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Dungeon Fantasies


Michelle stirred from a deep sleep in her bed. She was lying on her side when some strange noise within the house awakened her from her slumber. She stretched her arms out, not noticing that her nails had ripped through the sheets!

The stillness of the morning tweaked her curiosity. Her eyes opened to the gentle light of the half-lit room. She reached for her newly wedded husband but then remembered he was not there. He had left two days earlier for a business trip.

The smell of Alex was still on the sheets. She could recognize it anywhere. Right then she heard it again, a noise interrupting the silence of the empty house. She sat bolt upright! "Who else could be here?" She pondered.

Michelle turned sideways in the bed and stepped into her slippers. She donned her housecoat and she went to the bedroom door. She glided silently down the hallway to the stairs, listening intently for noises from below.

Once on the first floor, she noticed the door leading to the basement was ajar. She was oblivious to the long claws protruding from her hand as it groped for the doorknob. As Michelle slid through the doorway, she felt a need to remove her housecoat. It felt like a fur coat had been painted onto her lithe body. She moved from stair tread to tread like a cat, one slow tenuous step after another. Her ears were perked, straining for any hint of an intruder.

She arrived on the bottom step gazing at the door to the room she and her husband had worked so hard to finish. It was her dream room. Right now she knew the intruder who had interrupted her sleep was violating her room. She had a sixth sense telling her there was some one or thing behind the door. Like a big cat, she moved with toe first then heel closer to the door. Her eyes were fixed on the handle.

Michelle glided past the tall mirror in the hallway adjacent to the door. She was shocked to see the reflection in the mirror. It looked like she was wearing a skin-tight tiger suit but she knew she was nude. In the mirror appeared a gorgeous woman, but she was only half-human. She realized that the furry coat and claws were due to her transformation into a tiger anthropomorphist. Whiskers protruded from her cheeks, twitching triangular ears stuck out of her hair, and a swinging tail kept a monotonous rhythm. She recognized her usual traits: blonde hair going down past her shoulders glasses on a bewhiskered yet strikingly beautiful face. Her beauty and the curvaceous nature of her body mesmerized her. Her eyes glanced up and down her body, pausing on her sculptured hips and on the smooth skin between her legs. She was aching for attention between those thighs. She missed her husband! But her attention was drawn back to the dungeon intruder.

She leaned into the door and slowly opened it. She peered around the door, ready to retrace her steps up the stairs. She was relieved to find that the room was just as she and her husband had left it. It was her dream dungeon. They had just completed it before he had unexpectedly received a call to fly to Denver for a conference two days before.

It was exactly as they had left it, except that in the corner she noticed a bowl. She quickly scanned the room. When she was satisfied that it was safe, she moved closer. Once above the rim, she noticed that it was filled with what looked like milk. She moved closer licking her lips. She stopped to move her hand over her face, ignoring that it was a paw moving over her whiskers.

She made her way into the corner. She was so thirsty. She knelt down, front legs spread wide and hips high as her tongue lapped into the creamy white substance. The liquid was curled up by her tongue and drawn into her mouth. She swallowed without even tasting. It had looked like milk but did not have the same texture. 'Salty,' was her first thought, 'and very sticky!'

Then it happened; two talon-like hands gripped her hindquarters and pushed down her ass. A pair of legs intertwined between her own. She felt vulnerable, helpless, and yet she loved being dominated by the unseen force from behind. She couldn't discern what came first, the voice or the penetration.

"Happy Halloween dear!" She immediately recognized her husband's voice as he penetrated her. His penis was quickly buried inside her; the head was completely submerged. Then there was a pause. He repositioned his feet forward and wrapped her with his bat-like wings. He pulled on her body with his wings as he thrust his penis deep into her vagina. She felt his head bounce off her G spot and she howled in a high-pitched feline, "Rrrrrrrrroooooooowwww!" She leaned forward to lap up his salty semen from the offering plate and he continued, enjoying her cat-like grace. He was awed by the control she exhibited, not spilling a drop out of her bowl. It was quite a feat, considering how violently he shoved in and out of her.

By the time she had emptied the bowl, she had orgasmed twice and he was near-orgasm himself. She arched her back, rubbing her fur against his smooth, scale-like skin. Her touch pushed him over the edge, and he shuddered as he came violently, sending his warm love juices deep into her body. The event drained his energy, and he collapsed on top of her. Her knees gave way under his weight, and they hit the floor in a tangle of legs, wings and tails. She was squished between his body and the cold stone floor.

After a while, it became increasingly difficult for her to breathe comfortably, so she gently rolled him onto his back on the floor, taking great care not to crunch his wings beneath him. He had fallen asleep, but he moaned softly as his member came out of her. She sat for a minute, just watching him sleep. It was the first time she'd seen him in several days, and he'd changed quite a bit. His skin was smooth, almost reptilian, and instead of the bronze it had been when he left it was now faint red. Her eyes wandered up and down the length of his body. His feet and hands had claws similar to her own, and like her he had grown a tail, but his was a deep red like a devil. Where she had furry ears, he had small horns, which she decided were adorable poking out of his short black hair. She smiled, enjoying what she saw, then crawled on top of him and curled up for a nap.

She woke several hours later. She was still on top of him, but in his sleep he had wrapped his arms and tail around her. She licked her lips and gently kissed all over his face, waking him up slowly. "Good morning sleepy head," she purred. He smiled. She stood up and stretched, making his soft manhood rise and harden again. She chuckled, "Want anything specific for breakfast?"

He stood up, grinning deviously, "Just you!" With that, he swept her up in his arms and carried her through the dungeon to a device much like an operating table with straps to hold the 'patient' down. He set her down on the end of the table and made her lie down on her back, knees spread and pulled up to her chest, arms above her head. He tied her up there without much resistance; she loved being dominated. She tested each bond as he tied it, and purred her approval as he finished with her hands.

He walked around the table and stood between her hips, just looking at her gorgeous feline form bound and totally helpless. Her tail was the only free part of her, and it swung back and forth in excitement. He leaned forward. Her nether lips were pink with anticipation. He kissed them lightly. This was exactly what she had hoped for. She moaned and tried to lift her lips, thrusting herself at his mouth, but at her response he pulled away. She calmed down, and he kissed her again. She moaned softly, but didn't move. This satisfied him, and he continued.

She watched him stick out his long forked tongue and lick her entire slit. Upon arriving at the clitoris, the pronged tongue parted like a river meeting an island. It was all too much for her, and she threw her head back and moaned again. She was afraid he would stop again, but his time it seemed to motivate him even more. His snake-like tongue flicked her clit, and with each attack her legs shuddered. She wagged her tail in pure ecstasy. Then he moved down, licking deep inside her vagina. She heard a noise, and recognized it a split second before he touched the vibrator to her clit. She screamed with pleasure. It was enough to finish the job; her whole body shuddered as her orgasm exploded out of her, filling his mouth and covering his face. But he wasn't done with her. He kept the vibrator on her clit, forcing her to cum over and over again while he drank it all. She was screaming, now as much with pain as with pleasure, and he enjoyed every second of it.

After her fourth orgasm, he had sucked her dry, but he took his tongue out of her and watched her face was he continued to use the vibrator to stimulate her clit. She kept shaking with orgasmic pleasure and every once in a while he would lean down and lick her vaginal lips. She tried to tease him with her tail, but she had very little control and very little energy. She was exhausted after her seventh orgasm in a row, and could only moan lightly. Her head had rolled to one side and her body shuddered involuntarily. He stopped the vibrator and walked up to her head. She looked up at him with half-open eyes, and he chuckled. "Enjoy yourself?" She could only smile at him as he untied her, picked her up, and carried her back to bed.

She was asleep in his arms by the time he got up to the second floor. He tucked her in and went back downstairs to the kitchen to make lunch since it was nearly 1:00 in the afternoon. 'Thank goodness it's Saturday,' he thought to himself. 'I'd hate to have to go to work after all that!' He smiled as the thought of his wife and their love for each other, and he knew he'd made the right choice.

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