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Duck Blind


It had been a long day. She had gone over the inventory numbers at least 10 times until she found the mistake and corrected it. Everyone else had gone home. It was hard running an independent sporting goods store since Gander Mountain had set up shop just three miles away. She held her chin up proudly, though, reminding herself that she was making it. "I guess customer service still matters," she said to herself as she turned off the back room lights and went to the front of the store.

She almost jumped when she heard the rapping on the glass door. She looked and it was her favorite couple. She went to open the door, it was her favorite. "I know you're closed, but I wanted to go duck hunting tomorrow and when I was getting our blind ready I noticed it's torn and it's supposed to rain tomorrow. Is there any chance we could buy a new one from you tonight?" the man said.

Of course she would, she couldn't turn down money. "Sure, come on in." She said, also smiling since this would give her another chance to see him again. He always flirted with her, and he was very easy on the eyes. She went to the counter while he went back to look at the stock, his wife followed her over to the register.

"I'm Melanie," the store owner said in a friendly tone, "I don't think we've met."

"I'm Zuela," the wife responded.

Melanie looked Zuela over briefly, she had jet black hair pulled back in a tight pony tail, and had the most beautiful caramel colored skin. She wore a loose fitting blouse and skirt, and had a delicate gold collar around her neck.

"That is a beautiful collar," Melanie commented softly.

Zuela looked back at her, "It's precious to me, Scott got it for me a year after we started dating." She continued to look at the store owner closely, she looked tired, but had a tender inviting look about her. Zuela leaned closer, and tilted her chin up.

"What symbol is that?" Melanie asked as she eyed the center piece under her chin, while also stealing a look down Zuela's blouse before quickly looking back. The symbol looked like a yin-yang symbol but had three parts instead of two.

Zuela looked up, contemplating for a good half minute, "I'll tell you, but first you have to tell me something."


"You've been flirting with my husband...no don't try to deny it, just tell me if you like him."

Melanie blanched, "I'm so sorry, it was all innocent, of course I like him, I didn't mean anything."

Zuela smiled reassuringly, "I'm not bothered, and I'm not bothered that you just checked me out, what I want to know is if you find my husband attractive."

Melanie turned from white to red, "Um...yes. I'm so sorry, I ...." She couldn't get another word out because Zuela put her finger to her lips to hush her.

"It's Okay, hun, I'm not mad. In fact I'm happy, I've seen you two flirt, and it excites me. Do you know that he likes you too...a lot?"

"No...he does?"

"Yes, that's the reason we came after you closed. I wanted to let you know its okay. I like you too...a lot. "

Melanie didn't know what to say, Zuela kept leaning closer and closer, until their lips were brushing against each other. Melanie didn't pull back, instead she gently pressed back into the kiss. They stood there for several quiet minutes kissing, forgetting about Scott and the store.

When the kiss parted, Melanie was still flushed, her embarrassment mixing with arousal. She exhaled slowly, "Zuela, I..." She couldn't get the words out, she didn't even know what words she wanted to get out. She just wanted to hear her name again, "Zuela."

"It's okay," Zuela reassured. "I've been wanting to do that for a long time." She reached out her hand and took Melanie's in hers, "Come with me."

Melanie followed along silently as Zuela lead her down the aisles until she reached the duck blind display in the back corner of the store. Scott unzipped the back of the blind and held up the flap. His shirt was off, and Melanie felt her heart flutter at the sight of him. "Come here," he said.

Zuela lead her up to him and put one arm around Scott's waist while he reached out to cup Melanie's cheeks and pulled her the last few inches into a kiss. He kissed her deeply, as his hands moved from her face to the small of her back and he pulled her tight against him. He tugged at her blouse pulling it free from her skirt and then pulled back away.

"Don't you think it's about time we went past flirting?" He asked with a grin. Melanie smiled back and nodded silently. "Unbutton," he said calmly.

Melanie's fingers were shaking as she fumbled with the buttons, working her way up to until she was opened up. Scott's hands went to her waist and guided her as she turned around. He then pulled the blouse down over her shoulders and tossed it casually to the side. He then undid her bra and did the same with it. Finally, he found the zipper on the skirt and opened it enough to pull it and the panties down to her heels. Melanie, still somewhat frozen had to be told by Scott to step out of her clothes.

Melanie was a mix of emotions. She was a bit afraid of what might come, but too excited to not give in. She had long thought about getting Scott alone, but with his wife standing nearby she somehow felt even more excited, and the kiss...she'd never felt anything like that. Suddenly Zuela was in front of her, nude except for the collar. She embraced Melanie softly and pressed her body meltingly against hers, before kissing her again slowly, yet passionately.

In the midst of the kiss, she felt Scott at her backside, embracing her. His hard cock pressed up against the small of her back and she shuddered when he began to kiss and nibble her neck and shoulders. Zuela pulled away but took Melanie's hand and guided her into the duck blind, where a sleeping back had been opened up. She laid down and Scott guided Melanie, moving as if in a haze, to kneel over Zuela's face.

Scott pushed Melanie down at the shoulders, her knees slipping against the smooth fabric of the sleeping back as her pussy lowered until it began to smother Zuela's face. Melanie could hear and feel Zuela's breathing and her already moistening pussy thrilled at the feeling of the tongue coming out to slide up and down her slit. Soon Zuela's tongue was working over her clit and she heard Scott's voice in her ear whispering to fuck her face. Melanie quickly complied and ground herself down on Zuela, periodically cutting off her breathing as she humped into her face, at no point though to Zuela stop probing with her tongue.

Scott then pushed Melanie's shoulder s forward until she was laying semi prone on the ground, with her knees splayed wide and her pussy continuing to fuck Zuela's mouth. She heard a crinkle and looked back to see Scott putting on a condom. She bit her lip gently and turned back around and buried her face into the floor. She began moaning loudly now, and began to grind onto Zuela's mouth, her first orgasm drenching Zuela's face.

She then felt him mount her, his hands bracing against her shoulders and his thighs behind her thighs. She could sense Zuela's fingers guiding his cock up into her pussy. He slid in slowly and ground into her, compressing her hips down onto Zuela's mouth, her tongue stabbing up against her clit. As he began to pump into her she could feel Zuela wriggle out. Scott then began to fuck her in earnest.

They thrashed for several minutes, him fucking her and she fucking back into him. Melanie's cum was staining the sleeping bag. And Zuela began to cheer her on. Eventually she crashed felt him crash into her and pin her to the ground as he gave a guttural scream, cumming inside her, filling the reservoir of the condom with his white juices.

When he pulled himself out of her, he rolled her over and began to eat her own. She looked down and saw Zuela carefully squeezing the condom off of him. Melanie watched in awe as Zuela put the condom to her lips and started drinking, she came again on Scott's face.

Scott finally eased back. He turned to Zuela who had moved to a kneeling position, and gave her a kiss, "Good girl," he whispered to her. She beamed up at him, then turned to Melanie, "You are so wonderful."

Melanie closed her eyes and laid herself back, beyond words she just smiled. Soon she was joined by two cuddle partners who silently held her. She laid like that for an hour, wordless until she fell asleep in the dark duck blind with her new lovers.

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