Duct Tape


I woke up around 3:00 a.m. to some scuffling sounds outside my bedroom. I figured it was just our cat trying to get in to sleep on our bed. I got up quietly trying not to wake up my wife. When I opened the bedroom door and didn’t see our cat anywhere I wasn’t sure I hear anything at all.

While I was getting up and looking around, four buglers were crawling in through the “cat door” that is cut into our back door. They had already entered the house and were starting to quietly look for valuables. I met the first one in the hallway downstairs.

It was pretty dark in the house but I could make out the silhouette of a person crouched down sneaking around. The bugler didn’t see me though I was back at the end of the hallway in a corner. I just waited silently for him to make his way to me and when he was almost touching me I kicked full force and knocked him down the hall on his back. I went up to him cautiously ready to attack again but he was out cold. Thinking that he was the only one I dragged him into the living room and turned on the lamp.

Light shattered the darkness in the living room and in one second I realized that he was not alone. The other three buglers were in the living room silently rummaging through our stuff. One was unplugging and removing my VCR and stereo equipment from the entertainment center. One was going through my desk drawers. The other was coming out of the kitchen with a butcher knife. The other two quickly drew knives and surrounded me. I am a normal size guy and probably could have kicked all three of there asses but the fact that they all had knives worried me. Losing some material possessions is not worth being bludgeoned and stabbed to death over plus I have a wife to think about and I would like to start a family someday.

“ You all better get the hell out of here,” I warned, “ I think your buddy here is hurt pretty bad.” They all remained quiet, black ski masks covering their faces. “ Well what are you waiting on,” I asked defiantly. The bugler in the kitchen spoke first,” If you lay down on the floor face first with your hands over your head you wont get hurt and we will leave soon.” I reluctantly lay down on the carpet and placed my arms straight out on the floor above my head. Within a few minutes I was duct taped up from my hands, arms, and all the way up and down my legs. They even wrapped it around my head covering my eyes. The leader or whatever asked me if there was anyone else in the house. “ No, no one else,” I lied to them hoping they wouldn’t go upstairs to our bedroom. He then asked me where the good stuff was at. “ What do you mean?” I asked. “ You know cash, jewelry, easy to pawn stuff, you know easy money,” the leader said calmly. “ This is all down here,” I said trying to sound honest and sincere. The leader did not answer me back he just rolled me over on my back and walked away to continue their pillaging of our home.

I struggled with my restraints but could not get them loose. They had wrapped it around on top of itself a few times in key areas. The blindfold they had taped around my head and across my eyebrows was relatively loose at the bottom and I could see a thin view down in front of me and directly on my sides. I could see them making a pile of our valuables on the floor. They had all my credit cards and cash in my wallet from on the kitchen counter, my pager and cell phone, my wife’s purse and watch. They had found our camcorder as well and our savings jar, everything downstairs was in a pile.

I thought that they were going to leave; they already had a huge pile of loot. Then I heard them going upstairs, one of them waited by the pile he probably thought he was safe from recognition and removed his ski mask. I could tell he was only a teenager probably seventeen or eighteen, skinny with a facial piercing. “ I could have taken these punks,” I thought to myself. Then one came down from upstairs and told his buddy quietly that there was something upstairs. I panicked, the only thing upstairs other that my lovely wife is a big screen TV and furniture.

Just then the bugler I had surprised in the hall was coming to. “ What the fuck,” he asked in a little bit of a stupor? The other two buglers filled him in, and with that the injured one proceeded to kick me in the ribs and legs a few times to get even with me for the bruise in the middle of his chest and the knot on the back of his head.

The other two filled him in on what was upstairs. I cringed but they all grinned. They told him to be quiet that they didn’t want to wake her until we all got upstairs. I didn’t understand, “ All upstairs” what did that mean. Just then one grabbed my arms the other grabbed me y my legs and the injured one pulled more duct tape over my face covering my mouth completely. While they started making their way down the hall towards the stairs my pager went off vibrating. The injured bugler turned around to pick it up and also grabbed the camcorder then turned around to make his way upstairs behind us.

It was still dark upstairs when they met the leader outside the bedroom door. They whispered to each other for a few seconds. I couldn’t quite hear what they were saying. They left me lying on the hallway floor with the injured bugler beside me he kneeled down and whispered to me “ It’s all right dude we’re just gona make a movie.” My heart was pounding. The other three quickly entered the bedroom I could hear my wife struggling and the sound of duct tape unrolling. Then they turned on the light. Once they had her secured they came back out and picked me up and carried me in the room placing me on the bed beside my wife. There she was her smooth tan skin her shapely legs taped together the same manner as mine. I could only see her from about the top of her stomach down to her feet and off the edge of the bed. We were facing the same direction face up. I could see the bottom of her white nightie and her purple lace panties, then two of the buglers come into view at the edge of the bed one was holding our camcorder taping this! One of them pulled her by her calves down further towards the edge of the bed. I now could see from the top of her head down. She was trying to plead through the duct tape but could not make anything out; the group of buglers chuckled a little. There was now two at the foot of the bed and one on each side of the bed.

Their sick game had begun; one pulled out a knife and began cutting through the tape between her calves from below. Then he pulled the tape off fast and hard making a loud ripping sound. He repeated this process up her legs then when he cut the last piece of tape from the top of her thigh and was able to spread her legs apart he slammed into her pubic area very hard and remained there over her she started to cry. Then he cut the tape from her arms and a bugler on either side grabbed one. One of her arms was across my stomach. The leader then began slowly cutting the nightie off of my wife leaving it to still cover her breasts. This light slow cutting must have made her nervous, it made her nipples very hard and she also wet herself, and the bed, and the buglers jeans in the crotch area.

He got up looking at the wet spot on his black jeans, then at the puddle forming underneath my wife’s ass on the bed. He held her legs firmly and started pulling off her purple lace and now soaking wet panties from under her ass cheeks. The bugler filming was snickering he took time to close up as the leader slowly pulled off my wife’s panties with her legs together and up in the air. The teenage cameraman almost dropped the camcorder when he saw my wife’s beautiful brunette pussy. She keeps it hairy but very close cut all around and now it was wet and glistening I think they both almost blew a load when they saw their prize.

The leader finished pulling off her panties and told the one on my side of the bed to put them in my mouth. Arm holder pulled the tape off my mouth with a rip and just as fast had balled up and crammed the lacy panties in my mouth and quickly replaced the duct tape. I could almost taste the fear in my wife’s urine. The leader took off his black jeans and boxers and jacked on his dick a time or two. Without any preparation he hoped back on the bed and drove his teenage dick inside my wife with one quick jab. He let out a groan of pleasure and started fucking my wife violently fast causing her white nightie to fall away from her breasts. They bounced with each of the leaders thrusts flopping back and forth side-to-side. The leader blew his load quick he pulled out and strayed a shower of watery cum over her stomach and pubic area.

Then the leader swapped places with the cameraman, the punk I had injured took his place between my wife’s legs he looked towards me and said,” This is for kicking me mother fucker.” He then placed my wife’s legs over his shoulders and unzipped his jeans. He spit down and lubed himself up. Then he started fucking her, I could tell immediately by the way my wife’s crying had turned into squealing that he was fucking her in the ass. He did this for a few minutes and then pulled out and stood over us and shot a thick drippy wad all over my wife’s face. I was humiliated.

The buglers took turns like this for almost an hour just fucking her and when one was about to cum they would pull out and wait while another one of them kept fucking her etc. They roughly played with her breasts and made her suck on a realistic dildo they found in her dresser drawer while they were fucking her. Then they pulled her up and moved me to the middle of the bed and laid her face down across me with her ass in the air. Her stomach was over my stomach, her breasts were pressed against my side her knees at my other side. One bugler pinned her arms down with his legs and sat over the back of her head with his ass his balls were on the back of her neck. Then one stood up on the bed and started fucking her doggie style, every time he slammed into her I could feel him pushing her into me and me into the bed. The headboard was slapping the wall and my wife was starting to cum even though she was trying not to. When my wife started cumming so did the bugler except this time he didn’t pull out he shot his load inside my wife! The bugler pinning my wife down was facing the action and when the one guy pulled his spent dick out of her the pinner spread my wife’s ass and smacked her hard on the ass several times and she started cumming again! I felt her hot cum mixed with the cum from the bugler running down the inside of her thighs and onto my side. I think I am going to be sick.

They all took turns fucking my wife doggie style and not pulling out they came inside her over and over at least ten times all together. It was starting to get light outside so they put us in 69 position with her swollen pussy over my face still duct taped up but I could smell it. Then they freed my erect and sore penis and placed it in my wife’s mouth and duct taped her head to my waist so she couldn’t remove it from her mouth. Then they taped her legs to my head so she couldn’t move that way either and taped her hands behind her back.

They had all dressed and were leaving when my pager went off again. One bugler said,” I have a good idea.” He actually pushed the pager inside of my wife’s pussy cum oozed out from around it. I heard them loading our belongings into our SUV in the garage and leaving. Just as my boss was starting to page me for work Every time he paged the pager would vibrate inside of her making her quiver. My boss kept paging me every five minutes, finally I couldn’t help it seeing her cum every time the pager tickled her I blew my long awaited load of sticky cum in my wife’s mouth. She was gagging but I couldn’t help it I know my wife is a whore now. This was the best trade I ever made.

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