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Drunken Trashley


My wife's cousin Ashley is a real bitch. She's the type of girl who thinks she's "all that and a bag of chips;" when in reality the bag of chips is more appealing. Now don't get me wrong she isn't bad looking, 5'6", about 170 lbs., maybe a B-cup, and a big flat ass. I didn't misspell that I meant a flat ass; her ass is more wide than round. She also has an incredibly abrasive personality, mostly because she is so vulgar when she speaks. Nothing about her is lady-like and that irritates her father, as well as, my wife and I to no end. That being said, I wasn't the least bit happy when my wife called me at work and asked if I would pick Ashley up. I was working my part time job as a security officer in one of the downtown office buildings when she called. She knew I was getting off at midnight and begged me to help out her uncle who couldn't leave work to pick her drunken ass up.

Apparently her so-called friends had taken all they could for the night and left her stranded at a nearby bar. My wife couldn't make the trip because of our sleeping children. I agreed to be the taxi, and told her she owed me big. Thankfully I had a change of clothes with me so I didn't have to traipse around in my uniform. I found her all teary-eyed in a booth in the back. The bartender told me he cut her off about an hour ago because she was stumbling around and slurring her speech real bad. He also told me one of the waitresses had to rough her up a bit to get her to settle down, apparently she had been groping all the male customers. I paid her ninety-dollar tab, picked her up by the belt on her mini skirt and literally carried her out the door. The crisp winter air gave her her second wind. Although she was still slurring her speech a little she was able to walk by herself. She was spewing all sorts of garbage about how she was going to kick all their asses and make them sorry they ditched her. It was actually funny to watch this twenty-one year old drunken trash mouth stumble while ranting and raving. When we finally got to the car she was talking a little clearer. She started begging me to stop and buy her more booze.

"Please," Ashley whined, "I really need another drink."

"You had ninety dollars worth," I scolded, "that I'm probably never getting paid back for."

"Please," she whined again, "I'll do anything for another drink."

"Anything," I mumbled to myself.

Then she did something that I totally didn't expect; she reached over and fondled my crotch.

"ASHLEY," I yelled batting her hand away.

She giggled at me and tried to fondle me again.

"If I buy you some beer," I asked fighting off her advances, "will you stop that?"

"Okay," she giggled.

We stopped at a gas station so I could buy some beer and she could go pee. I bought a six-pack of the cheapest stuff they had and went and sat in the car. I was on the phone with my wife when I saw her come out of the bathroom and walk up to the clerk. It looked as if she was trying to buy cigarettes. I knew she had no money because her purse was in the car next to me. I saw her messing with her top and the clerk nodding his head no; then I saw her turn around. Her top was unbuttoned and her bra was pulled up over her titties. I saw her bend over and pull her plaid mini skirt up over her ass. The clerk's face blushed immediately. He started to reach out to touch it when she turned around and started yelling at him. Flustered the clerk gave her the cigarettes and she stormed out of the store fixing her blouse. I gave my wife a play by play and left the phone line open so my wife could hear as Ashley got back in the car.

"What the hell was that about," I asked as she was getting into the car.

"Some guys," she slurred popping a beer can open, "just can't handle themselves when a pretty lady is around."

I bit my tongue, still fuming over the incident that lead up to me spending more money on her. I put the phone back up to my ear and started to tell my wife good-bye.

"If that bitch gets out of line again," my wife hissed, "I want you to black her eye."

I chuckled out loud and hung the phone up. As we pulled away from the gas station I heard a second pop. Ashley had chugged one and started on her second. A block from the gas station she was opening her third. As I drove she wouldn't shut up about how her friends were assholes, and fuck them; she babbled on for 10 minutes without stopping. What made it worse was she was slurring everything and I was only catching half of her words. As we drove towards her house we went through the red light district, it was an older part of town where most of the buildings were dark at night. Scattered through this area are cheaper bars and the occasional porn theater. As we came across the first theater she stopped talking and just stared. As we passed it she asked me if I had ever been in one. Knowing she'll remember very little the next morning I admitted I had been to one or two. She started slurring a million questions at me; what was it like inside, what could you buy, is it clean; then she asked if we could go in. We were stopped at a red light and she asked, no, more like begged me to go in. I told her no. Then she reached for my crotch again. I panicked and caved in; we pulled into the next theater's parking lot.

"Stay close," I warned her.

"No ones going to fuck with me," she slurred, "they'll be too afraid of my beauty."

I chuckled to myself and followed her inside. The lights were brighter inside than out and it took a moment for our eyes to adjust. The sight of everything stunned her. She giggled out loud, loud enough for a few of the men to turn their heads and stare. She started walking the aisle, touching almost everything and commenting rudely about it. As we came to the dildo aisle she stopped at a very large dildo on display.

"Holy shit," she slurred fondling the 12 inches of latex, "look at the size of this thing, what kind of slut can fit that in her cunt? I mean really, I like a fat cock but this thing is ridiculous.

She continued to fondle the latex cock.

"I can't even get my hand around this cunt crammer, "she continued to slur, "I bet it would hurt like hell going in."

I looked around and she had herself a very captive audience. And like an ADD child, she was off looking at something else.

"What are these for," she slurred loudly.

"They're anal beads," I almost whispered.

"Anal beads, like for your ass," she asked.

"Yes," I chuckled softly, "for your ass."

"But these are so big," she slurred handling a package of 3 inch beads, "I like having my ass played with and all, but damn you wouldn't be able to shit right after shoving these up there."

"Ashley," I interrupted, "we got to get going, I'm tired and I want to go home."

"No," she stomped her foot, "I'm not done yet."

I was getting pissed.

"What's back there," she slurred.

"Peep shows," I answered back.

"Peep shows," she questioned, "what's that?"

"Little booths with porn movies playing in them," I answered hatching a plan.

I knew her next question would be to go see one, and I knew it was a battle I couldn't win.

"Let's go see one," she mewed.

"Fine," I said disgustedly, "but after that we're leaving. Let me go get us tickets."

There was a mad dash into the darkened hallway by the guys out front. I bought us tickets and we ducked under the curtain. We found an empty booth, closed and locked the door and pushed the button to start the movies. The booths were larger than I expected, probably five foot wide by five foot deep. I noticed out of the corners of my eyes a couple of glory holes; fairly large ones too, probably eight inches wide by eleven inches high. Ashley was flipping channels and settled on a channel with a girl getting pounded by two guys. I stood with my back against the door; Ashley was slightly in front of me. I could hear her breathing getting slower and deeper. As one of the guys in the movie rolled the girl onto all fours I heard Ashley moan, she moaned a little louder when the guy plunged his dick into her ass. I knew my plan was going to work. I saw Ashley's skirt move in the back and leaned forward to look. She had her hand under her skirt fondling herself. I also noticed she had an audience at the glory holes. As her hand crept up her body it stopped on her right breast. She moaned again.

"You'd be more comfortable without your top on," I whispered in her ear.

Without a second thought she removed her blouse and bra. She went back to fondling herself and pinching her nipple.

"Looks like someone is enjoying the show," I whispered again, nudging her towards one of the opening, "let him play with your tits."

A pudgy hand came through the hole and searched for her tits. The hand mauled at her tits, squeezing and pinching. All Ashley did was moan louder. The hand pinched her nipple and pulled it towards the opening. The man's face briefly appeared in the hole and kept tugging her closer until her body covered it. She put her hands on the wall for support but continued moaning. I lifted her skirt to her waist and saw the man's fingers buried deep in her pussy.

"Oh yes," Ashley yelled, "fuck yes, fuck yes!"

Everybody knew Ashley was cuming. I stood back and laughed. I heard the door on the other side close and waited. Soon an arm came out and the hand started stroking her ass. I saw her move back towards the hole; she got closer to it but not close enough for her to be fucked. The reason she moved away from the first wall was to suck the guy's dick. I was shocked, but I knew I couldn't miss my opportunity. I pulled out my camera phone and snapped two quick pictures of her sucking dick at the hole.

"You like that don't you," I berated her, "you cock sucking whore; take your fucking panties off."

She stopped sucking his dick long enough to drop her panties to the floor. She went back to the waiting dick and sucked him until I heard a moan. Apparently the guy came and she swallowed every bit of it. She turned around and stepped up to the hole and waited. The guy on that side didn't waste any time, he stepped up and shoved that dick straight down her throat. I could see his hands holding her head and throat as he throat fucked her. I snapped two more quick pictures.

"You're such a little slut," I said loud enough for the guys waiting outside to hear.

Then she squealed, and I noticed another arm through the first hole. I peeked and saw this guy had two fingers in her pussy and one in her ass. He was pumping his fingers in and out of her as fast as he could. Ashley moaned again and I guess it was too much for the guy throat fucking her, I heard him moan just a few seconds later. Ashley choked and gagged on his cum, much of it oozed out of her mouth and hung on her chin. When she stood up it drizzled onto her tits. I snapped another picture. She turned to suck on the third guy's dick, but when she saw it she groaned. She grabbed a hold of his dick and pumped it a few times.

"You want to fuck that dick," I urged, "don't you, you fucking slut?"

"Yeah," she moaned, "I want to feel this one inside me. Is that okay with you?"

She tugged on the guy's dick.

"Fuck yeah," the man said out loud.

Ashley bent over and started covering the guy's dick in spit. And I'll admit he had a sizable cock, probably seven and a half inches long and about three maybe three and a half inches around. When she got it all nice and wet she turned around and sank back on it. The guy moaned, Ashley moaned, I moaned. I was aching in my pants. Ashley bent over and braced her hands on the opposite wall. Then she started moaning, loudly. I figured we were going to be asked to leave, or have the cops called on us. The guy didn't last long cause I heard him groan and Ashley was yelling.

"That's right fucker," she yelled, "fill my cunt with your cum. I want to know who's next, because I need more cum."

The hole opposite her filled with another dick that she greedily started sucking on. I snapped a picture of her nasty looking cum oozing pussy, and one more of her sucking the fourth dick. I couldn't stand it any longer I had to get some relief. I unzipped my pants and pulled out my already hard dick and started jerking off.

I, at that time or at anytime, knew I was not going to fuck her. But I did want to continue to humiliate her. I started the video camera on my phone.

"You want to feel that cum on your face don't you," I hissed to her.

"Oh yeah," she moaned still jerking off the cock before her, "I love to feel hot cum splashing on my face."

"How many cocks have you sucked tonight," I asked pointing the camera and her half closed eyes.

"I lost count after the first one," she giggled cramming the hard cock back into her mouth.

I continued to video her as she pulled the dick out of her mouth and allowed it to cover her nose and chin with man butter.

"Look at me Ash," I commanded switching back to still camera mode on my phone.

She looked at me and I snapped a quick picture.

"You want to feel more man butter on your face don't you, you nasty whore," I said.

"Yes, yes," she begged.

"Only if you let the next cock fuck you in your ass," I almost yelled.

I heard quite a scuffle outside our booth as guys tried to jockey into position for her ass. Ashley bent over and looked into the first hole and said, "Somebody please give me a hard cock!" The doors on either side of us closed loudly and a soft cock presented itself to Ashley.

"Suck him till he's hard," I ordered her.

She started sucking on his dick like a calf on an udder. She squealed and I looked to see a black arm reaching through the hole and playing with her cum filled pussy. I snapped a picture of her sucking another dick and took a little video of the guy taking cum from her pussy and rubbing it all over her asshole. When he felt it was enough lube, he jammed two fingers into her ass. She moaned loudly and pushed back on his hand. I stopped taking pictures and started jerking my aching cock.

"Hey Trashley," I said, "The guy behind you has a hard dick. Back your nasty ass up and take that dick up your poop shoot."

Ashley didn't hesitate; she started backing up. The guy stood up and stuck his huge cock through the hole. It had to at least 10 inches long and close to 4 inches thick. I snapped a quick picture as the guy grabbed his dick, and put one hand on Ashley's hip.

"Oh my god," she groaned.

The guy had only put the head of his dick in her; I checked the picture I snapped. I saw him wait for just a brief second; I assumed it was to allow her to get use to the girth of his dick. I saw him grabbed her hips and ease the rest of his dick in her. She was finding religion the entire time, there were a lot of, "oh god, oh god, oh god!" When he had as much of his dick in her as he could get, he slowly eased her back off. She let loose a slew of swear words and a lot of, "I'm cumming dear lord I'm fucking cumming!" When he got to the end of his dick he grabbed hold of her hips real tight and said through the wall, "I hope you're ready for this bitch!" He started fucking her ass like there was no tomorrow; she grabbed a hold of me for support as he fucked her silly.

"OH FUCK," she screamed as he plowed her ass.

"He's ripping me in half," she cried.

"Yeah bitch," the guy said, "your ass is so tight! You better cum on her now friend cause when I'm done with her she'll be ruined!"

With tears in her eyes I started jerking off again, my dick going a little soft from seeing her cry.

"Do you want me to stop him," I asked her.

"Fuck NO," she yelled back, "it feels so...oh yeah!"

She came again from the brutal ass reaming she was getting. It added life back to my dick. I grabbed her ponytail and positioned her face under my dick.

"You are a little whore aren't you," I hissed at her.

"Yes," she yelled entering another orgasm, "I'm a fucking whore."

As she said the word whore I came, my first spurt shot over her head and landed in the middle of her back, the next spurt landed in the middle of her forehead and the last one landed just below her left eye. I heard the guy fucking her ass call out that he was cuming. He pulled her all the way down on his cock and she came again. I could see him bucking his hips with each jolt of orgasm.

"Fuck bitch," he said, "make your ass let go of my cock."

Ashley took a step forward and an audible pop could be heard as he fell out of her ass.

"Clean my dick up whore," the guy commanded.

Ashley fell to her knees and started cleaning his deflated tool. I tucked my spent dick into my pants and snapped a few more pictures of her worshipping his dick. When he was finished with her he reached in and patted her on the head.

"That's a good piece of ass," he chuckled, "come back next Friday and I'll fuck your ass again."

"Give him your number trash," I urged.

"On what," she asked.

I handed her a black marker and said, "Write it on your g-string."

She picked up her panties and wrote her number on the front panel.

"Call me," she said sticking her panties through the hole.

"I just might do that," he chuckled.

I heard the door open and slam again.

"I need to clean up," Ashley said ripping a paper towel off the wall rack and wiping cum from her face and tits.

She pulled on her top, neglecting to button it up and reached for the door. As we walked out into the hallway, the guys cleared a path for her. Some of them were smiling others looked disappointed we were leaving so soon. She went into the ladies restroom and I went into the men's. There was a large black man washing his hands at the sink.

"Hey brother," the guy said drying his hands, "there is one hot bitch in booth 4."

"Really," I answered.

"Yeah," he continued, "and if she's gone, here's her number."

The guy reached into his pocket and pulled out Ashley's panties.

"Call her up and ask her if she wants her ass fucked again," he said, "I was going to leave them hanging up in here, but you look like you need a little action."

"Thanks," I said, stuffing them in my shirt pocket.

I took my piss and washed my hands; I hung her panties from the corner of the mirror and wrote a message on the glass. All I wrote was "Filthy Whore Trashley." We drove home in silence; I guess Ashley was thinking about what she had done. As we pulled up to her house she turned in her seat and grabbed my arm.

"I'm, I'm sorry I'm such a bitch," she stuttered, "I hope you don't think bad of me for what I did tonight."

"No," I answered, "I'll forget the whole thing, if you're a nicer person from now on."

"Nicer person," she shot back, "what do you mean a nicer person?"

"Ash," I interrupted, "I'm tired, and I want to go home. Let's just forget about."

"Fine," she sneered getting out of my car.

Not even a thanks, I thought to myself. As I started backing out of the driveway I saw Ashley reach for her phone. I laughed on my way home wondering where I should post my pictures first.

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