Dude, Your Mom is Hot!


Tyler eagerly walked over to her and began to lift the tank top up over her large breasts, as Jess held her arms up over her head so he could pull it off. Her breasts sprang into view, swaying gently, after being freed from their confinement. She was obviously getting turned on because everyone could see her nipples beginning to stiffen with anticipation.

Tyler dropped her top to the floor and just stood still looking at her beautiful tits.

"Don't be shy, Tyler. It's ok to go ahead and touch me. I'd like that. I can see by the bulge in your pants that you want to."

Tentatively, Tyler reached out and cupped Jess's breasts in his hands, slowly squeezing her tender flesh. With his thumb and fore fingers he began to pinch her nipples, as Jess reacted with a sharp intake of her breath. She stretched her arms high over head making her lovely tits stand out even more.

Jess reached forward to run her hand across the front of Tyler's pants so she could feel the size of his rapidly swelling erection.

"Ohhh, Tyler. You've got something nice in there for me don't you? Now, why don't you step aside and let's give Cole a chance to get to know me? Cole come on over here and let's get acquainted."

Cole jumped up, came over to Jess and immediately began to lick and suck on one of her nipples. While Tyler began to run his hands over her ass through her little white shorts.

"Come on over here Ryan" Jess said huskily. "Let's get you in on this too. I love the thought of having the attention of all three of you."

Ryan came over to where Jessica was standing and began to feel her other breast, lightly stroking her nipple with the tips of his fingers. Jessica squirmed with delight as she was quite definitely getting tuned on.

From behind, Tyler hooked his thumbs in the waistband of Jessica's shorts and began to slowly pull them down over the swelling curve of her butt. He let them drop to the floor as Jess stood there in front of the boys completely nude.

"Well, come on boys and you too David, if I'm going to be naked you have to be too. I want to see what you guys have got for me tonight. Sara, you too, you have to take all your clothes off too."

With that, her son and his friends hurriedly began to strip off their clothes and kick them off to the side. Jess appreciatively surveyed the four young men standing in a circle around her, stiff cocks standing out like ramrods ready for action.

"Well, boys it looks like I'm in for some fun tonight!" Jess said excitedly as she reached out and gave each boy's cock a few appreciative strokes.

"Ohhh, I'm getting a little tipsy" she said as she knelt down inside of the circle the boys had formed around her.

"Sara, bring me one of those throw pillows to kneel on." Sara picked up a pillow and brought it to Jess as she looked at her appreciatively. Sara reached out tentatively and ran her hand gently over Jess's breasts, feeling the hard knots of her nipples, before sitting down on the floor to watch as she said "You really are quite pretty, Mrs. Martin. I've never touched a woman like that before."

Jessica looked at her with a curious look in her eyes but said nothing.

"Ok, boys, I want to taste each one of you. Who's going to be first?

The boys stood there with their cocks at attention unsure of what to do. David stepped up and said "Here Mom, start with me. He held his cock in one hand as he pushed it between mother's parted lips. Jessica began stroking his cock as she sucked gently, taking him in as far as she could on each stroke. David began to groan from the intense pleasure he was receiving and soon he began to spurt his warm cum into his mother's mouth. Jessica swallowed as fast as she could to keep up with his huge load.

Cole stepped up next and slid his cock in to Jessica's waiting mouth. Steadying herself with her hands on his hips, Jessica repeated the same thing she had with David until he began to cum in her mouth too. Before his spurts subsided Cole pulled out of her mouth and let his cum shoot onto her beautiful white breasts.

"OOhh, Cole, you are wicked aren't you?" Jess said hotly.

Both Tyler and Ryan stepped up and took their turns letting Jessica suck them off. Their cum mixed with her saliva and ran from her mouth and down between her tits onto her bell

When she was finished Sara walked over with a towel and tenderly began to wipe Jessica clean. Her hands lingered as she removed the wetness from Jess's breasts and stomach. When she was finished she leaned forward to lightly kiss Jessica on the lips.

Taken somewhat by surprise, Jess allowed Sara to probe her mouth with her tongue feeling a curious warmth in her pussy as the two shared a long kiss. Tenderly, Jessica's hand went to Sara's breast cupping and kneading it gently.

Sara, flushing and breathing harder, pulled away and said quietly "Thank you Mrs. Martin. I always wondered what it would be like to kiss another woman."

The boys lay down on the floor watching Sara and Jess and when they were finished Jess could see that they were again ready for more. It was amazing how quickly these young men could be hard and horny again.

Jess, somewhat tipsy and unsteady, lay back on the floor and parted her legs. "Who's going to fuck me first? She asked hotly. Ryan didn't have to be asked twice as he knelt between her legs, his stiff cock ready to plunge in to Jess's waiting pussy. She reached forward and guided him as he pushed slowly deep into her warm slippery cunt.

Somewhat overcome with excitement he finished in a few strokes as he began to empty his balls convulsively into Jessica's cunt. Jess smiled as he rolled off of her and as Tyler took his place. Tyler roughly pushed himself deep in her pussy as Jessica grunted in surprise at the rough treatment.

"Ohhhh, easy, Tyler, don't hurt me with that big cock of yours. Take your time and let's enjoy each other." She said as he began to thrust quickly in and out of her wetness. The wet, slurping sounds of her pussy spurred Tyler on until he too began to come deep inside her pussy. As he pulled out he could see his come begin to ooze out between her lips and run down to her asshole.

David, who had been lying on his back stroking his cock slowly said "Hey, Mom, now do me. I want you to get on top of me and ride my cock. I love to watch your tits bounce as you ride my cock."

Obediently Jess crawled over and positioned her self over David and began to slide down on his huge cock. As she began to ride him, up and down, all eyes were on her, as with glazed eyes, she obviously was consumed by the feeling of his cock deep within her.

Jess had to steady herself by leaning forward with her hands on the floor next to her son.

Cole came over behind Jessica and began to stroke her ass with his cock as she slowly, hypnotically rode up and down. As Cole's cock was thoroughly lubricated by the juices seeping from her pussy, he began to push himself between her cheeks until the tip of his cock touched her asshole. Feeling no resistance from Jessica he continued to slowly put pressure on her tight little bud. Jessica stopped her strokes to allow Cole access.

With a few strokes of his cock he slipped into her ass as Jessica began slowly to rock on the two cocks that were filling her two holes so completely. Her breath came hard and fast, panting and moaning like someone possessed.

"Ohhh, ohhh, yes" she groaned with each rock of her hips. After a moment or two, she squealed "My god, I'm going to come" as she began rocking harder and harder over the two stiff cocks.

"Oh, oh, oh, oh" she grunted between clenched teeth until finally " Ooohhhhhhhhh" as felt an enormous orgasm shake her body.

Panting and sweating, she rolled off of David and fell back on the floor gasping for breath after Cole withdrew from her ass.

"Oh my god, I've never felt anything like that before" she groaned as her breathing subsided.

Sara lay on the floor stroking her pussy feverishly while watching as Jessica was double cocked by David and Cole. Her long, slender fingers moved in and out of her pussy stroking her wet clit with each stroke until she was about to make herself cum.

As Jessica's breathing returned to normal, Sara came over beside her and began to slowly stroke her body. "I hope you don't mind, Mrs. Martin" she whispered hotly.

No, Sara I don't mind at all" Jess said as she lay there soothed by Sara's gentle touch.

Sara began to explore a little more, running her hand up and down slowly, softly over Jess's stomach and up to her breasts. Tweaking her nipples each time with her inquisitive fingers. Gaining confidence she began to let her fingers trail teasingly down between Jessica's legs, running her hand through the soft, wet, silkiness of her mound.

Sara began to rub Jess's swollen outer lips with her hand letting a finger or two stray into her pussy still dripping with cum.

Jessica let out a low moan as she spread her legs to allow Sara to continue. Her hips thrust upward to meet Sara's strokes as she rubbed her engorged cunt.

Sara moved to kneel between Jessica's legs and continued to probe her warm, wet, love hole as she lowered her mouth to hungrily lick her clit. Using her fingers, Sara spread Jessica's pussy lips wide so she could suck on her clit. Slowly, sensuously she flicked Jess's engorged clit with her tongue as Jessica moaned hotly "Oh Sara, yes, yes."

Unable to hold back any longer Jessica arched her back and thrust her hips upward to meet Sara's probing tongue as she convulsed in a huge orgasm. Sara was surprised by the amount of cum, both Jessica's and the four boy's, that flowed from her pussy as she felt Jess's body go limp from the release at the peak of her excitement.

Thoroughly satiated, Sara and Jessica lay together on the floor as the boys looked on.

Jessica sat up with a satisfied smile to towel her self off and said "Boys, if you had a good time tonight? I have some of my girl friends who find themselves in a situation similar to mine. Their husbands have stopped paying attention to them and now they find themselves wishing they could rekindle some excitement in their lives too. If you boys think you might be interested in all the sex you can handle with a few very attractive ladies, I might try and put something together so we can all get what we want."

The boys looked at each other as if it was a wish come true. Ryan spoke up and said "Sure, Mrs. Martin we would love to meet your friends some time. I'm sure we'll all have something to look forward to"

Maybe a story for another time...


Grateful acknowledgement to blackdahlia60 for editing.

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