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Dual Thrill


This is the final sequel to 'Dual Shudder', which is the sequel of 'Dual Shiver'. I strongly recommend reading those before you start with this story. Before we start with the story, I'd like to thank my new editor JHB for his great work.

Dual Thrill

Chastity Dejager took another casual look at the watch on the inside of her wrist. With her combat boots, faded jeans and leather jacket, she looked like a tough girl just sauntering to no place in particular. That was, at least, the image she was shooting for. In reality, she was starting to get just a little excited as the Wiedmann-compass stubbornly pointed towards the same building, the Phi Beta Pi sorority.

When her little sister had called about something going on at her campus, the family had been pretty sure it was a false alarm. Hope was still new to the family-business and had to learn that, most of the time, demons were not the explanation.

Which was why Chastity was sent to check it out. She was 26, so she would blend in better and, as the youngest hunter, she also got stuck with most of the false alarms. The hope was that it would help settle her down and get her out of that stereotypical get-up that was hardly fitting for a young lady.

'But not this time,' she mused with a smile. 'Oh sure, it's not like this is the fifth invasion of the Ancient Ones. Probably just some stupid dare that got out of hand or some twit that thinks she's a witch. Stupid people do that

sort of stuff on Halloween.'

A sigh escaped her lips. She was all too aware of that because she had been along on a few of those. 'Ha! A few, more like all of them. And they didn't even trust me to actually participate, I was just backup!' A smile appeared again.

'But not this time,' Chastity vowed. 'I finally have the opportunity to show I can handle myself. Taking care of a Pandemon or some mischief spirit all by myself should do that nicely.' And of course that was what those ignorant girls had called up. If it had been anything actually dangerous there would have been signs. Demons weren't exactly known for their moderation after all.

The demon-hunter gave the building another look. She would come back tonight when everybody was asleep. She knew how to open locked doors even if you didn't have the, ah, key. And that way she wouldn't get interrupted as she hunted the thing down and banished its ass back to the Nether.

Chastity took a step back and was about to turn around to go back to her van when she collided with someone. She managed to keep her balance. The other person wasn't so lucky and began to fall when her arms shot out and grasped Chastity's sleeves.

A yelp and a squeal mingled as they tumbled down together ending in a grunt from the person now lying underneath Chastity. Dazed, the demon hunter lay there for a moment before she lifted herself up to see who had managed to take her down.

It turned out to be a pale girl, her face framed by black hair that made her blue eyes stand out even more than they would on their own. She was wearing a coat against the cold but for all that and the fall the woman seemed very much unfazed. 'In control.' Chastity wondered why she used those words.

One of the woman's hands--and Chastity only realized now that the woman was actually younger than she--was resting on the leather strap of the Wiedmann-compass. Her eyes darted to the device, but she kept herself from checking it for damage right that instant, remembering the strict imperative her family gave her to keep it's very existence hidden.

"Could you get off," the woman said.

Chastity frowned. "Uhm, what?" The woman's voice had changed midway through that sentence, like she was talking with two voices. "You don't sound good. Here, let me get off of you so you can breath properly. And get off the cold ground."

The woman blinked but didn't hesitate for more than a moment when a hand was offered to help her get up. "Thank you. And sorry for pulling you down with me. I'm Sarah by the way."

And there it was again. "Nice to meet you Sarah, my name is Chastity. As for saying sorry, you wouldn't have fallen if I had watched where I was going. So it should really be me apologizing to you. Especially with how your voice keeps going hoarse."

A puzzled little smile appeared on Sarah's face. "Oh, that? You didn't cause it. I've been nursing it for a while, so don't worry about it. But standing around out here in the cold isn't helping our health, so why don't you come in. I'm sure I can find something warm to pour down your throat." Sarah's expression grew impish with that last comment.

This made the hunter slightly uncomfortable. The words seemed to be laced with some hidden meaning, but she couldn't point at a single thing to back that piece of intuition up. "Come in where?"

Sarah waved her hand at the Phi Beta Pi building. "There, of course. I saw you looking at it so I was guessing you were looking for a way in. It can be a maze inside so I would be happy to guide you."

Once more that odd echo, like a second voice, entered Sarah's speech. It probably was nothing, just a cold or something. 'Remember Cas, nine times out of ten, the mundane explains everything.' Uncle Willbur had stamped that rule into her head and she hadn't been disappointed yet. Still, given where Sarah was living, it could be added to her reasons for why Chastity couldn't wait around for backup and therefore had to go in on her own.

For a moment she considered taking her up on the offer. It would give her a perfect chance to scope things out. But Sarah would, of course, make it impossible to use anything better than her eyes. And she didn't have any excuse to go inside, she didn't know anybody there except Sarah.

All those thoughts flitted behind what she thought was an expression that gave away nothing. "Oh, the sorority. No thanks. I was just checking it out for my... sister. She's thinking of joining and as her big sister I have to look out for her. You know how it is."

"I do, actually. But how much did you expect to learn from just looking at the building?" Sarah teased.

Chastity felt caught in a lie, made worse by the fact that she had been lying. As she thought furiously, her eyes happened to fall upon her compass. Moving her wrist behind her head to hide the device from Sarah's sight again, she scratched the back of her head. 'Yeah, that looks good. Look embarrassed.'

"I'm running really late and I just noticed my watch is broke."

Sarah seemed to take the hint. "And I'm holding you up." She moved aside. "It was interesting meeting you Chastity. Until next time, when you've got more of it."

She was already walking but looked back and waved her hand. "Sure, bye!" Exhaling in relief she walked away, not looking back at Sarah. Not seeing how her blue eyes drank in the sight of her butt with a secretive smile.


Just like she had done during the day, Chastity circled the building to feel the situation out. But this time she wasn't wearing the compass and she wasn't actually looking for any sign of otherworldly activity. She was just making sure everything was quiet and still.

She'd spent the afternoon and evening going over the building plan so she knew the lay-out as well as what info she could get on the people inside. If worst came to worst and she got caught, she'd just say she was a guest of one of the girls--Without making the mistake of using the wrong name with the wrong girl.

She also had her dark-brown hair tied into a ponytail so that it wouldn't get in the way but otherwise she hadn't done anything to her appearance that would make passersby think she was about to break into anything.

'And it seems that it is,' she thought with satisfaction. It was well past midnight but she had been at least a little afraid that someone would still be up. There wasn't, though, so she got to work on the door. Lock picking wasn't a skill one usually expected from decent people but the Dejagers saw themselves as protectors, law-enforcers of the supernatural.

With a satisfying click, the door opened and Chastity was in. She crouched silently near the door, not venturing any further as she tried to stop her heart from racing. But she couldn't help it; the thrill of finally going out on her own was too great. Knowing that, after tonight, the family would have to acknowledge Chastity's capabilites was just too delicious.

Still she waited, focusing her senses outwards instead to ensure that everything was still quiet. A minute elapsed and nothing changed. Satisfied Chastity started to move. 'Even money on it being in the basement or the attic, but since I am closer to the basement I'll start there.'

She didn't go straight there though, heeding another lesson from her uncle. 'Always make sure you know the way out,' she recalled. So she made a circuit of the ground floor, walking past the entry to the basement. She was congratulating herself on planning ahead after walking through the third identical corridor, but her thoughts and her body came to a crashing halt when, halfway through the fourth, she started to hear noises.

Chastity thought furiously, 'it's too faint to make out what's going on.' She listened a little longer. 'It's more than one... And they aren't moving.' Her curiosity piqued, she went to investigate.

At the intersection she stopped once more. Looking to the corridor on her right, she could see an open door with a little light spilling into the hallway. The sounds were also distinct enough now that she could tell what she was hearing. Soft voices, grunts, moans and the sound of flesh slapping on flesh. 'Sex? People are having sex in there?!'

As sound kept coming from the room, curiosity warred with caution for a moment before the struggle was settled in curiosity's favor. 'It might be a clue to what's going on,' Chastity concluded. In seconds she was crouching just beside the door.

Peeking around the doorway into the dimly lit room, she now saw it was an office of some kind. And there weren't two people going at it, there were three. 'All women,' she noted queasily.

One was lying on the desk with another on top of her in a 69 position. Their faces were obscured as they were buried in the other's crotch but they seemed to look alike, they had the same skin tone and hair. The third was an older woman and no student. She was Professor Debrojev, and not as nude as the other two because she was wearing a strap-on.

Before her eyes the professor inserted it into the girl lying on the desk who responded with a groan of approval. That turned into a more needy sound when Debrojev pulled the head of the girl on top up and towards her breasts, which the girl attacked without prompting. And attack was the right word for the rough handling those mammeries were receiving, although Debrojev seemed to like it.

What was more shocking though, were the

professor's word in response to the girl's whine. "Hush Mai, you're getting enough attention, yes, from me. Fuck, you don't need the attention from your sister. I, hmmm, on the other hand, ohohoh fuck, needed some more. Yes, more!"

Wide-eyed she witnessed the orgy, her mind whirring with emotions and theories. 'This is it, I found what the compass was detecting. This is more than an imp running amok; this is a possession. But I can handle it, I have the element of surprise.'

And the tools, of course. She grabbed a crucifix from her backpack after opening the pouch containing Bond-dust. That would paralyze and weaken the creature while she performed the ritual. Taking a deep breath, she stood up, reciting the words she would need to send the possessing entity back where it came from.

'It will be over in seconds,' Chastity gloated with nervous energy. 'They won't be able to deny I'm ready for the real work after I tell...' Her train of thought was abruptly stopped by the bare arm snaking around her middle, trapping both her arms as she was pulled back against someone.

She just managed to stop herself from shouting out her surprise when the other hand came into view carrying a cloth. Her attacker moved without hesitation and the next thing Chastity knew she was breathing through that piece of fabric.

Adrenaline had sped up her breathing so she had already inhaled several lungfuls of something sweet and spicy when she realized she was being drugged. It was only now that she began to struggle, but the person was strong and her own body was starting to feel weak.

The hunter felt like she was floating, just drifting away. She still moved against her assailant but the movements were half-hearted and unplanned. Her eyes drifted back to the office. The people inside were still going at it, seemingly unaware of the fight going on just a few meters away.

Her body was now limp and only the support from her attacker was keeping her up. 'Hey, it's a woman. I can feel her tits. Hehe, "tits", I'm not supposed to know that word. Hey...is she...naked...?' But before Chastity could confirm that her slowing thoughts had come to a pleasant rest.


"Wake up, Chastity. Time for school," a voice murmured from close by. 'No, there's two voices. And they sound familiar... Wait, I can't be late for school!' The reaction was automatic, bypassing memory and confusion to lift her mind up to full consciousness in one go. It did leave her disoriented.

'No, wait. I graduated; I don't have to go to school anymore. And neither of those voices was my mom's.' Blinking, she blearily tried to look around to see who had spoken. But something was preventing that. 'This isn't even my room... And I'm not lying down, I'm standing against the wall!' And so she was. There was something smooth and firm wrapped around her wrists, arms and legs. The same something was also clamped against the sides of her head and torso. Her arms were stretched out making it look like she was crucified. The position wasn't too uncomfortable thanks to that support, but it left her completely immobile.

The room was warm, so it took Chastity a few more seconds to realize something even stranger. 'My clothes, I'm not wearing any... Oh hell no, some pervert actually took the time to shave me!' She felt it now, she was completely bare down below.

Perversely it was that realization that triggered the memory of what she last saw. And to identify the familiar sweet scent filling the room. But instead of it making her sleepy it made her feel energized.

Her sight had cleared too allowing her to see that she wasn't alone in what appeared to be a very bizarre room. Several naked women were standing in this blue room. Or no, the room wasn't blue. It was just that several pieces of furniture and parts of the walls and ceiling were covered in blue stuff. It looked fleshy and shiny, somewhere between slimy and something more firm. Chastity now had an idea of what her restraints were made from.

Having gathered her wits about her, she proceeded to glare at the women before her. They all bore some kind of glowing blue mark that Chastity couldn't identify above their bare mons, but she recognized its origin. 'Great, mass-possession. How the hell do I get out of this?'

Dejager considered her options, she didn't like what she found. 'I need more time, more info. Right now I don't even know what exactly I'm up against.'

She focussed her anger on the one in the middle, the obvious leader. "I see you're finished screwing your students Professor. Or whatever the hell you are."

The reply Chastity got was nothing like what she expected. For one, it wasn't Debrojev who answered. "She's never finished Chastity," came a double-voice from behind the professor. One voice was familiar, the other sounded like pure sex. "Although that particular act she performed for your benefit. After I told her to, of course," Sarah added as she came out from behind the older woman.

Wide-eyed, the demon hunter watched as the pale woman strode into view. Lines of blue squiggles slithered across her flesh exempting only her face from the dizzying traffic.

One of her hands languidly reached for one of Debrojev's breasts and began to toy with it. "Naturally, she enjoyed it immensely." The professor's contended moan sounded in agreement. "I hope you did, too."

"You're the one in charge of this freak show." The words just slipped out. Chastity hadn't even heard the question. At least not until after she had said that. But once they filtered through her astonished look turned thunderous. "And what the hell made you think I'm a pervert?"

Sarah arched an eyebrow. "Pervert? There are no perverts here, just women that are enjoying life. And you, of course."

"Uhuh, sure. Because stripping your prisoner naked and taking a razor to her is just standard behavior for people that are having a

good time! Why didn't I think of that?"

The other woman acted a little abashed. "That would be Sarah's influence. She prefers her women smooth and I find that I now share that preference. I don't really mind, there are so many other benefits from this fortuitous arrangement. But enough about me, today is all about you."

'Time to put on the bravado,' Chastity resolved. "You won't find me so easy as your previous victims, demon."

It didn't seem to faze the creature though. "Oh, I know that. When we bumped into each other I learned everything I needed to prepare for your visit." That didn't sound good. "The Wiedmann-compass told me what you were looking for, and the fact that my voice left you unaffected showed me you didn't pick it up in a garage-sale."

She remembered. The odd sounding almost-echo that had slipped into Sarah's voice a couple of times. It sounded a lot like this second voice she now heard. "What can I say? I've got experience in taking things like you down."

That didn't work either. "Hardly," Sarah snorted. "This isn't about training, but heritage. You come from a family of demon-hunters, that much is clear. But didn't you ever wonder why it was a family business? What made your family in particular so successful?"

Chastity worked hard not to show anything. Because she had no clue to the answer, she had never even pondered the question. It had just been the way things were.

"Don't know, huh? Well let me enlighten you on that subject before we move on to my other teachings." Sarah finally stopped fondling the professor and moved a little closer to Chastity. "The reason is simple really. Your family is suited for this line of work because it's more like my kind than most humans."

"Your sense of humor sucks," she blurted out.

It only elicited a smirk from the creature. "I do suck." The way she said it brought a fiery blush to Chastity's face. "But I am completely serious. Like my kind your family has a certain natural resistance to the mental influences so many of us demons use as our preferred tool. This means that, where each of these ladies," she waved a hand at the women standing at attention behind her, "only took a few minutes or hours to recruit, I could talk to you for days and you still wouldn't be swayed."

That made Chastity feel better. She tried to warn herself not to get too confident. She had been captured, after all, and the demon had said something about preparations. She couldn't help herself from prodding though. "Does that mean you'll let me go?"

Sarah chuckled at that. "Of course not; it just means that I will have to use a method that takes more time and effort. Oh, Erika. Come here please and lie back for me on the ottoman."

The woman who responded wasn't standing in the row but had apparently hidden behind one of them like Sarah had. The blonde was just as nude as the others but there were differences as well. For one, she had more glowing marks on her body. There three arranged around the top of her pussy, one on each of her breasts and a larger, more elaborate one on her forehead.

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