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Drunken Wife


I’m sitting in a wine bar in the West End of London, just a short distance from my hotel. My husband, thankfully, is over 150 miles north, looking after our two children. I’ve finished my meetings earlier than anticipated, so I could have caught a train back home today, but today I fancy a little fun!

I am sipping my third G and T already and it’s only four in the afternoon! But, what the hell? Sometimes you just have to let your hair down and unwind! Looking around the bar, I can see several men, some on their own, like me, others in pairs or groups. They’re generally all businessmen, possibly just passing through London too.

I have thought about doing this for some time but I’ve always bottled it at the last minute. Maybe today will be the same? Sitting on the next table are two Japanese guys, smartly dressed, but not my type! Next to them there is a single man, not bad looking at all, but reading The Guardian. Could never go for a guy who reads such dross! There’s a tarty looking blonde draped around the neck of a much older guy. Very sad! And, tucked away in a little alcove on the far side of the bar, I can see three men, all tall, all fit and all very smartly dressed. One is black and two are Caucasian. I can feel my interest aroused by them. They are certainly worth a second glance!

I’ve been watching them for a while and I am sure they have noticed. You know that look some one gives you, then turns to talk to their friends, and then they all look at you? It was that. Now they keep glancing and I am smiling back! What a tease I can be! Wait a minute. One of them is coming over! He’s standing next to me, right next to me waiting to order more beers.

I cross my legs, aware that my short skirt has ridden right up my thighs! He is blatantly staring at my legs, but I can’t blame him! They’re lovely, slender legs, kept in trim by regular workouts. I’m proud of my figure, not bad at all for a married woman in her 40’s, one which puts many younger girls to shame! I’m now leaning forward in the pretence that I’m searching through my handbag. I know that he can now see right down my blouse, deep into my ample cleavage. I pull out my red lipstick and slowly apply it across my lips, totally aware that he hasn’t taken his eyes off me yet!

I’m now looking back at him, smiling politely. How predictable men can be! He’s just offered to buy me another drink! He’s played into that one so easily! Close up he looks even better, quite a catch in fact! He’s making idle chitchat with me and I am making it abundantly clear that I’m alone and grateful of his company! He falls for it again and is now inviting me to join him and his friends in the alcove.

I introduce myself as Marilyn and shake hands with Jake, the black guy, followed by Sean and the man who has bought the drink, John. They have found me a chair right in the corner, almost hidden from the rest of the bar, squeezed in between Jake and Sean. They seem like a decent bunch of guys and we are getting on fabulously already! I’m noticing a lot of sexual innuendo finding its way into the conversation, but I don’t mind at all. Men will be men!

My glass is empty yet again and John has gone to the bar to fetch us all another! Soon we will all be drunk, but what does it matter? Nothing that a long sleep won’t sort! As I start my fifth G and T, the guys are becoming quite suggestive!

Have I ever had it with a black guy, they’re asking! Have I ever slept with more than one man at a time? Strangely, I have done neither, I’m telling them, but I’m willing to try anything once, I go on! There’s silence for the very first time! I am now trying to convince them that I mean it! I go as far as telling them that my hotel is no more than a quarter of a mile away and they’re all welcome to empty my mini bar! Each of the three men has just knocked their drinks back in one and is standing up already! I, on the other hand, am having a little trouble finding my feet!

Just down Shaftsbury Avenue and we’re almost back at my hotel. I’m arm in arm with the black guy, Jake, who I have taken quite a shine to. Sean and John are following close behind and I know they are talking about me! I am now walking briskly through reception, with three men, hoping not to attract any undue attention. I should be embarrassed but I’m not! I should feel guilty, but I haven’t really done anything!

I’m now back in my room and I have collapsed onto the bed. The bed seems to be spinning, or is it the room, or just me? I am feeling so giggly and carefree! The three men are looking bemused. I’m just laughing, as I spin around! Jake is reaching down to me, his hands now on my tummy. I can see that he is unbuttoning my blouse and I simply don’t care! He’s managed to remove my blouse entirely and now the cheeky sod has unclipped my bra! I’m topless! It feels great! They are looking down at me, looking at my tits! I am now playing with my tits, massaging them in my hands, aware that the men are beginning to strip off!

Sean is on the bed with me. He’s stark bollack naked, right next to me. It all seems a blur and I’m still spinning! I have grabbed his cock and am slowly wanking it just inches from my face! It’s growing and hardening in my hand and it feels oh so good! Someone is tugging at my panties and pulling them down. All I have on now is my short skirt, pushed up around my waist, my hold ups and stilettos! I’m looking down at my pussy as I continue wanking Sean. Black fingers are poised between my open legs and are now penetrating my lips!

My body is writhing around on the bed. Jake is fingering me and Sean is about to slip his cock into my mouth. John is chewing on my swollen nipples! Jake’s fingers are really stretching my slit and I’m pressing hard onto his hand. I’m opening my mouth to take Sean’s hard cock in. It tastes salty. I’m sucking him hard and he’s already moaning!

Jake wants to be inside me. He says he needs to fuck me! I’ve opened my legs wide to show him I want it and he is easing his huge, black meat into my wet cunt! Christ he’s big, he’s almost hurting me! He’s pounding furiously between my legs, driving his thick shaft deeper and deeper! John has joined Sean at my face and is desperate to get in on the action! Never knew my mouth was so big, as I stretch my lips around the two hard cocks! I feel like a slut in a porn film and it’s amazing! Three guys are just using my body!

Jake’s panting and fucking faster! I can tell he’s about to cum. I tell him to take it out and not to cum inside me, but he won’t listen! Take it out, I’m screaming, but he’s just driving it harder into me. Bloody hell, I can feel his cock throbbing inside me, ejaculating his spunk into my womb! The intensity of it all is incredible now. My body is shaking and my heart thumping. I’m cumming too! I’m shouting out so loud the whole hotel must be able to hear!

Jake has pulled out of me, leaving a trail of sticky white cum running from my pussy across the bed! Sean has climbed between my legs and is fucking away at my used cunt. He’s telling me just what a dirty slut I am, and he’s fucking right! I won’t be satisfied until all of them have filled me! Sean tells me he’s cumming but this time I let it happen. I don’t object, I just let him spunk me!

And what about you John, I’m asking. Fancy a fuck? As if he needed asking! I’m now taking my third cock in half an hour and my cunt feels so sore! I can feel their spunk oozing from my gash as I hold his arse tight digging my red painted nails into his flesh! He’s cum quickly adding his seed to the cocktail of cum already there!

I am spent, well and truly! I’m laying on the bed, spread eagled, used, with their spunk trickling from my swollen pussy! The room really is spinning now! I’m falling asleep……………


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