tagChain StoriesDry Valley Ch. 06

Dry Valley Ch. 06


This story is part of the chain story "Dry Valley", done in collaboration with RedHairedandFriendly, JusHorny, and other writers here on Lit. I hope that my contribution measures up to their standards.


Tom felt a little relief when Jessica left, actually. He was tired of pretending to still be interested in her more than Bailey. Maybe it was time or how much maturing affected both of their personalities, but he realized that Jessica was just not for him. She was for his brother instead. Perhaps he had always suspected that, hence his willingness to back off and let Mitch have her.

Now, however, he could relax and accept that he wanted Bailey instead. He couldn't quite put his finger on why he wanted her, he just knew that it was a fact. She was apparently more his type than Jessica. He hoped that she would see it that way too.

When Jessica had first returned, he had been determined to make her his girl. Instead, he now found himself pursuing someone who had been there all along, right under his nose. Life was even weirder than he expected. Why did he have to be so dense as to the obvious? He just wondered what Bailey would feel about his attention toward her. He didn't want her to think that it was a betrayal of Jessica.

"Well, it seems that my date has had to leave me. Care to go back to my place for a drink? I have something to talk to you about," he finally told her.

"Which would be?" she abruptly asked him.

"Something best discussed in private," he replied, deliberately trying to be enigmatic.

"Now, don't try that with me, Thomas Walker. I know you better than that. Are you trying to ask me out on a date?" she teased him.

"What if I was?" he rejoined.

"Then I would have to be fair to you and give you a chance. Hell, this date has practically been our first, hasn't it?" she winked at him.

"Does that mean that I only have to wait 2 more dates to get more intimate?" he taunted and probed at the same time.

"Whomever said that you would have to wait that long? I don't necessarily subscribe to the '3 date rule'. I play it by ear. In fact, if I have to wait that long to know if I want to be with a man, I usually drop him instead. If he doesn't get my attention early, he probably never will. If that means that I get no call after sex, I just realize that I was only right about wanting to fuck him, not to date him. That doesn't make me a slut. Most guys don't even get a first date, after all," she stunned him.

"Is this your clever way of implying that you want to date me?" he probed.

"Tom, don't waste your breath asking that question. You already know that I want you as much as you want me. Frankly, I don't see why, but I'll definitely exploit it. My new hairstyle is not the only reason, is it?" she answered.

"No, not just your hair. It's your whole new approach. You seem braver, as if encouraged by the new hairdo. So, you only want to date men who want to date you then? That makes sense," he grinned.

"Yeah, I figured that chasing the hopeless is not for me. It's a waste of my time. I'm not into the 'thrill of the chase'. I just want to find a man who'll love me back. Know anyone like that?" she flirted with him more openly.

He was busy trying to come up with a clever reply, when she planted a very shocking kiss on his mouth. That was followed by his response, another passionate kiss, with his tongue tangling hers. It was a kiss that would have to draw attention to them, so they both agreed with talking to head to his place now. More intimate activities would require privacy.

When they got to his kitchen, she blurted, "I think that I could use that drink, after all. I'll definitely need the courage. Will you drink with me?"

"Sure. What's your poison?" he replied, anxiously opening the liquor cabinet.

"Got any tequila?" she requested.

"Certainly. Here it is, with salt and a nice lime. The last of them, so I'll have some bourbon myself," he smiled, knowing that tequila had a certain reputation of removing female inhibitions, particularly Bailey's. He had forgotten that since high school, but now he recalled it.

"Sorry to take the last lime. Want to share it?" she apologized seductively.

"Nah. You use it. I have my sour mash," he spoke, as he poured some Coke to got with it. That was always his favorite chaser for Kentucky straight.

"Then, how about finishing our drinks and doing what we should have done years ago. I want you to take me. It's overdue, baby," she tantalized him, as she threw back her tequila and followed it immediately with the salt and lime.

"Wait, you've wanted me for that long?" he reacted to this jolt, as he swallowed the whiskey and felt it burn his throat.

"Yes, since high school. Too bad you were busy dating Jessie. I don't think that she'll mind now, though. What do you say? Don't think of this as fucking your ex's girlfriend. Think of it as consummating a new relationship. Give it a fair shake. I know that you want me. You know that I want you. So, let's be a couple and see where being one takes us," she proposed.

"So, if I go to bed with you now, it won't be casual. It will mean that you're my girlfriend. Any other night, and it might have been a fling," he sought to clarify, but images of them together already appeared in his mind.

"Of course. Even then, I can't promise that I would have seen it as casual. Casual for you, perhaps, but not for me. It's not that I can't fuck without emotional attachment. It's that I can't do that with you. I want you too badly. It would taunt me too much with what I can't have," she said, as she played with the glass impatiently.

"So be it. We have to try it, for our own peace of mind. We can't let ourselves wonder and regret. So, let's go ahead and do it," he responded at last.

"I'm glad that you agree," she answered, as she surprised him by kneeling.

Suddenly, before he could take in what she was doing, Tom found his cock in her mouth. She was giving him a very sensual blowjob, with her lips and tongue alternating between licking and sucking his dick. She went back and forth from the base to the head, and then deep-throated him for a while. He struggled very hard to keep from cumming too soon.

Bailey could sense how close he was to a release, and she certainly didn't wish him to stop. If that meant that he didn't have another load tonight, then so be it. She would satisfy him, he would pleasure her, and then they would take whatever pleasure was available tonight, whether sex or something else. She planned to spend the night anyway.

"I think that I'm about to cum," he told her.

She didn't stop sucking and licking his manhood. She simply winked at him. It was evident that she wanted to swallow his load. So be it, he thought. He assumed that she was aware of the chances that he might not have another one that night. He could still eat her pussy, even if he didn't get stiff again.

When his cock jerked a bit and released his seed into her mouth, he felt her lick the rest of it from the head before she let it go. When he pulled out, she gestured that they should move on to his couch. She wanted him to eat her there.

Tom promptly removed her skirt and panties, after which he began to lick her sweet sex. His tongue did to her what she had done to him, with the addition of some teeth as he nibbled on her. He felt her shiver as he sucked on her clit and labia. She had goosebumps all over her body from the impact of his attention.

When his tongue went further, to her asshole, she felt a little chill again. None of her few previous beaus had ever shown any interest in her butt, at least not in terms of licking it. Rimming was not something that most of these small-town boys knew of; in fact, she had barely heard of it herself. It had not really sounded too appealing, either. However, the reality of it was much different than the theory. She had no concept that this area of her body was erogenous, and she thought that she knew all of her zones. Obviously, she had missed one.

His mouth then went back and forth, his tongue making circles between her clit and her anus. He even stuck it inside both of her holes. When the second penetration happened, she couldn't prevent gushing. She was very stunned when he drank her juices like he had no trouble with her wetness (something that no boyfriend had done for her in the past). She thanked him with another kiss. She didn't care about germs. She had the feeling that they would be sharing them soon anyway.

When he entered her sex, she made no attempts to stop him at all. Instead of worrying that it was on the sofa and not the bed, she was glad that he was hard at all. They couldn't help themselves from fucking at last. It had taken too long as it was to restrain themselves further.

"Oh, damn!" she repeatedly spoke, as he rammed her more vigorously than he or she originally planned. Both of them had once thought that if they did it with each other, it would be gentle love-making. Instead, this was a wild encounter that rivaled some of their most casual flings, despite their growing infatuation with each other.

Tom didn't speak at all until he was done, and he didn't dare to stop. He feared that he might lose his erection at this point if he did, as he had 2 shots of bourbon in his system. She wasn't complaining about the speed of their first sex, either. On the contrary, she welcomed it as a relief from their mutual frustration. It would seem that he had picked the right girl at last. They had more in common than Jessica and he did.

After he came, however, he said, "Honey, that was just wonderful. If I had known that you were that great in the sack, I'd have done it a long time ago."

"It's not like I hadn't dropped hints. You were just too focused on Jessie to catch on to them. It doesn't matter. I wasn't this good when I was younger, and neither were you. We both needed to sow our wild oats and get better first. What do you think of being lovers?" she replied with a grin. She was clearly not disappointed, but then neither was he.

"I think that we already are lovers, dear. If I recall correctly, that was agreed to be a consequence of us fucking," he answered, smiling himself.

"Great comeback, Tom. If you don't mind, I would like to go to sleep with you now. Lovers do that, you know: share a bed, cuddle, wake up next to each other," she suggested.

"Naturally," he said, a little flushed as he realized that she would probably hear his snoring and smell his morning breath. Oh, well, perhaps she snored and had morning breath, too.

I just hope to God that I don't have a hangover. That would be an awful way to spend my first full day with my new girlfriend. Damn, Bailey is my girlfriend now! I woke up this morning a completely unattached bachelor and am going to fall asleep a boyfriend, Tom thought, as Bailey and he closed their eyes and yielded to the Sandman.

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