tagLesbian SexDunn In Ch. 03

Dunn In Ch. 03


Chapter 3 Dunn In By Her Intern<.strong>

I stepped into the shower room, hot and sweaty from forty five minutes on the Stairmaster. I have to keep in shape to work the hours. My image also required I be in peak shape. I was moving up, fast and I wanted to send the message with everything I said, did and by my appearance. At forty seven I was in peak shape. My ambition unbounded, I am ruthless in my quest.

As the water warmed me and cleansed me however I was reminded of another need. I felt the tingle in my core as I remembered fucking Bob. My husband is a wonderful lover; we've had many many adventures. Now my soapy hands are slowly washing my breasts. I feel their large weight in my hands and love that they hardly sag. Not bad for 'd's". I can't help it, I pinch my nipples and the shock goes right down to my pussy. I lean against the wall and pinch some more, remembering the feel of other fingers on my hard needy nipples. I want sex, I need to be fucked hard, but I don't have time and I won't lose my energy. Being hungry is what drives me. But each day, I have to release my tension. I run my hands over my flat taut abdomen. It helps to be lean and five foot ten. I'm taller than a lot of the executives. Some days I wear low shoes, just to rub it in. I bring both my hands up and massage my hard belly. Slowly I slide them down as I spread my legs. It's time, it's time to release the tension. I know I won't be disturbed or heard.

Legs wide I run my hands down, down till I feel the puffy mound of my pussy. I love the feel of my womanhood. I just cup my sex and squeeze, I can feel myself juicing. Yes, this will be a good one. I'm only thinking of how my fingers feel in my center now. All memories are gone. It's just me and me, playing with me. I turn and place my head against the tile of the wall arching my back so the water runs down the crack of my tight ass. I like the feeling as the warm flow runs over my rosebud. I have one hand alternately pinching my nipples as the other massages my mound. My hand is wet now, not with water. My finger probes, gently spreading my inner lips and probing.

I gasp as I begin to touch the good spot, right at the entrance. I massage it, I cum, panting, a small one, more and better to come. My nipples protest, I stop pinching them moving my other hand around, to massage and probe my ass as I rub my pussy lips. I like to take my time. Taking the edge off is an art. I soap up a finger and slowly open my butt. A hard finger probing my most secret place. My ring yields slowly to the pressure and soon I have one finger buried in my ass.

My other hand is back to massaging, but soon I take two fingers and slide them in. So good! I cum again, better, but not yet. I wanted to bring my dildo but I had left it in my desk. Next time, fingers will have to do tonight. I'm contorted, one hand up my ass as I try to configure the other to finish me. My thumb barley reaches my clit with three fingers jammed up my tunnel. Oh fuck, I'm wet! Oh I miss sex! Faster now! My other hand moves now, massaging my asshole and I can feel the fingers inside me. The digits in my pussy push against the one in my ass. Oh I need to be fucked! I picture being plowed front and back, hard and I go over the edge. My hand is drenched in juice as I ram it hard. I pull the finger out of my ass as I cum for the third time. I'm panting. I slow the fingering as I come down. I want to do it again but I have to get back to the office. I straighten and move under the shower, pouring the shampoo and lathering my shoulder length blonde hair. I quickly wash the rest of me, sending the remainder of my climax, down the drain. That will have to be enough, but soon I'm going to have to do something about this.

I walked quickly back towards my office. It was eight o'clock and the floor was empty except for two offices. I made a point to go by Warren Jasperman's, office. There he was, still at it. Unusual for him, he used to be out the door at four. Now he's here late every night. Hey Warren, feel that hot damp feeling? That's the third V.P. breathing down your neck! He figured it out and he's trying hard to stop me, but it won't work. I've met his wife, she won't put up with this much longer. I'll be in that corner office by Thanksgiving. Poor Warren will be unemployed and divorced. Tough shit.

I see my door now, freshly lettered, Third Vice President. Not bad, I was a division manager a year ago. Turning the corner I see my latest weapon in my war against Warren. Lauren Hoffman, twenty, summer intern. I was so lucky to get this girl. She is smart, clever, and ambitious. If she worked here and was ten years older, I'd have to stomp her like a bug. But instead I get to teach her, mold her. In return she works tirelessly. In her first week she took work home, now she knows this company from top to bottom. But she doesn't know the personalities. That's okay, she doesn't have to. I watched as she complies the quarterly report, it will be perfect, I won't even need to proofread it. She hears me, looks up, smiles and goes right back to work. I love her, she's me.

"Lauren, are you sure you don't mind working this late? I mean an attractive young lady like you should be out on the town."

Lauren stopped working for a minute and looked at me; she was clearly considering her response.

"Mrs. Dunn, I'm only in my second week here but, well, I'll just say it. I want to be you. You are so driven and so smart. I'll have time for fun when I go back for my senior year but I'll only be able to learn your secrets now, so no, I sure don't mind working late."

I watched her. I've been stroked before and by some pretty good actors. No, this was genuine. Now I was jazzed. I had a willing subject to mold into a corporate shark. I was proud of her.

"Lauren, I'm delighted that you look up to me and I will do my best to make your time here as educational as possible. You work your ass off and I know it."

She blushed a little.

"Thank you Mrs. Dunn."

"Lauren, since we will be spending a lot of time together, let's make it Miranda, when we are alone. It's just more expedient."

"Thank you Mrs.......Miranda."

I was home early that night, only ten when I got into bed. Rob was out cold. I watched him sleep. There was a time when I would have pulled the sheet down and taken his nice fat cock in my mouth to wake him up so he could pummel my soaked pussy. But we wouldn't stop at one and I'd be tired the next day. Let Warren fuck his wife, I'll just eat his lunch.

Lauren was reviewing my Email when I got in. I double checked her clothes to make sure she had actually gone home. As I settled in she looked up.

"Miranda, you got an email advertising a weekend class in statistical projection. Would you be interested?"

Normally anything that might take me away from my quest was out of the question but this was timely. Projections are a weak area for me. Unfortunately not for Warren, he came out of accounting, I came out of sales. It was worth it.

"Lauren, good find. Sign me...hey, sign BOTH of us up."

"Really Miranda? Thank You so much!"

"No problem, I have to take care of my fledgling."

I smiled at her and she beamed back. I love that look of total allegiance. I had a meeting so I had to leave. I stuck my head back in the door; I had forgotten a small detail.

"My purse is in the big drawer of my desk. Use the AMEX card. But just get one room, I know that place and it costs a fortune."

I was sitting in the conference room, listening to the presentation of our new product line when it hit me. Hopefully nobody noticed how deeply I blushed. I remembered that under my purse, in that drawer was my nice eight inch lifelike waterproof vibrator. Oh well, I'm sure Lauren has something like it. I knew she'd never say anything but it looks like we just got a little closer, seeing as she would immediately figure out that I masturbated at work sometime, somewhere. Then it came to me. She's damn smart and she'll know it's in the shower when I work out. I shrugged. So what? Everybody does it, she'll never say anything. We're two full grown ladies. Who cares?

Two weeks flew by. Lauren had proved to be even better. Her only fault was that she was a bit outspoken. After an uninvited comment at a meeting that got her stares we had a chat and she was better, outside my office. Inside she was hilarious. The girl said things without thinking. Example, we had been in a meeting and afterward I had been talking to one of Warren's team. I had made a point of being in his space and making lots of hand contact and whispering in his ear.

When we got back to the office, the door wasn't shut before Lauren blurted.

"Did you SEE the bulge in his pants? He's got to be fucking huge!"

I was stunned but then laughed long and hard. But that was my intern Lauren. If it wasn't the bulge in some guys pants it was pointy nipples, panty lines, people she was sure were fucking in the closets, you name it. I figured this girl must be tearing up that college she goes to. But she was smart and clever. I gave her more responsibility and she took it in stride. I was really going to miss her come fall.

The weekend for the conference came and we were getting ready to leave.

"Lauren, would you put our luggage in my car please?"

She went into the closet in my office and got out the bags. We had kept them out of sight to keep the rumor mill quiet. They did not need to know that I was actually taking a weekend off.

"Miranda, I have a black sedan waiting. I had your car taken back to your house. Any nosy nates will think you're home."

I was surprised.

"Do you really think Warren's people would go to that length?"

She smiled a truly wicked smile.

"We'll never know, that's the point."

As Lauren walked out the door I had to admit I was very fond of that clever young lady.

The next surprise was on the plane. We settled into business class seats and Lauren handed me a binder, carefully divided and with pages flagged.

"This is the Curriculum Vitae of all the speakers and of all the participants. The flagged ones are people in our business or in a company of similar size, red for men green for women. If you're like me you'll get more info out of the men so that's why I broke it down."

With that she wrapped herself in a blanket and dropped off the sleep, leaving me stunned again by her skill.

The car had barely stopped in front of the hotel when Lauren jumped out. She grabbed our two rolling suitcases and headed in. I followed her, giving my most imperious act as I entered. She stopped and pointed at the ballroom.

"Miranda, there's the conference. I'll check us in and go to the room. I'll be there if you need me."

It was eight o'clock when I finally got up to the room. Lauren's stuff had been perfect. I ruled the room and had already made serious alliances. It never would have happened without her.

I slid the card in and opened the door. Expecting my suitcase to be sitting on the bed I was surprised when I saw it in the corner, open, empty. She had unpacked my bag and put everything away. I heard her in the bathroom so I waited. I wanted to give her a huge hug for getting me up to speed so fast. The door opened and my intern walked into the room. I just stared.

She was naked. No, then I saw it, a tiny G string panty was all she had on. I hadn't really paid a lot of attention to her shape so now I had a chance to observe. She was five eight or so, brown eyes, brown hair, about shoulder length. I liked her shape. Shoulders and hips about the same size and a nice waist. She was no twig, she had curves. I felt funny but I liked looking at her. But what took my breath away were the tattoos.

She had a B or small C chest and one breast was covered in I think, poppy flowers connected with vine. The other had a cluster of ladybugs around the large areola. Her right leg was a Lilly plant, from her hip to her ankle. Her left leg was Bamboo. The colors were lush and the shading perfect. I'd never seen tattoos like this in person. There was something lower, towards her vagina, but the cloth covered it. She turned and saw me gaping at her.

"Oh, I guess I never mentioned the ink, huh."

"Umm no you sure didn't. I'm sorry to stare, it's quite rude."

Lauren smiled and turned slowly. Now I could see her back was a garden, with a path that wound down from her right shoulder, across her back and then ran down into the crack of her ass. In the center of her back a naked couple was walking towards her ass. It was gorgeous.

"Lauren that's amazing work, I'll stop staring and let you get dressed."

She smiled a coy little smile.

"Miranda I AM dressed. If it bothers you I'll put something on but usually I don't even where this at home."

She snapped the G string as she spoke. I didn't quite know what to do. I have no problem with the way I look. I've gone to nude beaches a few times. But my wild intern had really turned things up. I also noticed that I could not stop studying the girl. I hated to admit it but I liked looking at this nearly naked woman. Well, I wasn't going to let this girl get me off center.

"No Lauren you're just fine. You look quite comfortable actually. I'll shower and be right out."

I went to the dresser with my cosmetics kit on top and opened the drawer, looking for a thong to put on after my shower. Lying on top of my thongs and bras was my other vibrator. No, I had not expected my intern to unpack for me. I didn't know whether to reprimand her or blush or try to explain or what. My outspoken intern solved the problem.

"Um, that's Okay Miranda. Really see?"

I looked over as she opened her drawer and took out a similar cock shaped and colored vibrator. Looking down as the drawer shut I thought I saw a harness too. This girl is more wild than I thought.

"I bring mine too. I don't know why. I knew we'd be sharing a room. I felt better when I found yours. Oh, yeah I saw the other one too. It's ok, we're big girls and we have our needs, right?"

I smiled back, pulled my big vibe out and licked the suction cup bottom. I wound up and slapped it onto the front of the drawer. Lauren roared and put hers on top of her dresser.

"No need to hide them now, eh, Lauren?"

"No Ma'm!"

As I took off my clothes to shower I felt a bit self-conscious, but Lauren didn't stare. She did look, but carefully. I was down to my bra and thong. I knew she could see my pubic hair sticking out round the edge. Normally I'd go into and out of the bath like this but Lauren had me feeling a bit wicked and competitive. I slipped off my bra and skinned off my thong. Looking over at Lauren as I picked up my thong off the floor, I smiled.

"You know, you should be as comfortable as you want on this trip Lauren. I think I'll join you."

I dropped my clean thong back in my drawer and as I passed her to get to the shower I saw her slip the tiny G string off, smiling.

I stood in the shower, letting the hot water run over me. My life had changed a lot in the four weeks since Lauren became my intern. Now we were alone on a trip where nobody knew us. I don't know why I thought of that, why it was important. I put the thought out of my mind and began to strategize my meetings tomorrow. Later, as I ran my hands through my soapy hair it dawned on me. I had to admit why it was important. I was attracted to her. I stopped, my hands full of hair. Why? I've never even thought of another woman that way, why now, why her? I wanted to masturbate, take the edge off, but I'd been in there too long. Yeah, waving our vibrators around is one thing, being caught rubbing one out I wasn't quite ready for.

I walked back into the room, naked, as promised. But I felt really self-conscious. I was only doing it to keep the upper hand with Lauren. Well, mostly. I had to admit that if I stayed naked, she would and I liked that idea. The girl fascinated me. I stood and watched her as she moved around, pulling the beds back and placing towels on the chairs in front of the TV. She looked up and smiled, taking time to carefully look me over from head to toe. It was like I was being visually fondled. I blushed, I liked it. This was becoming fun.

"Wow, Miranda, you are a beautiful woman. You don't shave?"

"Well, um, no I don't but thank you Lauren. That's nice to hear, even from another woman."

She blushed a little.

"Sorry if I made you uncomfortable, you know, it's that brain mouth filter thing."

We both laughed and I sat on the bed and just watched her move. The tattoos fascinated me. I still couldn't make out what was over her shaved vagina though. Having pulled the beds back and arranged everything Lauren stood next to me.

"I ordered a tray from room service. I didn't think you'd be in the mood to go out after traveling all day and working the room downstairs."

So smart! So thoughtful.

"Thank's Lauren."

Suddenly I had a wicked thought.

"But Lauren what are we going to do when room service gets here? Who's going to answer the door?"

My implication was clear and not lost on the young lady. She caught the game immediately.

"Hmmmmm good question. We both don't need to, one of us could be in the bathroom, but the other has to open the door, let him in and give him a tip. How will we decide?"

She looked at me with a wicked grin. I was sitting and she was standing so I could study the ladybugs closely. The detail was beautiful. But now I was worried. I was being whimsical and now my crazy intern was taking the ball and running with it. I was going to have to call this if it got too far.

"Let's flip a coin. Loser has to answer the door naked, like it's nothing. You let him in, tip him and send him on his way."

I was shocked at the idea. Yeah, I'd been to nude beaches but I had never displayed myself like that to a total stranger. He could be a fat old man, a Chinese immigrant, a woman! But then the risk taker in me took over. I'd gotten where I am by taking risks, doing what wasn't expected. I looked up a Lauren and smiled. Her face changed. She didn't think I'd agree! Ha, this was going to be fun now.

"Well, Lauren that sounds good to me. Nobody knows us, right? Who cares? Let's go!"

I saw her face. Her resolve had kicked in. So funny. 'The boss isn't going to get one over on me.' We'll see what the coin says.

Heads, I won. What had become of me? Here were two naked women in a motel room flipping a coin to see who's going to shock room service with a show. I was finally loosening up. My intern, my younger me, smiled. She was getting into this now.

"Okay, I'm in. I have to tell you Miranda, I didn't really think you'd go this far. This is a good lesson in how much of a risk taker you are. I never thought I'd get this kind of business wisdom from a naked MILF."

"MILF? I don't know that one."

I'm not sure if she was embarrassed by the fact I 'claimed' to not know what that meant or whether she was accidently sending a message. I'm not oblivious. It had occurred to me that what we were doing was not exactly normal and did have a sexual undercurrent.

"Ummm well, uhhh."

"Out with it. Lauren that mouth of yours will get you into serious trouble so you better learn now."

"A Mom, umm, A Mom I'd like to....."

I made a faux shocked face.

"FUCK? Fuck? A mom I'd like to fuck?"

Oh it was so fine! She went red from head to toe. But I had to think fast. This was volatile. Maybe she was just using the phrase to compliment me. But maybe there was more. This was happening fast. I'd never related to another woman on this level before. I had to calm this down before it got uncomfortable.

"Lauren, Lauren, Thank you for your compliment. But I think its boys who would call me a MILF, right?"

She was relieved.

"Yeah right, I was bein me again, sorry. But really, I didn't think you'd do this. You really take risks don't you?"

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