tagChain StoriesDry Valley Ch. 15

Dry Valley Ch. 15


Chapter 15 Silent Confrontation

Dark figure closes in on his prey

"Jonis," the woman groaned, pulling her arm from beneath her. It was asleep, and the tingling began as soon as she dropped her hand over the edge of the bed. "I have to go."

He shifted slightly, still on top of her, and she felt his cock stir against her thigh even before he came awake. Memories of the last few hours flooded her mind, and she smiled. That cock seemed to have a life of it's own!

"Jonis," she said again, sighing. She really DID have to go. Donnie would be waiting out front, in the Wal-Mart parking lot. God, what time was it? She pulled her other arm toward her face and squinted at her watch. Almost 10:00 o'clock. She was supposed to get off at 11:00. She smiled again.

An hour...

* * *

Jonis had shown up at her register earlier in the evening, as he had the day before, and the day before that. That leering smile on his face, the sleeveless shirt and those tattoos...she immediately switched off the light over her register.

"You ready...Rita?" he said, reminding himself to say her name. Thank god it was on her tag!

"I can take the next three customers," she'd announced, ringing up his beer and cigarettes, and ignoring the groans of the people in line. Finishing them up, she went to find Cindy.

"Listen," she told her friend at the customer service desk, "I need to..."

Cindy stopped her with a hand in front of her face. "Yeah, yeah. I know. You started your period...again! Man, I sure hope you're taking birth control." She leaned forward, craning her head toward the exit, where Jonis stood expectantly. "Who is this guy?" she asked, winking and smiling broadly when he looked toward her.

Rita looked at Jonis, then back at her friend. She leaned over the counter. "I'll have to tell you later," she said in a whisper. "Right now, I'm going to go get myself royally fucked!" She laughed at the expression of shock on Cindy's face.


"Tell Mr. Worsham for me?" she asked, as she turned to walk away. She didn't wait for an answer. She was looking at Jonis, who was making small talk with a young woman who had just walked in the door. "Bitch," she muttered under her breath, quickening her pace.

They had gone to Jonis' motel room again. This time, she made him wait until they got there, fending off his hand as he drove. She wanted tonight to be different. No blowjob in the motel parking lot. No frantic fucking just inside the door. She wanted him to lie on the bed and watch as she stripped, and then she wanted to undress him slowly, savoring the hardness of his body.

It almost worked. He'd watched, getting more and more impatient once she'd removed her blouse and skirt. Now he wanted to get his hands on those tits, and feel his cock sliding up into that warm belly! He raised his hips, watching her eyes follow the lump in his jeans.

"C'mon," he growled, reaching for his own zipper. He slipped his pants down over his hips, and his cock sprang free. As it stood proudly erect, Jonis stroked it slowly, watching the girl intently. "It wants to play," he leered, winking at her and laughing softly.

Rita stood at the end of the bed, her chest thrust forward as her hands sought the snaps of her bra. Her eyes were focused on Jonis, and his remarkable member. She felt a small release deep inside her, and knew she was wet. He always made her wet! Her fingers fought the unruly snaps, one at a time, and she sighed as the last one released. Dropping the bra with little decorum, she bent to slide her panties down her hips, still watching him.

"Leave 'em on," he said suddenly, and she stopped.

"I want to eat 'em off of you."

She smiled as she crawled onto the bed, into her familiar place between his legs. Her hand replaced his, and she lowered her head, extending her tongue to taste the pre-cum pooling at the top of his dick.

"Mmmmm, mmm, good," she whispered, relishing the chance to tease him, for once.

Jonis wasn't much for teasing. Soon, she felt his hands at the back of her neck, and gave in to the insistent pressure, as he forced her mouth down over his cock. Her lips sliding along the length of his shaft inflamed his lust instantly. He laced his fingers together behind her head and began to fuck up into her face, grunting loudly, as she tried not to gag.

She knew it wouldn't take long. Jonis loved watching her give him head, but would soon feel the need to be inside her, and that was what she really wanted. She could feel that big dick already, as it filled her narrow canal, sliding deep inside her. As she swiped at the base of his shaft with her tongue, she imagined his pelvis rocking against hers, bringing out the little stars behind her eyelids.

Sure enough, after a few minutes, he pulled her up to him. She kept right on going, climbing his body until her knees were above his shoulders, and pulled herself up by the headboard. She looked down at him. He was chuckling and staring hungrily up at her crotch, and the large wet spot on her panties.

"Sit," he ordered, and she settled onto his face. His hands came up to support her ass as his tongue took its first swipe at her wetness. Rita grasped the headboard.

"Oh, god."

Her voice hissed its pleasure as his mouth closed over her mound, his tongue flicking rapidly at her cotton-clad lips. She squirmed over him, her pelvis grinding back and forth, pressing herself onto him as her wetness increased. This was the first time Jonis had even tried to please her, and she was determined to draw as much pleasure as she could from him. The touch of his tongue was releasing spasms deep in her belly, and they were growing.

His hands clutched at her panties, pulling them down over her ass, and she raised her hips, just as he yanked suddenly at them. They tore, but remained around each thigh. Jonis raised his head and took the loose material in his teeth, growling as he whipped his head from side to side. It was like being attacked by a shark, but much more pleasurable. Rita pressed herself against his nose.

"Oh, god, Jonis!" she squealed, as she felt his teeth against her bare clit. Then she came, gasping as his thumb suddenly entered her asshole. She hung from the headboard like a rag doll as the pleasure surged through her, legs suddenly limp; her heart barely able to contain itself in her chest.

"Ooooohhhhh..." Her voice wavered in the stillness of the room.

When it was over, she allowed him to push her over onto the stack of pillows. He was on her immediately, his throbbing cock hungry for the feel of her warmth. Pushing her legs roughly apart, he entered her in one thrust, and the stars appeared behind her eyelids.


She was getting used to his brutal approach; even anxious for it, now. Her husband had never made her feel so...wanted. Tonight's foreplay made Jonis' entry almost bearable, and the feel of his torso, slamming into her pelvis, excited her beyond her sense of reason. She was beginning to need this.

They fucked in every position she knew that evening. Jonis' sexual appetite was enormous, and she was eager to be the one to satisfy it. She ended up on her hands and knees, his heavy balls slapping her pubic bone as he sought to unleash his last load into her. Finally, with a roar of pleasure, he filled her canal once more.

* * *

Jonis came awake slowly, the girl beneath him moving against him. He felt the familiar warmth of her ass against his hardening cock, and knew from the undulation of her hips that she needed it again. He slipped his hands around her sides and took a warm globe in each palm. Nudging her leg to one side with his own, he slipped down between her thighs, and chuckled softly as he lined himself up with her center.

"Incoming..." he groaned hoarsely, and laughed again.

* * *

Now that his business with the girl was done, Jonis resumed his surveillance of Jessica's house. He parked his truck at the usual place down the road and watched for a long time, waiting to see if anyone would come around. It was almost 11:30 at night. Probably too late for any company...

No one passed by. At 12:15, satisfied that Mitch, or anyone else, wouldn't be dropping in, he moved. Exiting his truck, he sidled along the fence rail that separated the Scout property from the road, and quickly hopped it at the lowest point. It was a short dash to a stand of trees, and then to the house. He glanced up at her second-floor window as he moved. No light.

"Bitch is in bed early tonight," he muttered. "And alone, at that!" He smiled, almost a grimace. He was tense.

It was easy to slip the lock at the back door, and he moved in through the kitchen silently, careful not to disturb anything. He had never been in the house, but he'd studied it from the outside often enough, and the moonlight made it easy to see. He slipped his boots off, and left them by the door. Now, if she didn't have a dog...

Jonis crossed into the downstairs foyer and slipped up the stairs as silently as a fog. He came to her door, and saw that it was closed. Damn! Was that Mitch Walker in there with her? He waited.

After almost ten minutes he moved, turning the doorknob slowly. Silently. The creak the hinges made as he pushed the door inward sounded like an explosion in the darkened house, and he stopped. Again, he waited, his breath held for what seemed like an eternity. He could see the edge of the bed, and Jessica's arm. She wasn't moving.

He pushed, one millimeter at a time. The door decided to cooperate, this time. The gentle groan of the hinges was barely audible, at this speed. When he had the door opened fully, he smiled. There she was!

Jessica lay on her side, one arm outstretched. The other was bent, the hand on her stomach just under her breasts, holding the covers down. He squinted. She wore a red nightie, open just enough to show the fullness of her breast. Her hair half-covered her face. Smiling, Jonis dropped a hand to his jeans.

"If I wasn't about fucked-out..." he thought to himself. He stroked his semi-erect cock through the denim, pondering. Tonight was to be the night, but that Wal-Mart chick, and her obsessive needs, had changed his plans somewhat. Still, he'd wanted to see her; to know that he could gain entry to her house. The rest had just happened. Now, he was in her room. She looked good, there in her bed, and she would be so easy to take. So easy, and eventually, so willing...

He abruptly changed his mind. It didn't feel right; his mind wasn't right. He backed out of the doorway, and, glancing ruefully at the sleeping beauty one more time, descended the stairs. Giddy with the release of tension, he entered the kitchen again, and reached for his boots. As he pulled them on, he suppressed a wicked laugh. God, this had been easy!

Jonis, on an impulse, opened the refrigerator and looked inside. Taking some containers out, he began to rifle through them, helping himself to a handful of cranberry sauce here, a hunk of baked chicken there. He realized he was hungry.

"Fuckin' all night, and 'Breaking and Entering' takes a lot out of you," he smiled to himself as he sat down.

When he left, there were four empty plastic containers on the kitchen table, and an opened, partially consumed carton of milk on the counter beside the refrigerator. He slipped out the door with one last look, satisfied. He wanted Jessica to know someone had been there. His cock was hard again, thinking about her reaction when she woke up.

"She'll probably call Mitch Walker," he mused. "Like HE can do anything to help her situation...especially when I come to call, next!"

Jonis slipped across the yard again, keeping to the shadows the moon afforded. As he looked up at her window, he saw a light come on in the room. He crouched beside the fence, and wondered how long it would be before she went downstairs. Would he hear a sudden scream? The crickets chirped half-heartedly as he waited.

Soon the light went out, and he knew she had just used the bathroom, or something. Was she surprised to find the door to her room wide open? He stood, suddenly, and looked up at the house, full of confidence.

She didn't know. He was so close, and she didn't even know he was there.

Swiftly releasing the button and zipper of his jeans, he drew his cock out. It was throbbing painfully, now, needing release again. Jessica's innocence spurred his lust. He visualized her, settling back into her sheets, and his hand began to move. His breath was hoarse in the night. That red nightie...

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