tagBDSMDuplex Ch. 01-02

Duplex Ch. 01-02


Chapter One

On my 25th birthday, I gave myself the best present ever: I retired.

Yes, that kid too small to play sports in high school, who had to avoid bullies by hiding in the computer room during lunch, that kid who learned to crack open off-the-shelf programs to rewrite their code for local businesses -- yeah, that kid made enough money in 10 years to retire.

Truth be told, I hated writing code. It was a means to an end. I wouldn't miss the monotony of it at all. I know there are some people that just can't let their businesses go – I wasn't one of those. The happiest day of my life was selling off my client list, depositing those last checks in my back account, and moving out of my parent's basement.

I wasn't a multimillionaire by any means, but I was able to buy a nice annuity that would hopefully grow into multimillions over the next 32 years until I reached age 57 and a half when I could start my "real" retirement. I even had enough left over to buy a duplex that would give me a place to live and have a tenant pay for the rest of my living expenses.

The duplex was in a nice neighborhood and the end of a cul-du-sac. Connected at their garages, each side had two bedrooms and a bath. There was only a small yard out front but the shared backyard was large with a tall fence, nice shade trees, and lots of room. After the papers were signed, I made my last splurge purchase and bought a hot tub.

I didn't want the hassle of dealing with the tenant on the other side, so I hired a management company to take care of it for a small percentage of the rent. I actually didn't want the other tenant to know I owned the property. It wasn't just the legal hassle of being a property manager I didn't want to deal with -- to be honest it was a little more than that -- I was barely 5'1" and 110 lbs. soaking wet, so the thought of confronting an angry tenant terrified me.

I found out the current tenant was Mary Hayes, 51 year old woman who'd already lived there quietly for 13 years. The property manager referred to her as a "spinster" since she was never married and had no children. I took it that Mary would keep to herself and wouldn't make much noise. That suited me just fine.

On moving day I finally met Mary in the backyard. She saw me through her sliding glass door turning on the hot tub and came outside. At 5'10" and "thick" she was physically intimidating. Her greens eyes hid behind a pair of thick-rimmed glasses. She had red hair with just a few wisps of gray, wide hips, and wore a flower-print sundress that showed just a hint of her ample cleavage.

She put out her hand and smiled, "You must be Jason, the new tenant. The property manager dropped by yesterday and told me about you. I'm Mary Hayes."

Her hand dwarfed mine. "Hi, Ms. Hayes," I said, taking her hand to shake it. To this day I have no idea why I called her Ms. Hayes instead of Mary. I guess it just seemed the "right" thing to do.

She got a comical look on her face. "Ms. Hayes?" She laughed. "I like that. You seem to be a very polite young man and that's a good thing -- I won't tolerate any loud parties or nonsense, Jason."

Her suddenly stern look caught me off-guard. I looked away and ran my hand through the warming water of the hot tub. I was looking forward to relaxing when it finally got hot.

"The new landlord had that delivered yesterday," she said, smiling. "That's a big difference from the previous owner. He never wanted to do anything nice around here."

After a bit of small talk, she left for an appointment that would "take a few hours" and I started to settle into my new place. I had my own garage with a washer and dryer. That was something I'd been looking forward to after using the community laundry room at my old apartment. I decided to strip down, put all of my clothes in the wash, and just wear my swimsuit since I was going to soak in the hot tub anyway.

But after putting everything in the wash, I couldn't find my swimsuit. It must have still been packed in one of the big boxes and I was too tired to look. I wrapped a towel around myself and waited for the first load to get done. After I threw it into the dryer, I figured I had an hour to kill.

Feeling a little mischievous and knowing Mary would be gone for a few hours, I went into the backyard, turned on the bubbles, hung up the towel and slipped completely naked into the hot water. With the high fence and thick trees no one could see into the back yard, so I felt pretty safe although I did get a slight thrill being naked outside. The hot tub had both seats in the corners and reclining areas on each side. I guess I was more tired than I thought because after leaning back into one of the reclining areas, I closed my eyes and fell asleep.

"Wake up, sleepyhead," I heard a voice say. "Don't you know how dangerous it is to fall asleep in a hot tub?"

I opened my eyes just in time to see Mary in a frilly, pink one piece swimsuit sliding into the water. I started to panic and then realized that the bubbles were keeping her from seeing that I wasn't wearing anything. She took off her glasses and laid them on the towel next to her.

"Um," I stammered, "what happened to your appointment?"

She laughed. "My friend had to cancel our shopping trip. She babysits her grandson and he threw a tantrum, so she didn't want to take him to the store with us."

I slid from the reclining spot to the seat furthest across from her and subconsciously put my hands over my bare crotch, even though I knew she couldn't see anything. "That's too bad he had to ruin your shopping trip."

"Kids these days," she sighed. "Instead of trying to be their friends, their parents and grandparents should spank their little bottoms so they learn to behave."

Hearing the word "spank" come out of her mouth, sent a shock through my body and caused me to clench my anus.

"A child's bottom was made for spanking," she continued. "There's nothing abusive about it. When my nieces and nephews were little, I didn't hesitate to spank their little bottoms when they threw temper tantrums. So, they cry for an hour and they can't sit comfortably for a couple of days, but in the end they learn to be respectful, courteous people."

More shocks. More clenching. My face felt flush. "A couple of days?"

"Sure, if what the child did was truly naughty, then a paddle or belt would be warranted." She smiled at me. "You were never spanked, were you?"

I shook my head. "My parents didn't believe in it. Beside, even if they did, I never did anything to deserve one."

She laughed, "Oh, Jason, every little boy is either lazy enough or naughty enough to deserve a few spankings growing up."

The image of Mary spanking me flashed in my mind. My face was completely red now. She must have noticed it. From her smile, I could tell she enjoyed it.

Then the buzzer for the dryer went off. I heard it but pretended not to since I didn't want to get out of the hot tub and let Mary know I was naked.

"Your dryer is finished," she said. "Guess you have to go fold clothes now."

"The clothes can wait a bit."

She shook her head. "Not if you don't want them all wrinkled. Spending 10 minutes folding them now will save you an hour ironing them later, lazy bones." She laughed again.

I was cornered. If I didn't get out to fold my clothes, I was lazy. If I did get out, she'd see I was naked which meant I was naughty. I didn't know what to do.

Then the universe made the decision for me: the bubble timer stopped.

As the last of the bubbles faded away, the water became crystal clear. My hands were firmly locked over my groin. All of the blood drained from my face and I sat completely frozen in a panic.

The smile faded from Mary's face. She put her glasses back on. Her eyes scanned down and then back up. The stern look that frightened me earlier returned to her face. She looked right at me and asked, "Jason, are you naked in here with me?"

I couldn't speak for a moment. I couldn't look her in the eyes either. I closed mine and just nodded, barely getting out, "Yes, ma'am."

She stood up, sending ripples across the water. I opened my eyes to see her climbing out of the hot tub. Her mature body stretched her bathing suit tight. Even in my panic, I found her rear end attractive.

"Stay right there, young man." She opened her sliding glass door. Turning back around, she waved a finger at me, repeating, "Don't you dare move!"

She went inside her side of the duplex. I didn't know what to do. I thought about running inside my side, locking the door and hiding out, but what would that do? I couldn't get away from her. I didn't want her to call the property management company and have the ladies there thinking I was some dirty little pervert.

Mary reappeared, fully dressed with her hair pulled up in a tight bun. "Get out of that water now."

It wasn't a request. It was an order from a very angry woman. Her cold demeanor made her anger seem even more frightening.

I turned around and stood up, feeling the cold air on my naked body made me shiver. I reached for the towel. Climbing out, I wrapped it around my waist.

She walked over to me, pulled off my towel in one quick motion. "You don't need this, do you? No, you like to be naked, don't you?"

I was unable to speak.

She took the towel and began drying me off. Because I was so much shorter than her, she had to bend over. Her deep cleavage came into view and I fought the urge to look, but couldn't help myself She wiped the water off my back, legs, and, pushing my hands away, she wiped off my front. She stopped for a moment to stare at my erection. Looking into my eyes, she said, "I guess you're both lazy and naughty, aren't you?"

She threw the towel over her shoulder, grabbed a handful of my hair and pulled me toward her side of the duplex. When I didn't move fast enough, her other hand shot out and left a stinging slap on my bare bottom.

A yelp of pain escaped my lips as I struggled to keep up with her while walked on my tiptoes with my hands guarding my bottom.

"That's not even a taste of what you're in for, Jason."

Chapter Two

Mary's home reflected her. Her couches looked a couple of decades old, but they were wrapped in plastic so the fabric was still brightly colored. She had a row of bookcases on either side of her living room filled up with paperback novels.

She dragged me toward her couch, sat down and then pulled me across her lap. To be honest, I was relieved that I know longer had to face her. I was never more embarrassed and humiliated in my life. Her lap was comfortable and, had I not been about to receive a very painful spanking, I would have enjoyed just laying there.

"Let's get started, shall we?" Her voice was controlled but still very angry. "After this you'll be a very sorry little boy."

Smack. The first spank landed and my body lurched forward. Breath escaped me. Then I felt it. Her hand had hit right in the middle of my bare bottom, stinging both cheeks and sending a shockwave up my spine.

Quickly, I felt the second, third, fourth and fifth spank right in the same place. She paused for a moment and finally I could yell. What came out of my mouth was a combination of whelping, crying and begging – none of it coherent to her.

"We'll see if you like being naked after this, you naughty little boy."

Then she repeated the first five spanks. This went on and on. Five very quick spanks delivered to my rapidly reddening bottom, then a brief pause for a one-line lecture, then another five, following by another one line lecture.

Spank. Spank. Spank. Spank. Spank.

It was a blur of pain and humiliation. On my very first day of being independent, I'm over an older woman's lap getting the spanking of my life. Finally, something inside me just snapped. My body went limp. I was whimpering with each spank, but no longer trying to speak. I had accepted that I deserved this spanking.

Mary would later tell me she spanked me for 20 minutes.

When she was finished, she pulled me to my feet by my arms. My legs were jelly, barely holding me up. Tears streamed down my cheeks. She walked me to the corner of her living room and put my nose in it.

"You will stay here for the next hour and think about what you did wrong, little boy. Understand?" She punctuated that last word with another stinging slap to my sore, red bottom. "Now put your hands on your head so you're not tempted to rub that naughty bottom of yours."

While the spanking was painful, standing in the corner was utterly humiliating. As she moved around the house, I heard her walk into the backyard. I wondered what she was doing. Maybe she was getting back in the hot tub? More than anything, I hoped that she wouldn't tell anyone about spanking me.

Behind me, the clock on her bookshelf ticked away. The temptation to reach down and rub my bottom lessened with each minute. I was sure I'd be sore tomorrow, but the air conditioning was on high so that helped soothe my aching backside, as well as shrink my front down, too.

After the hour had passed, Mary was back. "Jason, come over here."

Keeping my hands on my head, I turned around and walked over to her standing by the sliding glass door to the backyard. When I got close to her, she grabbed my wrists and lowered my arms. Then she did something that surprised me: She pulled me in tight for a hug.

"You took that spanking very well," she whispered. "And I think I know why you did."

She released me from her hug and led me outside.

"Do you know why you accepted that spanking so well?"

I shook my head, unwilling to speak.

"You accepted that spanking because, deep down, you know you deserved it."

Her blue eyes bore a hole through me. Butterflies filled my stomach and my face flushed red.

"Now tell me what you did wrong and that you deserved that spanking."

Rubbing my sore bottom with my hands, I looked up into her eyes. The stern, angry look from before was gone. Instead, she looked so understanding.

"Yes, Ms. Hayes," I said, slowly, "I deserved that spanking."

She tilted her head and raised an eyebrow. "And, what else, Jason?" She leaned down close to me, her face right in front of mine. "What did you do that was naughty?"

I paused for just a moment, then whispered to her, "I should have asked for your permission to be naked in the hot tub."

"Yes!" she said, smiling and laughing. She kissed me quickly on the cheek, then turned me around and pushed me towards the backdoor of my garage. "Now go take care of your clothes, young man."

Something inside me was glad that I made her smile. As I was walking away from her, I felt her hand reach up and pinch my sore bottom. I yelled, "Ouch!" and then ran to my garage. Behind me Mary was laughing again.

When I entered my garage, I was surprised to find all of my clothes, folded neatly and sitting on top of my washer and dryer.

Now it was my turn to smile.

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