tagSci-Fi & FantasyDucky the Demon Hunter! Ch. 03

Ducky the Demon Hunter! Ch. 03


Chapter 3:

Ducky lay on her stomach.

The cold cement pressed into her skin and the rough frigid rock sweeping the heat from her veins. She was in full gear, nun's habit and all, waiting for the time when adrenaline would push the chill from her blood and her pumping heart would race into action.

The thought filled her with excitement.

"Ducky, do you read me? I repeat, Ducky do you read me?"

Duck adjusted her earpiece, disliking its cumbersome weight; the weight of unwanted comrades.

"Yeah Zoo, I hear you loud and clear."

Man she hated team missions. Currently she was invading private property, punishable by fines that would cut straight into the funds allocated towards Ducky's food money. Normally she'd be wary of such private perches, but this was different. This property, though under the name of a human businessman, was run by demons.

After some digging into Keilkin, Ducky had found not only did he have an outstanding warrant, but The Church had been considering cancelling his contract and leaving him alone. He was after all only a Level B which while formidable was a gnat in the greater scheme of things. Little Keilkin had somehow managed to assumed the identity of Kyle Herman, a thin waifish man whom had mysteriously disappeared three months ago. Upon a thicker more muscular Kyle's return and a diagnosis of repression based amnesia, Kyle was put back to work as owner of the large corporation L-DECT.

Ducky had an inkling that Keilkin the Skin Eater didn't just eat skin, he wore it. Level B demons had all sorts of nasty talents, and eating the skins he wore could easily be a way to cover his tracks. What L-DECT did was inconsequential. What mattered was what Keilkin was doing with it.

A white van pulled up by the metal garage doors that housed the back of the brick L-DECT warehouse. The doors slid up, illuminating a grungy line of abnormally shaped shadows. Level C and D demons walked out, some in their true forms, others poorly masked. The van popped open and a male earth demon came out with a cord of rope in his hands. On the end of that rope was a woman...no two.

She adjusted to scopes of her night visor. There were actually 10 women, all tied to the same rope in nothing but bikinis and heels. They ranged in race, age, and body type but all held the same unbelievably worn, haggard, and forlorn look on their faces. One girl at the back was openly sobbing. Ducky could see a few had noticeable bruises on their faces, no doubt rewards for trying to escape.

A female earth demon slunk forward, her green breasts bared with vines that slithered down her thin form, barely covering her mossy sex. She walked up to an Asian woman with sleek black hair and angry eyes. Smiling with brown pointy teeth she pressed herself against her.

"I wanna be this one."

Her voice was like a babbling brook, an irritating pitchy gurgle that made the Asian woman flinch. The demoness hissed in response and gripped the girl's face with a green taloned hand.

"Stop that! It's unattractive. You'll crease my skin."

Ducky felt cool rage seep into her. So that was his business, outfitting lesser demons in human guises so they could wreak havoc. They'd take their whole lives, and no one would even know their loved one had been killed. Oh, and on the side he worked over idiotic Level C's and D's who had no business messing with his caliber of evil, like Aquiius.

"Zoo, Tank, you seeing this?" she whispered softly.

"Clear," Tank's gravelly voice boomed. "Are we moving in or outside?"

Finding Keilkin had not been easy. She had found his contract to be taken by not one but two hunters. They were fairly novice despite believing otherwise and they were higher in age than Ducky. That age difference always made for pride problems and battered egos. Ducky could hear the blather now. Since Ducky had to bust a whole organization with several demons, Father had forced her to request a team up. To her regret it went through. There were only two driving forces that caused teamwork, boredom or money. Keilkin had an attractive amount on his head and Zoo and Tank were tired of having an outstanding bounty. It made them look bad. Ducky hadn't even seen them at the church meeting when they offered the Level AA contract. They were probably not invited.

She zoomed in the visual on her night goggles so that her team could see the faces of the women on their monitors. They each held a different vantage point. Their standard issue "specs" gave a panoramic view complied of what each of them saw.

"Zoo, what do you got?"

Ducky grit her teeth as she looked at the demons.

"I got a creeper, a wing, and a die." He responded.

"What are you thinking?"

Unofficially Ducky had taken the lead on this little project. Zoo was decent enough to pretend not to mind, Tank did a great deal. She pulled to an individual spec setting and examined the garage. It was clearly some kind of bullet proof alloy. Once closed it was designed to stay closed. With earth demons on his side Keilkin would be gone before they could blow the door. The ground would no doubt be left untiled.

"We split the team," Ducky decided."Zoo you take the creeper, Tank you get the wing. I'll take the die."

There was silence on the com Before Zoo said, "Duck that's a bit risky."

"I'll be fine," she assured him confidently.

There was silence once more before he said, "Fine. Don't flip the kill switch until completely necessary, and Ducky, don't you fucking kill my pet."


Ducky heard a bit of shuffling but could see Zoo releasing his creatures to follow orders. She pulled back from the roof's edge in time to see a cute little animal waddle over to her. Standing about two feet tall it walked on its hind legs. Once it reached her it went back on all fours. It was fat and quite cute and cuddly looking. Its fluffy crimson fur was marred by a small white patch on its tummy. Large black eyes that shone even in the dark peered at her with curiosity. It also appeared to be mouthless. In truth, it looked at bit like a red fuzzy penguin; which was of course mouthless and had clawed hind legs instead of wings.

"You never answered my question Duck," Tank rasped impatiently.

Right the plan, she thought ruefully. I have to share it.

"Tank, I want you and the wing to take out the prisoner's guards. Then Tank, I want you to stuff those girls in the van and drive like a bat outta hell. Then the wing should pick me up. Zoo, you and the creeper need to take out the lights and the rigs on the gate. Preferably before big man here starts the drive."

"What will you do?" Tank asked.

She could tell by his voice that he wasn't sure if he was angry or thankful that she had saddled him with the job of driving off with the half naked women.

"Die and I are going in the gate," she said gleefully.

"You cannot go alo—"

"I'll leave it open Zoo. We need to be discrete."

She heard silence before a gruff, "Ok," confirmed his acceptance. She was glad, arguing made her angry.

She beckoned the Die over to her and it waddled over obligingly. Ducky wrapped her left arm around it in a quick squeeze and placed a kiss on its forehead. The Die, apparently male appreciated the gesture and smiled for her. She winced. Dies were so cute it almost made you forget what they were.

The grind of gears turning against stone and rust put Ducky back on task. The warehouse was opening. Ducky watched as a pale bleach colored man walked out of the warehouse. He was all shoulders it seemed and he wore a crispy pressed black suit. His black sunglasses covered his eyes and he carried about a black topless cane, though he wasn't actually leaning on it. He was frigidly stolid until he came face to face with the frightened women.

As soon as they saw him they began to shriek. He smiled then and Ducky wondered how his mouth could hold such a sight. His teeth looked like black shards of splintered glass carelessly arranged in his mouth. It looked painful, like the black tint was the result of the stained blood he shed every time he closed his mouth. It was awful, but Ducky had seen worse. The human women however were obviously not of the same upbringing.

Smiling harder he raised his hand up and began to sway it back and forth between the women. Some cried the moment he hesitated too long, others closed their eyes and prayed. Eventually he settled his finger to point to a small wispy red headed woman with a pixie cut. Her big watery green eyes looked at him with fear but also a teaspoon of defiance. It was that teaspoon that set her apart.

"I will taste her flesh," he breathed quietly.

His voice sounded like sand scattered by the wind, a rasp of a whisper that assaulted the ears. Ducky frowned in irritation. She couldn't wait to kill that thing.

Two Level D's came forward and untied her. On her first step she wobbled. Apparently wherever they had stolen her from she wasn't accustomed to wearing heels. The Level D's became irate with her newborn pace, and simply lifted her up on each side. They led her back towards the garage her toes dangling near the floor and Keilkin leisurely followed.

The earth demon cackled and pointed to her lackeys to open the door of the van. One by one the women were pushed head first through the doors.

"You should have looked more appealing," the earth demon snickered to them. "If he had chosen you, you could have lived another day."

Ducky had heard enough. Obviously that earth bitch and the air bitch were of some relation, and to be honest it would be a consolation to her new haircut to shut the woman up.



Ducky bent into a crouch and fingered the holster of her gun. It wouldn't snag, but the weapon would not fall out either. That was good enough for her. The Die climbed onto her back and fastened on. She could feel the presence of the thin pinching claws through her armor.



When the last girl got into the truck Ducky pulled the gun from her the holster. It twirled in the air before she caught it and aimed.
The van door closed.


The demons looked up in shock as a 300 pound Tank came plummeting down with what looked like a pterodactyl on his back.

"DIE!" he growled as he let a rain shower of blessed bullets on the lesser demons. Squinting Ducky took a careful shot at the driver's seat. The tiny hole in the window followed the demon's slump. Good and dead.

Zoo lurched over the building now, riding on the back of a salamander dragon crossbreed that scaled down the walls like Spiderman. Defying gravity he shot the demons that had tried to run towards the warehouse on the 90 degree angle. The wing released Tank and he landed on the roof of the van. Girlish shrieks were heard from inside of it and Tank rolled off, leaving a sizable dent in the top.

Smirking he jumped into the driver's seat and peeled away.

Now it was her turn. Raising a hand into the air Ducky jumped up, pushing one leg to launch the other and stretch her body upward. The wing cried out and grabbed her arm. Sucking in air as her muscles began to quake she swung back and forth as it carried her towards the garage door. Zoo and the creeper had already shot the control box, but they hadn't counted on the emergency switch on the inside of the gate. A tiny demon had escaped through the bottom and pressed it before he had been shot. Right now the only thing keeping the gate open was Zoo's continual stream of bullets. He had to alternate between the gate and the demons that refused to die quickly. With the holy substances embedded in them they were already dead, but they wanted a few more seconds to avenge themselves. Death was lonely and demons had a very common, "grab a buddy" philosophy. Demon hunters called this sick selfishness the "pack rule."

On the downswing of her rocking, the wing released her. She tightened her body and armor for impact. The Die crawled onto her stomach. Her landing was pretty smooth and her cloak hissed as she slid on the concrete. She could smell it burn but knew it would hold. Ducky knew she was lucky that wasn't her skin.

The slide carried her past the closing gate and into the warehouse. Ducky pressed her gloved palms to the ground to slow herself down before she crashed into something and alerted the demons.

Standing up she angled a shot at a demon that was trying to bite the creeper's tail.

"Zoo, get out of there," she demanded, once inside.

"Hold open the gate!" he shouted.

She looked side to side to find something to hold it before a though occurred to her. What was she doing?

A devious smile spread to her lips.

"No offense Zoo, but you'll only slow me down. You should purify the area before we have an outbreak of vengeful souls."

Tank who was still on their wireless feed let out a furious growl.

"What? Are you double crossing us?"

"You'll get your cuts," she snapped. "Just don't interfere. Thanks for the backup."

She shut her com off and smirking pulled the gate down the rest of the way. She heard Zoo curse at her and then hear the commotion move. He was getting out of dodge, good boy.

For the most part the job next phase was much easier. Keilkin would have himself and a few guards. The demon syndicate he had made wouldn't be fully present, they'd be out at the locations he sent them to for business reasons. Right now Keilkin would be unwinding. The largest group of demons were now being purified by Zoo. If he had any value that was. Sighing inaudibly she checked her ammo. She had no idea how many she'd been dealing but she knew she moved a lot better with more space. Maybe it would be best to utilize a disguise. Slinking against the wall she began to inch forward.

The lighting was a pale red. As the light became more glaring she could hear the soft cries of a woman in the far room. She slunk into the shadows and followed it carefully. Leaning back against the wall she felt a pinch and remembered that the die. He had moved to her back. Easing up she looked over the corner of the wall and increased the shadow. She squinted.

What was Keilkin was up to?

He had about 4 guards facing away from him in each direction, making a grim square. They were monstrously huge, but no more than level C's. In the center of the circle the red headed girl was bound in a stockade. Her head and arms jutted from the front of it. Her heels were still on, but her bikini bottom had been discarded and her breasts pressed painfully against the polished wood. Keilkin stood behind her. His suit jacket and pants had been discarded in a messy pile on the floor.

His fingers dug into her backside and Keilkin fucked her ruthlessly with his veiny colorless cock. Ducky watched the woman jerk forward and whimper as Keilkin shoved her onto her tiptoes with his massive thrusts. She offered no resistance, not that she really could. Her fingernails scratched at the wood, as though enduring the thrusts would put less of a meaning on the act being committed against her.

Keilkin grinned boyishly as he held her hips and worked her over. Grunting as the smacks against her bottom became sloppier sounding she realized that Keilkin didn't just seek to fuck this girl, he wanted to humiliate her. He reached under and rubbed at a bruised nipple and she let out a wail. One more point of pleasure and it would be a moan. He wanted her to cum for him. No doubt he'd fuck her ass next, and knowing his type he'd start talking.

"Do you like how I fuck you Ms. Yarison?"

Gosh these demons were so predictable.

"Were you lying when you said you'd rather die than ride my cock?"

He squeezed her nipples and took deeper more powerful thrusts.

"Well," he huffed breathily. "You're riding it now my sweet, you're pussy drips for me. Your pussy clenches for me. And you'll take me until cum drips down your thighs. My cum."

Really? Ducky thought it's be Big Bird's cum.


Ducky wanted to save her at that moment, she really did, but she turned away. She was too close to him. With teeth like his Keilkin would go straight for the demon pack rule and kill her before she could stop him. Not to mention if she timed things wrong a demon hunter gangbang could always ensue. Demons loved those. Actually, under the right circumstances Ducky didn't mind them either. The thoughts pooled a familiar heat between her thighs when a shriek from the girl snatched back her focus. The women wailed and she heard Keilkin laughing happily.

"What did I tell you?"

Shit, she had cum for him. Keilkin's dick looked like a bleached corn husk and was thick and glistening with her juices. So he did know how to make a woman cum. He was ugly, but at least he could do that. She only wished that girl could see things how she saw it.

Sex was certainly a weapon, but women seemed to forget that they had power to wield it. An orgasm, even from a creep like Keilkin was a beautiful thing, and there was one thing men liked more then they admitted, giving a woman one. Of course it also gave some men the idea that they were now free to go to town. And Ducky wasn't a fan of rape either way.

"Now, for your...other pussy."

Were demons all born lame or were they made that way?

Taking his slick penis he began easing it into her butt. Ducky bit her lip. The first time was definitely not a...to her surprise the dick slipped right in. Keilkin seemed to be surprised as well.

"So...you're not as innocent as you seem?" he mused.

She didn't respond, instead blushing all the way to the tops of her chest.

"Oh yeah," Keilkin moaned, thrusting wildly into her. "I like it better when the girls are broken in."

The redhead was mute, but didn't seem to be in any pain. In fact from her face, she seemed...well it wasn't happy, but it wasn't bad off, whatever that emotion was. To Ducky this meant she had time to figure things out.

If she let the die's kill switch off he'd kill everyone, including the girl. He had no way of directing his attacks. Her first course of action would be separating the girl from him. All she would need was one of those demons. Sighing she stripped down naked and hid it with shadow. All she needed was a multipin and a tonic. Grabbing these things she tapped the Die and he released her. Landing in front of her with squinted eyes she realized he was staring at her sex.

"No," she scolded. "Not for you."

He looked back at her with the appearance of a pout.

"I need you to climb up to the roof and stay on the beams okay?"

He only looked at her. Rolling her eyes she picked him up and rubbed him against her breasts. Throwing him down before his claws could dig into her she pointed at the room.

"Now go!"

It smiled again and began to waddle.
Ducky shook her head. Of course Zoo would have a perverted Die.

Breathing deeply she knocked over a box. She heard the other room freeze and hid slightly behind it.

"I will go check it out."

One bodyguard went out, the biggest one of course. He had red glowing eyes. As he neared the box she gripped the tonic tighter in her hand. He lifted the box out of the way and she sprung. Clasping a hand on his mouth she wrapped her legs around his waist and stabbing it into his neck. A naked woman on him was enough of a startling event, but with her agility he hadn't stood a chance. Holding on to his strong frame she made sure to drain the needle and waited for his eyes to haze and refocus.

A mixture of brimstone, silver shavings, and ammonia with grave thistles had the power to control a lesser demon for a time. When he came to he held her waist to help support her.

"Whisper," she commanded.

"What do you ask of me master?"

She smiled. "I need a bikini and heels, and I need you to do exactly what I say."

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