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Here I go, once again stuck running errands, "Run to the drug store for me, and can you cash a check? Oh, and by the way, I need you to pick up the cleaning. Here's the ticket, it's already paid for and if they try and charge you extra for stains, tell them I had them check it for stains..." Her voice kind of faded after that

Yeah, I was listening but damn, I got what I needed, 1.) drug store, 2.) bank to cash a check and 3.) cleaners. She continued on for what seemed like fifteen minutes or so and I kind of listened, at least enough to know that I had three stops to make. Anyway, I finally got out of there and started the roundabout trip, first to the drug store where I dropped off a couple of prescriptions that needed filling, then I headed to the bank, where I pulled into the drive through to cash a check.

When I finally got the money back from the bank teller, and confirmed I didn't need anything else, thank you, I closed my window and pulled out heading for the cleaners. Glancing at my watch I saw it was three thirty, "Damn, wasting half my day to do her errands," I moaned, trying not to remind myself that I had absolutely nothing else to do, so I might as well have run the errands.

"Face if Dave, your life is over," I mumbled to myself. I'm not too far off from being that old guy who follows his wife around in the stores and the mall carrying her purse for her. Each time when my wife sees that and says, "Awww, isn't that so sweet." I long to wail out, "You poor son of a bitch."

"Yeah, that will be me in a few years," I mumbled as I pulled up to the cleaners. There was simply no part of my life I could call my own anymore. I grabbed the claim ticket, climbed out of my car and walked up to the door. I didn't see anyone inside, but pushed on the door anyway. It was locked. Glancing at the sign I saw it should have been open, at least until five o'clock. I pulled on the door, then pushed on it and, well, it was locked.

Wondering what four kinds of hell I'll catch for not picking up the clothes on time (like I was supposed to know they were closing early and run this particular errand first, even though it was number three on my list). Okay, okay, I made myself focus. Thinking perhaps someone was in the back who might be able to open up long enough to pick up the cleaning, I peeked through the glass looking into the back half of the cleaners.

All I could see was a bunch of equipment and a few empty aisles, I moved a bit further down the wall and looked in again, seeing basically the same thing, until, wait a minute, yeah, there, an open door and what? I stood still, looking harder and realized I was actually looked at the fitting room door, or actually a mirror hanging from the fitting room door and in that mirror I saw two women.

I was about to bang on the window to get their attention when I noticed these women were naked. Yes, two naked women were facing each other. I quickly pinched myself and looked harder. One woman was tall, with long blond hair, large breasts and wide curvy hips. Her pubic hair was very light, almost invisible from where I was. The shorter woman was Hispanic with small breasts and dark nipples that seemed huge. Her hair was short and curly, as was her pubic hair.

I watched as the tall woman pulled up a chair, placed one leg on it and then pushed the shorter one onto her knees. Her head moved between the woman's and began to move slowly up and down. As she continued, I could see the tall woman's hands running through her black hair as she pulled the woman against her.

Then she began moving her hips back and forth as she ground herself the smaller woman, her face contorting in pleasure. I could see as she suddenly relaxed, in obvious ecstasy. I remained glued to the window figuring she would reciprocate, but instead she immediately started getting dressed. The short Hispanic woman moved back a bit to where I couldn't see her, but after a while I saw the tall woman gesture in a direction behind her. The short woman, now dressed slowly began walking.

Their reflection in the mirror disappeared, but then I could see them moving between the machinery to a small door in the back. The tall woman opened the door and pushed the shorter one through it. The door closed and I waited, wondering if they might come back in. I heard a door slam from somewhere behind the building, so I walked to the edge of the building to take a look. A small pickup truck with a camper back drove by. The tall blonde woman was driving and through the windows in the back I could see five or six people.

As the truck pulled out onto the street, it turned right and headed off. All I could do was take the cleaning ticket back to my car and head on home.


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