tagCelebrities & Fan FictionDunder Mifflin Dreams Ch. 02

Dunder Mifflin Dreams Ch. 02


Pam Halpert sat at her desk at Dunder Mifflin and tried to get comfortable. She was 8 months pregnant and the blue fabric of her plaid maternity dress struggled to cover her swollen belly. She shifted again and attempted to distract herself from her discomfort with more work. She absentmindedly played with a curl of brown hair as she skimmed the document in front of her. But she could not get far as she had another problem aside from simple physical discomfort.

Pam was feeling restless again. Nearly nine months pregnant she was still as horny and unsatisfied as ever. While her rare and secret rendezvous with Erin, the new Dunder Mifflin receptionist, were an amazingly helpful reprieve, they were far too uncommon to truly satiate her lust. She had never been an extremely sex driven person, but something about being pregnant caused her to desire human contact and sexual release in a way she had never known.

Jim, who did not seem very attracted to her in the beginning of her pregnancy, had lost all interest in the last few months. He always made an excuse, ranging from reasonable to lame, though it was true he was very stressed at work. Though he did genuinely seem sorry about his lack of attraction to Pam in her pregnant state, this constant rejection hurt Pam emotionally, more than she wanted to admit. However in every other way possible he was the same devoted husband and fantastic man he had ever been so she tried not to be angry with him and just assumed things would get back to normal in the bed room once the baby had arrived.

She tried to concentrate on the invoice documents she was working on, but just could not focus. Her mind kept drifting off to her new... what should she call it? Relationship? Fling? Experiment? Her new "whatever it was" with Erin Hannon. Ever since the two of them had shared that amazing night in the break room they had been all over each other whenever possible. Usually this was when they could both cook up an excuse to stay late in the office. Everyone else would leave and they would have the whole place to themselves. This unfortunately had only happened a few times, and every wonderful, body shaking orgasm that Erin brought her too, left her wanting more...

Pam could not explain what was happening with Erin, for some reasons she still did not consider herself a lesbian, or even bi. This despite the whole litany of things the two of them had done to each other. If she looked at the situation objectively, it definitely seemed like a situation that could be labeled as Sapphic in nature. But with Erin, things were different, the rules were different. At least that is what Pam told herself. Erin took her to a place of relaxation and contentment that was so needed in her stressful life, and for this she was extremely thankful. Erin was one of the kindest and most genuine people she knew. And despite her quirky behavior and silly exterior, she was actually breathtakingly sexy and seductive, and made Pam feel things that no one else ever had.

As she sat there, staring through her computer's monitor, Pam's thoughts floated to Erin's pale but toned legs and how they felt when she wrapped them around her own torso. And to her trim tummy and how she sometimes giggled when she kissed it, as she worked her own lips on a slow path from the petite receptionist's breasts downwards. Then to her small but extremely perky breasts. She loved the shade of pink her nipples were, something akin to bubblegum and just as sweet. She also loved and how they fit perfectly in her hands and how Erin shuddered when she lightly massaged them. As her thoughts moved to the soft tuft of brown hair between Erin's legs, and the sweetness buried within, her own pussy gave a twinge and she could feel it moisten against her plain cotton panties.

"This is ridiculous!" Pam thought to herself, jerking away from the nice little fantasy she had going in her head. "I'm right at my desk, surrounded by coworkers; I need to get control over my dumb body."

She decided to take a walk before she let out an embarrassing moan in front of her fellow employees. She stood up quickly and Jim looked up slightly inquisitively, but did not say anything. She left through the front door determined to take her mind off the tingling she still felt between her legs. She took her time; she found it was required to do so in her state. Every little thing took longer than usual, including going down the steps to the lower floor of the office park. She said hello to Hank, the security guard and stepped outside for a minute. The fresh air felt nice on her face, but still did nothing to quench the feeling she had inside, the need for some sort of physical release. She walked back inside and started to wander absentmindedly through some of the hallways in the lower floor.

She smiled as she passed the room where the Michael Scott Paper Company had once been headquartered. Though it was certainly a complete disaster, it still was a time she remembered fondly, striking out and doing something for herself. The door was slightly ajar, which Pam registered as odd in the back of her mind, but thought nothing more of it. She touched the door lightly with her outstretched palm for a moment, thinking back to when she made her first sales call and when she learned they were being bought out by Dunder Mifflin, and then Pam turned to leave. But something caught her attention.

It was a sound indefinable yet very familiar. There were rustling noises and something rhythmic, something that sounded an awful lot like heavy breathing. Pam listened for a moment, considered turning around and walking quickly back to the office, but her curiosity got the better of her and she leaned closer so she could peer through the small gap between the door and its frame.

There, sitting on top of a large desk, reclined with her back against the wall, was Kelly Kapoor. There was a single floor lamp shining in the otherwise dark room, which was about the size of a large walk-in closet and sparsely decorated. But this light provided plenty of illumination to what was going on.

Pam saw that Kelly was wearing a matching maroon suit consisting of a blazer and knee length skirt. Though "wearing" might have been a strong term for it, as it was in quite a disheveled state. The blazer had been hurriedly shucked off and was lying crumpled beneath Kelly's lower back and bottom. The light pink blouse she was wearing had the first few buttons undone and one of her hands was snaked through the gap, obviously massaging her breasts in a hypnotic pattern.

The skirt was unzipped and pushed partially down her full, mahogany tinted thighs that were bouncing slightly back and forth. This revealing the top of her ornate and probably very expensive cream colored panties.

What Pam was truly transfixed by however, was what was going on underneath those lacy panties. Kelly's small had was running in quick deliberate circles beneath the fabric and the musky smell wafting through the room that Pam was now picking up on left little question of what the Indian customer service rep was doing.

Pam froze at first, and then debated what to do next. "She is my friend, I can't just spy on her like this, it's so creepy! Though... she is in a public space, she can't really expect privacy... What am I thinking, why would I even want to spy on her like some gross peeping tom?!?"

All these internal questions were silenced when Kelly let out a soft whimper.

"hmmmm.... Oh.... Hmmm...."

Kelly was obviously enjoying herself and deciding to take this beyond a simple quickie. She got more comfortable, sliding the skirt the rest of the way off her shapely legs. As it hit the floor, she began to unbutton her blouse as quickly as her fingers with their pink painted nails would allow. As it too fell to the floor she unknowingly presented herself to Pam's furtive eyes dressed only in her matching panties and bra. Kelly let out a sigh of both contentment and yearning at what was to come as she settled back against the wall, this time with her legs spread quite widely apart. Her thighs rested far away from each other, with the soles of her feet touching and the fabric of her underwear stretched, revealing hints of the slightly darker flesh that made up her outer lips.

Any thought Pam had about leaving quickly vanished as she watched Kelly slip one hand back into her panties and let the other slowly trail across her brown Indian skin. Almost subconsciously, Pam's hands too began to slide over her body, running up her thighs, over and around her bulging belly and onwards to cup her breasts, which had grown to massive proportions and sensitivity during these last few weeks of pregnancy.

"oooooooohhhh yeah.... Mmm" Kelly began to moan louder now, as her hand groped her own breast a little bit harder, and her other moved a little bit quicker within her panties. Though it also seemed to take meandering trips further down, to dip deep in to her folds, though it was hard to tell when covered by the lace. Her chest began to heave more noticeably too; Pam was transfixed watching it move up and down in rhythm with the dusky woman's soft moans.

For the first time Pam could remember she was happy to be wearing her baggy maternity clothing. The dress she had on was basically a nightgown, totally unflattering but very loose. She slipped her hands under the fabric and gently squeezed one boob with one hand as the other fell over her panties. She was startled by how wet the fabric was, she was obviously quite turned on by the sight in front of her, even if she still did not fully understand why or what it might mean.

After a few seconds of rubbing through her cotton panties, she pushed them down uncoordinatedly so they rested stretched between her knees. That first touch on her naked pussy sent electric shivers through her body.

"Mmmph!" She stifled a groan.

She could not let Kelly know she was there, she was enjoying this too much. In fact she was so wet already that her finger slipped and slid easily knuckle deep into her aching pussy and she began to gently gyrate her hips as she continued to paw at her breast with her other hand, which had by now slipped under her bra and was tugging roughly at her swollen nipple. All these sensations and the sight of Kelly touching herself made Pam feel indescribable.

Pam did not know how it had come to this, standing in a hallway with her panties around her knees, while she pumped a finger in and out of her slippery slit, spying on her masturbating co-worker... but she did know she liked it. Her pretty brunette hair fell in curls across her face as her breathing became heavier.

Pam was now having a hard time stifling the moans growing inside her, not to mention the wet, slopping noise that came as she rubbed and penetrated her dripping pussy. She was worried she might be making too much noise that Kelly might be able to hear her, but those fears were laid to rest as the noise inside the room started to get louder.

Kelly was rubbing herself with more focus now, tracing tight little circles on top of her clit. At this she started to make high pitched whining noise between her rhythmic moans. Her hips also gently thrust up and down, causing the table to gently shake in time with her rhythm. All of a sudden she stopped and popped open her front clasp bra and pulled it off, so she could have total access to her chocolate breasts. What was beneath caused Pam to gasp out loud.

They were the most mesmerizing and amazing tits she had ever seen. It was not the size of the breasts themselves that was so breathtaking; they were just about a perfect handful, but of the areolas and nipples. Her areolas were very dark brown, almost black, and spread across at least a third of each breast, maybe three inches across. And sitting right in the middle of each was an enormous jutting nipple. They were the size and shape of a large gumdrop, long and incredibly thick. Kelly pulled on them robustly, causing them to stretch and elongate even more.

Pam's mouth began to water at the sight of Kelly's massive, dark nipples and she longed to lick and suck them. The urges pushed Pam even further toward her desperately needed release, and even though she had been at it a shorter time than Kelly, she was very near a crashing orgasm. She had abandoned her breasts and was trying to rub herself with one hand and continue to plunge a digit in and out of her slit with the other. It was difficult with her puffed-up tummy in the way, but she found better access when she stepped one foot onto the side table that was in the hallway, keeping the other planted on the floor.

"ohhhh... god.. uh... OHhh god....uh.... uh...mmmm!" Pam began to fail to stop the little moans escaping her lips, and what happened next didn't help.

Kelly, apparently frustrated with her confining bottoms, bucked her hips off the table so she could slip them off. They dropped to the floor amongst her other clothing and now reclined there in all her naked beauty. Pam had always thought Kelly had a nice body, despite Kelly's constant and loud self criticism, but now that she was totally naked she saw it was not just nice but jaw dropping. She was not super model skinny, but curvy and full, radiating hot dripping sexuality.

"Ahh!! Ahhh!!! Mmmmmyeahh!!! AHH! AHH!" Kelly's high pitched squeals and moans permeated the air as she resumed touching herself. Now Pam could see that unlike Erin, with her cute brunette pubic hair that was so nice to run fingers through, Kelly was completely smooth. The skin was slick with her juices and surrounded a pair of large dangling pussy lips that were as dark as her nipples. As Kelly furiously rubbed her clit, Pam caught glimpses of the bright pink flesh within.

The sight of the Indian beauty touching herself intently, with her brown breasts heaving up and down, and the sounds of pure delight were too much for Pam. Combined with her pent up need for release and the sensation of her clit being rubbed while a finger pumped in and out of her sent Pam flying over the edge. Her body began to shudder uncontrollably and she squeezed her eyes shut tightly as the orgasm coursed through her body.

"Ohhh....Ohhhh.. OHH! AHHH!!! YESS-- " Pam did her best to keep quiet.

"Oh YES... oh my god that was amazing" she whispered to herself as her stifled moans slowly ebbed into light whimpers. She very gently rubbed her outer lips with her whole hand as she tried to recover.

Her breath was ragged now from such heavy breathing and she felt a little weak in the knees. Her eyes still closed, she tried to rest her back against the hallway wall. Then it happened: in her disoriented and still blind state, she got turned around and slumped against the very door she had been spying through. It flew open and she tumbled backwards into the room, somehow managing to catch herself on one of the office chains instead of tumbling to the ground.

Kelly shrieked "PAM?! WHAT THE HELL!?! What are you doing here!! I'm mean, I'm not...I just was having a bad day... I mean... WHAT THE HELL?"

There was no point trying to hide or pick up her cloths at this point so all Kelly could do was try and cover her breasts and bare pussy with her hands, making her look like a sultry pen up girl.

Pam was terrified and so embarrassed, she did not know what to do or say, and Kelly seemed to be alternating between furious and equally embarrassed.

"I'm so, so sorry Kel, I was just outside the door and... and I'm sorry!" Pam realized this was not much of an answer but she could not think of anything else to say so she just stared down at the carpet. She felt slightly ashamed at the fact that even though she was averting her eyes in an attempt to make the situation less embarrassing, she was still noticing and deeply enjoying the heady scent of Kelly's wetness.

Kelly, who up to this point had simply though Pam had just walked in and not been standing in the hallway noticed the fact that Pam's white cotton panties were still stretched between her legs, though they had now worked their way down to her ankles, and that her dress was looking disheveled.

"Wait... Pam what exactly were you doing out there? How long were you out there? Were you listening to me or something?"

"Well... actually, I could kind of see you too..." Pam replied sheepishly.

"WHAT! Why... would you do that?"

"I'm sorry again Kelly, it is just... Ok this is embarrassing and please don't tell anyone but... Erin and I... did something together the other month. Something... sexual. That had never happened to me before, I mean with a woman. And since then I have just been really curious about girls and then I saw you and you were so ridiculously sexy and gorgeous I just could not help but touch myself."

Surprisingly, at this admission Kelly's tone changed immediately. " Oh! Erin slept with you too! That is so cute; I always thought you would be beautiful together! You're both so dorky and pale; it seemed kinda right you know?"

Pam was shocked. "You have been with Erin?"

"Oh yeah, a few times when we were bored, she is not really my type but it was great anyways!" Kelly paused and seemed to consider her next words carefully. "So Pam... you kind of ruined my moment here, I never got to cum... And I was so close when you barged in here. Maybe you would like to make that up to me and help me out, since I assume your had a nice orgasm out there watching me?"

It took Pam a quick second to realize what Kelly was asking. "I... I don't know. I've only been with Erin, I don't know if I am any good or anything..."

Pam slowly brought her eyes up and ran the length of Kelly's dark skinned body.

"Oh Erin is quite good, I'm sure she taught you well." As Kelly said this, she dropped her hands from her breast and slowly sat upright on the table. "Come here Pam, bring that chair and sit at this table."

Without thinking any further Pam rolled the office chair to where Kelly was sitting and sat down in front of her. Kelly scooted her bottom closer and sat on the edge of the table. Lifting her dangling legs, she set the sole of each foot on either arm rest of the chair, trapping Pam and leaving her staring directly into her still slick crotch. She could feel the heat emanating from Kelly from a foot away.

Now Pam enjoyed foreplay very much, and she learned from Erin one of her favorite parts of being with a girl was the amount of tenderness and pre sex stuff. She and Erin usually took their time warming up so the suddenness of the situation startled her.

"Are... are you sure you don't want to start slow or something, do just want me to start? We can kiss for a while or –

Kelly cut her off. "Pam, please!! I need this really bad, just make me cum now!" The way Kelly had groaned the word "please" was all Pam needed to hear. Pam was both excited and nervous, Kelly would only be her second girl and she wanted to make sure she made her feel amazing.

Pam pulled the lever on the underside of the office chair, causing it to sink lower, perfectly positioning her face and hands. She started by placing her two thumbs right below Kelly's vulva, laying her other fingers on her outer thigh. She started to rub in slow circles on this sensitive flesh, causing Kelly's slit to open and close gently.

"Please... please... please..." Kelly whispered half to Pam and half to no one in particular. After a moment of this rubbing and remembering the things Erin taught her she leaned in and took her first tentative lick, right on top of Kelly's opening. "Oh!" Kelly chirped, as she balled up her fists and tensed up her belly.

Pam smiled to herself, somehow Kelly's taste managed to match her personality perfectly. It was salty and spicy; the closest thing Pam could think of was the taste of chewing on a raw cinnamon stick. She gained more confidence, flattened her tongue and began to lap up Kelly's slit to just below her clitoris and then start from the bottom again. Now she was using her two thumbs to gently spread Kelly's outer lips, giving complete access to her inside, which was as bright pink as her nails.

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