tagInterracial LoveDuplicity Ch. 05

Duplicity Ch. 05


Hey guys- So this chapter is a short one, it gets right to the 'ahem' point. Let me know what you think. Thank you for your continued support, votes and comments. Thanks to honeybree for her great editing.


When they got back to the house, they walked through the courtyard. They were about to go through the living room but they heard Sienna and Jason talking. They were talking about them, wondering where they were.

Merle pulled Layla close and hid behind a wall.

"Shh." Merle softly said while putting his finger on her lips. Layla couldn't understand it but she wanted to suck his finger right into her mouth. She was so wet from this evening's events.

Merle pulled her along and slipped by undetected. He needed to get them out of there before Sienna and Jason inadvertently said something he didn't want Layla to hear. He pulled her and started running towards the rooms. Layla giggled as they ran like children to their floor.

Her blood was pumping; her nipples were still distended and hard. She had to have him tonight.

When they reached her door, he pushed her up against it. He fully pressed himself onto her and kissed her until she was dizzy. His tongue completely dominated her while his hands freely roamed her body.

But she wanted more, needed more.

As if he heard her thoughts, she felt his hand travel down her thigh and up her skirt.

His thick finger found her panty clad pussy. He could feel the heat radiating from her. She moaned and encouraged him further as he found her warm slick entrance.

He resumed kissing her as his lips traveled towards her neck; biting the soft flesh he found there. His finger continued massaging her pussy lips while he intentionally avoided her clit. His tongue laved the spot where her neck met her shoulder. Layla gasped for breath.

She couldn't think straight, she could only feel herself lose control. She was ready to beg him.

His finger slowly entered her, sawing its way in and out, he then added a second finger and then a third. The friction caused her clit to harden and enlarge.

She was on the verge of cumming, about a second from exploding...

He looked into her eyes as if he was silently communicating with her. She licked her lips and his thumb slowly descended.

As soon as it caressed her clit, she felt herself vibrate uncontrollably. He rubbed her clit in small circles, knowing exactly what she needed. He kissed her and swallowed her loud scream as she came.

Feeling electrified but completely relaxed, she came down from her high. She gasped for air since her chest felt like it was about to explode. He smiled and kissed her softly.

His fingers came out of its hiding place covered in her translucent essence. He licked his fingers clean as her hooded eyes watched him intently. She tasted so good to him; he couldn't wait to feast from the source.

"Come inside with me." She whispered.

Merle licked his lips and nodded. "But I'll be right back. Be ready for me..."

He turned away and walked towards his room.

She quickly walked in her room and closed the door. She felt like she was about explode from excitement. Besides the fact it had been so long for her, she was just excited to be with him.

It would normally take at least a month of serious dating for her to be intimate with someone, if she allowed it to last that long. Then she would carefully plan everything out and made sure the plans were clearly understood by her boyfriend. Although there were some who were nice, none of those other guys were Merle. Everything with him was spontaneous, fun, sexy and intense.

She hadn't felt this way about anyone since her ex-fiancé, and even then it was different. With Pierre, it took her a while to open up to him. And that was something that she felt almost immediately with Merle. He just cut right through her self-made walls as if it were an easy thing to do. She couldn't explain the feeling; it just felt right with him.

It had been a long day but Merle energized her. It was as if with just a little piece of him, she could go on for weeks at a time.

She knew she felt something powerful for him because it hadn't even crossed her mind what he might look like under his clothes. She quickly freshened up and slipped into some sexy fire red lingerie. It was a matching bra and panty set with a garter belt. She wore her 4" heels to complete the look.

Not bad... not bad at all, she thought as she looked in the mirror. She hummed, "Tonight, I'll be the best you ever had."

She giggled to herself. What the hell... she was one of those girls now?

Layla didn't care. Deep down she knew... tonight would be the best night she'd ever had.


Merle detoured from going to his room and went downstairs to the living room. Sienna and Jason were seated on the large cream leather sectional. She was wringing her hands and talking fast but in hushed tones. Merle walked to the side of their view and leaned against the wall.

"Oh thank God! Where have you been?! We've been worried sick about you." Sienna exclaimed.

Jason lifted his finger and said, "Correction, she's been worried sick about you."

"You need to calm down Cece. We were only gone for a couple hours."

"We? As in you were out with Layla?"

"Yea. What's it to you?"

Sienna stopped and looked at him. Then she grinned widely.

"You and Layla?"


Merle crossed his arms.

Sienna let out an excited scream, "Tell me, tell me everything!"

Jason shook his head amused. Sienna was worried sick one minute and now wanted to gossip.

"I'm not telling you shit, nosey." Merle said and chuckled.

"Holy crap... you really liked her."

"Listen... I just came down to tell you we are safe and sound. So don't come around bothering us. Now go get some rest, I swear you're going to give my niece or nephew an ulcer."

Merle straightened himself up to leave but stopped and gave Sienna a kiss on her head and walked away.

"I hope you know what you're doing!" Sienna called out to him.

He gave her a wicked grin and winked, "Always."


After picking up some necessary things and making sure his disguise was intact; he set out towards Layla's room. He knocked on her door twice and waited for a reply. His palms were sweaty but he was eager to see her.

"Come in." Her feminine voice called out from inside.

When Merle stepped into the room he thought his control would slip and he would devour her right then and there.

The room was set up with candles everywhere creating a soft lazy glow. There was a huge cherry wood four-post bed set in the middle which Merle knew would be there.

Perched on a mountain of pillows was his beautiful goddess.

She wore a bright red bra and panties. Her delicious globes graced her chest as he detected hardened nipples through the lace. Her long legs were covered in black sheer thigh high stockings latched to a garter belt at her hips. Her legs extended from her as she slightly bent them at the knees. Her black high heels were still on her feet as they naughtily dug into the comforter. Her skin was even and looked soft, like silk. Merle itched to touch her but refrained.

She confidently waited for him, enjoying his perusal of her form. She loved the way his predatory gaze illustrated what he wanted to do to her. He was sure to be putty in her hands, or so she thought...

"Aren't you going to come closer?" She purred.

"Of course... but aren't you going to greet me properly?" He said smugly. His posture remained at attention with his hands behind his back.

Layla smirked. So that's how he was going to play it. She would play along, for now.

She slowly got to her knees and unabashedly inched toward him, swaying her hips as she went. Knowing full well she was pushing her breasts out toward him... for the desired effect.

He wore a lopsided grin as he stood still, envisioning everything he would do to her.

When she was face to face with him with only inches apart she stopped. She licked her lips and wondered when his resolve would break.

"Kiss me." His deep voice resounded.

Layla slightly shivered and felt her pussy respond.

Her face slowly met his and graced him with an innocent kiss on his full lips and pulled away.

"You miss me?" He said, still not touching her.

"A little."


She rolled her eyes. "Ok, yes I've missed you."


He pulled away from her and sat in an armchair on the other side of the room.

Still on her knees on the bed, Layla looked at him confused.

Merle was enjoying this little game they were playing.

Although it took all of his power to remain unaffected, he rather liked throwing her off balance. He knew she had a compulsive need to be in control, so it was going to be fun making her lose it.

Layla looked at Merle. His presence commanded the space as he sat back with his legs apart. He was sexy as hell and now she was thoroughly annoyed. Here she planned a romantic night and he was acting like a fool. What did he think... that she would jump at the opportunity to satisfy his every whim? Oh hell no.

Maybe this was a mistake. She was about to make up an excuse and have him leave.

"Come here baby." He softly said.

His tone stopped her in her tracks. Even though when she looked at him, she stubbornly crossed her arms; she felt herself melt inside.

Merle chuckled to himself when he sensed her temper rise. And although he rather liked her this way, he realized he had to momentarily change tactics.


Layla climbed off the bed and walked towards him.

When she was in reach, he pulled her arms so she could be even closer to him. Even though she was still hesitant, she went willingly.

The glow of the candles illuminated the edges of her body in the most tantalizing way. While his eyes locked on hers, he tenderly kissed her exposed stomach.

There was a tingling sensation that ran through her. She rested her hands on his neck, cradling his head. He peppered kisses up and down and around her navel. He then nibbled as he went while his hands took the liberty of caressing her plump ass.

In response she squirmed and rubbed her legs together to create a little friction and release. She was so wet she didn't know how long she could last.

"You're gorgeous... especially when you're annoyed at me."

Layla softly smiled and playfully smacked his shoulder.

"I want to try something, if you let me." He said as he continued kissing her tummy and down lower. He was so distracting; she almost didn't hear what he said.

Turning her around, he swiftly sat her on his lap. With her back flush against him, he kissed her exposed neck and brushed his hands up her arms. Merle pulled out a couple of scarves he'd brought in and had set to the side all along. They were long soft black cotton.

Layla suddenly saw there was something black closing in on her view.

"No, what is this?"

"Trust me. Just... let... go." He rumbled in her ear.

Layla was nervous and didn't think she could. Her head moved from side to side as if she could make something out. Merle made sure to securely tie the blindfold already knowing she couldn't see a thing.

She inhaled and exhaled, full of anxiety at not being able to see. But the rhythmic sound of his voice assuaged her fears.

His hands ran down her chest and massaged her breasts, tugging lightly at her nipples. He felt the hardened peaks and skillfully drove her crazy.

Layla let out a soft moan and breathlessly said, "You're a hard man to say no to."

Merle chuckled and she yelped when he picked her up and laid her in the middle of the bed. Since she was blindfolded her senses seemed to have become heightened.

Knowing he was moving around and not knowing what he was doing was exciting and terrifying at the same time. She felt him unclasp the straps and slowly remove her thigh high stockings. She felt a chill in the air which produced goose bumps.

There was a cool thick liquid he poured on her feet and legs, followed by his strong hands massaging them. She let out a happy sigh and let herself relax.

His hands traveled up and down the sole of her left foot, from the fleshy part to her toes. She felt his breath nearby. He planted strategic kisses by the arch of her foot and then moved to her ankle.

She was sensitive there and her breathing shuddered. Not being able to see caused her to just concentrate on the pleasure he was giving her. He continued up her calf and laid her leg on his shoulder as he massaged and kissed every spot he encountered. Her skin was addictive and her sounds encouraged him to keep going.

By the time he reached her thigh, she was almost trembling in anticipation. He moved toward her inner thigh and continued to kiss but started nibbling her flesh as well. He continued his journey up toward her treasure and was just a whiff away from her pussy. When he smelled her arousal, he licked his lips but moved away.

She felt him leave and wanted to cry out in disappointment. But moments later she felt him spread some thick liquid on her right foot and leg and he resumed treatment on her right side. By this time she was dripping wet but was surprised at how much she was enjoying his approach. It was like heaven and hell all rolled into one as he gave her pleasure but held off her release.

Layla had even forgotten she was blindfolded. It seemed it never really mattered with Merle anyway. She felt so naughty and sexy as her imagination ran wild.

Merle approached her right inner thigh but this time spread her legs out a little. He removed her soaked red panties and threw them to the side but left the garter belt on. She felt the cool garter buckles rub against her. Merle continued his quest towards his treasure.

He slowly licked and sucked his way to her pussy petals. He gave them a kiss then slid his tongue through her slit. He gathered her juices on his tongue and moaned.

Just as he thought, she tasted so good straight from the source.

He couldn't get enough of her. He had to keep her hips steady as he ate her sweet nectar. She balled her fists to try to regain some control.

Layla was trying hard not to cum but she couldn't help herself. She screamed as she came hard on his face.

Continuing the assault, his tongue sucked the underside of her clit. She screamed as her orgasm continued and rolled into another one. She felt herself in a daze as she came down from her high. She was sweating and panting but quickly starting dozing off as she was completely relaxed.

Merle moved off of her and walked around the sides of the bed. Grabbing the other scarves, he tied her hands to the bed posts above her. He made sure to leave plenty of room so she wouldn't be too uncomfortable.

With what he was about to do, he couldn't risk her trying to touch him.

Skillfully he'd already removed all of his clothes and props... he took advantage that Layla was out of it and quietly slipped out of the body suit. He needed to be himself for their first time together.

He knew the situation was fucked up but for some reason he just couldn't resist. There was no way he would turn back now even though his brain screamed for him to stop. He would have to find a way to tell her the truth soon.

So there Sean stood in all his naked glory, his body looked like it had been etched from stone. His long cock jutted up towards his stomach. The only thing he thought about was his beautiful woman and how he was about to lay claim to her in the most intimate way.

He undid her bra and bit his bottom lip when he saw the most perfect set of breasts he'd ever seen. The dark brown areolas weren't too large, a little bigger than a silver dollar. Not being able to hold back, he kissed them and nipped at her chocolate drop nipples.

"Mm-hmm." Layla tried to look in his direction but could only feel him. She wanted more, needed more.

"Let me go. I want to touch you." She protested.

He rolled a condom on his thick length and carefully climbed on the bed. He grabbed her legs and rested them on his shoulders. There were really only a few positions he could manage where she wouldn't notice his change in size. He positioned himself and rubbed his mushroom head at her entrance and waited. She moaned and withered in anticipation.

"You're mine sweetheart. You'll always be mine, no matter what."

"Fuck me, please."

Those words were almost his undoing. But he managed to slowly inch his way into her for the first time.

Now suddenly completely awake, Layla thought she would die of pleasure. The delicious pain caused her to shut her eyes tightly under the blindfold. Laughing softly as she hissed air between her teeth. He was so big and thick; it was like she could feel every throbbing vein move through her.

"Fuck ...!" she gasped for air.

Damn, this man felt so good. She somehow knew he would. He was so powerful and completely in control.

Sean was trying very hard not to cum but she was so fucking tight. She felt so good gripping his dick as he inched inside of her. When he bottomed out he felt his balls lightly touch her ass. As soon as he withdrew he proceeded to fuck her excruciatingly slow and deep.

Those deep long strokes had her squealing with each thrust. Layla couldn't help herself and came again. His hands roamed her stomach up to her breasts and he tweaked her left nipple as he continued to pump in and out of her. She felt her cum flowing out to coat his pistoning shaft and she began to fuck him back, meeting him thrust for thrust moaning and gasping against him.

"Fuck! Please baby, fuck this pussy faster." She cried out.

Sean pummeled into her as deep and fast as he could. He gripped her thighs as leverage and grunted deep in his throat,

"Feels so good, little girl."

Suddenly he withdrew and with a swift movement flipped her over... on her hands and knees. The scarves tied to the post now pulled her arms and made an X above her head. She was momentarily confused but quickly realized what he was doing. She loved this wild ride. She couldn't think straight. He rubbed her meaty ass and entered her again from behind.

She exhaled and shuddered. Her back arched and she pushed her ass out toward him.

While never breaking his rhythm, he flexed his hip several times as he continued in and out of her. His thrusts changed and became more hurried, deeper and harder. She had a steady ball of ecstasy growing inside her and threatening to take over.

Sean reached down and rubbed her clit. She wailed as the crashing wave of her orgasm flooded through her, squirting her juices on him. He went rigid.

"Fuck!!" He roared.

He pumped inside of her three last times and came deep inside her.


He withdrew from her and went to the bathroom. He disposed of the condom and wrapped a towel around his waist. He brought out a warm cloth and lovingly cleaned her up. He untied her and laid her comfortably on her side but left the scarf over her eyes.

She was sound asleep and softly snoring. Sean stole one last kiss from her and slowly and carefully untied the last scarf from her eyes.

He had to get the hell out of there before she woke up and saw him. He took one last look at her and left the room... without a doubt he would tell her the truth tomorrow.

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