I don’t think she enjoyed it very much because she drank quite a bit.”

Tony responded, “I told her to cooperate, or else. Go back and fuck her all you want. I know she doesn’t like sex very much, but I want to get her started in swinging with other couples. I’m very disappointed in her when it comes to sex.”

Tony continued, “You have a beautiful sexy wife.”

“Thank you. From the sounds I’ve heard, you two are having a good time.”

My wife spoke up, “Yes, Tony can easily get another erection fast. I like it. While I was sitting on Tony like this, we heard your vocalism in the other room. We assume you two had a good time.”

“Well, I liked it, but I think Trudy was too drunk to have much fun.”

Tony responded, “She will learn. I plan for us to meet other couples, too.”

My wife started riding Tony. I watched as her breasts bounced up and down and jiggled. She leaned forward for her lips to meet Tony’s. She kept moving on his cock while I watch her breasts sway back and forth. After they broke the long kiss, she raised up to sit still on his cock.

Tony said, “Another thing, your wife is a good kisser, one of the best.”

By watching them, I now had another erection. My wife noticed it.

She said, “Go back in the other bedroom and give that thing to Trudy. We’re going to be busy like this for quite a while. Tony can keep a good erection for a long time and we’re in no hurry. It feels good just sitting here like this.”

Tony looked at me, “There is another thing I like about your wife. She has very educated muscles to squeeze my cock. The best I’ve ever had.”

That was true. My wife always like to pulsate on my cock because she knew I enjoyed it. Her muscles were developed so good that she could make me cum by doing that. She could squeeze a cock as if trying to prevent it from withdrawing. Other men had complimented her on her technique. She seemed to be rather proud that men liked her skillful pulsating muscles.

I think I was feeling a little jealous knowing I had to go back in the other bedroom and have sex with a passed out drunk while my wife was enjoying sex with Tony.

I went back in the bedroom to find Trudy still lying on her back with her legs spread. When I crawled between her legs and pulled them up like I did last time, my cock easily plunged into her juicy hole. I think she was beginning to become aroused because she groaned. I was taking my time to slowly fuck her. After about fifteen minutes, I thought I could feel her move a little while she groaned some more.

My wife was becoming vocal in the other room and I heard the “Ohooooooooo oo oo o s” and knew she was having another orgasm. I didn’t hear Tony, so I assume he was keeping an erection to give her more orgasms as the night wore on and on. This made me more excited and I cum in Trudy’s pussy again.

I grabbed some tissues as I pulled out. While I was on my knees between Trudy’s legs looking down at her crotch to clean her up, I heard her say in a slurring voice, “Who are you?”

I looked to see that her eyes were open and staring at me.

I said, “I’m Jim.”

Evidently she was so drunk she didn’t remember where she was and what she was doing.

She continued to say, “Where is my husband, Tony?”

“He is in the other bedroom with my wife.”

She hesitated as if trying to think, then responded, “Oh! Now I remember.”

Then her eyes closed and I could hear her breathing became soft and regular. Guess she was asleep again.

I had finished having sex with Trudy twice this evening and felt as if I had enough sex with her. I didn’t hear any noises coming from the other bedroom. I decided to see what my wife and Tony were doing.

When I walked in their bedroom, I could see my wife was giving Tony a blow job. Evidently, that was the reason I didn’t hear any talking.

Tony was lying on his back with his head propped up higher with a couple of pillows at the headboard. My wife was scooted down in bed on her stomach between Tony’s spread legs with her face at his crotch. She was leaning on one elbow while the other hand held Tony’s cock. She was licking up and down the underside of his cock going from his balls up to the head. She was repeating the cycle of licking his balls, going up the underside and then swirling her tongue around the head. Tony was intently watch her every move.

My wife was not aware of my presence and Tony was concentrating on watching her. Evidently, they didn’t seem to notice me.

I spoke softly, “Don’t let me interrupt, but I’m in here with you.”

My wife stopped licking long enough to say, “Welcome, come on in. We’re just enjoying some leisure time together. Thought I would do something to make Tony happy. He has given me several several orgasms.”

Tony looked at me to say, “You really have a very sexy girl for you wife. You are very lucky.” He laughed and said, “I would trade mine for yours.”

“Sorry, I’m not trading her off, except for a short time like this. She is mine to keep, year after year. We really love each other. But we do like a little variety in our sex life.”

Tony quickly said, “I’m glad you like a little variety, because I would never have a chance for this wonderful sex if you didn’t. I would like to do this again sometime.”

My wife went back to licking Tony’s cock when our short conversation stopped. I sat down in a chair to watch. She took the head in her mouth when she had licked up to the top for the last time I watched as she started small up and down movements on the head, then moved her mouth down to take all the shaft she could. Tony started groaning and pushing up to her. She was now going up and down his whole shaft while fondling his balls. Tony was grunting and pushing up with sharp jerks as my wife’s hand was tightly going up and down with her mouth on his cock. His body started jerking and straining as he yelled in sexual pleasure. His body was jumping around so much she was holding on to his cock to keep it in her mouth while he was shooting spurt after spurt.

Tony’s groans gradually became softer with a sound of satisfaction. No doubt he had thoroughly enjoyed the wonderful blow job my wife give him. I’m sure his wife couldn’t satisfy him that well. Maybe she didn’t give blow jobs.

I had a very stiff erection as I watched them. My wife saw it and said, “Didn’t Trudy take care of you, my dear husband?”

“Well, not really too good. By watching you give Tony that excellent blow job, I couldn’t keep from getting turned on.”

She responded, “I don’t want my own husband to go wanting. If I can do something for you, let me know.”

She was still lying between Tony’s legs with her face near his very soft cock. Tony had relaxed in the same position. My wife’s naked body looked so inviting that I couldn’t decide if I preferred to fuck her or let her give me a blow job.

I finally said, “Back yourself down here at the foot of the bed and let me do it doggie style.”

She got up on her hands and knees and backed down to the foot of the bed with her feet hanging off the end of the bed. I put my hands on her hips and leaned into her. One hand aimed my cock at her hole. I moved the head up and down her juicy slit, then shoved fully in her pussy. I fucked her for about a minute. When I pulled completely out, her juices along with Tony’s cum had my cock very wet and slippery.

I raised the head of my cock to aim at her ass. I spread her ass cheeks a little with my hands, then shoved forward. I had enough slippery juices on the head to start spreading her ass. I was gradually going in a little then pulling back until I was able to work in more juices to lubricate her.

She said, “Go ahead, I think I can take it all now.”

I gave a final push, then looked down to see my cock had all disappeared. I glanced at Tony who seemed to be fascinated with what I was doing. I made a few slow back and forth movements to work up to a finish. I then started banging her bottom causing me to soon start shooting in her bowels.

When I had finished, Tony said, “I’ve never had sex with a girl like that before. Jane, would you let me do it that way?”

My wife said, “If you can get hard enough to get it in, go ahead.”

With that thought, Tony jumped up with his hand on his cock and said I want to try. He walked around to take my place. By now my wife was very lubricated and temporarily stretched. By the time he was in position, his cock was hard and had no problem sinking it all in. Tony had already cum a few times, I don’t know how many, but he wasn’t in any hurry to finish. He finally added his cum to mine in her bowels and let his soft one plop out.

I said to Tony, “Trudy is still in the other bedroom asleep or passed out. It’s probably time for you to take her home and put her to bed.” He agreed.

I helped Tony dress Trudy and take her to the car. We came back in the house to say our goodbyes.

Tony wishfully asked, “I would like to come back again soon.”

I thought I would be honest with him and decided to say, “Trudy and I didn’t get along very well. I think you should try to find another couple for further sexual adventures.”

My wife spoke up, “Tony, I liked being in bed with you, but I can’t meet you by myself. If my husband and Trudy can’t make it, then this is goodbye.”

Tony only response was, “It has been a wonderful evening for me and I think you are the sexiest girl I’ve ever known. Maybe something will change in the future so I can have some more time with you.”

Tony left.

I kissed my wife and said, “Glad you enjoyed the evening. What we need to do is get on the internet and find another couple.”

Jane responded, “Yes, let’s do it.”

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