Dude, I'm Going to Fuck Your Mom!


It was hard but I finished the beds after another hour and then Ellen got redressed. She had to leave and I knew it would not be long before I needed to attempt to seduce her.

"Well Brad it looks like we are done, if you need anything you can give me a call." She said to me as she got into her car.

"Thanks Ellen you have been a big help." I said watching her back down the driveway.

That night at work I made lunch reservations for two, Friday being my day off and I knew this would be the perfect way to thank Ellen and work my seduction at the same time. The reservations were going to be for noon and I hardly slept wink thinking about calling her in the morning.


Friday morning I waited until after eight o clock to call Ellen, I knew both her husband and Tommy would be out of the house and at work. She answered the phone and I was quiet for a moment she almost hung up.

"Hey Ellen, it's me Brad." I said.

"Oh hi Brad, what can I do for you?" She asked.

"Well I wanted to thank you for all of your help this week and I won't take no for an answer. I made reservations for two at the bistro I work at and I want to take you out to lunch today." I told her.

"Really, well it sounds great Brad, what time should I pick you up? She asked.

"Be here around eleven thirty, our reservations are for noon." I said.

"Great see you soon." She said hanging up.

I took a shower and jerked off thinking of Ellen in the swimsuit, I got out and shaved, and then I put on some good smelling after shave. I wore a nice button up shirt and a pair of Dockers, Ellen pulled into the driveway right on time and honked the horn.

I went out and got into the car with her, now my jaw dropped when I saw her. Her hair looked perfect, her make up and jewelry perfect. She had on this blue strapless dress, it fit her snug and it stopped two inches above the knee.

"Wow you look fantastic!" I exclaimed.

"Thank you and you look very handsome." She said. "I'm a little nervous, what if we run into someone I know and they tell my husband."

"Don't worry you can say I'm you nephew or we could tell the truth and say this is your reward for helping me this week." I said.

"You are a smart boy Brad." She laughed and drove us to the bistro.

When we got to the bistro the hostess took us to our table and the waitress came over to take our drink orders as we looked at the menus. I got a glass of soda and Ellen ordered a long island iced tea.

We ordered some stuffed mushrooms for an appetizer and we both got the veal Marsala for our main course. I was hoping all of the mushrooms and alcohol would act as an aphrodisiac for Ellen.

The food was great and we both ate everything that brought out the mushrooms, salads and bread, the main course. Ellen and I both were so full that we did not eat dessert; I promised I would bring her some canolis some time.

"Ellen I must say you are the most beautiful woman in this place today." I said to her looking her in the eye. "And that dress fits your body like a glove, where did you get it?"

"Thank you." She smiled. "I buy online from Victoria Secret, my husband loves that one of us still looks sexy."

"He is a lucky man" I said taking her hand and running my finger over her wedding ring. "I hope you enjoy your reward."

"Yes I did, we really should be leaving though." She said."Brad you should take my keys I'm a bit tipsy."

I asked the waitress for the check and took it up to pay my boss; he took my discount off and gave me my change. Ellen was holding onto my arm to keep herself steady as I got her out the door. I put my arm around her waist to keep her steady and helped her into the car.

"I really need to hurry up and get sober when we get back to your house or I'm never going to be able to explain this neither my husband nor my son." She said slowly with a little slur in her voice.

"Don't worry Ellen everything will be alright." I said as I got into the drivers seat and headed for home.

As we were heading home Ellen got a little careless with her skirt and it was now hiked up her legs and I could see the blue lace thong she had on. I was now taking a chance and I reached down and put my hand on her smooth thigh and worked it inside sliding it up her leg. I then gently place my hand over her crotch and let my hand softly caress it.

"Oooooh Brad is this also part of my reward?" She purred.

"Yes it is, when we get back to my house I will really show you how much I appreciate your help." I said to her.

"Oh god, I'm so wet right now, hurry." She said.

We pulled into my driveway and ran up the back steps and into the house; I led her upstairs to my room. I pulled her to me and we both started kissing, our tongues eagerly exploring each others mouths. I reached up with both hands and slid her dress off of her breasts exposing the two orbs just big enough for my hands to hold.

I leaned down and took a large pink nipple into my mouth and sucked on it hard. Then I did the same to the other one and went back and forth between the two. She arched her back and let me have my way with her tits.

"Oh Brad, oh yes that feels so good." She moaned.

I pulled her dress the rest of the way off and pushed her down on my bed; Ellen pulled her panties down and tossed them on the floor. When she was not looking I clicked the mouse on my computer and turned on my web cam on the computer desk across from my bed. I was now recording the whole thing and I got between Ellen's legs on the bed.

"Oh my Ellen your pussy is so hot looking I'm going to eat you for dessert." I said diving in.

I ran my tongue up her pussy; it tasted good and reminded me of when I used to eat Amy's pussy. I found Ellen's clit and my tongue gave it a good lashing, Ellen squirmed and humped my face.

"Oh shit this is so wrong Brad, oh but it feels so good." She said as my tongue worked her clit some more.

She humped my face harder, rubbing her nub against my tongue and mouth roughly. I could feel her juices saturating my face as she grabbed my head with both hands and was now moaning and bellowing on how great her impending orgasm was going to be.

"That felt so good, oh let me catch my breath." She said as I crawled up between her legs, my hard cock ready at her wet hole.

"Just lay back and enjoy this Ellen, I'm going to fuck you better than you have been fucked in years." I said easing my cock into her, she was surprisingly very tight.

"Oh god yes Brad, oh yes." She moaned. "Fuck me."

I slowly humped my ass up and down as her pussy slowly loosened up to my six inch cock. Ellen was underneath me breathing heavily as she reached down and grabbed her legs from behind the knees and pulled them up. I was now starting to find her loosening up a bit and really started to slam my cock in and out of her pussy.

Ellen kissed my neck and moaned in a low husky voice about never having another man besides her husband. This turned me on even more and I leaned in kissing her full on the mouth. Her tongue and mine tangled with each other for several minutes when we both decided we needed to concentrate on fucking.

"Oh, uh, oh, uh, ah, uh, oh, oh yes Brad, oh I'm going to cum, oh don't stop harder, fuck me harder." She said wantonly.

After getting her off in the missionary position, I got off of her and rolled her over onto her side. I then lay down behind her and slid my cock in from behind her, I had to use one hand to hold her leg up enough to achieve this.

"Ellen reaches down and rubs your clit while I fuck you." I said aloud.

"Oh yes, oh fuck, that sounds so dirty and nasty, oh yes, okay, oh Brad you make me feel so good." Ellen moaned as her fingers rubbed her clit feverishly.

I could not believe Ellen was such a wild cat in bed; she always seemed so proper and conservative on the outside. Now I had the mother of my former best friend in my room fucking like a whore.

"Oh god, oh my god Brad I'm cumming again." She screamed.

"Oh fuck me too Ellen, me too." I groaned.

"Oh god pull it out, I'm not protected." She said.

I shot one squirt of cum in her convulsing pussy and then got my cock out in time to let the rest of it shoot onto the outside into her pubic hair and onto her lower stomach. We lay on the bed for several minutes kissing and recovering from our wild sex romp. Then she got up and went to the bathroom and cleaned up. When she came back in she hurried up and got dressed and then sat back down on my bed.

"In twenty one years of marriage I have not cheated on my husband once." She said softly.

"Was it worth it?" I asked her.

"Oh yes it was great, it's been a longtime since I had sex that passionate, I just feel guilty, I think that I saw your vulnerable and I worked this week at seducing you and caught on the rebound of getting your heart broken. That and maybe I feel guilty that it was my own son that broke it." She explained.

"Ellen don't feel guilty, I enjoyed every last minute of it." I told her.

"Well I have to get home and Brad this was a one time thing, I can't have an affair with you." She said getting off my bed and heading out the door.

I waited until I heard the front door close and she was driving away, and then I got on the computer and watched the whole video. With a little editing, it was now ready to send to Tommy, I sent it right to his cell phone with the heading Dude, I just fucked your mom. Then I sent a little text message, that told him we were now even.

Around seven that night I got a text on my phone while I was at work and it was from Tommy. He advised me never go near him or his mother again, he was obviously very pissed off. He even added that he would kill me if he ever caught me with his mother and did not care how much time he would do.

I sent him a message back telling him not to worry, I was not going to fuck his mother again and now that I had my payback I was satisfied. Ellen stayed true to her word and we were never together again, I do have her panties that she forgot to put back on after we had sex as a memento of our time together.

Next it was going to be Amy's turn and I had to start making plans for her payback, only I was going to get her back double.



Author note:

If you liked this keep and eye out for the next story Bitch, I'm going to fuck your sister and your mother.

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