tagErotic HorrorDue Process

Due Process


All characters in this story are at least 18 year of age.


It was the silence that struck Marius first. In the week he had been there, the dank interior of the prison had always been abuzz with the chatter of the inmates, the taunting of the guards and the singing of Mad Pedro in the cell next to his. The dread seeped in ahead of them, long before they were seen or heard.

The sound of the captain of the guard fumbling with his keys at the outer door was the next warning. The captain was a brute of a man, known to his prisoners only as Killer. Usually any sighting of him was met with terror, meeting or avoiding his gaze was equally likely to earn a beating.

Today however, Killer was cowering in front of two statuesque women as they strolled, carefree, after him, heels clicking on the stone floor.

They both wore black strapless dresses that clung tightly to their sculpted figures. Long silky hair framed their features, gleaming an impossible white in the darkness of the prison.

Marius looked on in confusion as the other prisoners scurried into the far corners of their cells and turned their back on the new arrivals.

They stopped outside his cell and Killer stepped forward, fumbling with his ring of keys. After two false starts he got the door opened and stepped back with his head lowered in uncharacteristic respect.

"You may leave us," said the taller of the women.

"Begging your pardon Lady," Killer stammered. "I should not leave a cell unlocked."

"Oh don't worry," the other replied. "He wont be going anywhere."

She was younger than her tall companion, Marius judged her to only recently have come of age, and her figure was softer and curvier although she shared the same healthy, slender build.

They entered his cell slowly, not bothering to close the door. The only noise for several seconds was Killer shuffling away as quickly as he could as they stared at Marius intently.

When Marius glanced at the cells on either side of him he again noticed the men in the adjacent cells were getting as far away from his visitors as their bars would allow.

"They're afraid to look," said the younger woman. "It doesn't matter though, they'll still hear everything."

Marius looked into her youthful, smiling face and a shiver ran down his spine.

"You're going to terrify him Mia," the other said. "We're here to be nice to Marius."

"Oh! I'm sorry," she chirped. "Let me make it up to you."

Before he could react, Mia had crossed the space between them and pressed him against the wall in a passionate kiss. Her lithe body was warm against his and the scent of her filled his nostrils and set off explosions of lust in his head as she writhed against him.

A slim hand with midnight black fingernails landed on Mia's shoulder. Marius noticed she wore an elegant gold ring set with sapphire as Mia obediently stepped back.

"Slowly," her companion urged. "Don't they teach you seduction or subtlety in the academy?"

A sheepish smile crossed Mia's face. "Mostly I skipped the sessions and had fun in the barracks."

"Yes, I know you did," she replied. "Why do you think they assigned you to me? Regardless, if you'd been paying attention you would know that Marius is from another land and does not know who we are."

"Oooh!" Mia exclaimed. "This will be fun."

"I am Nicole. Mia here is my apprentice."

Mia grinned bashfully and nodded.

"I do not understand," said Marius, finding his voice at last.

"Don't worry, said Nicole, reaching up to trace his cheek with her black nails. "We'll take care of everything. We were sent to carry out your sentence."

"My what?"

"You're guilty of facilitating heresy," Mia chimed in. "The penalty is death."

A confused grin crossed his face. "You two are going to kill me?"

"Yes, we are," said Nicole.

Marius decided he'd had enough of this and took a step towards the open door of his cell. Mia raised a dainty hand and he was forced back against the wall.

"Leaving so soon?" she purred. "Try that again and I'll hurt you."

"Mia!" Nicole scolded. "That is no way to talk."

Nicole walked over to where he stood, pinned against the stone wall, and began stroking his chest through the rough prison rags.

"Why not?" she challenged. "He's our victim, we're here to kill him. Why bother being nice to him?"

"I am so sorry," said Nicole. "My young colleague has a lot to learn. He is not our victim Mia, he's our partner in a sacred duty. Show respect or I'll have you flogged."

"Promises, promises," she said, smirking naughtily but she relented all the same.

Marius continued to stand helplessly, fastened to the wall by unseen bonds as Nicole's hands roamed his threadbare garments. Her hot breath tickled at his neck as she moulded her shapely body against his side.

"Show us you're sorry."

Mia gave a coquettish grin and spun away.

She began to dance in front of them, swaying to an unheard rhythm. Marius's eyes were drawn to her shapely hips and toned legs as she moved.

"She's got great promise," Nicole whispered in his ear. "But like many gifted youngsters she does not see the benefit of working hard to be the best when natural skill makes her very good."

"I don't understand," he said. "I don't know who you are or why you're here."

Mia twirled elegantly and continued to gyrate her hips, slowly pulling her dress up her tanned body.

"We are the Quelistan sisterhood," said Nicole. "We carry out death sentences for the Court."

Marius let out a great snort of laughter. "What? You two are elite executioners of the state?"

They both paused as Mia dragged her dress up over her bare breasts and threw it to one side.

Marius stood, gawping at the sight of the beautiful youth, clad only in her heels and a black thong. Her navel was pierced with a gold ring, fine chains hung from it. Another gold chain around her neck suspended a pendant with an enormous emerald on her chest.

"We're imbued with certain demonic powers," whispered Nicole. "Our pact is to share the energy we take from men with Lady Quelista."

"What is she doing? You're both crazy," he said, attention split between her whispering in his ear and Mia who was walking languidly toward him with the grace of a dancer.

Nicole laughed pleasantly. "You'll see differently soon."

Mia locked eyes with him and sank to her knees. She opened her mouth and ran her pink tongue around her soft lips slowly. Still staring purposefully at him she closed her lips around the bulge that had formed beneath his prison garb.

"You're lucky actually," Nicole breathed. "Not many prisoners are fortunate enough to have two of us."

Marius grunted in reply. He couldn't drag his eyes away from the hot girl on her knees in front of him. Her mouth was hot through the fabric that covered his cock and she nibbled at it playfully as she teased him.

Nicole kissed along the line of his jaw lightly. "Mia is very special to us." She sucked his earlobe between her lips. "We think she may be the next Risen."

The next Risen was presently occupied drooling over his thinly-covered groin and mewling hungrily as she nuzzled and gripped his cock.

"The next wh"- she bit down sharply and released him, giggling - "next what?"

Mia slipped her fingers under the band of his trousers and looked up questioningly. Nicole nodded regally.

"The Risen is born into our order every few centuries," said Nicole.

All thoughts of the Risen left his mind as Mia slowly ran her scarlet nails down the outside of his thighs. The fabric split apart where her fingers moved, falling away as smoothly as if her slender digits could slice atoms.

Nicole added her own efforts to the cause. With the lightest of touches her fingers pierced his shirt and as her hands ran across his bare torso, the shredded clothes fell away.

"Wha... what are you?" he gasped.

"Are you all scared of us?" said Mia, pouting up at him. She took hold of his straining erection in her warm hand and pressed it to her cheek as she continued to stare up at him with her grey eyes. She brushed her lips against his shaft fleetingly. "You should be."

Nicole swatted her pupil on the head lightly. "Don't listen to her, Marius."

Mia giggled and slowly wrapped her lips around the tip of his cock. Marius felt an urge to slam his hips forward to get more of his throbbing cock inside her hot mouth but he remained pinned where he was. Mia sensed his struggle and winked at him.

Nicole's hands roamed his body, stopping to caress his balls and tweak his nipples. Mia pressed her lips forward, expertly taking his whole length. She withdrew her mouth and pumped her hand up and down his cock leisurely. She had a gold ring of the same style as Nicole's but not adorned with a gem.

"See?" she cooed. "This isn't so bad."

Her mouth darted onto his cock again and Marius let out a helpless moan.

"The first taste is mine," said Nicole from her position beside him.

Mia rolled her eyes at her colleague as she continued to bob her head up and down. Just as he felt the first twinge of imminent orgasm she pulled back, his cock popping free with a wet smack.

"Let's get you into a more comfortable position," said Nicole.

Mia effortlessly sprang upright and briskly waved her hand. Marius pitched forward from his position against the wall.

"Ooof," he gasped, air rushing out of his lungs as the ground raced up to meet him.

He didn't hit it. Something stopped his fall and he found himself hovering, face-down, six inches off the floor of the cell. Slowly his body rotated and he was lowered to the floor on his back.

"How many times must I tell you?" said Nicole, dropping her hand as Marius lightly touched the ground.

"But it's so much fun to throw them around," Mia giggled.

"If you show any more disrespect to our friend, I will enrol you in oral practice. Old Mother Gammidge is taking it this year."

A mixture of terror and disgust marred Mia's expression. "No need to get nasty," she said. "I'll play nice."

Mia grabbed her discarded dress and slipped it under his neck, propping up his head to see Nicole standing between his legs. He tried to get up but found he couldn't do more than prop himself a couple of inches off the floor before collapsing from the effort.

Mia lay down on her side beside him and pressed her body into his. She brought her leg up over his knee and rubbed her smooth calf up his shin. Silken hair tickled his chest as she laid her ear over his heart. His erection had lost some of its hardness in the interim but it quickly regained full rigidity as her hand softly pumped it.

Nicole shed her dress as he stared in awe at her lithe body. She too, wore only a black thong under her dress. Slowly she drew her thong down her legs and let it drop to the floor.

Nicole straddled his hips, nudging Mia out of her way. She pressed his cock against his belly and began to slide her pussy up and down it. Marius moaned deeply as her slick opening rubbed pleasurably along his length. He was uncomfortably aware of the furtive glances of the prisoners. Nicole basked in the unspoken adulation, stretching like a cat as she teased him.

"Why are you doing this?" he asked.

She ignored him and slid further forward. With amazing dexterity she slipped him inside her pussy as she rocked slowly back. Mia leaned over to nuzzle her mentor's breast, her neck arched gracefully as she sucked on Nicole's nipple. Marius panted as he stared up at the gorgeous women, his cock sheathed in deliciously hot flesh.

"You are actually the first man from the Eastern Valleys I've had," she said.

His only response was to push up into her.

"You see, Mia?" she queried. "Seduction trumps force in every situation."

Nicole leisurely moved her hips up and down. Marius groaned in pleasure as well trained muscles squeezed around him.

"Not all the men you are sent to will be magicless," she continued. "You must always first use your wits and your power only as reserve."

Mia nodded silently. She moved round behind Nicole and began to tongue his balls.

Marius drifted among the sensations as the two white-haired seductresses pleasured him. Once again he felt the approach of orgasm.

"As he approaches climax," said Nicole, calmly lecturing as if she wasn't exquisitely riding his cock at the same time. "We can access his soul. There is an infinitesimal fragment released, it is that which gives new life."

Marius was completely bewildered by her statement but his cock was very much in thrall of her pussy. She gave a series of long, slow thrusts and he exploded into her. Mia's tongue flicked at his cock where it met Nicole's pussy, eager to seize any stray drops of his seed.

Her inner muscles rippled rhythmically, milking him. He cried out in pleasure but then gasped as an unpleasant shudder wracked him It was as if an unseen force pulled at every atom of his body, he could feel the suction tearing at his essence without affecting his physical form.

Nicole sighed pleasurably. Another shudder ran through him and suddenly his arousal returned to his pre-orgasm level.

It suddenly made sense to him. They could drain his soul during climax. This was how they executed people.

Nicole rolled to one side, his cock reluctantly slipped out of her silken folds. "Your turn," she said to Mia.

Nicole took up a similar position to Mia had earlier adopted, moulding her body to his other side.

Mia got up from between his legs. She stared down at Marius as she bent first one leg, then the other, up behind her to pull her heels off. Marius watched as she teased her thong down, like her mentor she had no visible hair anywhere on her body.

She turned her back to him and threw the slip of black silk through the bars of his cell at his neighbouring prisoner. He shrieked and recoiled as if burned and scurried into the opposite corner of his cell.

Mia giggled happily and knelt astride him, easing his cock inside her with her back facing him.

"Our biggest problem is keeping you hard," Nicole whispered ins his ear.

Marius felt her young protege was doing a commendable job. She didn't have the same delicate precision with her inner muscles but she was even tighter than Nicole.

"We have all the magic of succubi," she said huskily. "But our bodies are not themselves magical, as theirs are."

Marius looked from the gorgeous woman lying beside him to the stunning youth slowly riding his cock and felt the urge to disagree.

Nicole's slender fingers caressed his cheek and tilted his head toward her. "Our Covenant does ensure we are blessed with the peak of human beauty though."

She pressed her soft lips to his as Mia continued to luxuriously move up and down on his cock. To his amazement Marius felt the stirrings of another orgasm.

Nicole tilted his head away from her lips again. "Gently now," she said. "Push him to the edge and keep him there."

An inmate on the opposite side of the prison looked around, unable to bite down his curiosity any longer. Mia blew him a kiss and he turned away as if stung.

Nicole's black fingernail circled his nipple as her pupil gently rocked her hips. He began to involuntarily push up into her, trying to find the last kick to push him over the edge.

"Can you feel his soul as he gets closer?" she asked.

Marius watched the rise and fall of her shapely hips and the smooth skin of her back undulating as she writhed atop him. His eyes drank in her well defined back dimples.

Mia twisted her neck to face her teacher, bit her lower lip with perfect white teeth and nodded.

"Tap it," she said. "Give him release and drink from his energy."

Marius groaned as Mia started gyrating her hips with more energy. "Please," he said, through gritted teeth. "Please don't do this to me."

Mia looked back and giggled at him, tendons drawn with the tension of holding back his orgasm. "You should have thought about this before you incited the Alkarath riots."

"I never-" he was cut off as Nicole pinched his nipple. "I've never incited anything. I'm just a farmer! Some people came across the border from Alkarath. They were badly beaten, they- gnnh" he gasped, teetering on the brink. "They told me people who had criticised the Court were being rounded up for execution. I went back to help some of them flee the town. I got caught trying to help people escape."

Mia froze in mid-thrust. Marius groaned, unable to tell if he was relieved or frustrated she had stopped riding him. She rose to a crouch and spun around sinuously, keeping his cock trapped inside her. She looked questioningly at Nicole. "Is he lying?"

"I don't know," she said.

"How can we execute him if we don't know he deserves it?"

Marius lay, breathing deeply. Despite her attention being elsewhere, Mia's pussy was still bathing his cock in pleasure. "Look," he pleaded, "All I did was try to help some people who were going to get hurt. I just want to go back to my family." "It does not matter," said Nicole. "All that we are held to is our Covenant."

Marius stared up pleadingly, transfixed by her grey gaze as her breasts rose and fell. Mia's brow creased.

"I can't do it," said Mia. She started to rise off his cock.

Nicole's hand shot out and Mia suddenly froze in place, with the head of his cock nestled inside her.

"We all have doubts when we execute our first," said Nicole. She waggled her index finger slightly and Mia rose and fell, continuing to stimulate him.

"If you do not finish him," she said. "I will do it, but I'll make sure it takes hours and he suffers. You can let that happen or you can make his ending the best moment of his life."

"Please," he begged. "Don't do this."

Nicole lowered her hand and went back to caressing his chest. Mia staggered slightly as she regained control of her limbs. She stared at him for a long moment and sank fully onto his cock.

"Please," he whimpered.

"I'm sorry," she said. "This is the best I can do for you."

Mia purposefully rode his cock. The playful look on her face had disappeared, replaced with resigned solemnity.

"If I don't, she'll torture you," she said. She gestured around the cells. "Don't you see how scared they are of us? She could keep you in agony for hours."

Nicole ran a nail over the skin covering his heart and drew blood. She did the same to the wrist of her other hand and let a few drops spill on to his chest.


Mia just shook her head and squeezed her pussy around his cock.

Nicole's blood mingled with his own, she said a word and sensation ripped through his body. His eyes rolled back into his head and he came explosively.

Mia yelped and her pussy spasmed with her own climax. Again he felt the ethereal tugging from himself through his cock and into her.

"Push a little energy back into him," said Nicole. "Keep him hard."

His nerves jangled unpleasantly as a rush of energy entered his body. Mia opened her eyes with a gasp. "I've never felt anything like that!"

"Feel the rush? It only gets better. The human soul does not exist entirely in this dimension. The laws of energy conservation do not apply to it. As long as you push enough energy into him to stop his soul tearing out, you can drink from him for hours if need be."

Mia's hips rose and fell with increased fervour. The emerald pendant around her neck began to glow faintly. Nicole got up from her position at his side and sat on his stomach.

Mia angled her head to kiss her mentor, chest heaving as she rode him. The added visual stimulation was too much for Marius and he climaxed again. Jet after blissful jet of semen rocketed out of him.

It was stronger this time, the pulling on his soul. He could feel his vitality being drained. And then she was pushing energy back into him. His cock stayed rock hard and his arousal didn't dip but somehow he felt less whole than before.

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