tagChain StoriesDry Valley Ch. 08

Dry Valley Ch. 08


The Morning After

There was something . . . no someone in bed with her. Bailey let one leg stretch slowly out and her toes touched the warm flesh of another. She chewed on her bottom lip, wondering exactly what had happened last night. Had she drunk too much? Perhaps she mixed her allergy medication with a shot of tequila and lime? No, she didn't have a hangover, what she did have though was another person in her bed. Then it hit her. She wasn't in her bed. Her eyes grew wide in their sockets and she took a deep breath. "Oh fuck," she said to herself. "Tom," she whispered under her breath and for a moment allowed herself to be lost in the memory of the woman she'd become in his arms.

She'd attacked him, practically threw herself at him like some horny teenager or some experienced piece of ass. Something she wasn't, but last night as she welcomed his sex into her mouth and later her pussy, she wasn't complaining . . . she wasn't complaining now either, just wanting to step back and see what was going to happen from here on out. After all, she wasn't a one night stand floozy, even though last night she fucked like one. She blushed and tried to ease herself from his side. Unfortunately, for her, Thomas Walker had been raised on a ranch and a rancher never slept deep. They woke with the quiet sounds of nature surrounding them during round up, so it shouldn't have surprised the young woman that his hand snaked out and grabbed her hip when she tried to leave the bed.

"Where ya runnin' off to?" he asked. His voice was thick with sleep, but also with desire. He'd woken up the second she turned on the bed. His cock was already hard and he rolled over to spoon her backside. Tom pulled her back and ran his hand over her hip. "You weren't leaving my bed were you?" He nuzzled the back of her neck and slipped his hand over her stomach. His fingers grazed the top of her sex before he slid a finger inside.

"Mmm . . . ," she moaned and pressed back against his cock. Bailey bit her lip and placed her hand against his. "Not anymore," she whispered.

He chuckled and began to push his finger in deeper, then he felt her slide her long slim digit in with his. "You're wet Bailey," he growled against her skin. His teeth nipped her shoulder and she felt her sex quiver with desire.

"You're hard, Tommy," she moaned and lifted her leg. She hooked his with her foot and pulled her finger from her sex. Her hand wrapped around his hand and she pulled it free of her. "Fuck me with your cock Tom," she groaned.

Tom chuckled and guided his dick into her succulent pussy. She was wet and hot for him and he used every once of her honey to accept his swollen manhood. Right now, she had no desire to think of what she was doing or how she'd become the wanton woman she was last night. It didn't matter, what did matter was she was here and she was with him, the man she'd wanted since she was a young girl.

Her pussy clenched his sex and she felt one of his hands scoop itself under her torso to wrap around and grab her breast. She welcomed his touch and felt his other hand move to fuck her clit with hard tugs and teasing strokes. She begged for more and was given the sensation of his teeth pulling on her neck. Her fingers tightened into fists and then she pressed one against the hand that was massaging her tit, the other she pushed into his thick hair and kept him anchored to her neck. "Yes, Tom " she screamed as he fucked her. "Harder . . . Oh God, yes " she cried out as he plunged into her slick opening.

Tom pounded her. The head of his cock rolled free of her pussy lips, only to find their welcoming home with another impalement. One pierce after another devoured her cunt and he felt his balls tighten. "Bailey... Bailey, I'm gonna come, sweetheart," he muttered before he shot his load into her womb.

Bailey felt the heat of his seeds coat her fleshy surface and she shuddered as her climax tore through her. Her head fell back against his shoulder and she squeezed his shaft tight with the muscles of her sex. "Tommie " she shouted as the fluids rolled from her and covered him. Her fingers tightened their hold and her joints grew stiff as she tried to latch onto the feeling of falling. "Tom...oh my God," she hissed as she felt the rivers of liquid flow free.

They lay there together for several minutes. A light sheen of sweat ran between them and they both held each other until they could breathe more easily. Bailey opened her passion-filled orbs and rolled over to face her lover. His cock slipped free from her warm home and she pressed him to the bed. "You are a bad man and made me do many naughty things," she said against his lips.

Tom laughed and ran his fingers up her spine. "Girl, you have no idea how many naughty things I have planned for you." He lifted his hand and swatted her ass.

She jumped and slugged him in the gut. "That stung," she growled. She leaned up to kiss his lips with the sound of the phone bellowed in her ear. "Oh...saved by the bell," she said and then winked.

"Fuck the bell," he told her and rolled her to her back.

Bailey laughed, but insisted he answer the phone. He rolled his eyes, but did as she demanded and picked up the receiver. "This best be good, I'm about to bury myself in the folds of a sexy woman and..." His words were halted by the voice on the other end.

"Ummm. Yea, here she is," he said sheepishly and handed the phone to Bailey.

She gave him a look of confusion, but accepted the device and giggled when Jessica's voice came on the line.

"So, how was the ice cream?" Jessica asked.

"Ice Cream?" Bailey asked. "Oh, the date, well as you can see, or ummm hear, it went well." She felt the heat of her blush run over her skin.

Tom listened to the two women talk and as they did, he began a one man conversation on the woman beneath him. His lips trailed over the tops of her breasts and then his tongue skated across the pink of her areola, first the right, and then the left. He dragged his teeth across the hard nubs and then pushed them together. The tips were forcefully rubbed back and forth as he flicked his tongue over them.

Bailey's gasp brought a question from Jessica.

"Bailey, he is not fucking you while you are on the phone with me...is he?"

"Mmm...no," she moaned softly and closed her eyes. "But then again, Jessica... I'm hanging up on you," she muttered and hit the button, dropped the phone and wrapped her legs around his waist.

Tom drove into her and fucked her again with long, hard strokes until both of them were coming once more. Eventually, Tom allowed her to leave his bed, but it was only to follow her to the shower. They left that room once the hot water had been used up and the cold water that rushed over them was too much.

Later Bailey sat in his truck and he was taking her back to the Ice Cream parlor to collect her car. Once they had that, she headed to Jessica's and told Tom she'd meet him for drinks. She also reminded him he was expected at his mother's for some big dinner her aunt was planning with his mom.

Bailey walked into Jessica's house and was greeted with a smirk and a hug. "It's about time," Jessica said to her friend. "Where's 'The Man'?" she asked, looking over Bailey's shoulder.

Bailey blushed. "He's heading out to his parent's ranch. You're okay with this, aren't you?" she asked.

"Okay, with what, you and Tom? Hell yes " she cried and hugged her friend again. "You should have been in his bed years ago," she told her.

"Just like you and Mitch?" Bailey countered.

Jessica blushed. "Yea," she whispered. "But," she shrugged her shoulders, "it doesn't always work out for us like we want it too."

Bailey pulled her back in for another friendly hug and led her to the kitchen. "Let's have some cocoa and you can tell me what you have been up too."


Mitch lay under Henry O'Grady's truck and finished up the oil change. He slid out and wiped his hands on his jeans. He looked around and picked up the few tools he'd needed and tossed them into the old man's tool box. "There you go, Mister O."

"Thanks Mitch," the old man said. He sat back on an old chair and smoked his pipe.

"Misses O, said you gave that up," Mitch said, pulling a bucket out to sit on.

Henry winked. "Yea, I gave it up. Gave up smokin' it around her," he winked.

Mitch laughed and heard the sound of the woman across the street receiving company. He looked down the drive and saw Bailey walking in. It had taken him a moment to recognize the long-legged beauty, but recognize her he did. "I see your niece is home."

Henry turned and looked back toward Jessica's place. "Yea, she came in sometime last night, went out for ice cream and then home with young Tom. I heard all that from the deputy, but didn't tell the Misses...seemed I needed a reason to send her over to Jessie's this morning," he said as he turned back to Mitch. A look of stern concentration met the look of unashamed seriousness. "What are you plans this time?" Henry asked, puffing on his pipe.

"I've got six days to convince her she doesn't belong anywhere else but in the Valley."

"Six days huh?"


"Gonna do it?"


"Good," Henry said and then stood. He emptied his pipe and tucked it behind a carton of nails. "You're a good lad. I don't know why she left like she did, but she does belong here. So does Bailey, but that's another story."

Mitch laughed, but agreed. He'd seen Bailey and something told him that she wasn't the shy, diminutive creature from way back, but was perhaps a bit of both. He said his goodbyes and headed back to Jessica's. He didn't pop in to say "hi" or "goodbye"; there was no need. She knew they had unfinished business, it was just a matter of when he came to collect.


Tom drove his truck out to his parents' ranch and headed to the barn to help out his father with a few repairs. His thoughts were full of Bailey and he found himself in awe over the last twenty-four hours. He'd been fawning over his brother's old girlfriend, forcing himself to be a part of her life and then suddenly there was Bailey. A girl he'd grown up with and tormented, teased and protected from cruel folks that they all went to school with. Now he'd left her arms and was aching for them again.

"Hey son," a voice called out to him and pulled his thoughts back to the present.

"Dad," Tom waved up to the loft and started the easy climb up to him.

"You looked lost in thought."

"Yea, I guess I was."

Jacob Walker studied his son and sighed. "You went and fell in love with her didn't you?" he asked. He pulled out his knife and picked up an old piece of wood. Soon he was whittling away and waiting for the confirmation to fall from his son's mouth.

"I think I did," Tom smiled. "But hey, wasn't like I had much of a chance. She's a beauty. She's changed a lot, Dad."

"I'm sure she has. She'll be over for dinner this week. What are you going to do about Mitch?" Jacob asked.

"Mitch, what the hell, you mean he's got her too?" Tom stared in confusion. He was sure that Bailey wasn't in love with Mitch, but hell he'd never really asked, then again, he didn't ask much after she took his cock in her mouth.

Jacob looked at his son. "Thomas, you know he's been in love with that woman all his life and he'll be..." Laughter filled the room and stopped his words. "What?" he asked his son.

"I'm not in love with Jessica. Sure she's a beauty and she'll make Mitch a fine wife if he wises up and marries her and she wises up and keeps her pretty ass in the Valley. No, I was talking about Bailey."

"Bailey? She's back too?" Jacob asked.

"Yes, she is. Just showed up last night."

"I bet your momma had something to do with that. I should have known that woman was up to something when she went had me slaughter one of our prized birds so she could have some fancy meal on Wednesday. Meddling female," he muttered and flicked his knife closed.

Thomas laughed. "Its fine by me Dad...I don't know if I'd have stopped pursuing my brother's girl if she hadn't."

"Yea? Women are like that. They know what's good for us even if we don't want to admit it."

The two men worked side by side as the day moved on, both lost in thoughts that circled around the women in their lives.

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