I stand before you my emerald eyes, kissed with the ocean’s mist, lowered. My hair falls in gentle curls to my waist, my red silks clinging to the graceful curves of my body. You gently place a finger under my chin lifting my eyes to yours. Your hands move to my shoulders and with one swift movement my silks fall to the floor. Taking my hand you whisper, “come with me little one,” and lead me down the steps to a large wooden door. You open it guiding me inside. Standing inside while you light the lights there, revealed to my widening eyes, a large room filled with various devices. I gaze in awe at whips, chains, floggers, crops, restraints, hoods, and gags. The room is filled with toys.

You lead me by the hand to a frame and stand me under it. Lifting my hand, you place my wrist in the shackle dangling on the right of the frame. As you place my left wrist in it’s the shackle, I begin to tremble. My thoughts race, my heart pounds as I look into your eyes and my fears are erased. I trust you with my very life. You bend down placing the shackles on my ankles, first the right and then the left. Rising, you come close to me, my eyes never leaving yours, yours never leaving mine. You place your lips on mine in a soft gentle kiss, just before placing, a ball gag in my mouth. I watch as you cross the room and turn to the table. When you turn around I see a leather paddle and four leaf clover nipple clamps, on a silver chain. My eyes widen and I watch as you come close to me and stroke my breasts. Taking my nipples between your fingers you roll them and tweak them until they are swollen and erect. I arch my back. You fasten one clamp and adjust it till it bites onto my right nipple. My body quivers. The other clamp you place on my left nipple and pull the chain, tightening it until a deep moan escapes my throat.

My body strains against the shackles as I watch you pick the paddle up. You come behind me and run the paddle over the curve of my bottom getting the feel of it; I moan again my back arching. You suddenly whack my bottom and my body reacts, straining against the shackles. You see my bottom reddening and whack it again, repeating until each cheek has received five harsh blows. I groan and you carefully watch my eyes checking my level of discomfort. You pull the silver chain, causing my back to arch, my eyes filled with fire lifting to meet yours. You lift the chain until my breasts are exposed attaching the chain to a small hook. You return to the table selecting a small flogger. You swing the flogger testing it. My pleading eyes follow yours as you near. You gently caress my cheek only seconds before a swing of the flogger strikes my left breast and then my right. My back arches and I once again test my restraints.

You check my heat, your hand rubbing the slit. You whisper. “Mmmmmm, my little one you are quite wet for your Master.” You stroke my clit making it harden. You run the small flogger over my heat and look into my eyes, your voice husky as you ask “you know what this is for don't you?” My body quakes as you rapidly but with much less force strike my heat five times, listening to the wet spanking sounds. Confident now, you place a blindfold over my eyes and remove the ball gag. You kiss me deeply; I return your kiss with hunger. Breaking the kiss you go to the table and return with a large flogger as my body visibly trembles. You whack my bottom in sudden random strokes, repeating until my bottom glows red. Once again you place your hand on my heat and stroke. You pull the silver chain. You feel my juices flow freely over your hand. I whisper your name. You whisper “good girl.” The strokes grow more urgent.

I whisper “Master if you do not stop now.”

You hold me in place stroking my clit faster now.

My back arches and my juices flow over your hand as you stroke my clit faster. You ask for me to hold as long as I can.

“Yes Master.”

“Then cum for me Nic,” You whisper to me. I whimper and my body shudders as wave after wave rolls through my body. “Nic you are such a good girl,” you say as you unfasten me and carry me to our bed. “Master is so proud you are mine.” I raise my eyes to yours. Tenderly making sure I am alright, you gently position me on all fours. You take a pillow for my head, and stroke my back, kissing it. You kiss my bottom as it is still red and gently enter my dripping heat. You push in carefully until you are buried deep inside me, holding me. I bite my lip to keep from crying out as you carefully push back and forth. Thrusting deeper and deeper with each stroke, I move back against you moaning in pleasure, my body quivering. Holding me close you stroke my breasts, filling me. You go faster now kissing the nape of my neck. Whispering, “thank you,” You feel the climax rising and try to hold back. I push against you crying out, feeling the wave sweeping over you. You lose yourself in it. I came for you, and with you. You slip out and rush to hold me, taking me in your arms. You hold me kissing my lips. Our kiss deep and loving, You hold me in your arms and stroke my face as I fall asleep in your arms.

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