Duchess of Lamore Ch. 02


He looked around realizing that he could now have any man in the room. One by one they smiled, spreading their legs, beckoning him to try them next.

He looked at his girls. What an impossible situation.

He clutched the pendant around his neck and grinned. Sitting right next to the man he had just sampled was another. He had a lovely penis just waiting to be released. He squeezed the soft tip with his fingers and ran his other hand over his tightly stretched balls.

Yes, he would do nicely. They would all do nicely. He moved between his legs and slipped the pendant into his silver jewelry.

Hours later his girls guided him back to his room. Never had he experienced anything so wicked, so wildly pleasurable. Once safely cocooned in his bedroom they help him out of his sarong. They all shared a big hug and kiss before he slipped underneath the covers. His head barely touched the pillow before he was fast asleep.

He could barely remember the events of the night before. His head was foggy. He lay in bed with his eyes closed. He could feel the weight of the jewelry around his privates. His head ached and his jaw was surprisingly sore.

He drifted in that place between sleep and consciousness. Images started filtering through to his brain. Bits and pieces started registering. He remembered having his lips clamped over a long black tube of flesh. He felt his jaw. It was sore in a strange way.

He had sucked another man's penis. More things started showing up. No, he had actually sucked several penises the night before. One after the other started dancing through his head. There must have been dozens. He smiled. And each was filled to the brim with cream. Thinking about it now was causing his penis to tug against his jewelry.

He opened his eyes and propped himself up on his pillow. He wasn't sure how they knew, but the girls knew he was awake and filled his bed. One puffed up his pillow while the other brushed his hair from his eyes. He was offered a cup of tea which he sorely needed.

There were smiles and giggles all around. They knew of course. They knew all too well how he had pleasured those men. They fed him a bowl of rice along with some fruit. Yes, another day in paradise.

When breakfast was finished they ushered him over to the pool and bathed him. That was followed by a nice relaxing shave. Then it was into his Punjab pants and finely fitted shirt.

He heard a knock at the door and opened it to find the translator standing before him. She escorted him back to the garages. Drake was shocked to discover one of the men from the night before standing before him. A twinge of guilt coursed through his veins.

The man undoubted recognized him, but he showed not the slightest recognition. Drake was very grateful.

The translator said something and the man took Drake over to the work bench. Drake turned around and she was gone. Just as well he thought. He turned back to the man who remained stone faced. And that was just fine with Drake.

That man introduced him to what Drake determined would be the Duchesses driver. He wasn't sure, but he had probably sucked this man's cock as well. He began to wonder if he had sucked every man in the Palace.

They got inside the car with the new man behind the wheel. He brought the car to life and eased it out of the garage. Drake sat in the front supervising the man's actions. The head man sat in the back watching the two in the front seat.

They drove all through the country side. The driver did a wonderful job. Drake thought about the three of them wearing jewelry. He took some satisfaction knowing the other two men had recently experienced climax. That silver pendant had not worked on his gold jewelry.

The thought struck him of doing it again. He knew the men would enjoy it. They had certainly enjoyed it the night before just as he had. He smiled to himself when he realized that would not be possible. He had returned the silver pendant.

They returned to the Palace and Drake had every confidence these men could properly care for the car. He had only to look at the others to know that.

The translator reappeared and escorted Drake back to his room. He could feel a certain excitement building inside him the closer they got.

Moon Party

"I wee rerun Full Moon cell baton. You wood guest Duchess. Servant's heap ready." She turned and left.

He walked into his bedroom and his girls were waiting for him. They took him to the pool and bathed him. Then they walked him over and brushed his hair and gave him a close shave. He could see in the mirror one of the girls standing behind him with a long flowing robe that was very ornate. He rose to his feet and the girls draped in over his head. The robe did a fairly good job of hiding his jewelry.

He wondered what this party was going to be like. He wished he could ask his girls. The thing most on his mind was protocol. This would be his first audience with the Duchess and he wanted to get it right.

The translator returned and escorted him through the Palace. They passed many courtyards, but they were all empty. He assumed everyone was attending the party. They approached a set of huge doors.

They opened to a large courtyard that was decorated for the celebration. Flowers were everywhere. The courtyard had several fountains and there was music coming from an alcove. At the far end was a raised platform. And sitting on a couch in the middle of that platform was a woman undoubtedly the Duchess.

She had lovely dark hair that was pinned up behind her head. There were two long strands of red hair that draped down each side of her face which was framed by jet black bangs that came just above her eyebrows.

She was wearing a silk tunic trimmed in satin. It seemed to cress crossed her chest and tied with laces around her waist. The deep cut showed off her ample breasts.

He was escorted up to the platform and seated to the Duchesses left on a couch. From this vantage point he could her startling blue eyes that seemed to pierce right through him. He found it difficult to determine her age, but found her to be quite beautiful. He could also see the gold pendant hanging down between her breasts. It was a gold pendant of her coat of arms.

What clearly had to be members of her harem circled around her. They wore silk kimonos trimmed in pink satin. They were all beautiful and rather mysterious looking. He couldn't help but wonder what went on with them behind closed doors.

Two of the girls rose to their feet and moved to each side of Drake. He glanced at them, looked into their eyes. They were gorgeous and very sensual. Their kimonos did little to cover their breasts which were well rounded and tipped by tiny little nipples.

He noticed something out of the corner of his eye. One of the girls was offering him some fruit. It was a banana. He gave her a brief smile. If she only knew what happened the last time someone offered him a banana. He took it and noticed the Duchess staring at him as he did. There was something in her eyes. He gave her a brief smile which she returned.

The floor down below filled up with female dancers. They shared a scarf between them and started dancing in a circle. Their moves were very sensuous and erotic. At some point he felt delicate fingers circling around his nipple. He glanced down and saw painted fingertips. His nipple was quite hard and poked through the sheer silk of his robe. The girl must have seen it unable to resist. He could feel the tug in his crotch.

The dancers below were joined by male dancers and the danced changed into an erotic ballet. The full moon was so bright it cast shadows in the lower courtyard. He wondered why the full moon? Did it have some special significance? What else did they celebrate?

The girl from his other side offered him a cup. He took it hesitantly. He was not sure what was in the cup. He was not at all sure he wanted to get high under such circumstances. But there again he could not really refuse it either.

He brought the cup to his lips and took a sip. It was wine. He sighed in relief and took another sip. He wondered if the Duchess consumed the drug or was it something only the servants did.

He glanced at her girls taking care of her. He wondered about her sexuality. What did she do with these beautiful girls when they were alone? His mind instantly filled with lewd and erotic images.

He looked at that gold pendant hanging around her neck. Did that mean he belonged to her tonight? What exactly would that mean? Was she expecting some sexual favors from him? Did she ever think of men in a sexual way?

He had so many questions. He decided to stop thinking about such things and enjoyed the food, the dance and the wine.

It was probably an hour later when the girls behind the Duchess helped her to her feet. He suddenly felt a tug on his arms and quickly got to his feet as well. The girls ushered the Duchess away. The girls behind him each took an arm and ushered him right behind her.

The walked down a hallway and entered another room. Once Drake was inside he realized this must be the Duchesses bed chambers. It was simply magnificent. In the middle of the room was a bed big enough for half a dozen people at least.

The Duchess clapped her hands twice and the girls to his side walked him over beside the bed and begin removing his robe. Once it hit the ground, the girls helped him onto the bed, stomach first. He could hear the other girls removing the Duchesses clothes and wondered what exactly would happen next.

He had an incredible urge to look, to see the naked Duchess. He was quite sure it was a sight to see. He was also sure that if she wanted him to see her they would not have landed him on the bed in the way they did.

He heared more sounds, sounds as the girls were left the room. He felt a presence between his legs. That was followed by a pair of very hard nipples pressed against the base of his spine. Those hard nipples drug right up the center of his back and rest upon his shoulder blades.

Surely the Duchess is not going to give him a massage. That would just be crazy. Then he felt something bumping up against his cheeks. He knew to spread his legs further.

That something, whatever is was, thrust hard and poked inside him. It is bigger than he is used to, thicker as well. She thrust again and it went deeper causing him to moan. Not being stoned, he quickly realized what was happening. His mind swirled with uncertainty.

She thrust once more and he realized she was buried to the hilt inside him. Now he knew the Duchesses secret. Everything started falling into place. How did he not see this?

She began a slow cadence of thrusting herself inside him. His mind was reeling from the sudden realization. He could feel her hard nipples pressed into his back and wanted to look at her more than ever.

He felt something going down the side of his face. Suddenly her finger slipped into his mouth. He instantly thought of the night before. He explored her finger with his tongue, sucked it gently.

The Duchess started working it back and forth sensuously across his lips. It could have easily been a cock he thought and treated it as one. He toyed with it using his tongue, turned his head slightly and sucked it in deep.

The Duchess was pleased. She started thrusting harder inside him. He suddenly wondered if her girls were actually girls. Well, to a certain extent they were. He stared at their breasts all night long. But did they also have a secret underneath those kimonos?

He moved his legs further out, tilted his ass so she could get more into him. He started moving with her, amplifying her moves.

The Duchess removed her finger from his lips, grabbed his hips and positioned him a certain way. Once satisfied she thrust inside him again. This time he could feel her cock bumping up against something inside him.

That bump felt wonderful. He moaned with enthusiasm. She continued to aim for it driving him crazy.

Now she felt like a man he thought. Her thrusts were insistent, forceful. Her cock felt good going all the way inside him. He pushed back making her bumps more powerful. He desperately wanted to suck cock. He thought of the night before.

He could hear the Duchess grunting, her breathing labored. He knew these signs all too well. She was thrusting inside him aggressively. He found himself enjoying it on some other level.

Then she thrust deeply and cried out.

He knew at that very moment she was filling him with cream. It was almost more than he could handle. So many things went through his mind. Swirls of contradiction, cascading emotions, erotic confusion; he closed his eyes and let them play in his head.

The next thing he knew the girls had returned. They each grabbed an arm and were helping him to his feet. The Duchess was no where to be seen. They threw the robe over his head and escorted him back to his bedroom.


The next morning he rose from a deep slumber. True to form his girls were there waiting for him with a bowl of rice and fresh fruits. He picked up the banana wondering if he would ever be able to eat one without thinking about his night in the barracks.

Once his breakfast was over they walked him over and sat him down in front of the mirror. One brushed his hair and the other gave him a nice close shave. He heard the door open and noticed the translator walking into the room. He became embarrassed as the only thing he was wearing was his jewelry.

His girls pulled his chair back and he swung around to face the translator. Her eyes went down to his crotch. His eyes went to her neck. She clutched the gold pendant, bent over and inserted it into his jewelry. And just like that it popped open freeing his privates.

It felt so good to have that thing removed. He reached down with his hand and rubbed himself for the first time in days. The translator watched him. Once he was through she straightened up and left the room without saying a single word.

One of his girls pulled out his freshly pressed linen suit and they helped him dress. But now that his cock was free, he didn't want to put on clothes. He wanted to have sex. A quick glance told him that would not happen. They could not be less interested.

They escorted him to the door. There was another servant waiting in the hall who took him to the front courtyard where the Phantom was waiting. He stepped into the rear of the car and it silently pulled through the large gates and out on the road to the train station.

He watched the landscape pass by as they rode along. He thought about what a rich place this was, filled with wonderful people who enjoyed a magical culture. How sad he would not be able to share his experiences with a single sole.

The End

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