tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersDuchess of Lamore Ch. 02

Duchess of Lamore Ch. 02


Part II -- Business was never like this before...

First Morning in the Palace

The next morning he awoke in a strange bedroom. Portions of the night before slowly seeped into his brain. There were girls, he remembered that. There was that drink. That drink had messed him up. He shifted around on the huge bed and felt his head screaming at him. He was not used to being hung over.

He didn't know how, but they seemed to know he was awake. His girls came into the room wearing their sexy sarongs. And yes their breasts were exposed. He was getting very accustomed to this sensual delight.

One brought him a cup of tea. Another leaned down and took his nipple between her lips. She sucked just hard enough for the desired affect.

He felt that old familiar tingle surging in his crotch. What a way to start the day he thought. But then he felt something else. It was something he had never felt before. He pulled the sheets from his body and stared at his crotch.


His erection was being prevented by a gold tube fitted around the base of his shaft. It had a curly arm that went down to another cuff that squeezed his balls gently out the bottom side. His privates were totally encapsulated by the piece of jewelry. The only difference between it and the ones the guards wore was the gold it was made of. And there on the top was a symbol he now knew well. It featured two crescent moons with an obelisk standing proudly between them.

Shock swept over him and he felt himself getting sick. He lay back against the mattress and took several deep breaths. His head was pounding as if it would explode.

How did this happen? Where did it come from? Why was it there? How could he get it off? He wanted answers. It was pointless of course. They did not speak English.

Once the immediate sense of shock diminished his breathing returned to normal. This obviously was some rule of the Palace. The other men wore them. He knew that much already. Now he was fitted with one too. There was little consolation in the fact that his was gold, but it did seem to distinguish him as a guest or special visitor. They must have put it on him while he was asleep.

Once he had regained his composure he felt several hands caressing his stretched balls and caged penis. Once again lips landed on his nipple. He felt hair tickle his face before another set of lips landed on his. Her tongue slipped into his mouth so naturally. He caressed it with his own enjoying the delicate sensations that washed over his body.

He wasn't sure what to make of it. Clearly they were there to pleasure him, bath him and see that he was fed. But now his caged penis was rendered useless. A certain part of his identity had been removed or at least that was the way it seemed.

They fed him a breakfast of fresh fruit and rice. Little tiny hands continued to caress and explore. They seemed particularly drawn to the jewelry that restrained his desire. The warring emotions continued to dance in his head. It was simply devilish.

They walked him over to a table with a mirror. They sat him down and expertly shaved his face while brushing his hair. Two girls appeared with Punjab pants. He stepped into them understanding the need. He would not easily fit into normal pants under the circumstances. He expected a vest to follow, but that did not happen. They brought a shirt with intricate brocade made of fine silk.

His girls walked him to the door where he was met by the translator. That's what he called her. To his knowledge she was the only one who spoke any English. Yes, the guard was still by his door. His eyes went straight to the man's crotch. Yes, he was wearing one too.

He was not sure of the protocol. Should he bow? Should he offer a hand? He decided a slight bow would be in order and did so. As he straightened up he caught her eyes moving off his crotch.

"You seep good?" she asked. Not waiting for an answer she continued, "Take car home. Heap servants car."

Take car home? He could not possibly take the car home. The trip, and his dreams, would be a total failure.

But wait a minute. She said or at least he thought she said he was to take the car to its home, its new home. Yes of course. He was to instruct the servants in its operation.

He smiled as he understood. There were so many things he wanted to ask her. Surely she knew why this thing was around his privates. For the life of him he couldn't bring himself to say a word, not in this setting. It was simply impossible and surely a breach of protocol. What would the home office say? Indeed.

"Fall low peas."

The Garage

They walked to the front courtyard. There sitting in all its glory was the Phantom. He got behind the wheel of the car. It seemed almost sacrilegious sitting in the car the way he was dressed. She pointed to a drive that veered off to the side of the main building and he brought the car to life.

He drove down the path and came to another building. It was clearly the stables, which now served as the garage. He pulled the car through the door and was greeted by three sterling examples of previous Phantoms. Each featured the coat of arms on the rear cabin painted in gold. Each was immaculately maintained as if they had never been driven.

He was met by one of the African servants. He seemed to be head of the garage. He was wearing Punjab pants and a vest. He was not wearing a silver pendant. It seemed that none of the men did, only the women. He did not have to look to know his penis was held by a silver piece of jewelry fitted to his privates.

The man directed him to pull the car into a spot next to the Phantom III. Drake did so making sure to position the car with enough space so that nothing would come in contact with it.

"Hello. Drake Hampstead, Rolls Royce London." He was not expecting a reply, but thought he would try none the less. The man looked at him waiting. How absurd. How was he to instruct the man when he did not speak English?

Drake looked over and saw his work bench. It was filled with tools specially made for Rolls Royce. The man was well outfitted he thought. He would start with the tools. He would understand that.

He picked up a wrench and headed for the Phantom. He released the bonnet and pushed it open. He proceeded to lean in to the engine when the man stopped him cold. Had he done something wrong? Should the other man lean in first?

The man walked over to his bench and retrieved a thick blanket draping it over the fender. He pointed to Drake's crotch. Drake looked down. He had nearly forgotten about his jewelry. He looked at the man's crotch; saw a similar bulge. How long had his been on? He was sure this man could answer all his questions. Drake gave him a nod and carefully leaned against the thick blanket careful not to scratch the paint.

They spent the day going over every inch of the car. He was able to communicate more than he ever thought. Or at least it seemed so.

Second Night in Palace

The translator appeared later that afternoon and walked him back to his room. As they crossed the grounds of the Palace he saw more women. He felt the tug of excitement pressing against his gold jewelry fruitlessly. They were all so beautiful and carefree. Maybe that was why the men were restricted.

He could only imagine what it was like to live at the Palace. He had seen only a small fraction. Where these women part of the Duchesses harem? Maybe that was it. The Duchess did not want the men interfering with her girls. His curiosity was getting the better of him. What was she like? It would seem that was not for him to know.

They got to his room and he noticed the guard was still outside his door. He gave him a brief smile, but it was not returned. He stepped into his room and she closed the door behind him.

He was met by his girls. That's how he thought of them. They were his bedroom girls. He felt little hands roaming his body as they took turns kissing him. They untied his fine fitted shirt and removed it. One girl moved to his nipple. Her tongue brought a smile to his face and a tug against his jewelry.

Apparently his bedroom girls were not part of her harem. Or maybe they were, but assigned to please him during his stay. Of course that could go only so far. So maybe his theory was not too far off.

He felt his Punjab pants being untied and they slid to the ground as one hand went to his crotch and another to his behind. They were simply fascinated by his behind. He never would have thought. He wondered if their fascination was due to his skin color.

They escorted him to a couch and fell in around him. His nakedness with them being partially clothed did not bother him. He would have thought it would. He felt lips caressing his body, teasing, nibbling. There were lips against his. His thoughts were soon carried away to the most erotic place. He kissed one and then the other until all had been properly greeted. The tug against his jewelry was nearly constant aided by little hands slipping here and there.

There before him was the tray of cups. He smiled. He remembered the slightly hallucinogenic potion all too well. He looked at the other girls briefly. Did they do this every night? He couldn't imagine such a thing.

He was handed a cup. When in Rome he thought. He performed the toast from the night before and drank it empty. The girls watched and followed behind him.

He almost started laughing immediately. He knew what was coming. The thought of being on drugs two nights in a row was unbelievable. Would this be like the night before? His thoughts lingered there. A smile crossed his face. Yes, Rome indeed.

The lips closing around his nipple did not surprise him. There was that tug again. He worried that his frustrations would get the better of him once the drug took affect. He looked down to see a girl licking his stretched balls. He felt a hand on his chin pushing him upward. His lips were met by others. Their tongues touched, danced lightly together.

The tug was ever present triggering thoughts and desires that would go unanswered. The sweet turmoil was alluring and strangely erotic. He pushed himself to use other senses, other feelings. He could feel the drug taking affect. He was not laughing this time.

He pulled his lips away and found another. He kissed them passionately. He moved from one to the next kissing them all. He felt hard nipples pressing against his bare skin. He teased them with his fingertips. Sweet delicate moans filled the room giving him great pleasure.

They moved him to the pool and eased him inside. He felt the warm washcloths dragging across his skin. One girl was between his legs sucking gently on his stretched balls as if low hanging fruit. She moved to the head of his penis and teased it with her tongue. He could see the pleasure she derived even though it could not stiffen for her.

He captured a nipple barely an inch away between his lips. He teased it with his tongue, felt it grow hard between his lips. All that was missing was the cream.

They bathed him most meticulously and then patted him down with the large fluffy towels. They moved him back to the bed and fell in around him.

A tray of food appeared. One fed him as they others continued with light caresses. He could get used to the feel of hard nipples grazing his skin while little hands found their way in every nook and cranny.

He could feel the drug working its magic. Every thing became fuzzy and soft. He loved his girls and the sensual things they shared together. They were so beautiful.

One of the girls picked up a banana and ran it sensually across her nipples. She ran it up between her breasts and then up to her lips. She danced her tongue over the tip provocatively while staring him in the eyes.

He could feel the incredible tug against his jewelry as his body tried to react. He watched her tongue dance over the tip and smiled. Seeing his smile she removed the banana from her lips and ran it across his. She did it slowly, sensuously. He could not help but think of something else. She saw those thoughts cross his face and giggled. The other girls giggled too.

She peeled the banana back and offered the tip to one of the other girls. She gladly accepted it by rolling her tongue over and around the tip. He remembered how she did just that the night before to his penis. Then she offered it to the other girl who proceeded to work the tip with her tongue.

At first he thought they were making light of his situation that this could not happen to him. But then he realized that was not it at all as she offered it to him. He worked the end with his tongue just as they had. He was not prepared for the sensuous sensations that flooded his mind. A big smile spread across her face. The other girls giggled, he could see them watching.

She eased the banana past his lips, left it there with his lips stretched around it. Everything was so sexual with them. What a wonderful way to be he thought. He bit off the end and started chewing. It broke the sexual tension that was building.

The girls clapped and giggled as he ate the banana. He felt as if he had passed some right of passage. She leaned forward and gave him a kiss quite pleased with him. She then looked at one of the other girls and said something in her native tongue.

Two of the girl's grabbed bananas from the tray and got to their feet. He watched as they began dancing using the bananas. It appeared to be some sort of folk dance or ritual. They moved in unison in the most provocative way.

They came to the bed and both grabbed his arms. They wanted him to dance with them. At first he thought against it, but they managed to get him up. He started dancing with them trying to imitate their moves.

The third girl came up behind him holding open a sarong that matched the other girls. They all stopped and helped him into it. Once they had it fastened around his waist, they all started dancing together once again. One girl leaned over and retrieved a banana for him.

Now the four of them danced in a circle in this wonderfully sensuous dance. He found that the drugs made it much easier for him to move.

Once the dance was over they all hugged each other and kissed. One of the girls said something to the others. Of course he had no idea what she was saying. He could see from the other girls faces that she had suggested something unusual. They talked back and forth before finally coming to agreement.

They looked at him and giggled. He knew that meant trouble. They took him by the arm and walked him over to the wall where a tapestry hung. One girl moved her little hand behind it and suddenly a secret door swung open.

He was quite surprised. The other girls held a finger to their lips signaling for him to remain silent. They ushered him into the secret passage. It was dark, but the girls knew the way. They walked for some time before they came to another door. The girls smiled at each other and then opened the second door.

They walked into the room and he was simply amazed. The room was filled with black men, naked black men wearing nothing more than their silver jewelry. It was at once erotic and yet terribly taboo.

The men looked at them and smiled. They did not seem that startled to see them. They were not the least bit concerned with his presence.

The girls took him further into the room and closed the door behind them. Once again he had the uncontrollable urge to laugh. This was all so impossible. He managed to stifle it down to little more than a giggle.

He watched as one of his girls strolled through the room studying each of the men as if at the market. She found one that she liked and signaled for them to join her. They joined her huddled around this man. He looked down and saw a rather healthy penis lying limp across his thigh. His ebony member provided startling contrast to his silver adornment. The jewelry stretched his balls an unimaginable distance. The tube that went around the base of his shaft only covered a small amount of his length.

She glanced at him and reached for the silver pendant around her neck. She bent down and inserted the silver pendant into the jewelry around the man's penis. He was both shocked and surprised when both the tube around his shaft and the tube around his balls opened fully and she pulled it from his flesh.

He watched as she slipped one hand around his balls and the other around his rapidly inflating shaft. She ran her tongue along his thickening shaft much to the man's delight.

He watched in total fascination. That man's cock grew to incredible dimensions under her tender caress. It was simply beautiful to watch. And it happened so fast!

She took the tip of his cock and ran her tongue over the tip. The man's cock was now standing proudly erect and looked so soft against her tongue.

She pulled it free and offered that man's throbbing penis to him. Again he was shocked. He could have sworn that man's penis was staring at him.

He glanced around and realized everyone was staring at him.

He stifled a laugh thinking how crazy this was as he slipped his lips over that hard ebony member. He was rewarded with the most satisfying sensations as his mouth filled with the warm, sturdy flesh of that man's penis. Suddenly laughing was the last thing on his mind.

A long slow moan escaped his lips as he eagerly replaced the girls hand around the man's balls. Although he certainly had never done this before, he knew exactly what to do.

He found himself in a trancelike state exploring every inch of that big black cock. It was wildly decadent and incredibly exciting. He could hear the man purring and moaning, which only added to his pleasure. He could only imagine how long it had been since the man was last pleasured.

The man had a fine cock. It had a substantial girth with more than enough length and felt terribly soft against his lips. His ball sack was long and his balls felt weighty in his hand. It didn't take him long to discover that he enjoyed what he was doing very much.

And the man apparently enjoyed it too. He was mumbling something in his native tongue. He didn't understand a word of it, but he could tell from the tone that he was quite pleased.

Yes he liked everything there was about having a cock between his lips. He slobbered over every inch of it admiring the new sensations that flooded his brain. It was leaking profusely. He swiped his tongue over the tip and was surprised he knew the taste. How could that be? Then it dawned on him. It was from their breasts.

His curiosity heightened as he continued his fascination with that hard penis. Suddenly he felt those enormous balls jerk in his hand and followed by a massive wave splash against the back of his mouth.

It was unlike anything he had ever experienced. It caught him slightly off guard. He choked a little, but managed to swallow.

He clamped his lips tightly around the shaft and gently massaged those balls. The second splash was more like a wave as it completely filled his mouth. He was prepared this time and easily swallowed.

Now in sync with his contractions, he used the man's long thick penis like a straw. His cock erupted over and over; six, seven, eight times. The man seemed to have an endless supply. Drake took it with ease.

Once his penis went dry and began to grow limp, Drake released it. It slipped from his lips and fell back to the man's thigh. He straightened up and glanced around the room. Everyone was staring at him. They all seemed quite pleased with his performance. He licked his lips once or twice to indicate that he was quite pleased as well.

The girl leaned forwarded and gave him a big kiss. She reached around her neck and retrieved her silver pendant. She gave him a big smile and placed it around his neck. She waved her arm at the room full of men. Her intention was very clear.

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