tagChain StoriesDry Valley Ch. 19

Dry Valley Ch. 19


Dry Valley Chapter 19:

The Confrontation...

Author's note: this story contains some violence and sexual situations which may make some people uncomfortable. It is not gratuitous, as I feel the story line demands it. If it offends anyone, I apologize in advance.

Jonis downed the last of his drink, and gestured to the barmaid, who smiled at his attention. She was a pretty little thing, blonde and overly friendly, as barmaids tended to be, and normally he would have been more than happy to administer to whatever need she felt. Not tonight, though. Tonight was different. A few more straight scotches, and he'd be ready.

"Another," he rasped, and watched her body as she moved to the far end of the bar to pour his scotch. Someone shouted to her for a beer, and Jonis' eyes dropped to the tight red shorts she wore as she bent over the cooler. His gaze burned through the material, and he imagined her naked. He felt the familiar rush of blood into his cock, and pushed it against his leg as it expanded. Suddenly, in his mind, it was the Scout bitch he saw. That brief brush against her ass tonight had excited him...and concreted his plans for her.

She and the other girl had just left, but their boyfriends had stayed, and Jonis had seen them discussing him. Maybe it was time for him to leave...

He threw a wad of ones on the bar and headed for the door, ignoring the barmaid's voice as she called after him. Once in his truck, he leaned back in the seat and loosened his jeans, sliding the zipper down. Much better! There were some people milling around outside Henry's, so he resisted the urge to stroke himself, but his mind was filled with the girl, and her friend. He didn't know her, but she interested him, as well. Maybe he'd have her, later. Any friend of the bitch's, was fair game! Thinking even darker thoughts, he started the engine and gunned out of the parking lot. It was a short drive to the Scout place. He pulled the big Bowie knife from the glove compartment, and dropped it into his lap.

* * *

From his vantage point beside the fence, he couldn't see much, but he'd gotten brief glimpses of the two young women as they passed the window of Jessica's bedroom, and he knew they were together up there. He kept watch, awaiting his time. It would come, eventually. When he saw Jess at the window, staring out, he ceased any movement. Shortly after that, the light went out. Jonis stayed stock-still, in case she was still watching, but his mind went into overdrive.

"They're sleeping together," he muttered, his voice barely audible above the buzzing of the cicadas. "That makes things VERY interesting!" There was only one bed in the room...that, he remembered very well. He imagined the bodies of the two women as they lay together in the lone bed, probably talking about girl-things. Their knees would be touching, the feel of flesh against flesh subtle, but in the back of both their minds. In his mind, he was sure of that. Jonis couldn't comprehend them not being attracted to one another. They were both attractive, and her friend, he'd noted, had moved with the confidence of someone who'd recently discovered her own beauty. He smiled. "I'll bet Tom Walker is helping that along," he thought wickedly.

He imagined them laughing, touching each other as girlfriends would, and he grew harder. His dark mind had them suddenly grinding together, their knees interlocked; hands going to the other's waist as they looked into each other's eyes. They would share a kiss; a long, deep one, and then their hands would slide upward, pulling at the material of the other's nightie. Caressing, until they were both naked. Soon one of them, probably Jessica, would pull the other girl over onto her, and surrender her bared breasts to the girl's mouth.

Jonis was getting pretty uncomfortable, crouching behind the fence. His cock was throbbing! He stood slowly, his eyes on the window, just in case one of them was still there. Though his gaze was on the window, his cock was pulsing, and his imagination was already feeling the tightness of their pussies! He wanted to yank his dick out and close his eyes, imagining the scene that was unfolding up there, but he checked himself. It had been over 20 minutes. Time to move. His figure was only a shadow, moving toward the house, ever so slowly.

He tried the side kitchen door, but soon realized that someone had put a deadbolt on it. "Probably Mitch, trying to protect his little skank!" he thought. He knew Mitch was finally getting some from Jessica...he'd stayed over late the last few nights. "Good," Jonis said to himself. "He'll have her primed for me!" He slipped around the back side of the house, and found the cellar door unlocked. Not satisfied with that, he began to check windows. He was pleased to find the little opaque window into the pantry unlatched, and knew he could squeeze through it. He did, with little trouble.

Socks and shoes off, he crept up the stairs, one step at a time. The house was deadly silent...not a sound. Finally reaching the top of the stairs, he paused outside the doorway to Jess's room and listened intently. It was wide open. "Well, they ain't playing," he told himself. He could hear the soft snoring of one of them, and closed his eyes as he listened. The excitement of being so close to them, unseen, was powerful, and he was harder than ever! He fingered the knife, stuck into his back pocket. Then, taking a breath, he walked into the room.

Jessica smelled something. It wasn't right. She struggled half-heartedly to open her eyes, but sleep was a powerful foe. She lapsed back into slumber, her mind yet uneasy. "In the morning..." she told herself.

Suddenly, there was a voice in her ear! It was a whistle, soft but insistent. Then there were words. "Wakey, wakey," it said. "Time to play." Her eyes shot open, and in the semi-darkness she could only see a large shape bent over her. As she struggled to make sense of it, a hand went to her wrist, clamping around it tightly. She jerked, now completely awake, and screamed.

Her shriek split the night air, bringing Bailey to instant wakefulness. Jess was in trouble! She turned over and jerked upright to see someone struggling with her. Then she saw the glint of steel in the night. She screamed, too, their voices combining like an air raid siren. A low voice was barely audible over their own, but Bailey heard the chilling words even as she scrambled from the bed.

"Keep it down, ladies, and I won't have to kill you."

Both Jess and herself quieted immediately, the intruder's intent clear and dangerous. Bailey backed against the dresser, eyes on the dark shape, her hands clenched protectively over her chest. Her mind was racing. Jessie was still moving, but the knife was now at the side of her neck, and she was realizing that she had nowhere to go. She stopped her struggles and sat on the side of the bed, her head down. Bailey saw a sudden sob wrack Jess' body.

"Who are you?" she asked in a plaintive whine. "What do you want?" The man still held her right wrist in his iron grip, her arm in the air. He laughed. It was a terrible sound, dark and ominous, and Bailey's whole body cringed inside. Jessica sobbed again.

"Oh, don't remember me, eh?" the stranger said, chuckling. "Well, that's funny. I didn't think you'd forget me, after I fucked the HELL OUT OF YOU, that night." He emphasized the last few words, and Jessica suddenly focused. Oh, my god!

She drew her eyes upward, trying to see the face above her; knowing who it was, though her mind tried to block the images of that night, as she had for so long.

"Jonis?" she asked timidly, and Bailey screamed.

"Jessie!" she yelled, propelling herself across the bed to grab her friend around the waist. It was a protective move, and one she never even thought about. It just happened... a natural motion, born of concern for her friend. Jessica sank back into her embrace, just as naturally, but Jonis' grip on her wrist held her suspended between the two.

"Hey, there. Take it easy," the steely voice told the young woman. "Let's don't go making such a scene. We're just talking over old times, Jess and me. Right, Jess?"

Jessica had withdrawn at the realization of the man's identity, and was sobbing softly again, her body tight. Bailey felt her pain and her fear, and suddenly, her anger exploded to the surface.

"Get your hands off her!" she screamed at Jonis, drawing herself to her knees on the bed. Her face was stormy. "Get the fuck out of here, and get the fuck out of our lives!" Her arm went protectively around Jessica's neck, as if she dared the man to touch her friend. Jonis was surprised, and then amused. After all, he had the knife! He studied the face of the other girl, and his mind suddenly clicked.

"Bailey?" he said, incredulously. "Bailey, with the buck teeth? Fat Bailey?" He shook his head and laughed. "Well, if this isn't a kick in the nuts! Looks like ol' home week around here." He looked her up and down. "Damn, girl...you got nice!" He leered at her, running his tongue lewdly across his lips, and Bailey felt her heart sink. Her anger subsided, replaced by a new feeling, just as powerful.


Jonis, sensing that shift in her senses, developed a sudden plan. He knew that Jessie wouldn't be much of a problem. She was in shock and denial, but this new girl...Bailey...she was full of fire, and needed to be dealt with. Looking at her, dressed in Jess' lacy pajamas with her hair wildly askew, Jonis suddenly looked forward to it. He spoke in even tones to the girl.

"You. Move off the bed and come around here." It wasn't a question. Bailey hesitated, watching the knife at Jessica's throat, aware of her plight. She saw it press into her skin, drawing a tiny drop of blood at the tip. Her eyes went back to Jonis', and she saw that he was watching her intently. "That's right," he said. "I'll slice her from ear to ear, if you don't do as I say."

Her voice wavered as she gasped, "Oh, god, no! Okay. Okay, I'll do anything you say. Just don't hurt Jess!" She crawled quickly off the bed and came around the end of it, knowing Jonis must have some dark purpose for her. So be it. It might give Jessica a chance to get away. Looking at him with trembling lips, she waited.

"Get panties," he ordered. "Loop 'em around her wrists, and tie her to the bed. Do her ankles, too."

Bailey began to cry, softly. "Nooooo..." she begged. Jonis only sneered and yelled at her, reminding her that she held her friend's life in her hands, and she'd better get a move on.

Feeling like her legs were full of lead, she moved to the dresser and began to pull open the drawers. She half-hoped there was a gun in there, but she knew Jessie didn't like guns, and not even Mitch could make her keep one in the house. It was hard to tell what she was feeling in the darkness, but at last she found a pile of folded satin things, that had to be underwear. She brought a handful of them to the end of the bed. Jonis smiled, enjoying the sight of the delicate underthings in the moonlight. He wouldn't mind having Bailey try some on for him...and Jessie, too...but right now they had a better purpose. He nodded at Bailey, and she picked up the first pair.

Bailey whispered in the ear of her trembling, staring friend, telling her not to worry; that everything would be okay. Jessica seemed not to hear her words. Instead, she lay back on the bed obediently, and allowed Bailey to twist the sheer garment around her wrist. Jonis held the knife to Jessie's throat as he watched Bailey.

"Nice and tight," he said. "Drop it over the bedpost."

The bed, with it's short round posts at all four corners, suited Jonis and his evil plan perfectly, and Bailey soon had her friend spread across the bed, completely immobile. Now she turned to Jonis, her heart pounding, wondering what he had in mind for her. It didn't take long to find out.

"C'mere," he ordered, stepping away from the bed and loosening his jeans. Bailey padded reluctantly around the bed and stood before him, and he put the knife against the side of her throat, just as he had Jess'. She was sobbing again, her voice a keening wail of desperation in the night. She put her hands out, as if to hold him away.

A quick slice of the knife, and he had opened a cut on her wrist. She drew her hand back quickly. "Don't!" he yelled, then his voice became calm again. "Don't even try to do that. Now, get on your pretty little knees, Bailey." His other hand on her shoulder forced her down, and she dropped to her knees, holding her wrist with her other hand. It hurt. She didn't dare look up at him.

"Take it out." Jonis pushed his hips forward, waiting for Bailey to drag his cock from his half-opened jeans. She didn't move, only sat on her knees, head down, shaking quietly. He shoved the point of the knife against her neck, hard enough to pierce the skin. "Bitch!" he shouted, as Bailey cried out. Her hand went to her neck, and Jonis put the blade against it, warning her to do exactly as he said. "I'll cut your other wrist," he warned. Jessica, on the bed, turned her face to the far wall, unable to process this horror.

Reluctantly, the girl pulled downward on Jonis' jeans, and bent her wrist to haul his bulky member out. "Oh, god!" she thought, as it filled her hand. She looked away. Jonis put his hand on her head, and turned her to him.

"I told you to take it out. Now, take it out and suck it...and you better not bite!"

Bailey tried to block it out of her mind, as she slid her mouth around the man's thick member. She remembered her times with Tom, when this was a pleasant thing; something they both wanted. Pleasing him was so enjoyable; his moans, and his thrusting of hips. This wasn't pleasant. This was torture! Jonis' hand was at the back of her head, pulling her forward. His crotch smelled musky, as if he hadn't bathed lately, and his skin had a foul taste on her tongue. She realized, suddenly and horribly, it was the taste of another woman. She gagged.

Jonis laughed, just as the car door shut quietly downstairs.

* * *

Mitch, who was only somewhat drunk, and his brother Tom, who was completely giddy with the combination of beer and lusty thoughts running through his head, exited Mitch's truck and staggered toward the house. Tom was laughing, and it irritated Mitch.

"Keep it down, would you?" he whispered. "How the heck are we gonna surprise the girls with you carrying on like that?" He was single-minded in his purpose, while Tom only seemed to want to act the fool. It had always been that way, it seemed.

Mitch opened the door with his key. The deadbolt was on. Good! It meant the girls were safe. He warned Tom once more with his eyes, and stepped into the front room. "I mean it," he whispered. "If they're asleep, I don't want you scaring the life out of them."

Tom leered. "Yeah, but if they're awake..." he drawled, "I want you out of there." He rolled his eyes dramatically, and Mitch had to grin. His brother didn't stand a chance of getting any tonight, he figured. Too many beers! Suddenly, he heard a sound.

"Shut up," he whispered. "I think they're awake."

They both listened, but the house was now quiet. Long seconds passed.Then, a voice, and they started. It was definitely a man's. The brothers looked at each other, and without a sound began to creep up the stairs. They were suddenly sober, and Mitch felt a hot feeling in the pit of stomach. Something was wrong.

The picture that greeted them as they reached the top of the stairs and peered into the darkened room was almost unbelievable, and they both hesitated.

"That's it. Suck me real good," the man was saying. His back was partially to them, and Bailey's face was clearly visible. Mitch saw tears on her cheeks, but Tom only saw an image, one that would linger in his mind for years. The man, with his hand on her head, guiding her motions. His fiancée, on her knees, hands on the man's knees, taking him in. Sucking him. He never even saw the knife at Bailey's neck.

"You bitch!" he shouted, storming into the room. Jonis jerked around, the knife held out, but Tom was already headed straight for him. As he swung, he caught Tom's side, and stuck him. It was enough to stop Tom in his tracks, as he backed away from the pain in his gut. "Fuck!" he howled, reeling backwards.

Mitch had also entered the room, and saw the attack on his brother. He assessed the situation quickly, his mind on Jessica. She lay completely still on the bed, and he feared she was dead. His main concern now was for Bailey, and his wounded brother. He caught Tom in mid-stumble, and lowered him to the floor. Bailey was still in the grip of the man, his hand tangled in her hair. Her face was filled with terror.

"Back up!" Jonis ordered, "or I'll kill the girl!" He grinned madly at Mitch, his hand tightening it's grip on Bailey's hair, and Mitch suddenly knew who he was. He crouched, ready to attack, but knowing he couldn't get to Bailey before the knife did, he waited.

"Take it easy, Jonis" he said, as calmly as he could. "Nobody needs to get killed here, tonight." He noticed the man was still hard, his cock waving in the air, and knew he was excited by the situation. He tried to calm both him and Bailey, who was crying in fear. It was a tense situation, but he hoped to diffuse it, if he could. He would give Jonis a chance to get out, and then worry about Bailey and Jessica. "Just let her go," he said, "and leave."

Jonis laughed, the laugh of a madman suddenly revealed. "Yeah?" he shouted. "Fuck you! I'm gonna teach that little bitch over there, once and for all, who's the man around here!" Nodding toward the bed, he held the knife aloft, twirling it to show Mitch the size of it, and the horribly sharp edge. That was when Bailey acted.

Holding her hand flat out, she shoved the side of Jonis' knee as hard as she could, and felt the satisfying crack as his patella separated from the rest of his leg. Jonis howled in pain, and began to fall to the floor. His hold loosened on Bailey's hair, and she fell backward instinctively.

Mitch didn't hesitate. His boot came down on Jonis' wrist as it hit the floor, and the knife fell away. His other foot swung in an arc, and when his work boot connected with Jonis' chin, the man went out immediately. Mitch fell onto him, pinning him, just in case. He swiveled his head to look at Bailey. She was already half-up, watching him intently.

"Get something," he panted. "A rope. Some wire...anything!" She moved amazingly fast, slipping the panties from Jessica's right ankle and handing them to Mitch. He understood, and looped them around Jonis' left wrist, twisted them tightly, then captured his right. Bailey handed him the knife.

He looked at the girl admiringly. "Thanks," he said, smiling. "You did good, Bailey." Sticking the knife in his back pocket, he turned Jonis over roughly, and asked her for another pair to secure his ankles. She complied quickly, still watching the two men closely, in case Jonis woke up. Once she was sure Jonis was secured, she hurried to Tom. He was bleeding and in pain.

"Oh, god-damn!" he groaned, playing the moment for more than it required. His cut was deep, but clean, and there was lots of blood. He was aware that his brother had taken Jonis down, and would be the hero for it, so he opted for the sympathy vote. Mitch's worried look was his reward.

"Tom, are you alright?" Mitch asked, torn between his blood kin and his woman, who still lay incapacitated on the bed, but was alive, he now knew. Bailey told him not to worry; she had him. Mitch hurried to the bed, pulling Jessica into his arms, whispering to her that it was okay; everything was going to be fine. Jess looked up at him, then suddenly burst into tears, and he held her tightly. All eyes were on Jonis, but he didn't move.

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