tagIncest/TabooDunn In Ch. 01

Dunn In Ch. 01


Chapter One

Dunn Being Neglected

This is the first chapter in an erotic novel. I only have four chapters written so far and as you will see there are many directions I can go. Based on some of the constructive comments of my earlier work I have made changes in my story telling. I am looking forward to comments on the book and I MAY take suggestions as to future chapters.

I retain all rights and all persons depicted are fictitious and consenting parties over 18

Enjoy and leave a comment, please!


Now, let me begin by saying none of this would have ever happened to me if I wasn't a very good looking guy who keeps himself in very good physical shape. So, if you're a slightly round, dull, middle aged guy, give it up, it ain't happening.

I'm Rob Dunn, 45 years old. I'm 6'3' about 200 pounds. No six pack abs, but close. I've got blue eyes and wavy brown hair. This sounds like me loving myself but you gotta understand, if I don't tell you all this, you will simply not believe it could have happened. My only regret is that I failed to marry well. My wife is tall and lean and very well built but, unfortunately she has morphed into a career driven woman. So, you guessed it, our sex life has virtually disappeared. I think that might have also been a factor in all this, ya think? We have two daughters, one, is a senior in high school, one a sophomore in college.

Okay, enough about me, even I'm getting tired of it.

I was traveling on business and I found myself within four hours of Rachel's college. Needless to say she attends college very far away from home, hey, ya go where they offer the most money. I called her and let her know I'd be visiting. I'm not stupid enough to just drop in. I'm a very easy goin guy and I know what college girls do but I wouldn't want to embarrass her. Me, I could care less, life is short, go have fun. We raised her to be smart and self-reliant, but also to pursue her dreams and desires.

I parked the rented Escalade in front of the town house and knocked on the door. As a joke and an ice breaker, since I hadn't met any of her roommates, I was cradling a large bottle of Patron Tequila as I knocked. The door opened and I was almost eye to eye with a willowy blonde with high cheekbones and piercing blue eyes. She smiled, showing acres of flawless white teeth and scanned me up and down and settled on the bottle.

"Girls! The tequila is here! And apparently it came with a movie star as a bonus!"

I was confused now.

"No no! Didn't Rachel tell you..."

The blonde reaches out and takes my arm, guiding me into the house.

"Welcome Bob, I can call you Bob right? We knew you were coming I was just having some fun. Rachel never showed us a picture of you and now I know why!"

She took the bottle from me and very carefully placed it on the kitchen counter. I took a few seconds to size her up. She was at least five ten and lean. Her blonde hair ran over her shoulders to half way down her back. She was wearing those tight little shorts, pink, but with no writing over her firm round ass. She had on a matching pink tank and I don't think she had a bra. Since her chest was not large I couldn't tell until she moved again. She turned back to me and extender her hand.

"I'm Sasha. I'm a junior and the oldest one here. The others will be down in a minute. They have to get their clothes back on."

I looked quickly into her eyes to see if this is a joke. They quickly smiled back.

"Ha, had you going for a minute, didn't I Bob?"

"Sasha, these days I figure anything's possible. Yeah, you got me. Hey, you know, Rachel's told me a lot about you. So, while we're waiting I have to ask, is it really tough to dance on that pole at your job?"

Her stunned look made me think I'd gone too far but her look quickly changed back to a wide smile.

"Bob, you suck! You totally had me! I guess it's only fair, I've been fucking with you since you got here. Touche."

I watched her lithe frame glide into the living room area and settle in an old stuffed chair. I went to the corner to get the canvas folding chair that was sitting there. Sasha was still laughing about my little joke. I like this girl; she was good looking and sharp. My daughter knows how to pick her friends. I heard multiple feet on the stairs and looked up to see my daughter charging at me. I hadn't seen her in four months. Her five foot six frame collided with me and her hands clamped around me. I looked down into a mane of brunette hair as she tried to squeeze me to death. Her friends just stood and watched. Soon her head tilted up and I looked into a pair of slightly red and damp brown eyes.

"Thank you Dad! I missed you soooo much! I know this is way out of your way but I am so jazzed you came!

I wiped a little moisture away from her eye and gave her a squeeze.

"You know I'd be here if I was anywhere near. Besides I have to check up on what sort of friends you have. I've already been beaten up by Sasha here so I'm ready for anything."

Sasha smiled and blushed slightly. She was the picture of self-confidence without arrogance. Rachel took my hand a lead me over to the group. The first girl was tiny, no more than five feet and ninety pounds. She offered her hand.

"I'm Amy. I'm a freshman. I'm the youngest here at eighteen. Rachel never told us how handsome her dad was!"

The last part sort of blurted out and Amy immediately reddened. I shook her hand and smiled.

"Thank you Amy, it's nice to be noticed, Rachel just thinks I look like a bank."

Rachel huffed.

"DAAAAAD that is sooo not true! You take that back!"

She slugged my arm as I laughed.

"Okay, Rach, not true. You are indeed a loving daughter who treats her dad like a king."

My daughter smiled back.

"Well, somebody should."

She caught herself and I looked quickly at her. The last comment was a reference to her mother. I knew my two girls were aware of the state of our relationship but this is the first Rachel had actually said anything. She stared back in mild defiance and I just let it go. I turned back and was looking at a young lady very similar to my daughter. Both were average in size, not twigs but not BBW's. Curvy and solid. This girl's chest seemed maybe a size larger and her hair was brunette in a similar style.

"I'm Sandy, you might remember I was Rachel's roommate freshman year."

Sandy had flawless skin and a lovely smile under a deep brown set of eyes. I smiled broadly at her.

"Oh, Sandy! I do remember something about you, Rachel and a stolen golf cart..."

The girl went crimson.

"Rachel! I cannot believe you told your father that story! We were drunk when I took that stupid bet to drive that thing naked. You told him that?"

Now I was grinning. I leaned down to her ear and whispered, a bit loudly, on purpose.

"Actually Sandy, she left out the naked part but thanks for filling me in."

The poor girl gasped. I thought she was going to faint. I grabbed her as she went for Rachel. The rest of them were roaring with laughter. I had my arm around her midsection and I gotta tell you I like the solid feel of her body and just the hint of her bra brushing my arm.

"OHHHH Rachel Dunn! I am so going to get even!"

Sandy was smiling now and I let her go.

"Mr. Dunn...."

Sasha interrupted her.

"Sandy, girls, he's Bob for tonight, he said it was okay, well except for Rachel, she has the best name for him."

I tossed Sandy's hair and smiled.

"Don't worry Sandy, Rachel doesn't know half of what I did in college. That's nothing."

"Oh really dad? If we get into that Patron, you gonna open up?"

"Ya never know baby, ya never know."

The last girl offered me her hand. She was also similar to my Rachel and Sandy. Mid five foot range, average build, brown and brown. But I could see the edge of a tattoo on her neck.

"I'm Jackie, I'm a sophomore too. Hey they won't say it but I just have to. Bob, you're hot! It is really nice to meet you!"

The girls groaned but smiled. I laughed. Rachel jumped in.

"Dad, Jackie is in charge of inappropriate observations; you'll have to excuse her."

Jackie straightened up.

"Screw you Rachel and the rest of you too! Any one of you! Raise your hand if you think I'm not right that Rachel's dad is hot. Come on!"

I looked around and there were no hands but a few guilty looks. I knew I was in for a fun evening. I looked at my watch, it was six ten.

"Who's hungry?"

All the girls looked surprised. Sasha spoke.

"Bob we assumed you'd want to take Rachel out so you two could catch up."

Rachel jumped in.

"Sasha, Dad and I are going sightseeing tomorrow. It's Saturday and he doesn't have to work so we'll have all day."

Jackie beamed.

"Wow, so Bob you're gonna take us all to dinner?"

The girls groaned again at Jackie's outburst. I just smiled and pointed to the door.

Sandy spoke up.

"Oh Bob we can't go out like this! You're gonna have to wait a few.'

With that the five of them piled up the stairs and in about eight minutes they were all back in jeans and tops, ready to go.

Dinner was a riot, very noisy and lots of laughter. Since I was driving I stuck to soda but true to their nature as college kids the girls started knocking them back. A few hundred dollars later I was guiding them all back to the Escalade. They seemed to take turns hugging me and kissing me to thank me for dinner. Each girl placed a chaste but very soft kiss on my lips and hugged me. Sasha, true to her nature looked me straight in the eyes as she closed.

"Thank you very much Bob. We've all been cramming for mid-terms and this was just what we needed. You're the best. Rachel is very lucky."

The lanky blonde's lips met mine and I could not help it, I started getting hard. She lingered, just a little and I savored the taste. What was it about her?

We got back to the townhouse and the girls disappeared upstairs to change back into more comfortable clothes. It was about seven O'clock and I remembered that I had not made a room reservation yet. I called the only motel in this small town. What I didn't know was that this was some sort of big game weekend. Having daughters means not knowing anything about the college sports. The motel was full and it took me five minutes to find out every one within an hour's driving was also full. The girls were all downstairs now and the top was off the Patron. I broke the bad news that I would have to drive over an hour to get to my room so I'd have to leave in hour or so. Sasha smiled and the girls seemed to catch her wave.

"Bob, you're not going anywhere. We have taken a vote. We have an open room. We all have single rooms here and Brenda had to leave mid-semester, something about a pregnancy and a professor. Her room is vacant and it's yours for the night."

I was surprised. I mean it was fun to hang out with these girls but staying here was quite different. I assumed that at some point they would have had enough of entertaining the 'old guy' and would politely send me on my way. I guess I was wrong. The five faces all clearly said stay. So, I went out to the Escalade, got my bag and Jackie showed me up to the room on the second of the three floors. Walking in, I noticed that the one window was covered in black plastic.

"Jackie, what's with the plastic?"

"Becky was a freak about sleeping in so she blacked the window out, weird huh?"

I shrugged and went back to setting out my shaving kit and towel.

Jackie left and got me a set of lovely pink sheets and helped me make the bed. Sandy brought in a double fleece blanket and a pillow and I was all set. Sasha poked her head in as we were finishing up.

"Now Bob, get into something comfortable and get back downstairs. Amy is already into the Patron and we need to get back down before she chugs the whole thing.

By midnight the bottle of Patron was a lot emptier and we were having a great time. The girls took turns sitting on my lap and I had begun to tell tales of my college days. They were good, nobody squirmed or misbehaved, but I was fighting to keep my cock from getting hard. I had on track pants shorts and briefs. I wasn't taking any chances of being thought to be a perv. Good thing too because it was all that fabric that kept my cock from being massaged by cute college ass. Even though I hadn't had much to drink I was beat, so I told the girls goodnight, got a lovely collection of good night kisses, including another cock stiffener from Sasha, and headed up. Little did I know how memorable a night this was going to turn out to be.

I woke up a while later and the house was quiet. I looked at my travel alarm and saw it was one AM. As I got up to pee I was glad the room had a small nightlight, just enough so I could see the floor. I had switched to boxers when I came to bed so I checked the hall before I stepped out. It was a short hall, only four doors, two on one side, two on the other. Three bedrooms and the bathroom. The bathroom door was open and all the rest were closed. I stepped out and went and pissed. As I turned out of the bathroom I noticed that the bedroom door across from mine was now partly open. I was sure it was hard shut when I came out of my room. Now I was worried that I might run into one of the girls and hoped they wouldn't mind my boxers. I stood at the bathroom door for a second nor two and listened. Nobody came out but now I heard noises from inside the room. I stepped up carefully until I could just see past the partially open door. I did not want to ruin my welcome by gaping at some partially clad girl when she wasn't expecting it. I needn't have worried.

There was a light on in the room, more than a night light, maybe a reading light shaded by something. I could clearly see the bed. Sasha was lying there, naked. Her blonde hair fanned out over the pillow, her small breasts heaving, her eyes clenched shut. She was gripping the edges of the mattress. Her long thin legs were splayed out, knees bent. There was a slight sheen of perspiration on her skin. I could feel the warmth of the room radiating out the door. I just stood and stared at the Nordic beauty laid out before me. She was a gorgeous woman and more so even now. I took in every inch of her body. Looking lower I could not see her sex. The reason was clear. There was a brunette head between her wide spread thighs clearly enjoying pleasuring her pussy. I hung back at the edge of the door.

The girls hands were clenching Sasha's wonderful ass, helping her keep her mouth on the blonde's center. I could hear the sound of her tongue bathing the older girl's slit. The brunette head moved up and down and side to side, devouring the tall girl. She was naked also and I took a second to gaze at her upturned ass and shiny puffy pussy. She was clearly enjoying her work. Then I noticed that, from behind the partially opened door, two small hands reached over to begin pinching and twisting Sasha's nipples. The result was instant. She bucked her hips up into the girls face and twisted her head back and forth. Without thinking I had moved so I could see more. Now I was glued to the spot. I knew I had to leave; this was way more than I should be seeing. My cock was hard now, pushing out the fabric in front of me. Sasha was writhing now, clearly having an orgasm, her eyes shut and hands clenching the mattress. I could not stop watching, and then it happened. Sasha opened her eyes and looked straight into mine. I was caught!

But she just smiled at me. My cock had started to shrink and I was getting ready to turn but Sasha just looked at me and kept smiling. I couldn't leave. Her hand went down and she caressed the girl's head that was doing such a wonderful job of pleasuring her. The small hands were massaging her breasts and Sasha just lay there. Then she motioned with her head. I think she was telling me to go back to my room so I turned, giving her a nice side view of my, now renewed, boner and went back to my room and closed the door.

I didn't want to jack off, I was afraid the girls would hear me. I just lay there, hard and horny and replayed what I had just seen. What the fuck was that all about? That door was shut. The only way it could have been open is if they wanted it open. I lay there idly stroking my hard cock and trying to figure out why they did that. My vivid imagination had an idea but I disregarded it. Two minutes later, maybe three, I heard my door opening, just a little. I looked over and in the dim light, Sasha's slim, naked, frame slid in the narrow gap. Leaving the door partially open, she came to my bedside, pulled my covers back and climbed up right on top of me as if she'd done it a hundred times. My prick was pressed into her belly with only a thin shield of cotton between us. Her hard nipples and small breasts pressed down into the hair on my chest. Her mouth was next to mine now, her legs outside of mine. I was totally confused, but I was in heaven.

My ear was bathed in warm moist breath as she whispered.

"Bob, this night is for you. Rachel told us all about you and about her mom. That's not right so we decided to give you a night to remember."

Now she was rubbing on me, sliding her nubile frame over mine. Her lips met mine and we kissed, slowly, gently exploring each other's lips and mouth. I took my hands and began to caress her back and her ass. A young girl's skin is so soft, so smooth. She was so warm to the touch. She purred as my big hands explored everything within reach. I couldn't touch her breasts and she was too low for me to get between her legs but I adored everything else. Her ass was so perfect and so firm. She just felt so good. My cock was harder than I could ever remember. Then she stopped. She propped her head up so I could now see the small nipples on her petite breasts.

"Thank you. I've been waiting for this all night and I'm so glad you're cool with this. The girls are really going to enjoy you. But Bob, my love, you are going to need to help us. You're going to have more visitors and they all want you to fuck them. So, when you're feeling close you have to say only the word 'close' so they stop. You're in great shape but you're not our age. The other rule is than that I'm the only one who is allowed to speak in here tonight. That means you too. Your visitors are forbidden from doing anything but moaning and I think they will be doing a lot of that. Do you want to know where your playthings are right now?"


"They are in my room, naked, and masturbating."

I had to ask.

"How many?"

Sasha, slid off me, maintaining contact for as long as possible, and stood next to the bed.

"Oh, I won't tell you that. You know it won't be all of us. But I will tell you that the last girl, when she climbs on that hot body of yours will tap your chest twice, like this."

She thumped my chest twice with the tips of her first two fingers.

"When she does that, that's your signal lover. I want you to fuck that girl as hard as you can and shoot hot cum deep in her pussy. We're all safe here so don't worry. Now, how are you going to fuck me with these silly pants on?"

I was in heaven, but there was one thing I wanted to do.

"I want to lick you Sasha."

I panted. Sasha was working my boxers off and paused.

"Oh Bob, I'd love to have you suck my pussy. Do you want all your visitors to ride your face?"

She had gotten my boxers off and was on top of me now working herself up to my face. I could clearly see her hairless slit, still shiny from her lover's attention. Silly question.

"Yes, all."

My last words, as Sasha's succulent womanhood nestled onto my lips. She held her slit off of me, just enough, so I didn't suffocate. But she undulated her hips across my tongue.

"I'll tell the girls to mount your face when they come in. They will not be allowed to stop until you make them cum with your, OH FUCK THAT"S GOOD, uh tongue. I'm done talking Bob make me cum!"

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