The first touch of his fingers against her sex sent a bolt of pure lust straight to her brain. "Jesus, Hal," she whimpered, arching her back as he stroked her, softly. His wide blue eyes stared intently into hers as she moaned and shuddered under him. He stroked her softly, teasing, learning. She unwrapped her legs, spreading herself wide under him. He cupped her mound, the heel of his hand against her wet, swollen lips, and rubbed, slowly, up and down. Then, not removing his hand, he leaned down and licked at a tight nipple, sucking and nibbling and biting as her gasps and moans spurred him on.

He switched to the other nipple, making her crazy with desire. One hand teased the nipple his mouth had just left. The other stroked her, slowly. When he took his cock in his hand and began to rub the tip of himself over her pussy and clit, she shuddered, squirming, screaming under him, begging him to put it in, begging him to fuck her.


Hal felt like his cock was going to burst. The feel of his cock rubbing into the liquid heat of Dena's cunt was unbearably tantalizing. He knew that if he plunged into her hot pussy immediately, he would come in a second. But he was damned if he was going to let his first time with Dena be over that quickly. There was just too much at stake. The only alternative was to back off, letting his mouth and hands do the work until he could regain some semblance of control over his pulsating prick.

He crouched on his knees, kneeling over Dena's prostrate body and kissing his way slowly down her belly, licking the sweat that was already pooling in the curve of her stomach. Dena moaned and giggled all at once when he stuck his tongue in her navel. Hal's hands stayed cupped at her breasts, kneading them as he rolled his thumbs across her nipples. He felt Dena's hands on his head, wrapping her fingers in his hair as she tried to pull him back up. But Hal knew that he wasn't ready for that yet, so he resisted her pressure and let his lips travel further down her body, towards her neatly trimmed bush.

Hal's wide shoulders separated her thighs as he moved downward, kissing and licking towards her molten center. As his lips grazed the top of her already-pouting pussy, he detoured towards the fold of her right thigh where it met her pelvis, tasting the salty sweat. He reveled in the taste of her skin, as the pungent odors of her aroused cunt assaulted his nose. He licked down her thigh, then crossed over to her left thigh and nibbled upward, in a clockwise spiral with her cunt as the ultimate goal.

As he reached her pussy, he felt Dena wrap one leg around him, with her soft rounded heel pressing into the small of his back. He didn't need any urging – there was nothing that could have stopped Hal now from tasting the source of her secretions.

He decided that it was time to stop beating around the bush (Hal laughed in his head at his own silly pun, even while immersing himself in her soft folds). His mouth closed over her cunt, sucking in the distended lips and munching on them as his tongue extended deeply into her folds. Dena's back arched as she pressed her pelvis up higher, her pussy meeting his mouth in a deep soul-kiss.

Hal continued to rut in her cunt, overwhelmed with the sensations of her taste, touch, and smell. His nose made contact with her distended clit, rubbing it up and down even as he slurped at her wide-open pussy. His arms moved down from her breasts to wrap them selves under and around her thighs, drawing Dena's groin into a passionate embrace.

He felt Dena jerk under him, first once, and then again. He couldn't tell if she was coming, or if she was just building higher and higher towards her orgasm, but he knew she liked it, whatever he was doing. He would have been happy to keep this up forever, but Dena reached down over his shoulders, grabbing his armpits to pull him up towards her.

As she pulled him up across her heaving body, Dena gasped at him – "What do you think you're doing?"

Hal licked his lips and grinned – Dena was now a squirming mass of nerve-endings and his own "situation" was back under control. This was one fucking that he was going to remember forever.

Her: God, Dena thought, pulling his face to hers by her fingers twisted in his hair. She licked at her juices on his face, sucking at his lips and tongue. She wrapped her legs around his, rubbing her hot, juicy cunt against his throbbing, thick cock. She wanted him inside her so badly, but something held her back. She wanted to tease, too.

As Hal rubbed his cockhead over her wet slit, she slid a hand between them and held him, rubbing him against her, from her clit to her asshole. She pushed his cock up, then, wrapping her legs tightly around his waist. His cock was trapped against her belly as she began humping against him, still sucking sensually at his mouth, rubbing her hot wet pussy along its length.

Hal growled and slid his hands under her, grabbing her cheeks and squeezing them, pulling at her, fingers rubbing along her little crack, playing with the tiny hole there. She squealed and bucked against him as he pushed the tip of a finger against her ass, teasing.

"God you feel so good," Dena breathed into Hal's mouth, her body nearly bucking against him in need.

"I'm about to feel one hell of a lot better," he growled, and slammed himself deep into her.


Hal groaned as he felt his cock slide all the way inside Dena. There was absolutely no resistance as her slick velvety wetness swallowed him whole. He felt a slight pinch at the tip of his cock as it bumped up against something sharp inside her. "Must be her IUD", he thought, remembering the joke she had made about being a Boy Scout – always prepared. One of their more memorable (and hilarious) bull-sessions had been the time when they had discussed the advantages and disadvantages of various methods of birth control.

But all thoughts were driven out of his head instantly as Dena humped upwards, twisting her hips deliciously. The sensations were overwhelming, and Hal felt his prick start to pulse. It seemed that his control was weaker than he had thought. "No, no!" he thought to himself, "Not so soon!"

There was no doubt about it – Dena had turned him on more than anyone that he had ever experienced. Desperately, Hal fell back on a ruse that he hadn't had to use since he had been a whole lot younger. He lifted himself up on his arms, pulling his penis almost all the way out, and conjured up a picture in his head of Mrs. Olson, his fifth grade teacher – a dried up old bag whose favorite activity was sneaking up on unsuspecting students and rapping them with her ruler. It had never failed him before. Hal felt his control returning as the image of Mrs. Olson deflated him just enough to halt his raging erection, catching himself right before it dragged him past the "point of no return".

Dena looked up at him quizzically as she felt Hal hesitate. But before she could frame the question on her lips, Hal smiled at her, and drove his prick back deeply inside. There would be time to explain later.

Hal felt Dena's legs wrap around him, pulling him in even deeper as his cock separated her pussy lips. Their pubic bones ground together in a liquid slorch, trapping and rolling against her clit. He saw her eyes roll back in her head just before he relaxed his arms and dropped his shoulders down to embrace her.

He reached around and under her to grab one ass cheek in each hand, pulling her to him and spreading her asscheeks to each side as he buried his loins even deeper between her thighs. They humped furiously together, driving each other in a rising crescendo towards their release. All pretense at teasing or control was dropped in the urgency of their coupling.

Hal sought her neck with his mouth, sucking and licking, as he inhaled the heady odor of her sweat mingled with her delicious scent. It was like an aphrodisiac, inflaming his senses even further. As he pounded away at her, he walked his lips up her cheek and found her mouth, panting in her exertions. His lips smothered hers as he plunged his tongue deeply inside, tongues dueling as he tried to taste every part of her luscious mouth.

He could feel the pre-cum oozing out of his prick, as he plunged into Dena one more time and tensed up in anticipation of his impending orgasm.


Oh God, she thought, and it was the only thought she was capable of. Hal's thick organ drove out everything else but pleasure, pure pleasure, and she pulled at him desperately, wanting him deeper, deeper, legs wrapped around his waist as she pushed up, hips snapping against his.

When he kissed her, she could feel his cock swelling inside her, filling her, obliterating her. She fisted her fingers in his hair and took as much from his mouth as he took from hers. Her clit was trapped, rubbed, rolled, pounded with every stroke he took, driving her higher and higher, over the brink faster and harder than she'd ever gone before.

With a wail, her body tensed and thrashed under him, crashing against his over and over, slim sheath sucking at his cock as she came. "Cum with me, baby, cum with me, Hal, cum inside me, please, Hal, oh God…"

Dena's words became an incomprehensible mess as she began cumming a second time, body tight and shuddering against his slick, sweaty, musky muscles.


Hal felt himself coming, and this time he didn't hold back – he couldn't have if he had tried. Each jet of sperm was an exquisite agony, as if his entire body was centered on each convulsive wave of release. He held onto Dena's pulsating body, wanting only to envelop every inch of her. All of his senses combined to amplify his orgasm – the feel of her soft skin pressed against his body, her taught muscles under the rounded curves of her asscheeks cupped in his hands, and the taste and smell of her slick juices still coating his lips mixed with the sweat on her neck.

He shuddered one last time, and then went limp, covering her body entirely with his.

As he lay there catching his breath, he suddenly felt a salty drop roll down his cheek onto his lips. He lifted his head up and looked down in surprise to see the line of one tear rolling down the side of Dena's face.

"What's wrong?" he asked.

Dena smiled up at him weakly and said, "Just shut up!" as she reached her arms up to pull his face back down to meet her lips in a deep tongue-searching kiss.

Hal didn't exactly know what was going on – this was not like any other lovemaking that he had ever experienced before. But whatever it was, he liked it. Very much. And the rest of Sunday still stretched out before them.

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