tagChain StoriesDry Valley Ch. 07

Dry Valley Ch. 07


Breakfast for Two

Jessica picked at the crumbs sitting on the plate that had once held blueberry muffins. She'd gotten up and went out to grab the morning paper and spotted the muffins. How could she not? They had been sitting on her front porch. Now she was content to waste the day away, but she couldn't. She'd ditched Tom last night and Bailey. She owed them both an apology; Mitch, she decided she would deal with later. She picked up the phone and dialed the O'Grady's and got Bailey's Aunt.

"Is Bailey up yet?" Jessica asked into the phone.

"Up? I don't know. She didn't come home. I was hoping she spent the night with you," the little voice came over the phone,

Jessica's eyes grew wide and she spit out the milk she'd been drinking. "She didn't come home?"

"No . . . where'd you last see her?" her Aunt asked.

"I left her at the ice cream shop with Tom Walker," Jessica said. Her mind raced in all different directions.

"Oh well there you go then. She probably had one of them sleep overs you young'uns used to have when you were little," Misses O'Grady chuckled into the phone. "You call over to Tom's and see if she's there and if she is you give me a holler back. I don't mind her having a sleep over, but I'd like to know she's safe."

Jessica was trying hard not to laugh and succeeded until she hung up the phone, then she lost control. Thoughts of the type of sleep over Tom and Bailey had and comparing them to the "spin-the-bottle" sleep overs the group had enjoyed as kids sent her into a fit of giggles and then snorts.

That was how Mitch found her, doubled over, snorting and laughing.

"The muffins that bad?" he asked.

Jessica jumped and spun around. She hadn't bothered dressing; her robe had barely been tied. "Jesus Christ! Don't you ever knock?" she asked.

Mitch swallowed and tried not to react to the skin that was generously displayed for him. The red robe's sides hung loose, the sash doing little good in keeping the short article of silk closed. He smirked and then said. "If I'd knocked then it wouldn't have been a surprise."

"Duh . . . that's the point," she sighed and picked up her paper plate.

He watched her walk around the kitchen, still making no move to hide the little nighty that was under the robe. Why she even bothered wearing the tiny thing to bed, was beyond him. The ensemble was obviously meant to tempt a Saint and Mitch was glad he wasn't one, because if he was he'd lose his Sainthood. The neglige had a low v-cut down the center of her breast and strings of what he would describe as red dental floss crisscrossed up the cut. The hem fell a few inches past her hips and he would have bet his ranch that if she bent over he'd find either matching red panties or no panties at all. He was rewarded with that answer when she bent down to pick up the paper napkin that had fallen off the plate of muffins he'd brought a few hours earlier.

"Jess . . . you need to go get dressed, before I forget why I swore to be a gentleman."

Jessica paused and remembered the tiny pair of thongs and the matching lingerie she was wearing under the robe. She blushed and smiled, but bit back the words of "why be a gentleman" and instead said, "Why are you even here?"

He watched her turn around and he growled. "Jessica Scout, get your ass up to your bedroom and change before I forget myself."

His eyes meant business and Jessica felt a humming sensation run through her body. She smirked. "Mitch Walker, fuck you. This is my house and you weren't invited and I thi . . . "

Her words were swollen by the curse he tossed back at her. She was shocked by the look in his eyes and she trembled in a mixture of fear and desire. Jessica had no time to say anything to stop him, within a heartbeat he'd closed the distance between them, picked her up, and tossed her over his shoulders.

"OH! Oh my God! Mitch, you ass! Let me go!" she screamed and banged on his back. Her skin was on fire, a fire that was slowly spreading throughout her whole body. "Damn you," she cursed. She felt his hands on her thighs as he held her to him. His other hand slapped her body and she jerked. "You . . . you! You just hit me!"

"No shit; now settle down so I don't drop you. You're not as light as you were six years ago." He laughed when he received a hard slap from her hand on his back.

"Hey now," he growled out. He carried her up the stairs, slowly so he could enjoy the scent of her and the touch of her skin against his. His cock ached to plunge in deep. Everything about her surrounded him and he wanted to taste every inch of her.

"Some gentleman you are," she hissed, but stopped struggling. She focused instead on watching his ass as he walked. He'd changed too, that was sure. He was stronger and firmer. He was a man now, not a young boy becoming a man. She had tried not to think of him last night, but she had. She went to bed naked and then gotten up, tossed on her nighty and robe. Why? Was it because she hoped he'd come over and catch her looking seductive? She didn't know, what she did know was it felt wonderful to be in his arms, even if she did resemble a sack of potatoes.

Mitch made to her room and was glad the door was open. He walked in and spotted her bed. It wasn't long before he was tossing her on the bed. This he decided was his worst mistake. She fell back on the soft blankets. Her legs open, her hair a tangled mess, and her robe no longer a hindrance to his vision. The wrestling she'd done on his shoulder as she tried to fight him had caused the sash to untie and now it lay open. Her chest heaved up and down as she lay there, staring up at him.

"Tell me to leave Jess," he whispered as he started to remove his shirt.

She heard his words as her eyes followed his fingers. Her tongue came out and she licked her lip, then gnawed nervously on the bottom one. "I'm not staying, Mitch."

"Tell me to leave Jess," he repeated his demand. His shirt hit the floor. His fingers went to his boots.

Her eyes flashed with lust as she sat up and freed his belt buckle and her hands went to work on his jeans. "I'm not staying," she whispered, placing a kiss against his stomach.

He tossed one boot to the left and shivered when her mouth touched his flesh. "Fuck Jessie . . . " he growled.

He pulled off the remaining boot and pitched it somewhere behind him. Socks soon were following and when he looked at her again, her robe was off and her fingers were moving to the hem of her nighty. "No way, it stays for now," he told her.

Mitch moved over her. His jeans were tight, his cock aching. He held her gaze until his lips pressed against hers and then he closed his eyes and let himself just feel the woman beneath him.

Jessica whimpered from the loving touch he'd given her. She thought it was going to be fast and quick, but as soon as he touched her mouth, she knew it wasn't going to be hurried. Both of them had waited far to long for hurried. Her hands moved down his bronzed back; her nails left individual trails of heat as she worked her way to his waist, once there she pulled him tighter against her and ground her pelvis into his thick member.

He growled against her lips and pulled her lower one with his teeth. His callused hand moved down her torso and then up again. The silk caught a few times, but neither cared. His hand cupped her breast and he began kneading it with firm pressure. "Jessie," he moaned against her mouth.

She lay there under him, telling herself not to run her hands down his jean-covered ass and not to bring them to the front and wedge her fingers between them, but she ignored herself. She whispered his name, when his lips left hers to travel along her jaw and down her neck. He nipped at her flesh and she turned her head allowing him more skin to taste.

He made his way across her collarbone and pulled on the flimsy string that lay over her shoulder. Slowly he licked his way down it, until he reached the start of the v-cut that had driven him crazy in the kitchen. He nuzzled his face between the round breasts, enjoying the scent of her cleavage. His teeth pulled on the bow and he smirked as she begged for him to hurry. He chuckled as he loosened the tie and licked his way over to the round curve of her right breast. His hand came up and he pulled the material to the side exposing her nipple.

"Beautiful, baby," he muttered before capturing it with his mouth.

"Oh God," she moaned. Her fingers worked harder at releasing his pants and he laughed against her tit.

He lifted himself just enough to pull her hands from his cock. "Not yet Jess," he muttered.

He forced her hands from their prize and he went back to devouring her right breast. He licked from the hard nub to the top and then back down again, stealing a moment to bite and tease the pink gem. He opened his mouth and sucked firmly on the beautiful pearl, while his other hand massaged the left tit with hard strokes. The material was soon pulled away from that globe and his thumb and fingers were rolling the precious bead into a hard peak, one his mouth was soon enjoying. Back and forth he alternated his attention until her fingers were in his hair and she was pressing him further south.

"Mitch . . . oh God, baby. I'm so wet. Please . . . oh fuck. Taste me. Mitch . . . " she moaned over and over.

His name had never been anything but a name, but to hear her call it during the heat of passion, it seemed almost musical. He slid down to his knees and placed her legs on his shoulders. The scent of her arousal filled his nostrils and he felt the pain in his jeans grow more demanding. He cursed at the ache, but refused to give in. His mouth sucked on a freckle he found himself staring at.

"Mmm . . . " she muttered and lifted her hips. "MITCH!" she demanded and ran one hand down to her wet panties. Her hand slipped in and she started to fuck her clit with two fingers.

Mitch watched, his mouth watering for more of her wanton behavior. He suckled his way up to her pussy. The panties were stained with juice. He watched while she rubbed and pulled on her clit. Moving his hands he pushed his fingers against the muscles of her ass and squeezed the soft, yet firm flesh.

She whimpered while she stroked herself for him. Her fingers slid further and she knew he was watching her hand move inside her panties.

"Show me, baby. Show me Jessica how wet you are. Show me how much you need me to fuck you," he demanded.

His hot breath could be felt on her cunt and she moved her hands to rip at the tiny strings that held her skimpy panties together. "Fuck me, Mitch!" she screamed and lifted her hips up. Her arms bent and she supported herself on her elbows adding another inch or more to her hip's height.

Mitch didn't need further encouragement. He opened his mouth and covered the sweet pussy that he'd only dreamed of ever having. His tongue snaked out and slashed its way back and forth over her juice-covered cunt. He pressed deeper and his nose rubbed her clit.

"Yes! Oh God! Yes!" she screamed and bucked against him.

He drank the fluids she's spilled for him. Licked, sucked and bit his way through her pussy, until she was riding his face. He added two fingers into the mix and rammed them into her over and over again.

"Harder!" she demanded.

Harder he gave. Faster he drove her. He abandoned her for a second and looked up at her. She was the most beautiful creature he'd ever seen and she was his. His mouth went back to her pussy and his tongue met his fingers. Soon digits and hard, wet muscle were working together to bring her to the edge of a cliff.

Jessica's nails dug into her flesh as she twisted and pulled her tits. Her nipples were red from her ministrations, but she still didn't stop. Harder he fucked her and harder she twisted the tips of her breasts. "Ohhh . . . Ohhh . . . Oh fuck, Mitch!" she cried out. Suddenly she paused and for a moment she didn't breathe.

He looked up and saw her face set in torrid mixture of emotions. "My God," he moaned, before he opened his mouth and was drinking up her come. She flooded him and he was there to welcome it all in. His mouth swallowed quickly, as she erupted again. She flowed hot and thick for him. He needed more. He pushed his fingers in and coaxed another wave of heat from her.

"Ohhh . . . Mitch." She moaned and shuddered as she tried to breathe normally again. Her eyes were clenched tight and she was almost afraid to open them. She was scared that if she did the dream would disappear.

Mitch ran his tongue up and down her slit, washing away her honey. "Jessica, I need you baby."

"Yes, Mitch."

She sat up and suddenly froze.

"What?" he asked. His hands moved to his jeans and he began tugging at the waist.

"No, stop. Listen."

He stilled and did as she asked. "Fuck!"

"Jessica!" the old, sweet voice called through the house. "Jessica! Are you upstairs honey?" Misses O'Grady's voice echoed through the house. The creaks of the steps could be heard.

"No fucking way," Mitch cursed.

"The bathroom. Go, now!" Jessica muttered.

"The bathroom? We're not teenagers!"

Jessica looked at him with a glare. "The bathroom or you will have to take care of that yourself!" she demanded.

He growled and pulled her to him. He kissed her fast, released her and headed to the bathroom. He shut the door and waited.

"Just a minute Misses O'," Jessica called out. She grabbed Mitch's shirt and pulled it on, buttoned the shirts haphazardly and then opened her bedroom door, just as Wanda was about to open it.

"Hi!" Jessica smiled wide and leaned against the frame of the door.

"Oh there you are," the old woman smiled.

"Yep, here I am," she answered back.

"Did you get a hold of Bailey?" Wanda asked.

"Bailey?" Jessica thought for a minute, "Oh . . . Bailey. No, not yet. I'm going to do that right now."

"Oh would you dear, that would be so kind of you."

"Anytime. Misses O'."

Wanda smiled and was about to leave, when she stopped and looked at Jessica. "Pardon me dear, I hate to be a pest, but could I . . .?" Wanda motioned to Jessica's bedroom door.

"Umm . . . sure," Jessica said with a look of confusion on her face."

"Thank you. This will only take a minute." She poked her head in and yelled. "Mitch when you get finished up will you come over and help Henry?"

Jessica paled when she heard, "Sure Misses O'. I'll be over in a couple of hours." She blushed when she heard Misses O'Grady's answer back, "I'll see you in five minutes young man."

Wanda winked and turned around. Jessica would have staked a year's wages she was humming "Here Comes the Bride" as she descended the stairs.

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