tagIncest/TabooDunn In Ch. 04

Dunn In Ch. 04


Chapter Four: Dunn with Denial

"Miranda, we need to talk."

"I know. I've been waiting for this day."

"I don't know the person you've become. All you care about is getting ahead in that company."

"Rob, I can't explain it. You know, when we got married I was fixated on us. We had amazing times. When the girls came along, I was fixated on them. I know our relationship cooled a little but I wanted to keep it going. Now they are grown and I need to do this for me. I need to prove my worth. I can't explain it more than that."

"Miranda, I can't live being an occasional sex toy and clever arm candy for you to use at parties to advance your career. I need more. I want a divorce"

"I won't divorce you Rob. I'm sorry if tis sound mercenary but I need to be married to make my plan work. If you push it, you could make it happen. You'd wreck my career. I know you wouldn't want that."

"No, but I can't live like this. It's not fair to me to make my sex life a hostage of your ambition."

"I've been thinking about this. Let's separate, not legally, I can't have that known. I will move into our condo. The tenants just vacated and I can just move my things in. Rob, I beg you. Let me do this. Let's leave the future to the future."

"But we're still married and....."

"We've done swinging Rob. I'm okay if you swing without me....."

"Oh... are you sure?"


"I'm not initially opposed, but what if one of us meets someone?"

"Well, let's talk about that if it happens."

Those are the highlights of a much longer conversation. That was three weeks ago, after Miranda had come back from her seminar. I know my wife very well. I was sure there was no competition for my affections, but I also knew that she had been sublimating her sex drive to stay focused. I suspected she had found a playmate. I wasn't sure how I felt about that but I was certainly in no position to object.

Sammie and Rachael had decided to stay with me for now. They had carte-blanche to stay or visit either place. All in all it was unusually civil. We were lucky.

I had not said anything to Rachael or done anything to encourage her. I was kind of half-ass hoping she would change her mind. I, of course, had huge mixed feelings. After all this wasn't me imagining what sex with my oldest daughter would be like, I already knew, it was awesome. She is a very talented and passionate lover. The fact that I didn't know it was her saved me from having to confront my feelings. Well, she tipped me off and then we had a long non-sexual chat. Well, non-sexual for me, Rachael masturbated herself in front of me, sticking her hand down her PJs and rubbing herself off. Then she sailed out of my room but not before she told me she knew that my mother and I have sex. My most closely guarded secret.

I'm not totally sure why I'm holding back. Rachael doesn't know that family love goes back before her grandmother and me. I swear, it must be a genetic thing. I think I was attempting to be noble and break the chain. Well, it didn't work and the results will be chronicled here.

Rachael was on a mission. We had talked and it was very clear she knew what it meant to have sex with your father. Our relationship, as father and daughter had not really changed. She seemed to be able to compartmentalize her desire away from her other feelings. I, of course, did some research and found that in rare cases, that was possible. Not helpful. I'm searching for reasons to not do this and the internet is, not only, not helping, it's dumping fuel on the fire.

What did help was that her sister, was here. This acted to temper her lusty side, which unfortunately, maybe, comes from both her parents. I really was trying to hold out and be mature.

Well, after our chat my oldest daughter who had been so proud that, prior to my night in her townhouse, where most of her roommates and she, snuck into my dark room and fucked me senseless, had never teased me openly or flaunted her body, changed her act. Oh, she was good too.

It was summer. We, of course have a nice in ground pool. No hot tub. I am almost always the second person up. Sammie is always the first up. She's eighteen and a dead ringer for her mother, tall and lean with a big chest. She's blonde and blue so the whole thing makes a pleasant package.

Rachael had said nothing about Sammie knowing what happened or what Rachael wanted to continue. They both had summer jobs so the three of us were together almost all the time. So this kept my oldest daughter from any obvious displays. Mostly.

Rachael is bright. She knew that Miranda and I separating would take some adjustment for me. Now after three weeks, apparently she has decided that we need to address her desire.

Sammie and I were in the kitchen. When she gets up in the morning she gets herself mostly ready so when she gets to the kitchen she has clothes on. I haven't gotten to the point that she is becoming an issue for me, but I have to confess it could happen. It's this genetic thing, I guess. Fortunately Sammie does nothing to exacerbate it. Then there's Rachael. Rachael who told me she never was overt with me, who always behaved, even though she wanted me to fuck her. I found out fast, that was then, this is now.

Rachael came sailing in in her usual sleep attire, which I happen to know, some mornings she actually has to put on. Yes, she sleeps naked some nights and yes, I've snuck in and watched, and yes I've masturbated too. I'm not sure at this point whether I'm fighting this or I'm just trying to drive Rachael nuts. Her sleep attire is very loose shorts and a very old and worn tee shirt of mine. Nothing else. There was nothing new there, but her behavior was.

The first thing I noticed as she came in was that her nipples, those nearly inch long thick nipples that I sucked on that night, are very hard and poking out. I smiled to myself. Either she played with them to get them up or she was masturbating before she arrived. I was wearing my boxers, a tee and some lightweight lounge pants. The sight of those hard nipples got me started. Who can blame me? My cock started to stir. I had to stay seated at the counter since two layers of loose cotton will do nothing to hide me. I wasn't real hard but I sure was fighting it. Rachael came up behind me to give me a morning cheek kiss, as usual. Not today. She stood behind me and wrapped her arms around me. I could feel the double bullets pressing into my back. She went to kiss me on the cheek, but with her back to Sammie her lips moved to my ear. I felt her warm moist breath as she spoke. Her lips caressed my ear lobe and my cock went to full mast, instantly.

"Good morning dad. How's it going today?"

Her hands are usually at my shoulders for this ritual but today she had them on my hips. Sammie was seated to my left so she couldn't see Rachael's right hand move up over my hip and almost brush my rigid prick. Almost, no accident.

Sammie was oblivious and chatted on. Rachael made her breakfast and sat with us. I thought I saw a hand in her lap but I wasn't sure. She was on my right and Sammie wouldn't see anyway. They finished their breakfast and I was talking to Sammie as they both got up to put their dishes away. Sammie was first and as she put her dish in the machine I noticed Rachael. Her shorts were pulled up tight now. I was behind her but I could clearly see the fabric running right up the crack of her tight little ass. Sammie left and I watched as Rachael turned to leave also. I looked her over as she intentionally paused, three feet away from me, so I could get a good look. She had one of legs cocked out at an angle and my eyes went to her crotch. There, right in the center, a dark spot emanating from her center. She was standing in our kitchen with her shorts full of her juice. Her nipples were harder than when she came in, if that's possible. As she moved to leave she leaned in and brushed my lips with hers.

"Always thinking of you dad."

What happened to her statement when we had our chat that the next move was mine? I guess teasing doesn't count.

It was a long day. I masturbated, of course, as soon as they left. It didn't help. I texted Sasha, she had a job too and worked six days a week. She couldn't get away. I was nowhere near Vicky either. I was on my own. I had some time to think so I worked out a plan. After Miranda moved out we set up house rules. Closed doors meant do not enter. I stared very directly at Rachael when we did that and she pouted but nodded. That prevented her making any night time forays. As I have said before, she's very smart and has her feelings about me well adjusted, I have no idea how, but she does. She wants this but she will wait to see if I make the first move. Of course the teasing was not part of her promise and it continued unabated, in the presence of her sister.

After work, it was still hot, we all hit the pool. Sammie wore a fairly conservative two piece, me my baggy suit and Rachael, no surprise her oldest and tightest white bikini. I'm not sure if she owns a thong suit, but if it wasn't for her sister, I might find out.

I was lounging after taking a few laps to cool off. The girls were swimming and Rachael started a wrestling match. They do this all the time in the pool so it's no big deal. I looked up as Sammie squawked to see one side of her top off. I've never seen her breasts, well not in ten years. I looked up and she was horrified so I quickly looked back at my book so she could put it away. I looked back up as I heard Rachael laughing. Her top was pulled up and both of her luscious, pointy tits were on display. Sammie was making a game of yelling at her and then she stopped.

"Rach, your um, boobies are hangin out!"

"Oh, yeah, I guess they are. Dad! Don't look! I need to put the boys away."

This, of course had me looking. She stared right at me as she slowly fondled her breasts as she tucked them back under what passed for her top, smiling all the time. I moved my towel over my lap. With her top in place I noticed something else. The suit used to have a liner, of sorts, that kept it from becoming transparent when wet. That liner, somehow, had disappeared. So when she put her firm tits back in I could clearly see them through the top. Sammie made a face at her and whispered something, but she shoved her sister and laughed back. After a few more minutes of them shoving each other Sammie called out.

"Hey dad, we're getting hungry."

"Yeah dad, let's go make dinner."

By now my boner had gone down so I thought it was safe.

"Sounds good, dry off and we'll get started."

I had gone back to reading so I kinda forgot about Rachael. Sammie came up the ladder right in front of men and moved off to dry herself. Then there was her sister. As Sammie moved towards the house Rachael moved to the ladder and looked at me. I watched as she, very slowly, climbed the ladder, fully aware of the show she was putting on. First her chestnut hair, soaked and clinging to her head and neck, then her freckled shoulders came over the edge. I saw the straps of her top, and followed them down as she took the next step. The sweep of the top of her wonderful breasts became visible, covered only by the thin layer of transparent cotton. Then I saw them, the nipples, surrounded by large areolas, hard and pointing out. She paused, with just her breasts above the coping of the pool and made a show of letting her hair drain. She smirked at me as she did it.

She didn't have to look under the towel on my lap, she knew I was hard. Slowly she took the next step and her waist came into view. She had intentionally pulled the bottoms up tight. Now, as I watched her climb out I saw the fabric pressed up against her pussy. The stubble I encountered at her college was gone, she was shaved smooth. Oh fuck, was my dick hard. She stood on the top step for a minute letting me drink in her beauty, barely concealed with wet transparent fabric.

She got out and stayed right in front of me as she dried herself, fondling her tits with the towel as she stared at me. Then she turned her back to me and bent over from her waist, to dry her legs. I watched as her pussy lips were exposed to me, pasted over with clear fabric. The tired cotton, thin from wear followed every contour of her womanhood. I could see she was excited, her mound was puffy and I could see her inner flower was in bloom. She actually bent way over and looked back at me from between her legs.

"You coming Dad?"

A pause and smile for effect.

"I'm going in the house."

They learn too fucking much in college these days.

The girls were in sweats for dinner and the meal was free from any shenanigans from my oversexed older daughter. For TV time, we usually had on PJ's or whatever we slept in. I put a snug set of briefs on under my boxers and lounge pants. I was expecting trouble.

The living room has a comfy couch with a chair at one end that swivels. Sammie claimed me on the couch and snuggled up to my shoulder. Rachael took the chair. Sammie still had her bra and I assume her panties on. That's what she did. I guess she takes them off before bed. Rachael clearly had nothing on under her loose shorts and old worn tee shirt. I was surprised she behaved, that is, until Sammie went into the kitchen to get us drinks. The kitchen was behind where Rachael was sitting. As her younger sister passed her, my twenty year old daughter turned her chair to face me and immediately put one foot up on the cushion. The effect was that her shorts leg opened wide and I could see her shaven sex clearly. As my cock hardened, held back by cotton and elastic, she took her finger and ran it up and down her gaping slit, already wet. She locked eyes with me as her other hand began to alternately pinch and pull her nipples. I should have said something, I should have gotten up. I did neither. I just sat and stared as my daughter masturbated in front of me.

My eyes alternated between the hand that was sliding over and into her gushing slit and the other that pinched and pulled on those big hard nipples. I heard Sammie in the kitchen, the clink of ice on glass and the fridge door opening. Rachael was getting into it now; I could see she wanted to cum. She looked back over her shoulder and in a somewhat breathy voice yelled to her sister.

"Samm, can you make us some popcorn?"

"OK Rach, great idea!"

Rachael looked back at me and smiled a truly wicked smile. She had bought enough time to cum for me before her sister got back. The two center fingers of her right hand went sliding up inside her. Her right thumb pressed against her clit. My cock was like iron, she looked at my crotch as she pummeled her pussy with those fingers. Her left hand worked over her nipples. I could hear, from three feet away the soggy slosh of her hand working over her sex. I couldn't help it. I reached down and rubbed my cock through my pants. Rachael gasped and I saw it coming. She threw her head back and as I heard the popcorn knocking away in the oven, my daughter and I orgasmed in the living room. I felt the cum spurt out of my cock as I saw the flood of girl cum pour out of my daughter's pussy. Her hand was pressed against it and it ran through her fingers to be captured by the fabric of her shorts. The popping was sporadic now and Rachael brought her leg down. She had never lost eye contact with me until her first orgasm, now she was alternately staring at me and my crotch. She knew I came too. She just smiled and went back to watching TV.

My door was hardly shut before I stripped off my pants and my cum soaked briefs. I tossed off my shirt and grabbed my cock. I was hard in seconds, remembering my college age daughter rubbing her pussy for me. The image rolled over and over again. In minutes I felt the surge and three ropes of cum surged out and splashed into the pile of clothes at my feet. I cleaned myself up and got ready for bed. As my eyes closed I knew. It wasn't a matter of if any more. It was just a matter of opportunity.

The opportunity was not long in coming. A week later I was coming home from work and the house looked dark. Entering, I flipped on a light or two and wondered where the girls were. It was seven PM and they should have been home from work long ago. As I put my briefcase down I heard it, faintly. I moved to the stairs and slowly ascended, the carpet masking my approach. At the top of the stairs the sound was louder and easier to identify. I smiled. Then I wondered would it be the right one? I did not want to violate any privacy. The sound was quite clear. It was obvious there would be no door to block my view, if I chose.

At the door, I prepared to look around the corner. To see what I had never seen before. My cock was already hard from the sounds of masturbation cascading into the hall. I slipped my head past the door frame.

She was on her bed completely naked. For some reason she was cross ways, face down on her hands and knees, more or less. Her firm young ass was stuck up in the air, nearly off the edge of the bed and her shoulders and face close to the other side. Her lovely breasts were invisible, pressed into the bed. Her left hand gripped the edge of the mattress, her knuckles white from the strain. She was watching something on the floor. I moved slightly to get in the door, sure that in her frenzy she would not notice. It was a computer, a video was playing. I recognized it instantly. It was a crude video, probably shot with a phone through a partially open door. A man was masturbating furiously, it was me. Her right hand was very busy. It extended through her legs and held a large, life like and flesh colored vibrator which she was using to pummel her shaved slit. I looked down. There was a wide damp spot in the sheets under her pussy. The vibrator had her juices dripping from it, the drops flinging off as the toy was rammed in and out. The room smelled of her excitement. This was a display no father is supposed to see, to even know about, but here I was, and I loved it. I sensed she knew I was here.

"Where is Sammie?"

I slid off my jacket and tossed it on a chair. Rachael's reply was breathy

"woof , woof, Mom's, sleepover, they're at a movie now."

My shoes were off now and my tie and shirt had followed the jacket. I was naked from the waist up now. She didn't seem to notice.

"It doesn't take me that long to cum when I jerk off."

"Oh fuck, oh damn, so good! It's looped, over and over, I try to cum each time you do."

I was working the belt of my pants. My cock was incredibly rigid. I was very careful to silently slide my pants and briefs down as she gasped on her way to another orgasm. But she slowed.

"Damn you! Leave! Or takeout your cock and jack it till you cum all over my back."

I had moved behind her now, my cock close to her slowly moving hand. The toy was covered in her spend. The scent of her sex pervaded the room. The way her legs were bent and spread I could see all of her, her lovely ass, her rosebud flexing as he fucked herself. The fat shaved lips of her vagina, red from the stimulation and shiny with her lubrication.

"Or do what I really want, father. Take out that cock, the one that fucked me so well that night, twice, and stick it in my needy pussy and FUCK ME like we both know we want!"

I was right there. As she pulled the toy out in her pattern of self-love, I reached down and, in a quick motion, moved her hand aside and rammed my cock down, into her soaked tunnel, not stopping till my hips met hers in a slap.

OHHHHH FUUUUCCCCKKK! YEEEEES! FINAALLLY! Oh fucking do it! Fuck me! Fuck me Dad, do it hard.....cumming! cumming! Oh fuck soooo good. Gaaaaaaaa!

I was lost to my desire. The last woman I'd had sex with was Rachael, now I was back, this time I knew. My hands were cupping the front of her hip bone as I rammed myself into my daughter, oblivious of her cries of lust as I raced for my orgasm.

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