tagIncest/TabooDunn In Ch. 06

Dunn In Ch. 06


Dunn gets caught

As always, I reserve all rights to this material. All subjects portrayed are at least 18 and fictional.
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It would be difficult to be in a more compromising position.

I was on my bed, naked. Under me was my twenty year old daughter, Rachael in the remnants of her old school uniform. The white blouse was un-tucked and open displaying her hard breasts and .45 caliber nipples, no longer covered by the strained confines of her old training bra which was shoved up above them. The plaid skirt was upturned over her abdomen. I was between her legs which were thrown up in the air, her carter's cotton panties with the soaked gusset hanging off of one foot. My cock was buried in her pussy and we had just finished cumming, me once and her for the fourth time, (I hate women). As I was having a wonderful orgasm, feeling the tingle from my toes, right up through my balls and out the end of my cock I sensed movement. My dick was balls deep in my daughter and I was feeling the glow as my cum coursed into her soaked vagina when I turned to my left and looked into the rather shocked eyes of my wife Miranda, from whom I am currently separated, at her request, and next to her, a familiar young lady who I think is her intern.

Rachael sensed it too. Still gasping from her fourth orgasm she turned her head.

"Mom? What the fuck?"

Then I remembered, Rachael had told me that Jackie had gotten an internship with a powerful female executive and that she had quite easily seduced her. I watched as Jackie gave a panicked look that clearly said 'say nothing' to Rachael and she, in turn, looked at me. I just pursed my lips, she got the message. There was enough going on right now. That tidbit would wait.

"When you get cleaned up and dressed, I'd like to have a word with you."

With that, Miranda and her intern/lover left the room. I pulled out of Rachael and sat back on my legs. She sat up, her skirt falling down to cover her red and swollen, but very happy pussy.

"Well Dad, now what do we do?"

I got up and headed for the bathroom.

"Let's shower and get some real clothes on and go find out."

Rachael was surprised.

"You want to shower together? After that?"

I shrugged.

"The cat's out of the bag. We might as well enjoy ourselves. Let's go. Besides, it's faster and the sooner we have this meeting, the better."

Our time in the shower consisted of me thoroughly enjoying the young smooth body of my daughter while, at the same time, talking her out of her panic by carefully going over what her mother's options and current vulnerabilities were. By the end Rachael felt much more confident, as did I. I watched her as she strode to her room, naked and with the door wide open, slipped into a pair of short shorts and a tee, no bra, no panties. I smiled, she was feeling cocky. I put on a pair of athletic shorts and a polo shirt. We met in the hall and headed to the living room.

Miranda was on the couch, looking very confident. Her arms were up on the back and her feet were up on the ottoman. I could see through the slider that Jackie was reclining on one of the chasse lounges by the pool and, no doubt very worried about just where our chat would lead. Rachael and I took the two arm chairs and waited. We had decided to let Miranda talk first.

She leaned off the couch. She looked back and forth between us and settled on me.

"So Robert, how long have you been raping our daughter?"

Ohhhhh so that was how this was going to start.

Rachael bristled visibly. I said nothing right away. As I was formulating a non-snarky explanation, Rachael spoke.

"Mother, give it a rest. That was beneath you and you know it. Why don't you think a minute and start over."

Miranda seemed a bit shocked. She'd been called and she knew it. There was a brief silence in the room as my daughter and I, once again waited for her to speak. She took a deep breath and started again.

"Alright. Rachael, was this your idea?"

"Yes, mom, I went after Dad. He really never had a chance."

Miranda looked confused.

"Why? Why your father?"

Rachael looked confident now. Our shower chat had built her back up.

"Why not? Mom, I'm twenty years old. I've had sex with six guys, plus Dad. It's not like I'm some maladjusted girl with a father complex. I'll have boyfriends and I'm planning on getting married too. This is not the end of my life, it's just some fun we're having. Besides, part of this is your fault too."

Miranda bristled now. Rachael had hit a nerve and she knew it.

"Oh, so now you're going to take my place?"

Rachael jumped up and was into it before I could stop her.

"Replace you? Why the hell would I want to replace you? When you were actually Dad's wife, you were amazing. Sammie and I have sat outside your door and listened to you. I'd love to be as good a lover as you....were. Now, if I want to replace you all I have to do is get a fucking job and spend all my time there. That and train new interns...in who knows what. No thanks."

She sat back down. At the mention of intern training Miranda went white and quickly glanced at Jackie lying out on the patio. She turned back to Rachael, checking her face to see if she actually knew anything or was just ranting. Rachael gave her no clue. I knew she had thrown that in to keep her mother off balance. She wasn't done.

"Furthermore, mother, it was Sammie and I who talked about it and gave dad our permission to split with you. He was just going to hang on and hope that, someday, he'd get his hot loving wife back. So don't blame Dad, blame yourself and then me. We all got tired of not having a mom, not having a lover, and not being happy."

Miranda looked deflated. Her normal confidence was gone. You don't know what it's like to have your child dissect your life and lay it out for you, particularly when you've been extremely selfish and basically abandoned your family. We let the silence hang. Once again we left it to Miranda to speak next.

"Does Sammie know?"

Her voice was small now. Once again, Rachael jumped in.

"I basically seduced dad. I'll tell the whole story someday, if you want to hear it. Dad gave in but he demanded rules. That was rule one. No, Sammie does not know. Dad's rule number one is nothing at all, even flirting or teasing, goes on when we are not alone in the house, ever."

"Will you tell her?"

"Mom, I don't know. This is, well, was, our secret..."

I looked at my daughter quickly, knowing that sure wasn't true but she just looked back quickly with no expression, I zipped it.

"and we intended to keep it that way. We've talked and talked about this. You know me Mom, I'm very methodical. If you and Dad split, he'll find a new lover. I'm going to have boyfriends; in fact I've got a date Saturday. Dad and I are just having some fun and no, we are not going to stop simply because you caught us and may not approve."

Rachael leaned back in the chair, relieved. She had said what she wanted to say. Miranda looked at me, waiting. I just stuck my thumb out towards Rachael and said.

"What she said."

I watched my wife as she turned this all over in her mind. She had a lot to review. Rachael and I knew that her new lesbian relationship with Jackie was in there. She had her secret too, or so she thought. Rachael seemed to want to leave it that way. Rachael didn't know that Miranda and I had done some swinging and one time had been with a family. Miranda had enjoyed it and had, very briefly, done a little licking of her own. She had also been excited by the fact that the other family was having parent child sex right in front of her. As I looked at her I mouthed a name. She caught it. She actually almost smiled. Then she got her boss face back on.

"Rachael, you're right, of course. Someday, I'll explain all this. Unfortunately I don't have time today. I will tell both of you this. I have one more promotion. After that the management is all too young, I have no chance. Besides I will have achieved what I need. I don't expect you two to understand. I told your Dad when we separated that he could swing without me. Yes, Rachael, your parents were swingers. However I never imagined he'd find fun so close to home. I have to go. Thank you for not divorcing me Robert, I will repay you. Rachael, I will be mom again but you have to understand, I need this. I will probably never convince you but I'll just have to hope you understand. I know you will be discreet in your activities and I appreciate the fact that you have kept Sammie out of it."

Miranda caught Jackie's eye and soon the curvy brunette was coming through the slider. Her eyes immediately locked with Rachael's. She had a pleading look on her face. Rachael smiled warmly and shook her head. I saw Jackie visibly sigh. Miranda got up and looked at all of us.

"I know I can count on Jackie's discretion in this matter. You can too. We have to go now. I'll be sure to call first before any more visits."

Miranda headed for the door with Jackie right behind her. As they passed through the door, Jackie turned and looked at us. She gave a thumbs up and looking at Rachael made a hand gesture to call her. Rachael moved to the couch and collapsed.

"Dad, I'm shaking, hold me."

I sat next to her and held her close. She put her head on my shoulder and we just sat like that for a while. Finally she looked up at me.

"That was a lot more stressful than I imagined. When I started this I never thought I'd have to explain why. I just thought we'd have some fun and nobody, other than the girls, would know. I guess I was a little naive, huh?"

I hugged her, loving the smell of her clean hair.

"Yeah, a little. But I was just as bad. It's going to get a little more um, interesting too."

Rachael pulled away from me and looked up. Smiling.

"And what is that supposed to mean...Father?"

I smiled down at her.

"Grandma's coming to visit."

Now she sat upright, getting a very whimsical look on her face.

"What did you tell your mother-slash-lover...dad?"

I was smirking a bit now. This was fun.

"Well, I MAY have let it drop that you know that she and I... well, you know."

Rachael climbed on my lap, letting her lovely bra-less tits brush against my chest. I had just gone through one of the tensest times in recent memory and Rachael wiggling on my lap was already bringing my dick to life. She leaned forward, her hard nipples brushing my chest.

"No I don't know, dad, why don't you tell me? What did you and grandma do?"

As she asked she began a very subtle lap dance, moving her pelvis slowly, forward and back. I know she could feel my cock getting harder. Vixen!

"We, um had some fun, that's all."

She had a real rhythm going. She'd shift herself forwards and back running the groove of her sex over my hard cock. Two layers of nylon was doing nothing to mute the feeling. She was panting a bit now.

"oof oof, oh come on dad tell me, tell your daughter what you did with your mom."

I was moving my hips up now, meeting her halfway. My cock was rock hard and now I think I was feeling dampness.

"we used to watch each other, umm play."

"You mean masturbate, don't you dad? You used to watch grandma rub her pussy till she came, right in front of your eyes."

I groaned and pressed up, the vision in my memory of the first time I saw my mother masturbate still clear in my mind. Rachael picked up on it.

"Did she cum for you? Rub her clit and her soaked pussy and cum? Did you cum for her? NO, did you cum ON her? Oh yeah I know you dad, you shot a hot load all over your mom's pussy, didn't you?"

I was racing to cum, it felt so good.

"Yes yes, I came for her, we came together, I shot cum all over her hairy pussy. Oh fuck I'm horny. I hate you Rachael!"

Rachael was panting. I glanced at the clock. Sammie was due home any minute. My shorts were soaked with my daughter's juices. I wanted her to finish me off, keep rubbing, but she had another idea.

"Dad, dad, get it out FAST, stick it in me, now! DO it!"

My dick was already half way down the leg so I just yanked the legs of my shorts. My cock popped up. I watched as Rachael reached under her and pulled the leg of her shorts aside and in a flash had me deep in her pussy. She was riding me hard on the couch. It felt so good and so wicked.

"Rachael, oof, oof, Sammie, home soon."

I had her ass in my hands and was pushing her down on my dick.

"How, oof, fast ahhh, can you cum, dad? Oh fuck oh fuck!"

Now I was in her rhythm. We were slamming each other on that couch. Our shorts were soaked. She had cum at least twice. I was close.

"Oh shit, soon baby, gonna cum soon, oh fuck don't stop!"

I felt it, the point of no return. As Rachael hopped up and down on me my cum started to rocket into her hot slit. We heard the key in the door.

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