She was so nervous; tonight was the night Master was presenting her to his group of friends. She knew this night was very important to Master, so she carefully prepared herself just the way Master had instructed. She very carefully washed herself, with the soap that Master instructed her to use. She made sure her body was free of any hair. She put on the scent that Master liked the best. Just lightly, enough to make her feel a little Feminine. She slipped into the outfit that Master had chosen; it was a short skirt, with a slit up the side, and a halter style top. It was in a beautiful shade of emerald green that showed off her red hair and fair coloring.

She was ready at the time Master told her to be. She knew to be late would not be good. She had been with him for about a month now, and this would be the first time she would be presented to his friends in public. She had met a few of his friends during the past week, but none as important as the ones she would be meeting tonight. She wasn’t sure what to expect. She knew that she would be asked to do things by other Masters, and by her own Master. She just hoped she didn’t fail him.

“Relax, little one, you’ll do just fine. Remember anything that is asked of you tonight, is not going to harm you. I’ll be here the whole time, part of my job is to protect you and that I will do always.”

“Yes Sir” she replied quietly.

The drove a short distance from his house, to another house. It was one of his friend’s houses. Master explained later that they take turns hosting. They arrived at the same time two of the other members of Master’s group arrived. They openly appraised her, making her want to squirm, but she remained calm.

“Very good my Pet” Master whispered in her ear.

They all entered the house together, after introducing their host; Master led her to a small room.

“Disrobe” was the only command given.

She quietly removed her clothing, when she bent over to remove her shoes; He lightly smacked her bottom. She smiled, relaxing for the first time since they arrived.

She stood before him, her hands at her sides. He slipped a collar with a leash attached, on her neck.

“Remember, I won’t let harm come to you” he kissed her forehead and lead her out of the room.

When they entered the room she saw her host, the two men from outside, and another man, all seated and watching her. She hoped her nervousness didn’t show on her face.

“Gentlemen, I’d like to present to you Tori, my new submissive. She came to me approximately a month ago. She is still new to our lifestyle, but I fell she will fit into our dungeon quite nicely.” He tugged the leash, making her come forward. He slipped a blindfold on her, and lead her to the A Frame that was across the room. He gently attached her to the A Frame, he could feel the slight trembling of her body. He longed to comfort her but knew it would have to wait.

“Master M, May I inspect?”

Tori felt her muscles tense, and tried to relax. She felt an unfamiliar set of hands cup her breast. The hands were smaller than those of her Master, but were gentle. She felt his thumbs stroke over her nipples, making them stand out. He circled her entire breast with his hands, tugging and pulling a little harder each time. She felt the nipple clamp being attached and bit back a moan. Then the other one was put on. He tugged at the chain hanging between her breast; she winced but didn’t make a sound.

“ Bend forward” as a hand pushed her forward. Again the touch was soft at first. She felt the hands run from her shoulders, down her back, to her ass. Gently her ass cheeks were opened and a finger probed inside her anus. She felt the moisture build between her legs.

Then the hands changed. They were no longer the smaller ones, these felt larger than Master’s. The fingertips felt rougher. She almost gasped when two fingers were pushed into her ass. The fingers started stroking her ass; soon she was straining against her bonds, begging for release.

“Please, may I cum Sir”

“ Not Yet”

Just as she was about to explode, the fingers were withdrawn from her ass and put into her pussy. As the fingers probed, she felt the sting of a hand on her Ass. He gave her several hard slaps, leaving her ass feeling bruised and sore. The hand in her pussy brought her back to a fevered state. She wasn’t sure she could contain this one.

“ Please Sir, May I cum” she begged.

“ Not yet” was once again the reply.

She fought to control the need, straining against the fingers.

“Please” she whimpered.

Her head was pulled back hard as a hand fisted in her hair

“Don’t you dare” was all that was growled in her ear.

The ropes holding her to the A Frame were released, and she almost sagged to the floor.

“On your knees”

She knelt on the floor just the way Master had taught her to. Hands on her thighs, knees slightly apart.

“So you want to become a member of our dungeon, do you?”

“Yes Sir” she whispered.

A slight slap on her face made her speak louder.

“Yes Sir”

“ You do know that you may be asked to do things by other Masters of this dungeon don’t you”

Another whispered, “Yes Sir”

This slap on her face was a little harder.

“Yes Sir”

She was trembling so hard, she thought her teeth would start chattering.

“ Good girl” was the last thing she heard, before she heard footsteps walking away from her.

She could hear soft whispered voices behind her. She prayed, she had done well for her Master. She feared that if she failed him, he would send her away.

She heard footsteps coming back towards her. She felt something being placed on her neck. She assumed it was the collar that Master had used on her when she came in.

“Rise” she heard her Master command.

As she stood, the blindfold was removed. She stood blinking for a few minutes in the glare of the lights.

As her eyes focused she looked into her Master’s face, but he gave nothing away.

He inserted two fingers into her pussy and quickly brought her to a point of needing release.

“Master, please may I cum” she begged


As she shuddered against his hand, he gripped her hair and pulled her head back, forcing her to look at him.

“ You have one more thing to do before we are finished my Pet. Whenever we take a new submissive into our dungeon she is given a spanking. The masters determine the number of strokes she is to receive. They have determined you will receive 30 strokes with a belt.”

“Yes Sir”

He released her hair, and sat down in a chair. He picked up the belt that was on the floor next to the chair and pulled her across his knees. She felt herself get red from embarrassment, at being spanked in front of strangers.

As she heard the whoosh of the belt just before it connected with her ass, she tried not to flinch. The first few strokes weren’t as hard as some of the spankings Master had given her in the past, but as he continued to spank her the strokes got harder.

“Thank me after each stroke from now on” he commanded.

She had received 15 strokes up to this point. The strokes were getting harder and harder. She hoped she could hold out until the stroke thirty.

As commanded each stroke he gave her she replied with “ Thank you Master” her voice got quieter with the strokes. She was almost in tears. Her bottom was stinging like it never had before. The last five strokes he gave her were the worst she had ever felt. She knew she could say her safeword and he would stop, but she had to prove to him she could do this.

The very last stroke, he gave her was the hardest yet. She cried out when the final blow landed. “Thank you Master” she barely whispered.

He stood her up, and not looking at her indicated she should kneel.

She knelt at his feet, while silent tears slipped down her face. Master knelt down and attached the leash back to her collar. He tugged it for her to get up. He silently led her back to the other room. Once in the room he shut the door and pulled her into his arms.

“You did wonderful Pet” he murmured in her ear as he stroked her back. “ You may not be sitting for a few days, but you passed” he told her proudly.

“Thank you Master, I wanted to please you tonight”

“You have” he soothed.

He walked over to a small fridge, and took out some water and some ice. He handed her the bottle of water, and then gently turned her around so he could soothe her burning ass with some ice.

“Get dressed, we are almost done”

She carefully got dressed, and stood waiting for him once she was finished. He took out a package that she hadn’t seen him bring in with him. He just tucked it into his jacket pocket.

They walked back into the room, and she was surprised to see other people there. This time there were other ladies, most of who were in similar clothes or nothing kneeling at their master’s feet.

“Tori, we’d like to welcome you into our community. In due time you will meet everyone and learn what positions they hold within our dungeon. “ This was said by the host for the evening.

“My Pet, I have something for you before we leave.” Her Master slipped the box out of his pocket and presented her with a gold necklace resembling a collar. “You will wear this at all times, this is your symbol that you are now a collared sub. Do you have any questions?”

“No Master” she sighed, as he placed the choker around her neck.

“Let’s go home” he whispered.

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