D's Story: The Continuation


Quickly moving from the bed, he bent over to pick up his trousers, and rummaged through the right hip pocket until his hand closed over what he was seeking.

Withdrawing his hand, he let his trousers fall back where they had been, and turned back towards the bed. He stopped in mid-step and stared at Jynx, a look of surprise and amazement stamping his features.

As he re-approached her bed, he was more than a bit surprised to see what she was holding. It was light pink in color, with a large ring at the end of a long string. He got back on the bed, next to Jynx, and took it from her.

“What in the hell is this?” he exclaimed as he laughed, “And what do you do with it?”

He was quite taken by surprise. Jynx had managed to catch him totally unaware.

Jynx was flushed by embarrassment, as she explained what it was. She leaned over to the bedside table again, opened a drawer and removed the bottle of Jojoba oil.

“It’s a string of anal beads, D. They can be used a variety of ways, but the main design is to be used as a way to intensify orgasm. It’s best with two people, and I’ve had them for a while but never wanted to try them until now. I’d like to have you use them on me.” She was feeling quite suddenly shy as she admitted to D what she wanted, yet she continued, “Will you, please?”

“What’s in the bottle you have there,” he asked quizzically. He took it from her hand so he could read the instructions on how best to use it.

“Ahh, I see,” he exclaimed after he’d read the sheet provided. “You lubricate the plug, or whatever you want to use this on, really well with the oil, so it’ll slide in easier. Much like a well-lubed cock would.

"I can also see the advantage of using something like this first. It will stretch you just a bit so that my cock won’t hurt you, if we decide, and you agree, that you still want me to go there. I’ll admit Sexy, just looking at these and knowing that you’re willing to try it, makes me want you more than I do already.”

Jynx looked at D’s still closed right hand and asked him, somewhat shyly, to show her what he held. “What did you get from your trousers pocket?” She questioned.

Opening his hand, he showed her the Hot Pink anal plug he’d pulled from his pocket. Reaching for the Jojoba Oil, he prepared to lube the tip. When he was done, he asked Jynx one more time if this was what she really wanted. As she nodded, she slid down next to him but not before he’d asked her again, if she were sure, then she presented D with her back.

Telling her to take a deep breath, he gently spread the cheeks of her ass apart, revealing the small area between. He gently placed the lubed tip against the area, and as he leaned forward over her left side to watch her face, he gave a push.

He heard her shakily indrawn breath as it was drawn in through her nose and felt her clamp her cheeks as he gently pushed against the plug again, pushing it deeper, until the base of it was nestled between her cheeks.

Once the plug was encased completely within her, he tapped the base of it, sending a set of fresh vibrations ripping through her. He then rolled her back onto her back to face him.

“Okay, Sexy. Are you doing all right, or are you too uncomfortable with it?” There was a mischievous glint in his eye as he reached between her legs and slowly inserted the middle finger of his left hand into her dripping wett velvety well.

He heard the gentle squish of her juice as he moved his finger first in and out of her, then back and forth, telling him that she was more ready now than she had been down by the pool earlier.

He picked up the pace and started moving it in a back and forth motion, diving deeper within each time he moved in. He shifted his position from where he lay behind her, to sitting between her wide-open legs.

He totally enjoyed watching this lady as her pussy flowed with juice; and knowing he was responsible for it. He quickly tapped the base of the plug again, sending another jolt through her.

So intense was the storm within Jynx’s room, that neither she nor D was aware of the storm outside. Unable to stand the sweet pleasure any further, she was on the verge of asking D to remove the plug, when she felt the plug quickly pulled from her. Her hips rose from the bed as she arched her back.

Rolling her over, onto her belly, D picked up the beads and started to slowly insert first one, and then the second and so on, until the entire string was held within her, leaving only the long string with the ring on the end of it as visible evidence that anything was there.

He'd shifted to his knees when he began to insert the beads, mow he wanted Jynx to lie atop him while he drove his hard rod into her wett and ready pussy. His cock was throbbing again and his balls were twitching. He was filled with the longing for release.

“Sexy?” He called out to her.

“Yes, D, what is it?” She answered

“Are you ok? Can you move? If you can, come and lay with me, please” he said, patting his chest.

Jynx rose from the position she had been in when D inserted the beads, and let him take her arm and lead her into a prone position atop his chest. She could feel the hardness of his arousal as it rested between them, and she wanted it inside.

Holding D’s gaze, she slightly raised her hips in silent message to him. Holding his cock out straight from his body, he watched as Jynx eased her body down onto his erection, taking its full length and girth within her honey jar.

He gave a deep guttural groan as he felt himself slide within her. God! She felt so good; so wett. He lay still as she set the pace and moved above him, riding his firmness, as it stimulated the underside of her clit.

Her movements were strong and steady, a slow rhythm. Reaching an arm around her, he found the ring and pulled. She pushed herself down hard on his stiff cock as the first of the five beads left her ass. Then he pulled again, getting the same reaction from her.

“J – j – j – Jynx? He called out raggedly, “Are you ready? I can’t hold on any longer. I’m about to explode. I’m Cumming – g –g!”

With that, he quickly pulled the string so that the last three remaining beads were yanked from her ass, and increasing his speed he then let go his heavy load. He felt it leave his cock, exploding into her waiting wettness.

As another clash of thunder cascaded over the roof, he felt her release the climax that had been building all afternoon; ever since he had slipped just the head of his cock into her pussy down by the pool.

God! She felt wonderful! He kept on rocking his hips against her pussy, as his load of cum continued to flow from his cock. As he began to feel it begin to ebb, he slowly rolled them to his right and continued to fuck her pussy, until there was only the odd spurt.

He felt himself going soft now that his load was released, but he didn’t want to pull from within the wett haven in which he found himself.

He lay his head down on the pillow next to Jynx, pulled her into his arms and against his chest. They fell asleep to the sounds of rain pelting against the panes of the window behind her bed.

Tomorrow was another day, and the weekend; and next week lay ahead. With that knowledge, and snuggling her already slumbering form into him, he drifted into a peaceful slumber wearing nothing but Jynx and a smile.

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