tagChain StoriesDry Valley Ch. 03

Dry Valley Ch. 03


Chapter 3: Tom Walker

Tom Walker drove his pickup truck slowly down the dusty road, trying to think. He grimaced as Britney Spears threw her voice into the third chorus of "Oops! I Did it Again." God, he hated that song! His finger hovered over the buttons, though, as he remembered how much Jess had loved it, and how often he'd heard her singing it in her yard, as he passed her house on the way home. That was almost 6 years ago. The memory brought a smile to his face. Hell, most memories of Jessica brought smiles to his face! Now he actually wished he had that song on tape, so he could play it for her during their date.

His truck was clean, inside and out, and as presentable as rust and primer would allow. He'd spent a half hour wiping the tires down with tire shine, and they glistened unnaturally beneath the dented fenders, like diamonds in a pile of...dirt. He laughed at the thought. His hair was combed, for probably the second time in a week, and he suspected he looked pretty decent, for one of Mrs. Walker's errant sons.

He'd left his place almost an hour early, though the drive to Jess's family home was only 15 minutes, at best. It really wasn't like him to be so prompt, but he couldn't sit around the newly-cleaned little house any longer, and another shower was likely to have the same results the first one did!

He couldn't get the image out of his mind, of her in the creek today, and of the way her wet bra and panties wrapped around her body like...well, like his hands would, if she'd allow it. He remembered the feel of her, as he pulled her into his arms after fooling her with that old 'drowning trick.' Her nipples had been so hard and tight against that sheer material, and when she dived under the water, the last thing he saw was the sparse hair of her pussy, matted up against the almost translucent window of her panties.

He shook his head, as if to clear his thoughts. His cock was hardening again, despite his recent attempts at relieving his sexual tension. He'd really had to control his urges this afternoon, watching her frolic in the water and on the little beach. He wondered if she felt the sexual charge in the air, as well. "Nah!" he muttered to himself. She'd been friendly, but kind of distant, as if she was afraid to encourage him. Not like the Jess of their high school days!

Pulling up to the house, he pushed his insistent hard-on against one leg, and killed the motor. He looked at the house just as the door banged open and Jessica bounded onto the porch, clad only in a big fluffy towel. Her hair was wet, and she instantly brought back those memories of this afternoon. Grinning at him impishly, she shouted, "Hey! Come on in, Tom. I'm just about ready!" With that, she turned and scooted back into the house.

Damn! At this rate, he'd be lucky if he could walk! Taking a long deep breath, he headed for the house.

The house was quiet, save for the radio playing upstairs in her bedroom. Tom took a seat on the sofa to wait, his thoughts a jumble. He wondered if Mitch knew he'd asked Jess out, and thought he probably did, by now. He hadn't mentioned it to their mother, but she had a way of knowing these things. Between she and Wanda O'Grady, not much got by them. If she knew, Mitch knew.

"That's okay," he said almost under his breath. "It'll keep him wound up, that's for sure!"

"What was that?" Jessica asked, walking into the room. She wore a pair of yellow shorts and a cotton blouse, with tennis shoes. She looked as fresh as a spring day.

Tom looked up in surprise, but tried to hide it by saying, "I said I liked you better in the first outfit."

He winked at her, but she wasn't fooled. She studied him intently for a moment, and then shrugged her shoulders. "Oh, well," she said, turning. Over her shoulder she winked back at him. "You coming, then, or are you gonna sit there and mutter all evening?" In three steps she was at the door. Tom gave chase, taking her arm as she was leaving the last porch step.

"Hey. Isn't this a date?" he asked. "Hell, girl. You're not supposed to be giving me a bunch of orders. At least, not until you give me something to work for." He slipped his arm around her waist and pulled her to him. His lips went to the area of her neck just behind her ear, and he kissed her quickly.

Jessica pulled herself away, shaking her head as she slipped from his grasp. She stopped, and turned to face him.

"You call that a kiss?"

She broke into laughter at his expression, and turned to run as he reached for her. He was too quick for her, though, and pulled her against him once more. Her laughter died as their lips met, and they melted into one another's embrace.

They stood that way for almost a minute, their tongues exploring each other's mouths, their hands hungry for the feel of each other's bodies. Tom's leg slipped between Jessica's, and she felt his growing desire for her. She squeezed his thigh between hers, relishing the feel of a man against her body once more. Suddenly, she broke their kiss.

"Tom!" she gasped. "We can't do this." Tom's arms tightened around her.

"Well, not right here," he said, laughing. "Wanda's probably watching us, right now."

Jessica scowled, suddenly understanding that Tom probably had his reasons for kissing her in such an un-private place. He'd want Mitch to hear about it, of course.

"Damn you!" she shouted, pushing herself from his arms. "Not ANYwhere!" She glared at him for a moment. He only looked back at her, grinning. It was impossible to be mad at him for any length of time, and it suddenly made her feel foolish, and frustrated.

"Look," she sighed. "You know this can't work, Tom. It never did, and it never will. Not as long as Mitch is around." Tom's expression fell a bit, and she said hastily, "I don't know. I may not even stay here. You know?"

Tom tilted his head and looked at her. "Aw, you know you can't leave again, Jess," he said softly. "Besides," he said, suddenly breaking the mood, "We've got bowling to do!"

He took her hand and turned toward the truck, dragging Jessica, with her eyes rolling and her head shaking in bemusement, behind him. She laughed as he opened the rusty door for her with a flourish. Soon they were heading down the road, the incident of a few minutes ago, if not forgotten, at least not spoken of again.


The bowling alley was chaotic. The sound of pins being knocked down, the machines retrieving them, and a dozen different conversations going at once only served to bombard their senses as they walked in. They were halfway across the floor when Jessica glimpsed Mitch, his gaze already on her. His hands held a bowling ball, but he was handing it to a short redheaded girl, and they seemed friendly. "Maybe more than friendly," she thought. She studied the young woman.

The girl was cute, very petite, and obviously infatuated with Mitch. Jess could see it in the way she looked up at him, her attention rapt. Jessica didn't think she knew her, but then she'd been away for a long time.

"I guess he could have a girlfriend or two in that time," she thought, smiling at her own jealousy, hiding just under the surface. She waved at Mitch.

"Hey! Remember me?" Tom joked. He was watching Jessica intently, and knew, already, that the old flame was still there. It was up to his brother to rekindle it, now...if he decided to give him the chance!

It didn't appear to be in question. Mitch was striding across the floor, his date forgotten, his eyes on Jess, or perhaps on Tom. He seemed intent on something, and it didn't take long to find out what.

Mitch walked up to his twin, standing almost in his footprints. His voice was angry.

"Bastard!" he shouted. "Couldn't wait, could you?" His chin set, as did Tom's, and Jessica thought they might come to blows. Suddenly, though, Tom grinned widely.

"Hey, big brother," he said soothingly. "Take a moment, there, and let me get back some of my space." He poked Mitch playfully in the ribs, and Mitch flinched. Tom smiled broadly, and Mitch shook his head, grinning. The moment of tension was suddenly broken. Even Mitch couldn't stay mad at Tom for long. He sputtered out an expletive, followed by a question.

"What the hell are you doing here, Tom?"

Without waiting for his brother's answer, he turned to Jessica. "And you..." he began. At that moment his date for the evening appeared, and asked Mitch what was going on. Her voice was worried.

Tom interjected, "He thinks he knows me, miss. Can you believe THAT?"

The girl looked from one twin to the other. Obviously, she had never met Tom, and the confusion on her pretty face was hilarious to behold. The brothers had even worn almost the same shade of shirt, though Tom's was denim, and Mitch's was plaid flannel.

Suddenly, everybody but the redhead laughed. Even some of the bystanders got a laugh out of the situation, whether they knew the boys or not. The place erupted. Tom and Mitch were soon clasping each other's shoulders, laughing. Their gazes kept going back to the girl's face, and new gales of laughter came each time. Jessica tried to be polite, but she also couldn't help herself. The situation was too absurd. She soon had tears of laughter running down her cheeks, just remembering the look of confusion on Mitch's date's face.

Eventually the laughter died away. Mitch muttered something and took his girl away, presumably to try to rescue the evening with her. He couldn't help but look at Jess one more time as they left, though, and his eyes held hers from across the bowling alley.

Jess was shook, both from the encounter with Mitch, and the earlier one with Tom. Her mind was so confused, right now! She went through the motions with Tom, and bowled two full games, but her heart wasn't in it, and her scores would have been embarrassing to all but a child. At last, Tom, probably knowing the evening wouldn't turn out like his shower fantasy had, suggested they leave.

"I've gotta get up early in the morning," he lied, and Jessica knew it. Tom always was the sleepyhead in the family. His capacity for sleep was legendary around here. Always had been. She smiled, and said "No!"

Tom looked confused, and Jessica put her arm around his neck.

"Aren't you gonna buy me ice cream?" she teased, trying to salvage some of his pride. She whispered into his ear, "You know what ice cream does to me." Then she laughed, the throaty laugh that always turned Tom on so much. He swiveled his head to look at her.

"In that case..." he deadpanned.

They rode in silence to the Dairy Queen, their thoughts unspoken. When they arrived, however, Tom looked over at Jess and quipped, "Okay, spread 'em. I'll get the hot fudge." Jess laughed loudly. Tom's humor, while a bit on the risqué side, was harmless enough, though it was almost always based on sex. Jessica had had a lot of years to get used to this aspect of her friend.

"Oh, so you wanna go first?" she dared, and draped one leg over his, leaning back lewdly across the seat.

Tom couldn't look at her. He was afraid it would lead to his doing something regrettable, though he knew Jess was only teasing him. He avoided any chance of encountering her dancing eyes or sly smile by getting out of the truck, turning his attention instead to the crowd of customers waiting before the little window. One face in particular captured his attention.

"What's the matter, you lose your taste for fudge?" Jessica hollered from the cab of the truck, attempting to embarrass him. She draped her naked foot over the windowsill of the truck, wagging her toes at Tom's retreating back. "Hey, where'd you go?" she suddenly asked, sitting up.

Tom took his place at the end of the line, but his eyes were on the girl two places in front of him. He just kept staring at the side of her face, sure he'd seen her somewhere, and suddenly just as sure he'd like to see more of her. The long brown hair cascading down her back was gorgeous. The emerald eyes were alert and clear. That body was unquestioningly attractive, but that wasn't it. What was it about her?

Suddenly, Jessica was out of the truck and moving toward the girl, her voice rising as she approached her, arms wide.

"Bailey?" she shrilled. "My god, is that YOU?"

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