tagIncest/TabooDunn In Ch. 08

Dunn In Ch. 08


Chapter 8

Rachael was off on her date and Mom, Dad and I had just finished dinner. We had all gotten dressed, somewhat. Dad and I had shorts on and Mom was in a long tee shirt. I had filled them in on the saucy goings on in the Dunn family but I didn't mention the Jackie connection. Mom, as usual had questions.

"Is Miranda going to leave you for a woman? I thought she was consumed with ambition and had no time to, what did she call it? Lose her energy to mere sex."

"Mom, I don't know. At this point I'll be happy either way. But she's going to have to decide by fall."

"You don't seem too upset by all this."

"You know this has been brewing for a while. I was willing to wait. But the girls and a friend have changed my mind."

Mom picked that up immediately.

"A friend? Okay junior, start talking."

"Well, settle in you two, it's a long story.

When Miranda got the ambition bug and went back to work I went from sex every night, and then some, to once a week, maybe. Not logical you say? Yeah you may have something there because we all know that people always behave in a logical manner, right? Yeah, I thought so. I will proceed.

Try living around a gorgeous woman, who WAS a fantastic lover but won't let you have her now. Well, I travel on business and on my next trip I decided I'd had enough. Before I left I went on a website that reviews escorts. Yes, they do exist, check it out, I dare you. Well, knowing what you know now, it will come as no surprise that I was looking for a girl that might resemble Rachael. If not that than I preferred a woman closer to my age. Not easy to find, by the way. It wasn't a very big city so the pickings were not that good. But, nearby I found a 37 year old. Great pictures and her profile made it sound like she actually had some education. She went by the name of Sammy. I ignored that uncomfortable fact and made the appointment. Before she arrived I placed the money in an envelope on the hotel room table and showered. I was waiting in my robe when the gentle knock came at my door.

I opened the door and 'Sammy' slipped in. She was definitely as advertised. About five eight, brunette hair just over her shoulders, brown eyes. She had a narrow face and average breasts, maybe a C. Her shape was thin, but with enough curves to please any man. Her response to me immediately threw me off. The door had shut behind her and we just stood there sizing each other up. Sammy looked like she had been in the desert and just found the oasis.

"Oh man! Am I going to enjoy this!"

It does pay off to take care of yourself. Remember that. I smiled, trying to regain my composure. I actually hadn't really been with an escort. Before Miranda there were others but I never was in a position to be buying company. Hey, I would. I'm not some egotistical ass. It just never came up, till now.

She came to me and planted her lips on mine. If she was acting, give her an Oscar. My cock was pointing out that robe the second her warm wet lips met mine and she thrust her tongue in my mouth. I knew this wasn't the way this was supposed to be done, but who fucking cares? I wrapped her up in my arms and enjoyed the feel of a woman who wanted to be loved. I decided to have fun. I treated her like a nasty little girl.

I broke our kiss and went to her ear. I made sure it was a breathy whisper.

"You know, escorts are not supposed to act like this."

Her hands were inside the robe, running over my hard abs and nipples with an occasional trip down to rub my cock and balls. She was supposed to come in and I would go to the bathroom so she could check the envelope and put it away. It's a way to avoid talking money for sex, which, we all know is illegal and, as such, does not occur... I never made it to the bathroom and Sammy never checked the envelope. In fact she didn't seem like an escort at all, not that I cared.

"Undress me, please."

She had dropped her shoulder bag and stood there in a very nice but not spectacular dress. It was stylish but not something that would catch your eye. No doubt a concession to her calling; look good but not like a hooker. She shucked off her shoes and looked at me. I touched her shoulder and she turned. The back of the dress had a deep vee, almost to her bra. I found the zipper and very slowly slid it down, making a point to tease her with my fingers on her skin as I did. She exhaled deeply.

"You're a tease, Bob, I like that."

"I'm just getting started."

She sighed again.

"Ohhh I hope so, I really do."

I slid the straps off her shoulders and the garment dropped to cover her feet. She deftly stepped out and I moved closer. Her trim frame was covered only by a black lacy bra and a matching thong which disappeared so deliciously up her firm ass. She turned and faced me. Her hands reached out and slid the robe off my shoulders leaving me naked, my cock hard and with a drop at the tip. Sammy checked me out.

"I have a little confession to make Bob. I don't do this much. Up until now my clients have been, well, larger. You're the best looking guy I think I've ever met. I hope you're a good lover, I want to remember this."

You know, the whole thing could have been an act. I had no experience with this. I just went with it. Who cares, right? I moved to her and took her head in my hands. I tilted it up and slowly closed my lips to hers. Her breath was deep, I could feel it. Her hands went to my shoulders, they were small, warm. Her only scent was the faint remnant of her shower. Her hair was soft and smelled of summer rain. As our mouths met I felt her quiver. I moved closer, she opened her legs a little and I slid my cock between them, rubbing up against her thong. I teased her mouth with mine. Kissing around her lips gently, avoiding. She began to undulate, rubbing herself against me. My hands dropped and I unhooked her bra. She leaned back and I hooked the garment and flipped it off. Her brown eyes looked up at mine and I saw her desire. Now I pressed my mouth to hers, my arms wrapped around her. Our tongues caressed each other. She squeezed her legs and slid back and forth, my cock feeling the softness of silk and now, wetness.

Sammy broke our kiss and literally slithered down my front.

"I have to taste your cock, Rob."

I looked down as she settled on her knees and fondled my rigid cock. Her small hands caressed and explored my dick and my balls, with an occasional caress of my perineum. I spread my legs wide to make it easy. The only light in the small room was a lamp by the bed. The light made shadows on my abdomen, her mouth in the darkness. Soon I felt her soft wet lips encase my cock. She slowly slid my dick into her mouth, seeming to savor every inch. Her tongue bathed me as I entered. I placed my hands on her head, encouraging her.

"Oh Sammy, that is so nice! Yes, baby, take me, take all of me if you can. Oh you don't know how much I need this."

She pulled off and looked up at me. Her hand slowly stroking my wet prick.

"Rob, I'm gonna give you best I've got. I hope it's enough."

She went back to her slow, sensuous blow job. I don't think she could have faked this. She really liked cock. Then she started moaning a little. I looked down and she had one hand between her legs, playing. I love watching women masturbate. Her hair was soft as I took two handfuls of it. I guided her hot mouth over my cock. She was trying to get it all. Each time she went down she pushed a little harder till at last, I heard her choke, just a little.

"It's Okay, you don't need to take all of it baby. Just love what you've got."

She slid off again and looked up, her face a picture of rapture.

"I want to, but I just can't. Maybe next time..."

Yeah, I'll definitely be scheduling my future trips around this town! But for now Sammy was beginning to take a toll on me.

"Sammy, you have to stop or I'm going to cum in that hot little mouth of yours. We only have an hour."

She reluctantly let my cock slide out of her mouth and got up with my assistance. She stood looking at with only her thong still on. Her breasts were full and round with just a little sag. The areolas were small, like her nipples which were pert and hard. I reached out and cupped one, pinching the nipple as I did. She sighed.

"Oh, that's nice. Do the other, please."

I massaged both of her breasts and pinched the nipples. Her hips began to undulate and she had a very dreamy look in her eyes.

"I seem to be over dressed."

Now it was my turn to kneel. I slowly placed my hands on the elastic of her thong and slid it down. Sammy opened her legs to let the gusset free. The waistband rolled over and soon only the gusset was there, stuck to her sex by her juices. I paused and then very slowly slid it a little till the gusset slowly gave way. Sammy moaned.

"Oh you do know how to tease a woman."

I looked at her and was a little surprised. She wasn't shaved. In fact I'd call her a little hairy. It was trimmed and looked beautiful. I must have paused too long.

"It's in my ad. Some guys like it natural. I'll tell you the secret. My husband won't let me shave it so I have to have it like this. Okay, this is kinky but I've had two boys, barely eighteen that both loved it and wanted to call me Mom during sex. Maybe I'm sick, but I liked it."

While she was talking I was moving my mouth closer. She spread her legs more and soon I could smell her excitement. I took my hand a petted her pussy, grooming the curly hairs with my fingers. I could see her lips hanging down, a drop of moisture on one. She was spread wide now and her breath was coming deep. She could feel my breath on her pussy, I watched the lips flex and her fur move from my breath. I had to tease, just a little.

"Do you know what I'm going to do?"

Sammy was panting now. Her need obvious.

"Tell me, oh please tell me."

My hands moved behind her, cupping her firm ass. My face was between her legs looking up at her sex. It was open and shiny. She kept flexing her kegals, causing the lips to open and close. I put my face close, so my breath would caress her sex as I talked.

"I'm going to eat your pussy. I'm going to shove my face into your sex and tongue you till you cum all over me."


Was all she said as my mouth closed over her pussy. My hands were under her ass and held her up as her knees buckled. I took the flat of my tongue and ran it up her slit, giving her clit a flick at the end.

"Oh fuck, more! Please, fucking eat my pussy!"

Her hands were on my shoulders, steadying herself. She was pressing her sex into my face as I leaned down and slid my tongue inside her. My mouth was rewarded by a flow of her essence. She hadn't cum, yet, but she was close. I kept my face on her as I steered her ass towards the bed. I really only had to turn her and move her back a foot. It was a small room. As the back of her legs hit the bed she collapsed, laying back and grabbing her ankles.

"Oh fuck! Lick me! Fucking lick my pussy! Oh shit, please make me cum!"

I kneelt on the floor and went back to her pussy. Now it was easy. She had her legs way the fuck up in the air and I could kneel on the floor. I reached around and placed my hands on her belly, pressing down as I plunged my tongue between her lips.

"OHHHH so good! Fuck! Don't stop!"

I knew what I needed to do to bring her off. I moved my mouth up to cover and suck on her clit. It wasn't that big but I had no trouble finding it. As I teased her love button I brought two fingers up and placed them at her gaping entrance, her love fluids pooled at the bottom. She felt it.

"YES! DO IT! Oh yeah! Suck my clit and finger me! I need to cum! Oh fuck! Finger fuck me!"

I had two fingers plowing in and out of her vagina as I sucked on her little bud. Her hips were gyrating under me. I had to press down with my free hand on her belly to have any chance at keeping my mouth on target. Soon her hands grabbed my head and she pressed her hips up.


I felt her pussy clench and then the warm flow of her orgasm ran under my mouth and over my hand. She was gasping and pushing her hips at me. After ten seconds or so I felt her relax and I took my hands and mouth away, knowing she'd be sensitive. I didn't know much about escorts, but I was pretty sure this was not normal behavior. I got up and just looked at her. She was splayed out on the bed, panting. Her pussy fur was full of her cum and my salvia. Her hair was a mess. He skin shone with sheen of perspiration. She just lay there for a minute, on display in a most un-lady like way. As she regained her breath she smiled and gave a small giggle.

"I must look like shit right now."

My cock was still mostly hard.

"You look pretty fucking hot actually."

She smiled, looking at my cock.

"Somebody needs some attention."

She moved on the bed till she had her head at the top.

"Would you like to fuck me?"

She said this with a coquettish smile.

I was climbing on the bed now.

"Yes, very much."

"What position do you like?"

I was on my knees, looking at the leaning against the pillows. She really was a good looking woman.

"You know what I'd really like?"


"I want to fuck you in your favorite position. I want to see you enjoy yourself as much as you did just now."

Sammy slid down a little and spread her legs more.

"Be on top, and hold me. Look into my eyes as you fuck me Bob."

Okay, this was interesting. No mention of a rubber. Of course I didn't think of that till later because, well, because I'm a guy and think with my dick. All I wanted to do was get inside this lady. I moved over her and she reached down to get my cock lined up. She was wide open and soaked. She wrapped her legs around me as I positioned my elbows to hold my weight. Our faces were nearly touching. Sammy looked up at me.

"Kiss me as you enter me, please."

Our mouths met as I felt the head of my cock part her hot wet lips. Our tongues wrestled as her sex absorbed more of me. She moaned as I felt her velvet vise around me. Her feet pressed into my back. I was going to have to leave some tip for this girl. When my cock hit bottom I paused. She pulled off my mouth.

"Bob, fuck me as hard as you can, baby. Pound me, it's what I want. Just pound me till you cum."

I put my hands flat on the top of her head for leverage. Resting on my elbows and knees I pulled my cock back till I was almost out. Then poked it in, just a little.

"Like that?"

I teased.

"Damn you! Fuck me! Fuck my pussy hard!"

She was in the zone.

I pulled back and then rammed my cock home hard. I felt the collision of our pelvises.


Whoever else was staying at this place sure knew what was going on in this room by now and probably whoever was across the street. I just started ramming her. Our bodies slapped at each stroke. She writhed under me and let out a stream of incoherent moans and cries. I fucked her hard like that for what seemed like an hour, but it wasn't. I finally took a break, letting my cock slide out of her. She looked up at me, sweaty ,but happy.

"Now what?"

I smiled.

"Roll over."

She grinned and rolled onto her belly, propping her ass up in the air.

"You gonna fuck my soaking pussy from behind? Ram me? DO IT!"

I grabbed her hips and plunged in. I felt the collision of our abdomens. She just moaned and was limp under me. I held her hips and pounded her. I felt her juices coursing out and over my balls. A few minutes of this and I need to change it up again. I pulled out and slapped her ass. Vicky rolled over and smiled.

"Oh baby, you gonna spank me now?"

I reached for her hand.

"No, you little slut, I'm going to pin you against the wall and fuck you some more."

I took her arm as she rose and directed her to the common wall between the rooms. I pressed myself against her and reached behind, cupping her ass. Holding her up, she wrapped her legs around me and I boosted her up, pinning her against the wall. Once she was high enough I let her slide down till I could feel my cock at her soaked entrance. She kissed me and smiled.

"You know, there might be somebody in the next room. OHHHHH fuck! That's nice!"

I had let her down on my cock and now I was in as far as I could go. I lifted her up a little and got ready.

"That's the point."

Soon we were banging against the wall so hard I was worried we might actually go through. Vicky was thrashing her head around and yelling.

"Oh shit! That's good! Oh yeah! Fuck me! Do it!"

Her hands were clamped around my neck. I was doing a fair amount of work holding her up and fucking her so I was nowhere near cumming yet. It was time for a change. I stopped moving and we stood there catching our breath. Vicky looked at me.

"You fuck your wife like this?"

"Used to." I panted. She looked surprised.

"Used to? Used to? What the fuck happened?"

I carried her away from the wall and aimed us for the bed.

"Long story for another time. Now it's new position time."

"You can have anyone except my ass."

As I lowered her down to the bed I ran my hands over her body.

"I don't want your ass, baby. I want your cum!"

We went at it like animals for ten minutes till I felt her pussy clench.

"CUMMING! CUMMING! Harder! Oh fuck harder!"

Her breath stopped for second or two and I felt the flow around my cock. I just kept going. Her pussy was flooded by now. It wasn't quite as tight but that would let me last a little longer. She came two more times in the next fifteen minutes. Finally I was close. The steady massaging of the head of my cock by her tunnel was doing it. I felt the surge coming up from my feet.

"Cumming, I'm gonna fucking cum!"

She was thrashing under me.

"DO IT! CUM! Cum in my fucking pussy!"

That did it. I buried my cock and just held it as I felt the glorious release. After three pulses, I rolled off of her. We were both panting and covered in sweat. I looked at the clock. Two hours had passed. This certainly was not escort behavior, at all. I didn't care, I liked this lady. I just lay back and caught my breath. I wasn't sure what she wanted to do.

"Sammy, Thank you for an amazing time. I never would have expected that."

She just looked at the ceiling.

"No, Bob, thank you. I gotta tell you this. Tonight was my last time as an escort. I expected to finish my so-called career screwing another fat stupid salesman. Instead, I got you. Do you mind if I just lay here for a few? I'm a little beat up."

"I'm sorry. I was a bit hard on you. You don't need to get home?"

She rolled over and caressed my arm.

"You gave me exactly what I wanted, what I needed, and no, there's no hurry. He's probably finishing up loading his shit in his car."

I let that hang for now.


"It's Victoria actually, my friends call me Vicky."

"Well, Vicky, I've got no plans and if you'd like I'll buy you dinner, but only after we shower, we are some fucking mess."

She smiled at my comment. Then she paused and just looked at me with soft needy eyes.

"Bob, I want to tell you some things..."

I just hugged her. This was not an escort. I didn't know what her story was but she was simply not cut out to be an escort. I had nothing to do, and nothing to lose, so I decided to just let things evolve. Tough choice, eh?

"Vicky, why don't you save that for dinner? Let's get cleaned up."

The water was hot and I stepped in, Vicky followed. My room was not some luxury sweet so we were in a normal bathtub shower. Our bodies pressed together, we bathed, I washed her hair, loving the feel of it in my hands and massaging her scalp as I went. Vicky slowly washed me from head to toe, of course, making sure my cock and balls got a good washing. Her work with the soap got me hard and Vicky reached up and kissed me as she stroked my soapy cock. She pulled back and looked at me.

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