tagBDSMDuplex Ch. 04

Duplex Ch. 04


As I sat in Mary's kitchen, naked as the day I was born, while we shared a breakfast of pancakes, I couldn't help but think how life can take sudden, strange turns. Two days ago, I didn't even know this older woman who had spanked me to tears in her living room just a few steps away.

As I ate, Mary told me about herself. She was far from the "old spinster" the property management had described. In her youth, Mary had joined the Peace Corps for four years. She had met a young doctor, fell in love but before they could marry, a bad car accident left her nearly crippled and unable to bear her own children.

At this point of her story, she looked out of her window and simply said, "Then he just left."

She stopped. I could see her eyes water.

Not knowing what else to do, I got up and walked over to where she was sitting. I put my arms around her and just squeezed. She hugged me back just as hard. Turning her chair away from the table, she pulled me so that I had to straddle her lap. I realize now how silly it must have looked: All 5'1"of me, completely naked, sitting in the lap of the 51 year old, 5'10" woman who had spanked me to tears the day before when she had caught me naked in my own hot tub in our shared backyard.

Mary must have realized how silly this looked, too. After a moment or two, she started laughing. She looked into my eyes and asked me the question that would change both our lives. "Jason," she said, smiling, "would you be my little boy?"

I nodded.

She put both of her hands on my face, pulled me close and kissed me. Her lips were soft, warm. Sparks flew from my mouth down my spine to my groin. I had an erection.

Mary shook her head and whispered in my ear. "Do you want me to make you feel like my little boy again?"

I nodded.

"Jason, my little naughty boy" she whispered again, "tell me what you want - tell me what you need."

My throat was dry. Suddenly, I was freezing cold and shivering. My heart was pounding. What happened yesterday could become a fond memory, but what was I was about to say would change my life forever. I knew I had to say it.

I looked into her eyes and whispered, "Mary, will you please, umm, spank me again?"

With tears in her eyes and smiling, she nodded. Pulling me close, she planted a very long kiss on my mouth and hugged my naked body to hers. Her robe felt warm on my skin.

"Yes," she said, "I will spank you as many times as you need it, my naughty naked little boy!"

She slid me off her lap and then stood up. As she towered over me and took my hand to lead me down the hallway, I really did feel like a little boy next to such a tall, commanding older woman. Her grip was strong, but it didn't hurt. I wasn't going to pull away anyway.

Her side of the duplex was a mirror image of mine. She took me into her bedroom. It smelled of the rose perfume she wore. There was a full size bed, covered in a flower print comforter with matching pillows.

She released my hand left me standing, naked, next to her bed as she sat down. With a smile, she pulled me over her lap. Face down, I looked at the floor and took a deep breath.

Just as she had the day before, Mary would spank each cheek five times very quickly, then stop for a moment. She would switch sides. Each time the pain got worse and worse. Soon she had me crying and whimpering.

"Shhhhhh," she said, as he hand spanked me harder and harder, "You needed this spanking. All naughty little boys need their mommies to spank me, don't they?"

At the time, I didn't notice the words she'd chosen. All I could feel was the pain and the release of all control. I was her little boy. I was her naught, naked little boy and I had asked for this spanking.

After twenty minutes, she stood me up. "Keep those hands on your head," she ordered me.

She put me in the corner again. But instead of leaving me standing there for an hour like yesterday, she went into her bathroom. When she came back, she led me over to the bed again.

She pulled me in front of her. She held up a wooden hairbrush.

My legs turned to jelly and I almost fell down. I was scared. As much as her hand hurt, I knew that hairbrush would be much worse.

"Please, please don't spank me with that," I begged her, "Please, Mary, please!"

I was crying harder than I did when she'd spanked me with her hand earlier.

"I have to, little boy." She kissed me on the mouth again. "This way you'll feel mommy's love for her little boy for a week."

Even though I kept begging her not to, Mary didn't listen. She pulled me over her lap again. This time, she trapped my legs together with one of hers. She leaned against me and put her other arm all the way around my waist. No matter how hard I was going to fight or kick, there was no escape.

I was now terrified.

The first hit sounded like thunder. I couldn't breathe for a second. The pain shot right through me. Catching my breath, I screamed.

Unlike her hand, alternating from cheek to cheek, she concentrated all of the hairbrush spanks right in the middle of my bare bottom. The shock went through my anus, up my rectum, and all the way throughout my body. She soon had me sobbing and trying to kick out. But with her arm and leg holding me down, there was nowhere to go.

After five minutes, she started in on my cheeks. After ten minutes, she had my entire bare bottom a fiery, bright red. My throat hurt from screaming and sobbing. My eyes were a blur of tears.

I wasn't sure when but at some point she stopped spanking me with the hairbrush. When I could think clearly, I realized she was gently rocking me over her lap, her hands caressing my back. She was even humming a soft tune.

"Stand up," she ordered, "right here between my legs."

I did as she said. My bottom was on fire.

Her right hand, the one that had held that hairbrush, reached out and stroked my penis. I was instantly erect from her touch. Her other hand moved around to the small of my back and pulled me closer.

Her mouth found my chest. She kissed and licked my nipples as her hand rubbed my erection. She moved up to my neck, kissing and licking as she went. Finally, he hand on my back moved to my head. Grabbing my hair, she pulled me forward into a kiss. Her tongue forced its way past my lips. I opened my mouth to let her tongue in. Her fingers stroked faster and faster.

"Now shoot for me," she whispered. "Shoot your naughty little boy cum for mommy."

My whole body tensed up. I came harder than I'd ever had before. I squirted globs of semen on her hand, her robe and on her legs. Then I collapsed in her arms.

Pulling me forward to straddle her laps, she kissed my cheek. "What do you say, little boy?"

"Thank you," I whispered.

"Thank you, what?" she asked.

"Thank you," I said, "mommy."

She hugged me tight again and laughed. Even though my bottom was throbbing in pain, I hugged her back just as hard. Inside, I was grateful for her spanking me and helping me orgasm. My energy spent, I leaned into her and closed my eyes.

I didn't know how, but at that moment, I was absolutely content with the world. I didn't want that moment to end. I just wanted to be naked, straddling Mary's lap with a fiery red bottom, for as long as I possibly could.

By the way she squeezed and rocked me, I knew she did, too.

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