tagCelebrities & Fan FictionDunder Mifflin Dreams Ch. 01

Dunder Mifflin Dreams Ch. 01


Pam was in the break room, ignoring her husband Jim with all her might. She had never been good at giving the cold shoulder, but this time she was doing her best.

"Come on Pam, I said I was sorry, I promise I'll make it up to you tonight! Really!" Said Jim in a pleading voice.

"That's what you said yesterday, and the day before I'm pretty sure! Just let me eat my lunch alone like I wanted." Pam shot back, not even looking in his face, she knew if she did she would be much more likely to crack and forgive him.

"Fine... I'll talk to you later." Jim said as he got up to leave. "You do know I love you no matter what right?"

"Yes." Was all Pam said back as he left. She fought back tears and picked at her salad in front of her. Pam had a problem. She was pregnant with her and Jim's first child and for the most part it was the most amazing thing that had ever happened to her. It had come as a surprise to them both, but it was something they had both wanted at some point, so they were thrilled.

Things had been going great, until Jim started to act more and more distant in the bedroom. He had always been the one to initiate their sexual encounters, but for some reason as her belly grew, he seemed to lose interest. She had no idea what the cause was, and he certainly didn't help her understanding as he got incredibly uncomfortable when confronted and always changed the subject rapidly. Pam didn't know if he was simply not attracted to a heavier version of herself, if the stress of bringing a baby into the world was messing with his head, or if he had some weird issue with pregnancy he was not talking about.

All she knew was it was getting bad. She tried all kinds of tricks to get him interested. Like buying fancy lingerie or surprising him in the shower. But these things rarely led to sex and when they did she did not feel the same intimacy as usual.

In addition to the emotional toll this was taking, Pam was becoming more and more sexually frustrated. Any little thing would trigger a daydream or a deep urge to touch herself. Unfortunately this was mostly something that happened in public, so she could not do much about it.

Pam was at about 6 and a half months pregnant now, and after the 5th straight night of rejection she had about all her hormonal emotions could handle. She had slept on the couch last night and was still mad at Jim in the morning, and in the afternoon she found.

As she continue to sit, not really eating but just feeling sorry for herself, Erin Hannon sat down at the table next to her. Erin was the receptionist that had replaced Pam during her brief stint at the Michael Scott Paper Company. She was a skinny girl with dyed reddish brown hair, pale skin and delicate features. She was also for lack of a better word, weird. She was very eccentric, hyper and apt to say the most awkward thing possible at any given time.

Pam sat trying not to give away her feelings, but Erin leaned over, and asked "Are you ok Pam? Your eyes look all red and puffy. Like my dog's when he got sprayed by a skunk that one time."

"Yeah Erin, I'm fine." Pam replied, trying not to be offended. "I'm just having a bad day. Well a bad couple of days I guess. Well now that I think about it, a bad few weeks."

"What's wrong, do you want to talk? I'm a good listener; in the foster home I always helped the other kids with their problems. Like with bullies and raccoons and stuff."

"Raccoons?" Pam asked chuckling.

"Well sure, our backyard was infested with them; we had to teach the younger kids how to defend themselves!"

"No Erin thanks but I am just really stressed and... frustrated and can't think of a way to make myself feel better...." Pam said glumly.

"Oh ok...." Erin said frowning a little. "Well I could always sing you a song! Or... tell you a story... or I could make you orgasm?"

Pam though she surely must have misheard Erin. "What did you say Erin?!?"

Immediately Erin scrunched up her face, balled her fists and smacked both sides of her head. "Ohh stupid, stupid Erin!! I did not mean to say that out loud! Of course that is totally inappropriate! I'm so sorry Pam. It is just, at the foster home; sometimes when us girls were all alone we would make each other feel good you know? Our foster parents were strict and would not let us date boys so...yeah... sorry, I'll just go."

"No Erin, you don't have to go" Pam said hesitantly. "That was just a weird thing to say. I have never done anything like that before... Is it... nice?"

Pam was not sure why she was furthering the conversation; usually this was the type of discussion she would have done anything to avoid. In the past she had experienced far too many personal dialogs with her coworkers than she cared to remember. But she was having the most difficult time all of a sudden not picturing Erin kissing another girl and what it might feel like if she were that other girl.

"Oh gee wizz it was the best!" Erin exclaimed, her eyes twinkling. "There were only three of us girls there, but we were so close. If someone was having a bad day or feeling lonely, an orgasm seemed to cheer them right up! And on really cold nights we would all get naked and sleep in the same bed together. I miss those days sometimes!"

At this description Pam noticed a familiar fuzzy sensation growing between her legs which made her both curious and slightly uncomfortable. She cleared her though and asked "So are you a lesbian Erin? I would not have guessed"

"Oh I don't know... I like everyone! I have only been with another girl a few times since the home, but I still think girls are great. Especially you Pam, you are so beautiful, particularly now!"

Erin's compliment took Pam aback and made her blush. "What do you mean? I look so fat right now!"

"Are you serious you crazy nut? I love how big your tummy is, I just want to softly rub it while playing with your boobies, they are so big and I bet they are so smooth and—Oh I'm sorry, there I go again. I really should leave." But Erin hesitated before leaving, looking at Pam hopefully.

"Well..." Pam said thinking this new possibility over. "If I wanted to talk more about this... where would we do it? Talk I mean."

"How about we both just stay late tonight, we can have a little party in the annex, there are those nice big couches, and we could even get some food if you want."

Pam was surprised at how quickly she agreed. "Ok, I... I guess I'll see you then."

Erin smiled her big goofy smile and got up and went back to her desk.


The rest of the afternoon passed in a blur for Pam. As she tried to work she went back to the things Erin said, trying to imagine her with another woman. Pam had never thought of herself as attracted to other women. Of course she had nothing against it, but she had simply never considered it.

But the more she thought about it, the more she noticed things in her life that could have been red flags suggesting otherwise. For example, when ever there was a nude model in one of her art classes, she was always much more embarrassed and flustered when it was a woman. Once or twice she caught herself just staring intently at the woman on display, forgetting about the paintbrush in her hands. Or when she was in the changing room at the local gym, she always felt ashamed for admiring all the women with their amazingly fit and toned bodies, while at the same time feeling a secret thrill every time she let her eyes quickly fall over their firm breasts, taut stomachs or in between their legs.

Whatever these thoughts were, pregnancy hormones or hidden lesbian tendencies, Pam decided she was too tired and too horny not to simply go for it. She alternately willed the clock to move faster and stole glances over at Erin, wondering what she would look like naked.


"Are you coming or not?" Jim asked as he stood over her.

Pam surfaced from her thoughts with a start and realized that the office was almost completely empty and that she had daydreamed the rest of the afternoon away. Everyone had left save her, Jim and Erin, who was typing away at her computer.

"Oh. No. I really have some stuff I need to catch up on before I take my maternity leave. Erin said she could take me home later tonight, she has work also."

Jim studied her for a moment, glanced at Erin who smiled back, and nodded. He then gathered up his things and walked out the door, saying "Love you Pam" as he went.

Pam waited for what seemed like an eternity, just to make sure no one was coming back to retrieve a forgotten scarf or briefcase, then slowly swiveled her chair to face Erin.

Erin was sitting there, grinning widely. "Hi Pam" she chirped while waving slightly. Pam noticed she looked very pretty in the tight purple top and form fitting black skirt she was wearing. It made her feeling even less attractive as she had on a large blouse that was about to become too small to accommodate her still growing belly and stretchy black pants whose only purpose was comfort, certainly not style.

"Hi Erin" Pam said back, smiling nervously. "So... now what?"

"Well" Erin said as she stood up and walked over to Pam's desk." Let's walk over to the annex and get more comfortable. Erin took Pam's hand and led her out of the room.

Pam's thoughts were racing a mile a minute at this point, and she was beginning to wonder what she had been thinking and if there was any way she could possibly go through with this. As they stopped in the room that held a few cubicles and a break area, Pam turned around to face Erin and was about to let her know she was too uncomfortable to go on when Erin leaned in and kissed her gently on the lips.

It was a brief and gentle kiss, yet Pam was completely overwhelmed. Erin's lips were so soft and she could smell the tropical smelling shampoo she used. Pam sighed and tilted her head down, unsure of what to do next.

As if she knew that Pam was nervous and unable to initiate the first step, but still deathly curious, Erin stepped in even closer. She gently lifted Pam's chin up with her hand, cupped her face and kissed her again. This time the kiss was deeper and lasted longer. Pam did not pull away and Erin continued to gently kiss her. Pam let out an involuntary whimper and slid out her tongue to meet Erin's.

Erin smiled at this and said "I knew you just needed a little encouragement, but I'm still sorry I jumped you liked that, I hope you don't mind."

"Mind? How could I mind, this is so wonderful, your lips are so soft Erin, and you smell so nice. My legs are feeling a bit weak, could we sit down maybe?"

"Of course, you should take a seat on that couch right there." As Pam gently lowered her pregnant self onto the couch, Erin placed a pillow on the ground in front of her, and took up a position kneeling at Pam's feet. He cute butt was not on her heels, but she stayed in more of an upright position.

"I have to admit Pam, I have wanted to kiss you from the moment I started working here. Your smile is so wonderful and I spend a lot of time at reception undressing you in my mind." Pam was beginning to notice that while Erin was pretty much the biggest dork in most areas, she seemed to be in her element now.

This thought was further confirmed as Erin began to gently kiss Pam's neck up to her ear, which she bit gently between her teeth. At this Pam shuddered and little goose bumps rose over her entire body. Instinctively she grabbed Erin's lower back, right above her butt and pulled her close. Her first intimate moment with another woman, and instead of feeling awkward or weird, it was wonderful.

"Pam, is it ok if I take your shirt off now?" Erin asked after a few moments of alternatively kissing and lightly nibbling on Pam's neck. "Oh Erin, please do whatever you want to me, anything... I'm all yours now" Pam said in an answer that was more a sigh than actual words.

Erin returned to kissing Pam's lips, a little more urgently now, as her deft fingers began to unbutton the blouse that Pam had been wearing. Once done with the buttons, Erin gently pushed the blouse back over Pam's shoulders. "Oh Pam, you are so beautiful" Erin cooed. She then kissed down Pam's neck onto her chest and the tops of her large perfectly shaped breasts.

"Oh... Erin, that feels so nice" Pam said softly. Her hands slid down the rest of Erin's back and came to rest on her small perky buttocks. She squeezed them gently, and tried to pull the thin receptionist even closer to herself. "That's it Pam, just do whatever feels good or comes naturally" Erin coached. "For example..." as said this she reached behind Pam and unhooked her bra, letting her breasts hang free. The slightly cool air in combination with Erin's efforts made Pam's pink nipples stand up straight and hard.

Pam had always been told her breasts were her best feature, and though she found it annoying sometimes that everyone focused on them so much, she had to agree. They were large, but not excessively so, and the most wonderful natural shape imaginable. Not fake spheres, but something more elongated; perfectly smooth and soft.

Erin slipped one of Pam's nipples into her mouth and gently sucked on it, while her two hands gently massaged and rubbed her pregnant belly. The combination of sensation, and the fact that Erin was obviously and genuinely attracted to her body caused Pam to let out a moan and settle back into the couch, letting go of Erin's butt. Erin continued to massage Pam's large stomach for a while, then hooked to thumbs in the elastic waist band of her pants and began to pull them down.

"Wait Erin!" The receptionist looked worried that she had gone too far and quickly pulled back her hands. "No, nothing's wrong... it's just... well I want to see you naked so badly, I was thinking maybe you could take of some of your clothes too?"

"Oh" Erin said in a relived voice "Of course silly!" In one quick motion Erin stood up straight and pulled the purple top over her head. As she was doing so Pam could see that she was in great shape, making out her ribs and her flat tummy as her arms stretched above her head. Erin then dropped the shirt to the floor and started to sway back and forth slightly, as if dancing to music only she could hear. The effect was intensely erotic, especially because her eyes stayed locked on Pam's the entire time. She then slowly worked her slinky black skirt off her hips, letting it fall and pool around her ankles. Again Pam noticed how the awkwardness that usually permeated Erin's behavior seemed to disappear in this more intimate and sexual context.

Pam could not help but smile widely at the sight in front of her. Erin stood wearing matching pale yellow bra and thong that had little white frills around the seams. She looked so angelic and beautiful to Pam and she stared unashamedly at her ass as Erin turned around and walked the short distance to the wall to dim the lights. It was perfect, full and athletic looking.

Erin knelt down and resumed kissing and gently sucking on Pam's breasts, while also still gently stroking her belly. The sight of the now nearly nude Erin had caused the tingling sensation between her legs to roar into a searing heat, to which she responded by spreading her legs wide apart, too nervous to ask, but willing Erin to bring her attentions lower. Erin took the hint and began to kiss over Pam's stomach further down towards the top of her pants.

"Hmm... I think we may need to rearrange here Pam." Erin said giggling. "Your belly sticks out so far it will be hard to get at you properly! Let's fold this thing down into the sofa couch."

"This is a sofa couch?" Pam asked surprised. "Who on earth would put a sofa couch in an office?" Then she remembered who the boss was here and it made strange sense. "Ok well let's just hurry."

They both stood up again and Erin quickly folded out the couch. She then turned to Pam and knelt on her knees once again. She slowly tugged down Pam's black stretchy backs until Pam could step out of them, holding onto Erin's shoulders for support. Erin then started kissing from her ankles up, slowing working her way to Pam's inner thighs. This new attention caused Pam to sigh and she could feel herself becoming wetter. Erin reached her panties and placed a few firm kissed against them.

"Hmm Pam you smell so wonderful, and I can almost taste you through your undies you are so wet!" Erin said before pulling them off as well. There Pam stood, completely nude and very pregnant with the beautiful receptionist in only her underwear kneeling in front of her.

"Lay back Pam" Erin said in a confident voice. "I want to make you feel amazing now." Pam did as she was told, scooting back on the bed and laying on her back, her feet planted on the bed so her knees were raised in the air. As Erin climbed on the bed too, never breaking eye contact, Pam slowly spread her legs reveling herself to Erin.

Erin lay down spread eagle on the bed in front of Pam's pussy and the look on her eye's was one of pure desire as she stared at Pam's brunette pubic hair, and the hint of pink lips poking out from within. Pam was never thrilled by the way her vagina looked the times she studied it with a hand mirror, her outer lips were big and puffy and completely hid her tiny inner lips within. But Erin seemed to be completely enthralled as she studied in between Pam's legs.

Erin started by kissing Pam's outer lips and massaging her inner thigh with her hands. Even this far away from her clitoris Pam felt deep warmth growing within her and let out a loud moan. "Oh Erin! It feels ohhh... feels so good to have you touching me...so good" Pam's words trailed off into a deep satisfied moan.

Erin did not respond but slowly began kissing closer to Pam's opening. She spread Pam apart with each hand, and took one long, slow lick from bottom to top. Pam jerked involuntarily and dug her fingernails into the bed. Erin followed this path and again and again and each time Pam's felt her pussy become more sensitive and feel more amazing. It was like electric pulses filling her whole center and working their way through out her body. "Ohhh... Oh!! Erin...hmmm!... Ohhhh..."

Pam moaned in a steady rhythm now as Erin worked, and she took her hand and began massaging her own breasts, pinching her nipples and stretching them out, rolling them between her fingertips. All of a sudden she felt one of Erin's hand slide under her butt to hold her, and with the other slid a long finger into her soaking wet slit. The new sensation caused her hips to buck and to call out in a half shout half guttural groan. Erin continued to gently pump her slender finger in and out of Pam, who began to pant heavily.

Finally after Erin felt Pam had waited enough, she began to lick the top of Pam's hood, which was barely hiding her cute pink clit at his point. She traced the pattern of the alphabet on top of it, switching from the broad flat tongued she had used earlier, to a pointier, slightly firm tip.

The reaction was immediate, Pam began to moan very loudly now, occasionally calling Erin's name. "MMM! MMM! MMM! Oh Erin, yes!! MMM!" The rhythmic moaning turned Erin on to no end and she wished she could slide a hand down to her aching pussy as well. But this was all about Pam so she continued to try and keep her mouth on Pam, who at this point was grinding herself up into Erin's mouth and shaking intensely.

"OH.... Erin! MMM! MM!!" Pam's loud moaning took on a pleading tone and Erin redoubled her efforts. She inserted a second finger into Pam and this was all it took. Pam grabbed Erin's hair roughly and shouted her name out loud as she came. Her hips continued to buck and Erin kept at her clit as best she could. Erin could feel the woman's vagina spasm over and over, as she had a second and third orgasm.

Finally it was too much for Pam, and she gently pushed away Erin's face. "Oh. Erin... that was..." Pam was at a loss for words as she collapsed completely flat on the bed.

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