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Dunder Mifflin Dreams Ch. 04


This is the fourth part in a loosely connected story arc following Pam Halpert of The Office. It would be best to have read the previous stories before this one, though the second is not important to the background. Unless there is a lot of interest this may be the last Office story, as I am thinking of trying out a different show or maybe type of story all together. I have really enjoyed writing these stories, but this particular chapter just seemed like a logical place to end, any more stories might lead to repetition or staleness? Anyways, enjoy!


Pam sat anxiously on the couch frowning to herself. It was Friday night and she was in the living room of the house that Jim and she shared. Nervously she toyed with the hem of her white linen dress, glancing up at the clock for what felt like the hundredth time. She sighed deeply and buried her face in a throw pillow, running the evening's events through her head as she squeezed her eyes tightly shut.

She had finally done it. She had told Jim about her and the receptionist Erin. She had not quite worked in Angela or Kelly yet, first she had to explain what had been happening with Erin. She was not sure what finally motivated her to reveal everything to Jim, who at this moment was sitting in the other room, alone as he had requested.

She thought it must have been the realization, one she should have made much earlier, that what she had with Erin was no longer a way to cope with her pregnancy which was long past, and had become so much more that sex. She saw now that she had been in a deep state of denial, always convincing herself that each encounter with Erin would be the last, and that she was just getting something out of system. However she could now fully admit to herself that the connection she felt with the younger woman was real and something she could not bring herself to walk away from.

Whatever the trigger had been, at dinner that night the truth had finally come tumbling out of her like a river; one long string of explanations, confessions and tears. This seemingly unprovoked outburst left Jim sitting in his chair looking like he might if Pam had simply exploded into a puff of smoke and sparks right there at the table. She told him about her hurt and longing during the pregnancy, the emotional pain it had caused her. Then laid out the rough sequence of events and what she and Erin had been doing on all during those "meetings" and late nights. Finally she told him what was the most difficult part. That while she truthfully loved him more than anything in the world and wanted nothing more than to spend the rest of her life with him, she also had developed true feelings for Erin.

He had just stared at her for what seemed like to Pam to be a full hour. Then he clumsily got to his feet and walked out of the room, quietly asking to be alone so he could think and adding that he would come out to talk to her when he had processed what he had just been told. And so that was where she was now, wondering how much longer it would take for him to come out and give her the screaming and yelling that she knew she deserved. She just prayed that he would not be so angry and betrayed that he would want to leave her, that would truly be the end of her world.

She was just contemplating exactly how horrible this encounter was going to be when she heard the door to the bedroom open followed by Jim walking into the room and sitting down next to her.

"Hey sweetie..." Pam said softly and tentatively.

Pam watched as Jim sat in silence for a minute, clearly trying to gather his thoughts. She was just about to apologize again when Jim turned to her and started talking.

"Ok. So Pam, I just want to say I am so, so sorry. I can't not believe that my actions caused you so much unhappiness during your pregnancy. I mean I knew you were upset at times, but I did not know how hurt and offended you were! I am SO sorry, if I could do it differently I would, but I can't and that just makes me feel like the worst..."

Pam's mouth hung open as she tried to comprehend what Jim had just said. "Wait... Jim aren't you furious with me?! Why are you not yelling at me?"

"Well sure I'm pretty hurt too; I mean you cheated on me Pam. But what I did was inexcusable. While I am mad and do feel betrayed, I had a part in this. I was what caused you to do this. Though... I'm not sure where it leaves us now... How do we go forward from this?"

Pam saw clearly how lucky she was to have a man like this in her life. She wiped away tears forming in the corners of her eyes as she flung herself into Jim's arms. "Well I don't know... but I know I love you so much." She whispered into his ear.

"I love you too" Jim replied as he broke their embrace. "I just... I'm not sure what to feel. I mean it just seems different to me somehow since it was a girl and all, instead of some dude...But Pam, I really do feel betrayed and I don't think I am comfortable with you ever being with Erin again."

Pam swallowed hard and tried to remain calm. She had assumed this would be a condition of her forgiveness, but it was one she was not sure she could keep, at least not without a great deal of sadness. She decided it was time to play her ace in the hole; the secret weapon she hoped would bring Jim over to her side.

"Jim, I know you must be hurting right now, and confused as well" Pam said softly as she scooted closer to him. "I want you to know from the bottom of my heart I love you, want you, and will always feel that way. But Erin has come to mean a lot to me... Maybe you could just think of us as really close gal pals. And honestly we hardly ever... uh... meet up anymore. We would always be truthful with you in the future. No more sneaking around, I promise."

She could see Jim was thinking it over but far from convinced. She pressed on, now lightly tracing her fingers up his thigh, moving in slow circles. "I have an idea... Tomorrow is Saturday and we have the evening free... Maybe she could join us for the evening. So you could... understand a little better?"

Jim's face registered complete shock for the second time that night; Pam had to keep herself from giggling at how high his eyebrows shot up. "Wait... what?! Do... I mean...or watch? While you two... what!?" Jim sputtered words in a failing attempt to discover just what his wife was insinuating.

Pam smiled and first got to her knees and then gently straddled him, sitting down on his lap and gave him a deep kiss. "I mean I will ask Erin to come over tomorrow night and we will sleep with her."

Jim did not seem anymore capable of forming a complete thought after that and Pam added: "And you two can talk also. I just really want us to find a way to work this out. Can you do this for me sweetie?"

Jim could only nod slightly. Pam smiled and leaned closer kissing Jim sensuously. Thinking she ought to incentivize his good behavior, her nimble fingers began to work at his belt buckle. Noticing how hard Jim already was, she decided to dispense with their usual foreplay all together. Getting up for a moment, she expertly shucked off Jim's pants and boxers in one movement before settling back down straddling his lap. Very glad to be wearing her dress she did not even bother to remove her panties; instead Pam just roughly pulled the cotton covering her slit to one side, exposing her damp skin and curls of hair to the cool air. She leaned forward slightly to accommodate Jim and heard him sigh loudly as she took him into her warm and velvety embrace.

Pam almost immediately began to ride Jim hard, her ample bosom bouncing with such force her dress struggled to contain her bra-less breasts. Tiring of the sensations she slipped the dress off her shoulders, allowing it to gather around her waist. Pam loved how the sight of her large shapely breasts swinging freely could still bring such a smile to her husband's face. "Oh Jim... we are going to have SO much fun tomorrow night..." she moaned sensually into his ear.

She anxiously hoped to herself that things in fact would work out, that it would all be ok. These lingering doubts were pushed further and further to the back of her mind as the warm tingling of her climax began to build between her legs.


Pam had called Erin early the next morning and told he all the details. Erin said she was of course up for the experience and would be over that evening. She then called her mom and convinced her to take their baby for the evening, ensuring their privacy. Pam had then spent most of the day trying to figure out what the evening would entail. How would they actually do this? She of course had never planned a threesome before and she could hardly believe she was doing it now. She settled on drinks and appetizers, maybe some soft music in the background and just letting the evening unfold as it may. She trusted Erin might be able to help guide the evening as well.

Jim for his part had been nervously wandering around the house all day, not sure what he was supposed to be doing and wondering if he was really going to see his wife with another woman and if he would get to do anything to this other woman as well.

As the appointed hour grew closer, with Jim halfheartedly flipping through various sports channels on the TV, Pam went into the bedroom to dress. She had decided on her new favorite pair of underwear, a matching set of shear white lace with pink and blue floral trimming. Over that she wore tight jeans and a luxuriously soft cashmere sweater the color of a ripe plum. She was admiring her sexy but causal look in the mirror and trying to get her hair to fall just so when the doorbell rang, causing her to jump slightly.

Pam walked out to the front room to see Jim standing in the corner looking like a deer in headlights. For some reason he was holding the remote in one hand and a stack of magazines in the other, looking extremely tense. Pam laughed and said "Jim! Relax! It is just Erin, you know her! Trust me, everything will be great!" Jim seemed to relax slightly at this, but just a little, as he sat back down in the chair and fell into an awkward pose that Pam could only assume was supposed to be his attempt at casual.

Pam opened the door and audibly gasped at the sight before her. Erin, in her ever quirky and odd way of being had worn the most unexpected outfit Pam could have imagined. She stood in the door way in a floor length dress that would have fit in on any red carpet or exclusive party. It was black and tight, with a plunging neckline and slit up the side that both screamed sexy. In fact Pam was pretty sure the dress was so revealing and defying of the laws of physics that somehow more of Erin's cute and perky breasts jutted outside of it than were hidden within.

"Erin..." Pam was at a loss for words. "You didn't have to dress up for this. I had no idea you were taking this so seriously! Or that you even owned a dress like that!"

"Ohhh I knew it was too much! I'm such a dork!" Erin said holding her palm to her head. "I was just thinking... what are you supposed to wear to a party like this you know? Usually these kinds of things just happen to me and I don't have time to prepare!"

Pam gave Erin a knowing smile and wink as she led her inside. "WOW! Jim exclaimed! Erin you look amazing!"

"Thanks Jim!" Erin chirped happily.

The three of them sat down in the living room, Jim and Pam on the couch, with Erin sitting on the chair across from them. Pam had already set out three wine glasses filled to the brim earlier. Each of them reached for their glass right away among nervous chuckles and awkward smiles. Pam noticed this and thought the other two must be just as anxious as she was.

At first the three coworkers chatted lightly, they all knew each other so they had that level of comfort going at least. Pam did pick up an unmistakable air of nervous energy, but she could not help think it was energy with a healthy tinge of anticipation and excitement in it as well.

As the glasses were drained and refilled the conversation grew increasingly easier and everyone seemed more and more at ease, just as Pam had planned. Jim was finally smiling in natural way and Erin had reclined back into her chair, giving off an air of exceeding sensuality. Erin told stories about her childhood growing up in the foster system and they all argued and joked trying to rank Dwight's most outrageous moments in the office.

"Well we seemed to have killed this first one" Pam said indicating to the now empty wine bottle. "How about I break out another?"

"Sounds good to me" Exclaimed Jim happily, with Erin nodding her head enthusiastically behind him.

"All right then, I will be right back..." Pam said with a slightly sly tone. In the kitchen she opened the second bottle that was waiting on the counter and smiled to herself. Things seemed to be going well so far, though she just had to figure out how exactly to transition the evening into the next and more anticipated phase. Despite wanting to she just needed to find a way to work up the motivation.

As Pam was headed back to her seat she leaned against to doorway to the living room to observe her two friends for a moment before they noticed her. Erin really did look radiant in her dress as she laughed with Jim. She also noticed Erin had sat down next to him on the couch, probably trying to get him more comfortable with her for what was the evening's main event. She laughed at his jokes flashing her gorgeous smile as she lightly placed her petite hand on his arm. "Oh she is good that one!" Pam smiled and thought to herself.

Pam smiled at the thought that this would be the first time she and Erin would get to be together outside the office. With one notable exception she remembered vividly. Pam's thoughts drifted back to that one afternoon, right at the end of her pregnancy. She had felt like she was about to pop and correspondingly she was as horny as she had ever been in her life, which was saying something considering the previous nine months. She and Erin had planned to stay late and fool around in the annex like usual, however after soaking through her panties just thinking about the evening to come and being so incredibly in need of release she could not stand it any longer, she had grabbed Erin during their lunch break and promptly drove them to a cheap motel nearby the industrial park.

There Erin had ravished her. She remembered gazing lovingly at Erin roughly swiping her tongue across her own hard throbbing clit, the girl's face shining softly as the dim light filtering in through the curtains reflected off the wetness that covered her face. Erin's hands roamed over her swollen belly gently while Pam had pulled and rolled her own nipples forcefully in between her fingers. She remembered throwing her head back against the pillow as one sweaty orgasm after another wracked her heavily pregnant frame, strands of damply matted hair falling over her face as she gasped ragged breaths...

"PAM!" Jim said loudly. Pam jerked back to reality, looking quickly up at them.

"Oh! Sorry... what?"

"We were just asking if you were ok, you were just kinda staring off into space" Erin replied. "Actually looked like you do at work sometimes" Erin added with a wink.

"Yeah sorry about that... I was just thinking..." Pam had found the catalyst she needed to move the evening along. Remembering that hot encounter had begun to stir a familiar feeling inside of her and she smiled as she said seductively: "I think it is about time we move this into the bed room. Is that all right with you two?"

Erin's answer was clear; she was beaming widely and doing a cute little wiggly dance on the couch. Jim smiled and hesitantly agreed, Pam could see he was still not totally at ease and unsure of how to act in this new social environment.

"Well you two come with me then" Pam said softly as she took both Erin and Jim's and led them down the hallway to the bedroom. She pushed open the doorway to reveal a large bed and a room illuminated by numerous candles.

"ooh it is so romantic!" Erin cooed as she sat on the edge of the bed.

Pam turned to Jim and pronounced. " Ok big guy, time to lay some ground rules." Jim nodded nervously. "You are to do whatever you want, to whom ever you want. And that's about it. I mean it" Pam said as she looked him in the eye.

"Ok... if you two are sure..." Jim stammered.

"Maybe we should just get started over her on the bed, and Jim can sit in that nice comfy recliner in the corner and watch us until the mood strikes?" Erin volunteered helpfully.

"Sounds good to me" Pam said as she turned to the gorgeous brunette. Pam sauntered over to Erin with her best sexy walk and as Erin stood up they embraced each other first in a warm hug, one of friendship. As they pulled apart Erin said "hey there" in a soft and romantic tone.

"Hey to you too" Pam replied. With that Pam leaned in and delicately kissed Erin on her waiting lips. The two drew each other closer as they slowly kissed more deeply and intently, wrapping each other up in familiar arms. Pam loved the way Erin's hands felt roaming her back over her soft sweater. Soon Erin's tongue slipped between Pam's soft lips and Pam felt her lust rise as her hand drifted down over Erin's pert butt pulling her closer still.

She opened one eye to glance over at Jim whose expression was that of incredible interest and concentration, not wanting to miss a moment of this glorious sight, as if he was worried he might wake at any moment to find it was just a dream.

At first the thought of being with Erin in front of Jim made Pam nervous, she was so worried it would be awkward and weird. But she was quickly finding it to be quite the opposite. The voyeuristic nature of performing in his presence was turning her on to no end and she began to kiss Erin more passionately and wetly, letting her hands roam over the slim brunette's whole body, including cupping her petite breasts.

Pam decided to give Jim as good of a view as possible before they actually made it to the bed. She moved and positioned herself standing behind Erin and began to kiss down her neck, giving a playful bite here and there. As she did this she slipped her thumbs under the straps to Erin's elegant dress, and slowly started to bring it down as Erin's mouth hung open in silent pleasure. Teasingly slow, Erin's pale breasts with their light pink nipples came into view, then her trim belly, finally Pam let the dress fall completely and it pooled into a mound of black fabric on the floor.

Jim's mouth dropped as Erin the receptionist stood before him, wearing nothing but a black lace thong, as his wife stood behind her, nibbling on her neck while gently cupping and massaging her exposed breasts. Erin moaned softly and rested her head back on Pam's shoulder as Pam continued to massage her. Pam's hands made their way lower and right as her hand was about to slip under Erin's black underwear Erin spun around and playfully exclaimed "Not so fast you! You need to lose some of your cloths first!"

With this Erin grabbed onto Pam's waist and fell backwards onto the bed, bringing the giggling Pam down on top of her. Pam straddled Erin above her belly and after a few deep kisses straightened up and removed her sweater.

"Jim you are so lucky you get to see this every night..." Erin said in very genuine admiration of the beautiful woman that was currently sitting on top of her tousling her hair in her best pin up girl impression.

Jim did not respond and both girls looked over to see him almost ashamedly rubbing his palm back and forth over his crotch, obviously massively turned on by the sight before him. "Jim silly, take off your cloths and relax!" Erin said happily; "get comfortable like your beautiful wife here!"

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