tagBDSMDuplex Ch. 12

Duplex Ch. 12


I expected Helen to return my call on late Saturday, but she didn't. Instead, she knocked on my door early Sunday morning. Still naked and hairless from my road trip with Mary the day before, I opened the door and greeted Helen, "Good morning."

"You're in big trouble, spanky boy," she said, taking me by the hand and slamming my front door shut behind her. "That call you left on my office voicemail got me in hot water with my supervisor."

Confused, I said, "I don't understand."

"My supervisor thinks that I fucked up the paperwork I brought over for you to sign," she said, pushing me so I was bent over my couch. "So that means I'm going to make your little ass pay for it."

With one hand on the small of my back to hold me still, she pulled out a wooden paddle from her purse. Before I could even say a word she started paddling me. Just as before the first hit sounded like a gunshot and knocked the breath out of me. She was angry and the speed of the spanks showed it. Everything was rapid. Each hit was solid, right in the center and made me lurch forward on my toes.

After the first five or so, I was crying. After the fifteenth, I was sobbing. I couldn't make any words come out. Everything was just yelps and sobs. She wasn't lying about making me pay for unintentionally getting her in trouble with her boss.

At some point I just collapsed, resting my entire weight on the back of the couch. I'm not sure when but at some point Helen stopped paddling me.

She grabbed a handful of my hair and pulled me up to my feet.

In between sobs and tears, all I could say was, "I'm sorry, Helen!"

I must have been a pitiful sight, hopping back and forth from foot to foot, holding my burning behind with both hands, sobbing with tears streaking down my face. Her angry look faded and was replaced by a look of sympathy.

Shaking her head, she pulled me into a tight hug. She held me that way for a long time. My face nestled in between her breasts, soaking her shirt with my tears. She wiped away my tears with her hands. "You really are sorry, aren't you?"

I nodded.

Pulling me up on my tip-toes, she kissed me. Her tongue pushed into my mouth. Sparks went down my spine to my groin. Despite the burning pain in my behind, I was instantly erect. She kept kissing me like that for a few minutes, her hands running up and down my naked, hairless body.

Her hands caressed my groin, rubbing my erection with her fingers. She broke the kiss just long enough to say, "No more body hair? You're even more delicious this way!"

Helen led me to my bedroom. She quickly stripped naked and lay on the bed, spreading her legs open. As her pussy lips opened, I could see that she was soaking wet and her clitoris was engorged.

I crawled in between her thighs and began kissing her hairless pussy. She grabbed my hair in both of her hands and pushed me face into her crotch, yelling, "Suck my pussy, spanky boy. Lick it until I cum."

I couldn't back away if I wanted and I certainly didn't want to. I loved the bittersweet taste of her pussy, the feel of her hairless vulva against my face and the aroma that turned me on so much my erection throbbed. The more she ground her hips into my face, the more her juices, her smell, covered me.

She had two orgasms as I pleased her with my mouth. Both of them shook her body and she soaked my face and the sheets beneath us. Rolling over, she whispered, "Lick my asshole."

I spread her round ass with my hands until her pink little anus came into view. It was already glistening from her pussy juices dripping down, so I leaned forward and shoved my tongue into her asshole as deep as it would go. Then I just started pushing back and forth.

"Yes, spanky boy," she said, "show me how sorry you are. Lick my ass!"

I felt her fingers brush up against my chin. She was kneeling and had put her hand between her legs, rubbing her clitoris back and forth. Dropping her shoulders to my bed, her ass pushed out and opened up. I didn't have to hold her cheeks apart, so I moved my hands to her thighs and began stroking them. My tongue never left her asshole.

She stopped speaking. Instead, she would just breathe heavy, sigh or grunt. Her fingers moved faster and faster. When she was close to cumming, I pushed my face forward hard, shoving my tongue even deeper inside her than ever.

Her entire body froze, then convulsed and she came again. She had risen up on all fours, panting with heavy breaths trying to recover. I kneeled behind her and just looked at her round ass, her spasming anus and vulva, and everything wet with her juices.

Still on all fours, she looked over her shoulder and asked, "So what did you get rid of all of your body hair?"

"Because I wanted him hairless," Mary said, suddenly walking through my bedroom door. "You know how us 'old bitties' hate hairy boys, don't you?"

Shocked, Helen rolled over quickly and tried to cover herself with my blanket. Because she was laying on the blanket in the middle of the bed, there wasn't enough to fully cover her voluptuous body. Her vulva and left breast remained uncovered. Her face flushed red, along with her upper chest. I could tell she was completely embarrassed.

"Ms. Hayes," Helen said, "what are you doing here?!!"

Mary crossed her arms and stared down at the shaking Helen. "I'm here to deal with the woman who's been spanking MY little boy!"

Helen looked at me. "She's the one who was spanking you that night?"

I nodded.

"Ms. Hayes," Helen said, sitting up and causing the blanket to pull away from her body. "I'm so sorry. I didn't know he was yours."

Mary stepped forward and picked up Helen's clothes. "You knew he belonged to somebody though, didn't you?" She glared at Helen in such a severe way that I'd only seen it that look the very first day when Mary caught me naked in the hot tub.

Helen opened her mouth to argue, then just closed it and nodded.

"You and I have a lot to discuss, Helen," Mary said, "but first you need to climb back up on that bed, on all fours, and stick that big ass up in the air again."

Helen looked up at Mary and just froze, staring at her. "You want me to what?"

"You heard me." Mary threw Helen's clothes into my hallway and then stood next to the bed. "Get up on all fours and get that ass in the air again!"

Angry, Helen stood up and tried to stare down Mary. While Helen was taller than me, she was shorter than Mary. "Why the fuck should I listen to you?"

I saw Helen's head snap back and heard the sound before I realized that Mary had slapped her. Helen fell back onto the bed. She rubbed her cheek and tears formed in her eyes.

"You will watch your mouth, young lady," Mary scolded her. "Or I will wash it out with soap!"

Helen stood up and tried to rush past her but Mary grabbed a handful of her blonde hair and yanked on it. Panicking, Helen still tried to get to the bedroom door.

"You should think twice about leaving," Mary told her. "I don't think your boss would be happy knowing you blackmailed a client so you could beat him and use him as your personal sex toy. Not only will you be fired, but Jason here could sue your company until it was bankrupt."

Helen spun around and looked at Mary. "How did you know?" She looked at me.

"Seems a certain little boy here is very good with hidden cameras and made a nice video for his mommy," Mary said. She knew she had Helen between a rock and a hard place. Mary let go of her hair and then pointed to the bed. "Now get your ass back on that bed, on all fours with that ass up in the air."

Knowing she couldn't resist. Helen did as she was ordered. Because I hadn't moved, I was still kneeling on the bed when Helen put her legs on either side of me and put her ass in my face. Arching her back, her pink anus came into view again.

"Stand up, naughty boy," Mary told me. I did. Mary leaned forward and took my erection into her mouth. She moved back and forth, using her tongue on me. When she opened her mouth, my erection was wet with her saliva. "Now get behind her and shoved your little cock into her ass."

Helen turned her head to look at Mary. "No! Not my ass, please not there!"

In a way, I felt bad for Helen. Yes, she had made veiled threats that first time but being with her wasn't all bad. Her paddlings were bad but the way she held me and kissed me afterwards was something I'd enjoyed. Still, I couldn't argue with Mary.

I stood up behind Helen. Bending my knees a little, I lined up my erection with her pink anus. It was still wet and, thanks to Mary, so was I. Mary's hand was on my bare ass, pushing me forward. As I entered Helen's ass, I could feel how tight it was, even for my little cock.

Helen just sighed and moaned.

Mary pulled my face toward her and she kissed me deeply. Her hand spanked my bare bottom, indicating that I should start thrusting. Slowly, gently, I rocked my hips back and forth, fucking Helen's ass.

"Doesn't that feel nice?" Mary whispered in my ear. "See how mommy takes care of her little boy?"

Between Mary's kisses and whispers and Helen's tight asshole and soft moaning, I knew I wasn't going to last long. Mary didn't want me to last long. Moving her hand down my back, she slid her finger up inside my rectum, caressing my prostate.

"Go ahead," she told me. "Cum deep in her ass."

I was rocking back and forth so fast that I would have lost my balance if not for Mary's hand on my ass and her finger in my asshole. Helen's anus clamped down on my little cock. Throwing my head backwards, I grunted and ejaculated harder than I'd ever had before.

Helen just fell forward onto her belly. Mary helped me down off the bed.

"Did you enjoy yourself, Helen?" Mary asked, smiling. "Did you enjoy my naughty boy fucking your tight little asshole?

Rolling over to look at Mary, Helen nodded and whispered, "Yes."

"Good," Mary said, "now we have a few things to discuss. You can get dressed but no wiping that boy cum from your asshole. Afterwards, you can go over to my side of the duplex. Wait out back and I'll tell you when you may enter."

Turning her attention to me, Mary reached out and hugged me. "I want you to stay on your side for a while. My discussion with Helen could take a while." She kissed me and taking my hand, let me down the hallway to my living room.

Behind us, Helen got dressed.

"Will you be a good little boy for me and wait here?" Mary asked me.

I nodded. "I'll try but I can't help being curious about what you're going to say to her."

Helen walked past us and out through my sliding glass door. She was dressed but walking awkwardly from what must have been the feel of her soaking wet panties and cum leaking from her ass.

There was a knock on the front door and Mary smiled. "I knew you'd be curious, so mommy got something special for her little boy." She hugged and kissed me again, then walked out the sliding glass door behind Helen.

Turning around she said, "You better answer that door." Then she slid the sliding glass door closed. I saw her lead Helen through her sliding glass door and they disappeared. I was lost in thought at what they were going to discuss when another set of knocks got my attention.

I picked up a towel and wrapped it around myself. Reaching the door, I stood up on my tip toes to look through the peephole, then remembered that it was too tall for me to see.

Take a deep breath, I turned the knob and opened the door.

"Well, hi there again," Edie said, walking into my home. Grabbing my towel, she pulled it off me. "Guess you won't be needing this, not from what Mary said to me on the phone."

I was left naked, so I quickly closed the door. "What? She called you? Why?"

"Well, she called to ask me if I wanted to see your naked hairless body again," Edie said. "I did. So she asked me to come over and, since I was over-nighting here with my rig, I did."

I was confused. "But why did she want you to come over today?"

"She thought you might be bored with 'mommy' taking care of something next door," Edie told me, smiling, "and she thought that you just might need someone to watch you and keep you busy."

Edie sat down my couch and motioned me to join her. Sitting down, I looked right at her and asked, "So that means you're my... um... my..."

Edie leaned back against my couch and put her arm around me. Picking up the remote, she turned on my television. "That's right," she answered, "I'm your babysitter."

She smiled at me in such a gentle way that I wasn't nervous or shy anymore. I wondered what Edie really wanted to do but figured we had enough time so why not just relax with her and watch some television. Until then I'd just enjoy feeling her hands all over my naked, hairless body.

Still, I couldn't get the images out of my imagination of what was happening next door. I was just glad that, with Mary's permission, I'd moved all those hidden cameras to Mary's side of the duplex.

What a video that's going to be.

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