tagRomanceDrunkard's Dream Pt. 02

Drunkard's Dream Pt. 02


He sat down on the edge of the water bed, his head even with my belly. He pulled on my thong. It dropped, and I stepped out of it. He kissed my tiny paunch of a belly going lower with each kiss.

When he reached my landing strip I pushed him, gently back on the bed. I grabbed his boxers and tugged at them. He lifted his ass and they slid off. I dropped them next to mine. I ogled his cock. It was ram-rod stiff and straight up. I had seen longer. Even wider, but most importantly, this one was right in from of me and he wanted me to have it.

I put my arms on the side of the bed. My tits hung down touching his knees. We leered at each other. I think it was my large tits hanging free. I know I was leering at his large waiting to be sucked cock. He pushed himself farther into the middle of the bed. It sloshed. I watched his cock go up and down. I followed him onto the bed. My tits swaying as we bounced along.

He stopped. I continued. My tits grazing his cock. I relished the dampness of a bit of precum. I continued advancing until my eyes were even with his. Our lips met. I arched my body and we connected. His firm cock slid immediately inside my damp deprived vulva. We squealed with pleasure, together, and it was over as soon as we started. We had both cum in a heated rush. But we stayed untied. We kept kissing. Long, deep and hard kisses.

My hands on his chest, his hands on my tits. I nibble his neck, and he suckled on breast. Any and all movement bounced the bed accentuating him inside me. It wasn't long before we were again humping. I hadn't realized how much I missed the sensation of a man deep inside me, hitting all the right places. I pulled him over, on top of me. He was deeper now. He kneaded my breast a touch rougher now. I grabbed his hips and pushed when he plunged. I moaned louder and louder, he didn't tell me to stop so at the climax I shouted for all I was worth, "FUCK ME!" I think he did the same I wasn't sure, I was lost in the ecstasy, the joy, the love.

He pumped me gently with a few more strokes. He was getting all of it out of him and as deep into me as I needed. When he was done, he slowly toppled along side of me. He closed his eyes and I thought, great he's a sleeper. I positively hated those. To my continuing surprise he opened them again and tenderly grazed my cheek with his lips.

"Oh fuck. Shit. Ah, WOW." He whispered them softly but his intent was anything but. He had an ear to ear grin.

He's a talker? Cool. "Yes absolutely. Wow." We kiss, deep, tongues probing as are hand had done moments before. After the kiss we lay a moment contently gazing, then I continued. "I guess I really needed that."

"Me too." He fingered my nipple, which instantly got hard. He looks at me and asks, "Didn't I satisfy you?"

"What? Hun? You mean the scream of fuck me didn't give you a clue?" I pushed myself up on my elbow. He's lying on his back. I rested my hand on his belly, just above his pubic hair. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw his cock begin to swell. "Wasn't I enough for you?" He sidesteps my question.

"I read on the internet that if a woman's nipples get hard after sex she's still horny."

"Well, it has been a while, so, ya, I could go for more. In a little while." I lean over brush his lips with mine, sliding my hand down to tickle the tip of his cock. I lean back, "just as I see you can." He nudges me onto my back and I spread my legs. He slides between them, his cock slides between my pussy lips. He sucks on my right breast and fingers my left. I moan in delight.

I grant him about 5 minutes of fingering and sucking before I gently shove him on his back. He spreads his legs and I slide between them. I delight in the feeling of his cock growing ever stiffer against my abdomen. I suck and finger his nipples. He moans louder, squirming with excruciating joy, until he can't take it anymore sliding sideways out from under me.

On my side with my back to him, he pulls me toward him. His cock slips inside of me as we spoon. He is so deep I have to catch my breath. He sides a hand under me and over me grabbing my tits. I know it's not a great position for him to get any momentum, but it's exceptional for me. I let him know how good it feels. I push back on him, helping him hump. I have to pant the pleasure is so intense.

"Oh." Pause, pant. "Ah, yah, OH!" He's good. Doesn't need a lot of encouragement, like some men I know. He keeps pushing and I keep saying, "Oh Ya." His stokes are adding fuel to my fire, and I'm shaking it feels so fucking good. "YES! That's the spoooooot." I shake the organism is so intense. He continues even after I feel him cum. Does he know that is whats keeping my organism going? Him deep inside, his balls rubbing against my pussy lips.

When he does stop, I slip my hand between my legs and finger his balls. I hear his gasp. "I like that cock of yours." He nips my ear. I feel him shrink, but not much. I know he won't mind me continuing to play with his balls. I also finger my clit. With him fingering my nipples, I almost cum again. We lay together enjoying the warmth of each other's fingering.

Sensing him growing again I ask, "You want to try doggy style?" I can hear his grin.

We bounce and fondle each other as we move around on the bed. I can't keep my hands off his cock, nor he off my tits. I don't think it was an accident when he fell face first into my pussy. God, his quick lick of my clit felt good. Finally, he is standing at the foot of the bed. I'm on the bed, and my ass is in the air and pussy wanting more of his cock. I know it isn't the biggest, longest, whatevereist. But oh my fucking shit has he touched me in places as never before. I love this. I turn to look and see what's the delay.

"Ah, any chance you could get a bit lower?"

The bed's really high. My ass is practically up to his chin. I laugh, "Sure." I slide a bit farther on to the bed and lower by ass by shifting my legs up. I watch him watching me. I smile and wait. I shiver with anticipation as I feel his hands on my hips. I let out a joyful squeal as he enters me. The water bed bounces and propels me back into him as he pushes into me. It is fucking amazing. I have to turn my head to breath, to pant. Never has it been this good before, never. I hope he understands. I squeal, "Yes, fuck me good."

I bounce, we bounce, I bounce back onto his cock. I can feel his balls against me. I feel his cock oh so deep inside. He just won't cum. I come again. And again, and for a third time. Then I cum once more time as his warm spume spreading deep inside sends shivers deep into my core. I hear him try to shout but it comes out as a series of o's and squeals. I don't care what he sounds like I'm glad I could make him feel as good as he is making me feel.

He plunges that wonderful cock in me a few extra times, but I can feel he is fading rapidly. This was his Everest, his climax. He had reached the top and was Fin. The bed continues to bounce, and he slips out. I turn over on to my back. Legs spread my body and heart open to him. "Damn."

He beams at me. I can't fathom what it is, but I see that smile and I want to fuck him all over again. He falls onto the bed next to me. It bounces me up, and I look down on him for a second. His grin is now ear to ear.

"Damn right," he says before bestowing on me a swift but passionate kiss.

We lay on the bad just smiling with our arms laying across each other. Suddenly I have an imperative need. "Ah, I, ah. Where's your bathroom?"

"You go out this door and -" he gets up and offers me his hand. I take it trying to get out of bed as gracefully as I can. I don't think it matters. I glimpse him watching my tits sway and my pussy wink at him. Holding my hand leadis me out of the bedroom, back down the short hall to the dining room. He stops in front of a doorway I hadn't seen when we first came in. He motions me through and a quick glance to my right I see it.

My business complete, I check out the bathroom as I wash my hands. There is a knitted tissue holder on the back of the toilet. A petite bamboo shelf above the toilet has bath salts and lotion. There is wallpaper above the tile. Its large spring flowers. Against my will I open the bathroom cabinet. I sigh in relief, nothing obviously female.

Stepping out I'm instantly lost. I see a door way to my right, one in front of me down a different short hallway, and a third doorway half way down on my left. That is the one with light coming from it and noise.

I step out into the dining room looking for him. "I'm in here. Would you like a cup of tea? A beer?"

I look past the dining room, and I still can't see him. He pops his head out of a doorway three feet in front of me that I hadn't seen.

"You look just as nice without clothes as with them. Although that little black dress didn't hide much."

"Thank you, I think." We smile. I follow him into a tiny kitchen. The tea kettle is starting to whistle. I see a small selection of teas across the back of the small gas stove. "Oh, yes, a Red Zinger. That sounds fitting for the night."

"That's what I'm having. Good choice." Captivated, I ogle his unmindful nudity. His muscular back, his rock-hard buttocks. His taut thighs. He gets two cups from a cupboard next to the stove, setting a tea bag in each. I suffer the want, the need for him, but it is no longer in my loins. He carries them and the tea kettle to a cozy dinette near the window. "I put a small dish towel down on the vinyl seat by the window. The vinyl can be a bit cold on a sensitive tush." He smiles at me with his body. The open, slight upturned mouth; his eyes, soft dark and brown. His open nakedness says, I'm yours if you want me. I think he said something like, "My turn, I'll be right back."

I sit next to the window. He was right, where my bare leg touches the vinyl it is cold. The house is about half way up a small hill giving it a nice view of the city below. The street lights stretching out to the horizon. Looking above I see a few stars. The late night crescent moon racing to beat the sunrise.

A sentiment I had experienced only a few times in my life is aroused. It becomes even more intoxicating as I sense him coming around the corner into the kitchen.

"Enjoying the view?"

I turn to look at him. I eye him from his bare feet to his broad open smile before I answer, "Yes. Immensely." I've never seen an entire body blush, but he did. My heart started beating faster. I recognized the feeling, from a long time ago, love. No, not merely love. Intimate, caring, selfless love for another human being. I had stifled it for so long but here it was, coming back strong. I smiled, yes maybe he is the one. The one I had been waiting for? He held out his left hand for me to come to him. I slid out of the dinette, heart a flutter and stopped.

My heart stopped. I couldn't breathe. My mind screamed at me. How could I have overlooked it? I held his hand before? He had run his hands all over my body. His gentle, loving touch. A touch that gave more love than it took. That thought slowed down my resolve. I looked again and it was still there. The Ring. The ring on his left hand. A wedding ring.

I ran past him, into the bedroom. I shrugged on my dress. I grabbed my panties and shoes and ran. I ran past him as he stood in the dining room asking all those 'W' questions. Words I didn't want to hear. Words I couldn't hear, why, what. What happened? What did I do? What can I do? This is the exact reason why I always, always take my car.

I was out of his driveway, driving down the street before I took my next breath. Three blocks away I stopped. I stopped in the middle of the street and cried. "How could he?" I shouted. "How could I? I told myself I would under no circumstances do that?" I shrieked, I pounded the steering wheel. I rested my head against it and cried. I closed my eyes for a moment, a long moment. When I opened them the night was gone. The light of day shown upon my wickedness. Still crying I drove. I drove because regardless of my depravities I had to get back home and go to work.

I kept going in the direction I had started and eventually found a street I knew. Surprisingly not that far from my apartment. I showered, got dressed and went to work. It was not a good day. I went home sick at lunch.


I looked up from my hands twisting in my lap. Taking a deep breath, I took the tissue offered. I hadn't realized I'd been crying. I looked at my sponsor as she put the tissue box back on the table. "Well?"

"Well, what? So you fucked a married man. You're an alcoholic, and very possible a sex addict. We did shit like that."

"Did you?"

She laughed, "No, I was closet drinker. But before that I had way to many one night stands, so I know the feeling." She paused, "and yes maybe some of those may have been married but at least they were smart enough to not wear the ring."

"Thanks, I think."

My sponsor looks at her watch. "Shit, we're late, come one. After that you need a meeting and there's one going on right now. A new comers meeting."

We get up from the patio and go into what's called the Back Room. That is where the smaller meetings are held. The only open seats together are in the back. I was putting my purse down next to me when I heard that voice. His voice. A voice I'll never forget. The voice of the man I love.

"Hi, ah, my names Jeff and I'm a sex addict."

I smiled to myself. I wonder if we could ...

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