tagIncest/TabooDunn In Ch. 09

Dunn In Ch. 09


Before the internet there was porn. It was all printed and, of course, when I was a young man with raging hormones, I had some. Acquired from friends who probably stole it from their fathers. My Dad had some too and I was known to 'borrow' them when I thought I could get away with it. Well, I had a habit of coming home from school and while I waited for Mom and Dad to come home from work I would get out the stash, strip off my clothes and lay on my bed, looking at pictures of people sucking and fucking and stroke my cock till I shot cum all over my belly. It was fun, like I have to tell you, right?

So, on this particular day I was looking over a nice book on Mothers being fucked by younger men. At the time it wasn't a thing with me but when you rely on stolen smut it doesn't come with a catalog. I didn't bother locking my door because I thought I was the only one home. I knew my mother had started just barging into my room at odd times to either drop off or pick up laundry and, of course, I saw nothing in that, I was young, what did I know? But I knew, or thought I did, that nobody was home except me. Yeah, now I know, but that's the story, isn't it?

I had the whole bed open and I was spread eagled on top, totally naked. I had the book in one hand and my cock in the other. I had even gotten some nice hand cream. Now, I liked to talk while I masturbated then so it was nice to be alone. I'd been stroking for at least fifteen minutes, coming close a couple of times but laying off. Now I was going for the big cum. I was grunting and when I felt the surge I yelled.

"oh yes! Yes Yes Yes, oh fuck here I cum!"

The first jet shot out of my cock as the door swung open. There she was, Mom, just standing there as I kept stroking and two more jets of cum shot out on my belly. I looked up and must have gone as white as the sheets. I went to yank them up and she yelled.

"Robert Stop!"

I was frozen in fear. I had just been caught cock-handed, holding Dad's magazine. I had no idea what she would do. I stopped pulling the sheet and just froze, my cock getting smaller and the cum cooling on my skin in the air. I watched as Mom put down the basket and stepped over to stand next to the bed.

"I'm sorry to yell Robert but I didn't want you to get that all over the sheets."

She handed me a small hand towel and I began to clean up my spunk. I felt really really weird doing this in front of Mom but she did hand me the towel. I finished and put it in her outstretched hand. She was smiling warmly which made me feel a little better. Then she did something really odd. She put the basket down and tapped my leg. I moved it over and she sat right on my bed. I'm still very naked and I don't know what the fuck to do. She yelled at me when I went to pull the sheet but then I cleaned myself up. She didn't seem to mind any of this. I was very confused. Mom saw that and put her hand on my calf.

"Robert, you've done nothing wrong. Nothing at all. Just about everybody masturbates. It's perfectly normal. I apologize for barging in. It must be a bit embarrassing. I'm actually glad to know that you do that. I'd be very worried if you didn't. I want to tell you it's okay to do that whenever you feel the need. If it's just us you can close the door, if you wish, or leave it open. I'm not sure what Dad would think so be careful when he's home."

The whole door thing sounded very odd. She wasn't done yet.

"Now I have a lot to get done when I'm home so I can't always knock. I imagine I'll walk in on your having some fun another time. Remember Robert, Its okay. Actually it can be harmful if you stop suddenly so just ignore me and I'll get done what I need to get done and leave you to your pleasure."

Yeah, I know now, the whole stopping being bad for you was also grade A bullshit. Hell, I believed it though. Well I believed it because I wanted to, same thing, right? So Mom gives me that warm Mom look and strokes my ankle as she gets up.

"So Robert, as your friends would say, we're cool here right? Just between us? Remember, everybody does it."

"Yeah Mom, definetly cool. Got it."

"Now go wash yourself. That cum gets sticky otherwise."

Did she just say cum? What the fuck? She did! I was stunned. This was my mother talking like one of my friends or one of the ladies in the fuck books. Well, you know I didn't stop masturbating but I did try to make sure I was not going to be discovered. This went on for a few weeks and then the little devil started working on me. I began to wonder if Mom was serious. Would she really not care if she walked in on me and I didn't stop? Now you know how young men are, always gotta test the fence. So I started paying attention to her routines and, once I had an Idea, I changed my beat-off pattern.

Mom always made sure I was up for school. No, not that way, that was later, so shut up. If I wasn't making noise by seven she'd stick her head in. I started testing that by staying later. Every time at seven oh five the door would open, no knock, nice and quiet, and she'd just stick her head in. Each time I was up and just getting out of bed. Actually I'd been waiting and watching the clock.

So, this particular morning, I had been avoiding jacking off for a few days. You know what that does to a guy. I threw back the covers around six forty five and got out a good fuck book. I slid my briefs down to my knees and started rubbing my cock as I looked at pictures of women licking each other's pussy. I was rock hard in no time and I just rolled with it. I kicked one foot out of my briefs and left them hanging on the other. I spread my legs wide and began to really enjoy the feel of my fingers wrapped around my dick. I'd use my thumb to catch the pre-cum and smear it all over. I wasn't watching the clock at all, but I knew she'd be there any minute. Sure enough the door opened and Mom stuck her head in. No shriek, no double take. She smiled! She just smiled. I was amazed! Suddenly I noticed that I kind liked being watched. I didn't go soft and Mom just stayed there for a minute and watched. Before I came she spoke as she pulled her head back out of the door.

"Very beautiful dear, but please hurry, you don't want to miss the bus because you were playing with yourself."

Okay, that stopped me. She was so damn casual, like I was shining my shoes, not polishing my nob. Damn, she was serious. She also seemed to like watching. She didn't yank her head back or apologize, it was like nothing. I felt a bit weird still, who wouldn't, but that ol' devil he just kept stirring the pot. I was so thrown off I couldn't finish. But during school I had a devil of an idea. Dad didn't get home for an hour after I did and Mom got in just after me. Sooooooo I got this idea to finish what I started that morning.

I got home and went to my room. As I like to, I got naked, got out my fuck book du jour and spread out. I was being a bit arrogant. I was going to test her. She was trying to be 'cool Mom' and, of course, I knew better, I'd show her. Yeah. So, being jazzed at embarrassing Mom, I was really liking my jerk off session. I altered my pace to keep it going, changing books and pausing, waiting for her to come and find me. It took twenty minutes after she got home. She opened the door and I was spread eagled, my hot young cock, hard as rock and my hand stroking it as the other was cupping and squeezing my balls. She pushed the door wide open and just stood and watched. I had to win. I ramped it up. I was close to cumming anyway and seeing Mom there was actually helping. My hand started flying and I started talking. She watched, fidgeted a little but just silently watched.

"Oh fuck, Oh yeah! So good! Ummmmmmm!"

I felt the surge and moved my hand to squeeze the base of my cock. I loved holding it back because it made the orgasm better.

"Fuck, so close, so close, OH FUCK!"

I let go and a rocket of giz shot out and actually hit my chin. The second one landed between my nipples and the third just on my belly. I slowed my stroking and looked at Mom. I lost. She was there and had a very unusual look on her face. She went to come to me but checked herself and just left, leaving the door wide open. So, I guess it really was okay to jack off in front of Mom.

Alright, this all sounds very weird, but remember, she had an incestuous relationship with her dad. Oh, I didn't mention that? Sorry. It was nothing like what we ended up doing but it set the pattern. Of course I didn't know that then. I didn't know any fucking thing, I was young, and horny and a troublemaker. So, after that day I just did it whenever I wanted and left the door open. If Dad wasn't home I'd jerk off in the shower, on the bed, in the living room. I'd start when I was alone but if Mom walked through she'd just stop and watch for a bit, smile and move on. This went on for a few months. Then she started making comments and staying around. One day, I'm sitting on my bed, naked, when Mom comes home from work. She stops and watches, a big smile on her face. Then I notice she's squirming a bit and squeezing her legs off and on.

"Robby you must like doing that. You seem to do it a lot."

"I do Mom, it feels really good."

"Umm how many times a day do you...umm masturbate?"

Her voice was a little shaky and she was squeezing her thighs together.

"Depends, some days nothing, some days three times."

"Wow, three? That's a lot!"

I was getting close to cumming now. Having her watch and talk so casually was a real turn on.

"Oh fuck Mom, I'm going to cum soon."

I looked and Mom had put her hand between her legs, kinda squeezing it with her thighs.

"Oh shit! Oh shit! Here it is!"

My cum shot out and all over my tee shirt, three good ones. I slowed and stopped and looked at Mom. She had a glazed look in her eyes and her hand was pushing her slacks into her crotch. She just kinda whimpered and left the room. I took off my shirt and put on my briefs, I don't know why. I was curious now. I had an idea what was going on in her room.

I stepped into the small hall of our raised ranch. The carpet was soft under my feet as I moved towards her open door. I could hear my mother moaning softly. I got to her door and peeked in. The queen sized bed was placed against the wall to my left. There was a pile of clothing on the floor just inside the door. On top was a pair of red panties. I could see the deeper color in the center of them from where Mom had gotten excited. I looked up. Mom was lying on the bed naked, her eyes tightly closed. Her breasts were not huge but big enough and they lay off to each side a little. The rings around her nipples were big at least two inches in diameter and her nipples were sticking up. They were huge! Her legs were spread and her pussy was obscured by her hand which was pushing two fingers in and out. When she pulled out I could see her pussy lips, obscured by her matted pubic hair. I stood, mesmerized by my first look at a real naked woman, my first look at an excited naked woman, my first look at my naked mother masturbating. I could not stop staring. I moved to the side of the bed. She'd left the door open, I thought, just like I do. She wanted me to watch, just like I do. I'm doing what Mom wants, right?

Mom was alternately massaging her mound and fingering herself. Then she'd rub her clit. I'd seen plenty of pictures, I knew the anatomy. Finally after a minute or so I saw her eyes open. I hoped she wouldn't be mad, even though I knew she wouldn't.

"You see Robby; everybody does it, even Mom. Do you like watching me?"

"Um..yes, I guess."

She was languidly rubbing her pussy lips now, her legs wide. She spread the copious fluids around her mound and down her legs as she watched me, my eyes glued to her sex.

"See how excited I get after watching you take care of yourself?"


Now she started slipping two fingers back up into her slit. The liquid squish of her excitement was audible and I began to notice her scent was pervading the room. I'd never smelled an excited woman, the books were not scratch and sniff. Even though I'd just cum not ten minutes ago, I felt blood filling my cock again. Mom noticed immediately.

"You're getting hard again Robby. Is that a problem?"

As I said, I was young but not a total idiot.

"Yeah, a little. I like seeing you do what I do."

Three fingers now and she was speeding up. Her other hand was there too, pinching her clit. Her breath was deep and fast.

"You need to relive that, you know what I've told you. Show me Robby, take care of that for me."

I pulled off my briefs and stood next to the bed. Mom's scent was in my nose. I was a foot from her spread thighs. My hand went to my cock and I started stroking as I gazed on her busy hands. She spread her legs a little more and one knee hit my belly. I took my left hand and held it. Mom gasped and her pace picked up.

"I love doing this for you Robby. I love having you watch me. Oh, my son, stroke that cock for me. I'm so close."

Now she was pinching her clit hard and ramming her pussy with those three fingers.

"Oh fuck, so close! I wanna cum for my baby boy! Oh Robby, cum for mom. Oh fuck!"

As she arched her hips I saw the flow out of her pussy. I had seen pictures but never video. Now I saw a woman cum for the first time.

"YES YES YES! Oh fuck! Oh fuck!"

Her bucking hips, the flow of her juice, the smell, it was all too much.

"I'm cumming Mom! I can't stop!"

"OH FUCK! On me! Cum on me! Oh yes! DO IT!"

I moved closer and aimed. A jet of white milky cum shot out and pasted her hand and part of her pussy. I thought she was having a seizure.


Her fingers ramming and her hips arched. My second shot was all over her arm and belly and the third went back to fill her pubic hair. She collapsed, panting and I stood there, my slowly shrinking cock, dripping, still in my hand, my eyes agog.


Mom smiled at me.

"Wow? That's all?"

She laughed

"Sorry mom, but it was all so much, just wow."

"You knew this was going to happen, right?"

"I kinda thought so but I never really knew what you were going to do. I thought maybe you just liked to watch me."

"But my boy did want to see if Mom did it too?"


"Now you know. Now we have no secrets, right?"

"I guess not."

"Good, I'm going to like that."

"You want to do this again?"

Mom rolled over. Her breasts sagged a little and I wondered what they would feel like. She closed her legs, cutting off my view of her sex. She smiled at me.

"And again and again Robby. I don't want to masturbate alone. Would you like that?"

She was good, real good. She had built up to this. Catching me, then watching me, making me at ease with masturbating in front of her. But never showing me anything. Now, I felt so comfortable being naked and excited in front of her it just seemed natural that she'd do the same thing. My first seduction. I never had a chance, not that I wanted one, mind you.

"Yes, Mom, I would. This was fun."

I didn't masturbate the next morning. When I came into the kitchen for breakfast I caught Mom's eye. She just gave me a smile and then looked at Dad. I got the message. We all had a nice normal family breakfast, except that the son sat the son sat through the entire meal with a raging boner picturing his mother naked and cumming. I finally managed to get ready for school and leave. School was a blur that day. I got decent grades so it's not like I was going to flunk from not doing any work. But that day I made an effort at concentrating but my mind was on going home.

Mom wasn't home yet, as usual, when I got home. I looked at the clock, twenty minutes till she would be home. Would she want to play together again, so soon? Should I ask? Should I just strip off and stroke it on my bed till she finds me? I decided to wait and see what she said. I went up and took a shower. I slipped on just a pair of gym shorts and a tee shirt. No point in underwear. It's not like I'm hiding my cock from Mom.

Mom breezed in right on schedule. She chatted me up about school and talked a bit about her day. After we'd caught up over a snack she stood up and gave me a look.

"Robby, you look like you took a shower."

"Yeah, when I got home."

Now she smiled that nice smile she had.

"Did you 'do anything' in your shower?"

I smiled back.

"Nope, didn't want to."

"When you woke up this morning, did you?"

"No, I was running late."

Mom turned and walked towards the hall.

"Well, I need a shower after a long day of work, dear, I'll be out in a few."

I was confused. She sounded like she was going to invite me to masturbate with her again and then she just walks away. After a minute of so I heard the water running. I got up and went to my room, flopping on the bed and wondering what the fuck was going on. She did say that she wanted to do it again, right? I heard the water stop. Then the bathroom door squeaked open and Mom walked by my room headed for hers. She stopped in my doorway. She was totally naked, not even a towel. She stood and stared for a second or two, then she spoke.

"Robby baby, what are you doing here? We're going to play right? Come on into Mom's room honey."

As I jumped up off my bed I could feel my cock getting hard already. Mom held up her hand.

"You won't need all that dear."

I knew exactly what she meant. I shucked my tee and slipped off my shorts and followed my mother into her room. My cock was getting harder by the second as I watched her ass walk down the hall. Mom walked into her room and threw the covers back on her bed. I stood, slowly stroking my cock as I watched my mother's body move around the room. Her breasts would shift and jiggle, or hang down as she bent over. I could just see lips of her pussy through her hair. She was very happy. She went to her dresser and got something out of the drawer. When she turned she had a nice big fake cock in her hand. I'd seen pictures, seen the girls in the magazines using them. I guess I wasn't surprised Mom had one. She climbed onto the queen sized bed and patted it. I climbed on and lay next to her, not touching. Mom put her right hand on my left thigh. My cock twitched.

"Robby, we're going to play together today. Actually I'd like to do this a lot. I hope you do too."

I was reaching to stroke my cock and she held my hand.

"Darling don't get started to soon. I assume you like playing with yourself while you watch me?"

"Oh yes!"

"Good. But baby there are going to be some rules, kinda."

"Okay, whatever."

"Good. Now, one is, that I need you to not cum till I'm ready. You'll have to be careful and slow or stop, if you need to. I really liked it when we came together and I want to do that every time."

"Sure, I can do that."

She smiled and patted my thigh.

"Thank you dear. The only other thing right now is, that when you cum, I will want you to shoot it places, I'll tell you where, okay?"

"Uh Huh."

"Do you like my toy?"

I looked as Mom took the lifelike prick and held it, caressed it and brushed her lips with it. She stuck her tongue out and licked the head. Her other hand wandered down and began to toy with her pubic hair.

"Yeah, Mom. It looks like a lot of fun."

"Oh, it is son. Dad can't always be here when I need him so we got this for me. Now you can watch me play. Why don't you stand next to the bed and remember what I said."

I got off the bed and stood next to it, inches from my mother's naked and excited body. I couldn't help rubbing my rock hard cock as I watched Mom rub the cock up and down her slit as she pinched one of her nipples. She didn't look at me as she talked.

"You like my nipples Robby? They're very big and very sensitive, I love to pinch and roll them in my fingers as I play."

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