tagGroup SexDurango Bootie

Durango Bootie

byHigh Desert©

My girlfriend Laura and I have been together now for almost three years. Laura is a tall, very voluptuous blonde. She has a great body with the nicest tits I have ever had the pleasure of sucking on. Besides her body she also has a beautiful face that immediately attracted me to her.

Last night Laura and I went to our favorite bar in Durango and caught ourselves a nice buzz. Laura had dressed herself up in a very sexy, figure-hugging outfit; a short, tight, black skirt and a beautiful, form-fitting, black silk shirt from china that had red embroidery on it. She looked stunning and I was hopeful I’d be removing the outfit when we got home.

We drank and talked as we normally do. The place is a really cozy little bar that has wood everywhere and a very friendly staff. We were sitting at a large booth where we could see the rest of the bar from our corner of the room but the place was rather dead as the ski season was quickly drawing to a close.

Laura excused herself to go to the bathroom and as she did a ski bum that we had met on a couple of occasions came and sat down across from me. Joe was a nice guy that we had burned with a couple of times on the lifts and I knew Laura thought he was hot if not conceded. He was one of those trust fund kids who lives to spend his families money in any way he can find. Nice guy but kinda haughty.

Joe asked how Laura and I were doing. I said that we were fine but kinda sore from all that skiing. Joe sympathized and asked the waitress to bring another round. I was all for having another drink but I knew Laura was ready to go back to our hotel. When Laura returned she said “oh,… hi Joe. How’s it goin'.” He responded positively as he looked her up and down. It didn’t bother me,… I’m used to guys staring at Laura and I’m kinda flattered when they do. She noticed to and quickly sat down. While I might be comfortable with it, Laura sometimes gets downright pissed that men reduce her to her body.

As the drinks came, four of Joe’s friends from the ski area stopped at our table. Two of them were very effeminate black men, named Garrett and TJ, who seemed as though they were together. The other two, a Mexican man and woman, named David and Chelsea who were holding hands. Joe introduced us all, and the four of them sat down around the table.

David and Chelsea were very uptight despite how loaded they seemed. They were college students who lived in town, but for Durango,…man were they preppy. Chelsea was a petite girl with dark hair, David a tall guy, very clean cut but not cheesy (i.e. Frosted tips or lots of cologne). Garrett and TJ on the other hand were really laid back. Both had beards and short dreaded hair. You could tell they were hippies and liked to puff down. As we talked with those two we found that we had a lot in common. We were all teachers and both Garrett and TJ, like myself are musicians. Laura seemed very relaxed around the two of them and I liked them a lot. I think all women are more relaxed around gay men, and luckily I haven’t felt uncomfortable around gay men since I was in early high school.

The four of us talked for about an hour completely ignoring the other three. But after we had had a few more drinks Laura and I both were ready to go to the room. As the group disbanded, Joe asked if we would like to go party up at his parents ranch. “It’s a huge house with plenty of room and we have an indoor hot tub.” While he might have been bragging, Laura and I both are suckers for hot tubs. Before I could respond Laura replied “Awesome, sure I’d love to.” The other four were all revived by the prospect of a hot tub as well.

So we all drove in separate cars to Joe’s ranch. Laura was silent during the twenty-minute drive into the Colorado backcountry. The driveway was the log-gated kind (If you’ve been in this area, you know what I mean). It led down to a very large log home on a very large piece of land.

When I stopped the car Laura leaned over and kissed me on the neck and cheek. “I love you,” she whispered into my ear. I smiled and opened up the car door. As we walked to the front door I mauled Laura’s ass as I sometimes do. She just shook it back and forth as I squeezed, smiling the whole time.

“Welcome!” Joe greeted as we entered this beautiful all wood home. The kitchen off to the right was magnificent and the living room to the back was one that was the entire height of the house. Everything had a Southwest feel to it; Navajo rugs, tan leather sofas, a huge fireplace, a wagon-wheel chandelier, a bar made out of aspen trunks and best of all, the walls floors and ceilings were all logs and hardwood. I figured out quickly that Garrett and TJ were living in the house too , and that Chelsea and David had been there a number of times.

Joe made all of us margaritas and asked us to come over to the bar. There he brought out a mirror with a very large amount of blow on it. To my surprise Chelsea was the first to bump a line. The rest of us took turns and by the time we went upstairs I felt like a million bucks.

Joe led us out to a screened in patio with a great view of some beautiful mountains. To the left was a very large hot tub. Again Chelsea surprised me by being the first one to disrobe. It was very dark and you couldn’t see much of anything. The rest of us started taking our clothes off except for Laura who turned to me and whispered, “I’m not wearing any underwear!” “Well ask Joe to leave the lights off,” I replied. “Look at Garrett and TJ” I added, as the two of them ran over to the hot tub fully nude. I know I caught Laura staring at their asses in the moonlight.

Before long all of us were sitting in the tub either partially or completely nude. The blow had gotten me horny and I started running my hands along Laura’s upper thigh as she was talking to Garrett. Very casually I felt a hand move over my thigh and onto my cock. It grew to size almost immediately. Across from us David and Chelsea were tonguing each other as Joe just looked on. I could tell that was all he was paying attention to and by the look of it he was slowly jerking off.

After about a half hour of caressing, David and Chelsea decided to retire and asked Joe if there was an open bedroom. “Just take your pick.” Joe said. As the two stood up. Joe turned on a light at the bottom of the tub, which illuminated the whole room. David and Chelsea were standing completely naked with David sporting a 5” hard on. Chelsea’s pussy was shaved and their bodies glistened with water. We all laughed as Chelsea shouted, “Not funny Joe!” The two of them quickly ran off into the house.

A soon as they had left I looked around the tub and I could see that all four of the men were sporting hard-ons. Laura’s legs were open and she was rubbing her clit. All of the others noticed the same thing. Garrett and TJ were stroking each other’s rods and Joe was masturbating. Not a word was said. Joe reached over and flipped the light switch off. As he did so I thought of how large Garrett’s cock was. The other two were no bigger than me but Garrett could have easily had me by 3 inches. I must admit I was jealous as I saw Laura looking at it.

The uncomfortable silence was broken as Joe brought out some more blow and margaritas. He also brought out a candle so that we could see what we were doing. Laura was first to go to the edge of the tub and bump a line. Her perfect tits came out of the water as she raised her self. Her gorgeous melons glowed in the light of the candles and all eyes were on them as she raised herself away from the mirror. The last person to go was Garrett he had to cross over everyone as he worked his way to the mirror. His body was lean but muscular. His cock came out from his body a solid 12 inches.

As he made his way back he looked down and saw me staring at his cock. He smiled at me. “Do you like it?” I acted as if I had no idea what he was talking about. “You can touch it if you want…”

“No, I’ll pass thank you.” I replied.

“OK, suit yourself but Joe likes to touch it.”

He turned and Joe reached out to hold his cock. He started to jerk Garrett off and then let go. He turned back to face us. “Last chance.”

His body shimmered from the water and the light of the candle. As I turned away I saw Laura’s hand move to grab him. Being gay he seemed awkward at first, but she soon started moving her hand up and down his massive tool. She seemed in awe of it. She took her hand away. “That is the biggest damn cock I have ever seen.”

“And I can deep throat that mother.” Said TJ braggingly.

Laura, almost daringly, laughed “No you can’t.”

As they argued about what TJ could or could not do I realized that my girlfriend had just touched another man’s cock. Not just any cock either. A black man’s cock,…A black man’s huge cock,… A gay black man’s huge cock.. As my jealousy grew so did my cock. The whole idea of it had me ready to burst.

When I started paying attention to the conversation again Joe was saying, “Come on TJ just show her.”

“That’s really not necessary TJ,” Laura responded.

TJ looked over at Garrett and Garrett looked back. He stood up and moved towards TJ’s mouth. Joe quickly moved over next to me to get a better view and to smoke a joint he had rolled.

TJ put his tongue out to lick the tip of Garrett’s cock and as he did, he started moving his head forward and started licking his shaft.

The whole seen was hot even for me but then it got a lot hotter when Laura wrapped her hand around my growing cock. She started stroking me more quickly than she normally would but it still felt good.

“Come on you bitch! Put that cock in your mouth!”

“Yeah you want me to swallow your cock Daddy?”

“Oh yeah bitch swallow it! Take it all down your throat.”

As Garrett said this TJ placed the monster in his mouth and started bobbing his head on it. Slowly, over the next few minutes Garrett’s cock got further into TJ’s mouth. All of a sudden, TJ gasped and took the cock from his mouth.

“Help me out Daddy! Shove that big tool down my throat.”

“You want me to fuck that slut mouth of yours?”

“Yeah baby, fuck the back of my throat.”

I looked over at Laura again and she was now sitting on the side of the tub fingering her pussy and I’m feeling as loose as I have the whole night courtesy of that joint. I then realized that I was still being jerked off! Joe was sitting next to me jerking my cock and his as he watched the action. If I wasn’t so high I would have stopped him, but what he was doing felt great.

Looking back over at the men, Garrett was holding the back of TJ’s head and screwing his mouth. Then TJ reached underneath Garrett and slipped a finger in his ass.

“Oh yeah that feels good bitch. Keep moving that finger inside my ass.”

Laura slowly moved around the side of the tub to get a better look and quickly squealed, “Oh my god! Honey, come look at this. TJ’s nose is buried against his pubes.

TJ didn’t struggle in the slightest as Garrett fucked the back of his throat. “You like watching me fuck this slut’s mouth?” Garrett said to Laura as he watched her finger herself.

“Yeah, it’s fucking hot,” Laura said casually. “Are you going to come?” she added.

“Do you want me to come in his throat?”

“YES! Oh yeah come and make him swallow it,” she said very erotically.

Joe stopped the work on my cock and moved in between Laura’s legs. He placed a finger inside my woman’s pussy and then started lapping his tongue at her pussy. She reached out to grab some of his hair and played with her nipple at the same time. She looked at me and started showing signs of getting ready to cum.

“Oh baby, he’s lickin’ my pussy so good! Oh I’m gonna cum on his face!” she yelled as another man licked her pussy for the first time in three years.

At this point Garrett started to moan and grunt, “Oh, I’m gonna fill your mouth with my cum bitch.”

TJ pulled the cock out so that just the tip was in his mouth so he could make room for Garrett’s seed. He jerked on his cock, put it down his throat pulled him out and jerked him off a few more times.

Garrett started yelling, “Oh FUCK,…Fuck you, oh shit you bitch, here it comes!”

With that Garrett started unloading a torrent of cum into TJ’s throat. TJ couldn’t hold it all and had to pull the still spurting cock out of his mouth. Still jerking the cock, TJ swallowed while more splattered his chin, nose, forehead, hair, and some even got onto Laura’s chest and leg. Laura wiped some off her tit and licked her finger.

The sight and the taste were too much for Laura and she started shaking uncontrollably. She just screamed and shook as an orgasm wracked her body. It seemed to last for a solid minute.

After that Joe suggested we take the festivities inside. After her orgasm Laura could barely walk so Joe and I helped her to the master bedroom. Garrett and TJ set off to the shower to clean up the mess Garrett had made of TJ’s face. While they were in there Joe looked at me and asked, “Would you mind if I made love to Laura?”

I was shocked at how nonshellantly he asked. “Don’t you think you should ask her?”

He looked knowingly to Laura on the bed. She crawled very slowly to him and stroked his cock for the first time. Then she put her lips to it and started the licking action that she had perfected so well. “That’s it baby,” Joe said as she wrapped her lips around his tool

Joe was about the same size as I am (8 inches) but slightly narrower. As sick as it may sound, watching my girlfriend perform a blowjob on someone else was a great turn-on. My dick grew almost instantaneously. When Joe’s cock was fully lubricated with saliva, Laura turned around on her hands and knees and offered her pussy to Joe.

As he slid his first few inches in, Garrett and TJ returned from the shower. Garrett seeing the action on the bed, moved over to the bed and let his tool sway in front of Laura’s face. She quickly put it inside her mouth, working it back to life.

I was sitting in a love seat jerking off when TJ kneels down in front of me. He looked up smiled and lowered his mouth on my cock. After taking Garrett's down his throat he had no problem working mine down there. He slipped one lubricated finger and then two, deep inside my ass and started working my cock and my ass at the same time.

I couldn’t believe what I was doing. Never in my life did I think I would have another man’s mouth around my cock. He was so good at this that it took me all of about a minute to feel the cum boil up from my balls.

He pulled away when he heard me groan and lifted my legs above his head and licked my ass hole. He was quick and then lifted himself. He lubed up his cock and started pushing into my ass.

I could see Laura from across the room getting hammered between Joe in her pussy and Garrett in her mouth. She was completely oblivious to TJ and me. Garrett laid down on the bed and Laura starting lapping at his gigantic balls. It was amazing to see her orally pleasuring this huge black cock. She then lifted his legs and she started giving him a rim job while he stroked his cock. She started literally fucking his ass with her tongue.

Meanwhile Joe was trying to hold out his orgasm but Laura’s pussy was to tight and when she herself started to come he could hold it no longer.

“Oh I’m gonna cum!” he yelled.

Laura turned her head from Garrett’s ass. “Yeah cum for me! Cum on my ass!”

He pulled out of her and slapped her ass with his cock while he jerked off. Cum flew everywhere and covered most of her ass and back.

At the sight of this TJ pulled his cock out of me and ran over to lick the cum off Laura’s ass. He licked the cum off, and when she went back to sucking on Garrett's cock, TJ ate her ass out.

“That’s it, lick my ass bitch!” Laura shouted as she pulled her mouth from the 12” cock.

Garrett signaled me to walk over. As I passed by Laura her hand shot out and she stopped me.

“How’s my favorite cock doing?” she asks as she wraps her lips around me. She put my cock deep down her throat. She left it there for about twenty seconds and then went back to work on Garrett’s monster.

Garrett grabbed hold of my cock and brought it up to his mouth and started licking at it. He was superb and soon had me half the way down his throat. Then he wrapped his hands around my ass and pulled me all the way into him and my cock was buried in his throat. I couldn’t help but to start fucking his mouth.

Laura pulled away from his cock as TJ started working her ass with his fingers and licking her pussy at the same time. She started screaming, “Oh yeah,… make me cuuuummmm!”

I saw Garrett’s cock sitting there in all it’s glory, glistening with saliva. I lowered my head and licked it slowly. I loved the way it smelled, the way it tasted, the way it looked up close.

“Just wrap your lips around it baby,” Garrett said softly.

I did so and could instantly taste the pre-cum forming on the tip. It tasted salty but good and it aroused me.

At this point I was in a 69 with Garrett and was working his cock farther and farther down my throat. All of a sudden I felt something pushing into my ass. I turned around and saw Joe above me entering my ass hole. Joe had a good sized cock and I asked him to be gentle. His pushing down on my ass forced my cock deep into Garrett’ throat. He then pushed down on my head forcing Garrett’s 12 incher all the way down my throat saying, “Shut up and suck that cock you slut!”

This went on for about ten minutes, Joe controlling most of what happened, shoving one of our cocks down the other one’s throat. He was anything but gentle, fucking the shit out of my ass, but surprisingly I liked being dominated and fucked like that. He called me a whore and it really turned me on. He then started screaming he was going to come in my ass and as he did I released my sperm in the back of Garrett’s throat. As I came Garrett just swallowed it all and I pushed my nose right into Garrett’s balls.

As I did Garrett pulled my spent cock from his mouth and started moaning. “Oh fukin’ A,... you cocksucker,..OOOHHHH!”

With that his cock exploded in my mouth. He just kept cumming until I had to take him from my mouth. I kept on jerking his cock and he sprayed all over my neck, beard and nose. When I caught my breath I put his cock back in my mouth to swallow the last few squirts. I had never tasted cum and I really enjoyed it.

When I got up, cum was dripping from my ass and off my face. Surprisingly I felt great though. I walked into the bathroom to shower.

When I got back I found Laura riding TJ’s cock while both Garrett and Joe dangled their cocks in her face. She was shaking uncontrollably but quickly jumped off TJ.

“Garrett, I wanna feel this big cock of yours.” she said slyly.

She didn’t have to ask twice and he laid down. She jumped on top of him and started to slowly move his cock in and out of her.

TJ saw me and dropped to his knees. I came up to him and started slapping his face with my cock. TJ looked as if he was in ecstasy when I shoved my whole cock down his throat. I fucked the back of his throat until I was fully hard.

Then I turned TJ around and slapped his ass.

“Are you gonna fuck my sweet little ass now?”

“Are you ready for my big cock?” I answered.

“Oh yeah,… fuck my sweet little ass big Daddy!”

I wasted no time and shoved my 8” all the way in his ass. TJ’s scream was muffled by Joe’s ass which was in his face being eatin out. I fucked his ass for about ten minutes when I looked over at Laura and saw her bottomed out on Garrett’s 12”, screaming in ecstasy as an orgasm wracked her body.

I pulled out of TJ’s ass and moved behind Laura. She leaned over so I could lick her ass and Garrett’s balls. I shoved first one, then two fingers in her ass, getting her ready for one of her and my biggest fantasies.

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