John and I have been together for about 7 years now. We met at high school during what was the worst time of my life. I had a terribly traumatic childhood as my body developed into womanhood despite being born a boy.

As my confusion and depression worsened, my family were incredibly supportive and allowed my feminine side, my true self, to emerge.

I moved schools to keep my secret safe. After a number of months of private education at home I returned to school not as the pre-pubescent boy I had previously been but as a developing teenage girl.

When I was seventeen, I trusted someone who I thought was my friend with my deepest secret. In return, I became the gossip of the school and had some terrible times being bullied by both boys and girls. I felt horribly alone and the only thing that kept me going was my fascination with science and particularly chemistry. John was a classmate and the only person in the school who continued to treat me as a normal human being. We became close friends during that time and we both went on to study chemistry at the same university.

Our friendship gradually shifted and we finally fell in love. John became increasingly interested in my transgenderism and the drugs I was taking to maintain and improve my femininity. I think John was frustrated because the drugs took their toll on my sex-drive and I had little interest in sex and found it hard to get an erection. Because my sex-drive had never really evolved, I didn't feel as if I was missing anything although there were a few really intense moments with John which made me occasionally wish I was more horny more of the time.

John secretly began working on a drug to counteract the effects of my tablets and one day told me about his experiments. He showed me the effects his drug had on animals in the lab. His observations led him to believe that it would temporarily increase my sex-drive ten-fold and help me to maintain an erection for several hours. I was both shocked and flattered that he would devote so much time to helping me but was nervous about trying the drug. He assured me that he had not seen any side effects in the animals he had tested the drug on and that he felt certain it would work.

I wanted him to market the drug and go through the formal process to get the drug signed off as safe by the FDA but it would have taken years and we would both have lost out. Despite my many objections, John decided to experiment on himself to prove to me it would be ok. There's no doubt his sex-drive and his sexual stamina went through the roof and I spent a lot of time on my back!

One night I decided to take the plunge and swallowed two tablets. I didn't tell him but 30 minutes later, I was standing in front of him with a raging hard-on in my hand and a glint in my eye that John had never seen before. He immediately realised what I had done but said nothing. Instead, he took me to the bedroom and we fucked each other for hours. It all felt brand new to me, so intense and satisfying that I became addicted to the drug with in a few weeks. As the months went by, I began to get control of the drug and took less but found I still maintained my sex-drive. What's more, it didn't have any adverse effects on me in any way. I was in heaven.

John's success in developing the drug led us to question what else we could do to create drugs that would enhance sex. As we analysed our drug (which we called Titan), we isolated some interesting chemicals that when combined separately from the other ingredients had a hallucinogenic effect. It's hard to describe what the drug does but in a nutshell, it increases the sex-drive whilst creating the illusion of feeling someone else's pleasure. For example, when I took John in my mouth, I could feel a hot mouth around my shaft. I could make myself cum by sucking him and so it went on. The sensation was so strange and so erotic that it too became addictive.

We knew our drugs and our experiments were primarily illegal but we kept them to ourselves and never involved anyone else. That is, we never involved anyone else until Christian. In truth, I fancied him and knew John had sometimes fantasised about watching me with another man so in a reckless moment, we decided to invite Christian home and seduce him with the help of our most delicious drug which we called Duality.

I never doubted that Christian was straight and if I'm honest, that was part of the attraction. I was turned on by the idea of seducing a straight guy and making him commit essentially homosexual acts not just to oblige but willingly and without question.

Although Christian knew I wasn't female by birth, a conversation we once had led me to believe he thought I had had reassignment surgery and I never said anything to dispel this assertion. I had considered reassignment at one stage in my life but Titan had made a friend of my cock and I couldn't ever let it go as long as I had a good supply of the drug.

So we met up with Christian one night for a few drinks at a local bar and went home for a night cap. John and Christian were really good friends and whilst they chatted on the sofa, I made the drinks and mixed Duality into Christian's bourbon.

If he noticed the slightly bitter taste to his drink, he didn't show it and after a short while I could see Christian was getting turned on by the bulge in his pants and the uncomfortable way he was shifting on the couch.

To rescue Christian from his embarrassment, I put some music on and signalled for John to leave the room for a moment. As John left, I sat down next to Christian and ran my hand through his hair, talking quietly to him about how sexy I felt. At first he was uncertain how to react and commented that I was John's partner. I assured him it would be ok, that John wanted Christian to enjoy himself with me. Although I could see he was still a little anxious, he began to relax and his stiff conscienceless cock helped him overcome any guilt he might have been feeling.

I lifted my skirt a few inches and put his hand on my knee. Leaning forward I kissed him tenderly on his lips...

----------------- () -----------------

I still don't really know what happened to me last night. It was just so weird and so erotic that I've got to get this down on paper. It all feels like an incredible dream but I know it happened. The smell of Jenna's perfume on my clothes and the panties I found in my pocket are proof positive.

John, Jenna and I met at a local bar and had a few drinks. We chatted and laughed and enjoyed each other's company just like we always do. I should tell you that Jenna isn't a natural born woman, if you know what I mean. Don't get me wrong, she's absolutely gorgeous and I've always liked her. I have nothing against her at all but she was born a boy as she says if pressed on the matter. Anyway, I always thought she'd had the op and it doesn't bother me but she is what they call pre-op. You'd never guess looking at her though.

Where was I? Ah, yes, in the bar. So we drank a few and we were all in good spirits so Jenna suggested we go back to their place for a night cap. No problem, I thought. We often ended up back at their place after a night out.

When we got there John poured us the drinks. No, wait a minute, sorry; Jenna poured the drinks whilst John and I sat on the couch. Anyway, John and I chatted and Jenna put some music on. After a while I found I'd got the most persistent hard-on of my life! I kept shifting on my seat, trying to surreptitiously hide my bulge but it was no good and I couldn't get rid of it no matter what I thought or talked about. The trouble was that I felt as horny as hell. This really freaked me out because I was just talking to John and Jeez I didn't want him thinking he was the cause of it!

John got up and left the room whilst Jenna came and sat next to me. She was sitting really close and kept whispering in my ear. The atmosphere seemed thick with sexual tension and at that moment I fancied Jenna more than I'd ever fancied anyone in my life. I remember thinking that if she gave me just one bit of encouragement, I'd fuck her there and then – even if she was with John. Then I started feeling a bit guilty and sort of moved away from her a little.

That's when I got my next shock – Jenna told me John wouldn't mind if I fucked her. In fact, he'd like it! I couldn't believe what I was hearing. I even made her say it again to make sure I'd heard right.

Not only did she repeat it but she leaned over and slowly kissed me, very sensually on my lips. I thought I was going to cum there and then. Even if I had, it felt like I wouldn't have lost my hard-on.

Then John walked in and sat down in a chair opposite us. I looked for clues in his face to see if he disapproved but no, his expression was one of encouragement, reassuring me it was ok. So that was it. No need for any anxiety, just go on and have a great time with Jenna.

Jenna lifted her skirt a few inches and put my hand on her knee. I didn't want to go straight for her pussy so I ran my hand part way up her thigh, my thumb purposefully tracing a line up the inside towards her pussy but stopping short and sliding back to her knee. We kissed again, my tongue searching out hers and she groaned quietly as my hand moved and she opened her legs a few inches.

I stopped kissing her and slowly unbuttoned her blouse, my eyes roaming over the perfect globes of her breasts as they were slowly revealed. I moved on to kiss her neck and was shocked to feel someone kiss my neck in the same place. I quickly turned my head thinking it was John. I was going to leave if he thought he was going to join in. But he was still sitting in his chair watching us and there was no-one else in the room. Jenna couldn't have kissed me so perhaps I imagined it. Too much bourbon I thought to myself.

Then I kissed her neck again and felt that same sensation. As I stopped kissing her skin, the sensation stopped in my neck. I just couldn't work out what was going on. I shrugged it off and Jenna pulled my head back to her neck. I heard her whisper "Don't fight it, just go with it."

It was as if she knew what I was feeling.

In my excited state, I shrugged it off and slipped my hand in her open blouse. That was when I started to realise what I was feeling. Whatever I did to Jenna, I felt on my own body. It was incredible, I'd stroke her nipples and I'd feel it in my own but instead of the usually mild sensation I'd get, it felt fantastic. There seemed to be a direct connection between my nipples and the tip of my now throbbing and oozing cock.

My hands and mouth ran over her breasts, every kiss and caress making us both moan in ecstasy and I found it impossible to stop.

I still had my clothes on and my cock was rubbing against my trousers as my hips squirmed and ground in response to the incredible sensations that were searing through my body.

Jenna gently pushed me away and I took this chance to quickly strip my clothes off. Somewhere in the back of my mind I could hear John breathing heavily as he stayed in his chair just a few feet from us. I looked over and saw he too had taken his clothes off and was stroking himself as Jenna and I continued to make love.

When I was naked, Jenna gently pushed me to my knees as she stood before me. I could not wait to bury my face in her cunt and to feel the sensation of my tongue and lips as they pleasured her. However, Jenna was not so rushed as I and she took her time, slowly removing her flimsy skirt and blouse. She now stood in front of me, my face only inches from her crotch. She was wearing nothing but pretty satin panties that had alternating light pink and white horizontal stripes and a peach coloured rose embroidered on the centre of the delicate waistband.

My eyes wandered over her beautiful body and finally settled between her legs. At first I thought maybe her op had left her slightly misshapen or something but as I watched she slipped her hand in her panties, right down between her legs and rearranged herself. As she pulled her hand away, her cock and balls became apparent. I stared at the contours of her bulge through her panties, the satin material glistening and emphasising her manhood.

I couldn't move. I was so surprised to discover this, to feel so turned on and discover this and then to realise my erection was still solid, still demanding satisfaction that it left me feeling confused and uncertain.

I looked up at Jenna's face. She was looking back at me with gentle almost pleading eyes. I could tell she didn't want this to stop, didn't want to be rejected and perhaps wanted me to experience this if only this one time. Her hand stroked the back of my head, gently and slowly pushing my face closer to her cock. At first I resisted. But I felt my muscles relax in my neck and I allowed her to pull me closer.

My lips touched against her cock through the smooth satin and I felt the most delicious tickle on my shaft. It was so strange; I could feel my hot breath against my skin as if I was somehow kissing my own cock.

Almost without realising it, I started moving my mouth along Jenna's shaft, my tongue licking her through her panties and as I did so, I watched them become transparent; her now swelling cock becoming more visible through the gossamer-thin satin.

I became more adventurous, moving my mouth to Jenna's balls. I felt that delicious tingle again as my mouth licked lightly at her silken bulge.

My mind had freed itself now. I wanted to do more, to explore both her body and mine at the same time. I reached behind Jenna and stroked her cheeks through her panties. As I squeezed and massaged her, I felt my arse being stroked and fondled. I could also feel the ghostly presence of her panties against my skin wherever my mouth and hands wandered.

My cock was oozing pre-cum as I pulled her closer to me, my hands gripping her cheeks and my mouth pressing hungrily against her tool. I slipped one hand inside her panties and ran my middle finger down her crack, stopping when it was resting on her hole. I gently fluttered my finger over her opening and felt a burst of sensation coming from my butt. Her cock was hard now and I leaned back and lifted her cock out of her panties. Cupping her balls with one hand, I leaned forward and held her cock with the other; I squeezed her member and gently stroked her. I felt the pressure round my own shaft. It was amazing, as if I was jerking myself off but not with my own hand. It felt like someone else was doing it but with the expertise that only I have for satisfying myself.

I licked the pre-cum from the tip of her cock and then sank my mouth down onto her shaft. It was amazing and I was so close to cumming that I could not control it. I started to suck her and as I did, I felt myself explode. I almost expected to feel it shoot into my mouth; such was the confusion of real and imaginary sensation.

John walked up behind me and stood on the sofa as Jenna took him in her mouth. I watched as Jenna held the shaft of John's cock and he fucked her mouth furiously. He cried out as his orgasm flooded her mouth.

When John had finished, I turned my attention back to Jenna's prick. I took her in my mouth and started to suck her cock whilst moving my head up and down. I reached down to stroke her foot and felt my cum on her skin. I swirled my finger in it before slipping my hand back between her cheeks. I used the cum as a lubricant, massaging it into her hole and slowly sinking my finger into her. She gasped as I slipped in and I groaned too as I felt the same sensation.

My prick was still hard and I was still as horny as hell as I fingered and sucked Jenna. She was getting close now and she began to buck against my finger and fuck my mouth. I could feel every part of her cock in my mouth. I ran my tongue all over it, feeling the fleshy tip, the dip just below it and the powerful shaft that extended from her otherwise incredibly feminine body.

As her moans of ecstasy rose in volume and frequency, I too felt a second orgasm rising in me. She was fucking my mouth very fast now and I plunged my finger deeper into her. I felt string after string of cum shoot into my mouth as she cried out, lost to her orgasm. I swallowed her cum and she continued relentlessly grinding into my mouth as my own orgasm reached a crescendo for the second time in only a few minutes. As it subdued, Jenna continued to fuck my mouth, slowing down gradually and eventually stopping.

I was still kneeling as I gently removed my finger and felt her cock soften in my mouth. Even this felt highly erotic and I thought about how delicious it would be to take her in my mouth whilst she was limp and feel her erection grow into me. Eventually, I pulled away from her and tenderly kissed her cock before standing up. She hugged me to her and I nuzzled into her neck.

Strangely, I don't really remember much after that moment. I'm sure we chatted for a while longer but I can't remember what about. When I woke up this morning alone in my own bed, I had the most glorious early morning erection which I was happy to play with as I recalled the events of the night before.

I'll see Jenna and John again soon, I'm sure and perhaps they will be able to explain what happened. Why I suddenly became so incredibly horny and maybe, they'll be happy to do it all again sometime.

Perhaps they put something in my drink – after all they are both expert chemists and maybe they have access to some amazing sex-drug. If so, I'll see if I can persuade them to give me some more...

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