tagGroup SexDurango Bootie: The Next Morning

Durango Bootie: The Next Morning

byHigh Desert©

The next morning Laura and I woke rather early as the sun came up over the mountains. We both headed to the shower and cleaned ourselves of last night’s escapades. We both dressed and went downstairs. As we made our way I heard a shower running and the smell of bacon permeated the house.

When we got to the kitchen, Garrett was standing in front of the oven in a white terry-cloth bathrobe cooking up a ton of eggs and the like. He turned to us with a really welcoming smile on his face.

“How’d you two sleep last night?”

“Very well, thank you,” Laura responded.

“Well I sure am glad I could be of some assistance,” Garrett said in a fake southern drawl. “How about some breakfast?”

“I’d Love some,” we answered in chorus.

Breakfast was very comfortable and the activities of the night before were easily forgotten through our conversations. Mainly Garrett was probing us about our relationship and Laura in turn probing about his and TJ’s relationship.

“TJ and I have been living together for 8 years.”

“How long did you see each other before you started living together?” I asked.

“Well, I really moved in right away with him. I’ve known TJ for most of my life, … since I was in the 8th grade. But we were always chasin’ after girls when we were younger. TJ came out here to go to college and shit. When I got ‘let go’ of my last job I asked him if he would let me move out here with him. And for that first year we lived in his 12’x12’ room. Shit,… That room was cramped as fuck.”

Laura interrupted. “So when did you two start gettin’ it on?”

“Shit when I moved out here I had never met a fag. I was seriously homophobic myself but,… well let’s just say I really didn’t think about TJ like that until one night and a good amount of ecstasy.”

“You still didn’t answer her question,’ I quickly pointed out.

“Shit man, You want a date?!”

“More or less,” Laura answered.

“Well,… let me see if I can remember this shit. I think it was Christmas Eve ,…three years ago. That good ‘nough for ya?”

“That will do thank you,” Laura responded.

“So was he the first guy you ever slept with?” I knew that wasn’t my business, but it came out before I really had a chance to think about it.

“Fuck yeah man. If it weren’t for that pill I would still be fuckin’ pussy instead of suckin’ on cock.”

Laura probed further, “Do you like suckin’ on cock Garrett?”

“What the fuck kinda question is that? Course I like suckin’ on some meat. Do you like it when your man shoots off in your mouth?”

Laura giggled but then straightened her face quickly. “I really like it when I make him cum, period. I don’t really care where it goes as long as I get to see it, feel it, taste it,… anyone will do for me.”

There was a short pause in the conversation, then Laura turned to me. “Did you like sucking on Garrett?”

I couldn’t believe she had asked that. I answered uncomfortably, “Well I certainly didn’t mind it at the time, did I?”

Garrett smiled,” No you certainly did not.

At this point it was 9:30 and we were done with our breakfast. Laura and I were cleaning up and Garrett went to wake TJ.

We finished cleaning and Laura had remembered that she had left her purse out on the deck when we went into the hot tub. “I’ll run up with you to get it.” We climbed the stairs and proceeded to the deck when we heard a couple of voices coming from the room that Chelsea and David had stayed in. Laura turned the corner to peek in.

She turned to me and anxiously waved me over. I looked in and saw Garrett, TJ, David and Chelsea all naked, crowded on the king sized bead. David had his mouth between Chelsea’s legs and Garrett had his lips wrapped around TJ’s growing cock.

I was staring at Chelsea with her hands around David’s head, grinding her pussy into his face. She was moaning rather loudly and her small but adequate breasts were shaking freely with her body. I also took a second to notice Garrett’s hardening monster. He was stroking it and then moved his hand down to start playing with his ass.

I had hardly noticed but my own cock was growing. I put my arm around Laura and she looked up at me lovingly. Her hand dropped over my cock and began unzipping my pants. Her hand slipped inside and grabbed hold of me. She turned and whispered to me, “Do you know what I want?… I want you to lick my pussy.”

With that she took me by the hand and led me into the room. “Any room for us in here?” Garrett and TJ moved over allowing us to sit in between the two couples. Laura jumped on the bed and spread her legs for me. I moved up to her and began kissing her neck and face. We kissed passionately. I lifted her dress off of her and began kissing my way down her body.

Our neighbors, Chelsea and David, were in the same position but as I worked my way down passed her breasts I could see that David had two fingers in his girlfriend’s pussy. She was moaning very loudly and had her eyes all rolled up in the back of her head. On the other side of me, TJ was upright in between Garrett’s legs and was pushing his cock into Garrett’s lubricated ass. He was loving, and stroked Garrett’s enormous dick as he entered him.

I had nestled my head in between Laura’s gorgeous legs and was kissing and licking around Laura’s perfectly trimmed pussy. I licked her labia and parted them with my tongue. I worked my way up to her clit and I made a broad, wet, slow sweep of my tongue on her clit. Her body lifted and she let out a long breath of air. I moved my tongue into her pussy to wet it for my finger and was surprised by the intense amount of pussy juice that had already formed there. I licked my finger and pushed it inside of her. She pulled on my head and shouted “MORE!” I put another finger in her. She pulled on my head even harder as I screwed my fingers into her. I lapped at her clit and sucked hard as she began to cum. She didn’t shout as she normally does. Her hips started to shake and she let out a deep, loud moan as the orgasm shook her into a dream-like state. (You know those great moments during some orgasms that make you briefly lose consciousness) When she was done cumming I lifted my head and began kissing my way back up her body.

As I rose I looked over at TJ. Moaning, he pulled his cock from Garrett’s ass and jerked himself a few times. Then he unloaded his cum onto Garrett’s cock and stomach. Cum covered Garrett’s pole and he rose to kiss TJ as he pulled the last few drops from his cock. They embraced in a kiss and held each other until TJ left to go to the shower. Garrett lied down and caught his breath. Chelsea, on the other side of me was on top of David, riding his cock for all she was worth. Although David was rather small in the cock department, Chelsea seemed to be enjoying her ride.

I finally got to Laura’s lips and her bright red face. She opened her eyes and smiled at me. Our tongues met before our lips did and we held each other tight until I could feel my cock start to push into her wet cunt. She moaned into my mouth as I went further and further into her pussy. I never felt any resistance from her as my dick bottomed out inside her beautiful pussy. I started moving in and out of her at a constant pace. She looked into my eyes as I made love to her.

Out of the corner of my eye Garrett stood up on the bed and walked over to our neighbors. “Are you enjoying that dick inside your pussy?” She just shook her head. “Hey David, how is she at sucking cock?”

“She’s a master, she can even deep throat.” David stated in a bragging tone.

“Can she now?” Garrett replied, stroking his cock. David looked up and so did Chelsea witnessing how enormous Garrett was as well as noticing the cum that covered his rod.

David ordered Chelsea,“come on, put that black dick in your mouth.”

“I can’t put that dirty dick in my mouth David, it’s all covered in cum,” Chelsea whined out in a pitiful snobbish tone.

Garrett placed his cock in front of Chelsea’s lips. “Open that mouth of yours sweety.”

Chelsea whinced her eyes and turned her head.

“Oh, so you want to be like that huh?” And with that Garrett grabbed Chelsea by the sides of her head, turned her towards him, and moved his cum-drenched cock all over the little Mexican girls face. She still refused to open her mouth though.

“Slap her face with it!” Laura shouted out.

“Yeah, slap my sluts face with your cock,” David states excitedly. Garrett merely holds her head and begins slapping his cock back and forth across Chelsea’s face. She finally opens her mouth and places her tongue out. David stops his movements from below. She licks whatever cum is left on Garrett’s cock and then wraps her lips around the head of the 12” cock in front of her. David begins to fuck her again. She starts to service the cock in her mouth when Garrett wraps his hand around the back of her head.

“So your man say you can deep-throat my dick.”

Chelsea pulls her mouth from his pole. “Oh I want to poppi , I do.”

“Oh you like being treated like a little whore don’t you.”

“Oh yeah poppi, I’m your little whore.” And she began to suck the black cock vigorously. Chelsea was doing her best, but she barely could fit half of Garrett’s tool inside her. The spit and pre-cum gathered on Garrett’s massive nuts and dangled down onto David’s face and neck.

Laura now had her legs high to allow me full access to her cunt. “Your cock feels so good Daddy. I love the feeling of your balls pressing against my ass.” I picked up the pace and began to move deep into her with each stroke. She came hard. She didn’t scream but instead let out a low gutteral moan and shook as my cock pushed deep inside her quaking pussy.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw Garrett screwing his pole into the back of Chelsea’s throat. In fact he had put the entire thing into the back her throat. He just kept on feeding it to her, he never took it out of her throat but just kept on fucking her face as if it was TJ’s ass. Then Garrett pushed Chelsea’s nose against his pubic hairs and held her there. He bounced his cock in the back of her throat and began grunting. “You little fucking whore. Fuck I’m gonna cum!”

He pulled his cock from her throat and started releasing his sperm into her mouth. When he had filled her mouth she pulled him from it to swallow, jerking a number of streams onto her forehead and nose. A stream hit her in the chin and dripped off onto David’s cheek and neck. When she had swallowed the cum she put Garrett’s still spurting cock back into her mouth.

He collapsed onto the floor when he was finished. Chelsea leaned down to kiss her boyfriend. She opened her mouth and let Garrett’s last shots of cum drool out into David’s mouth. He surprised me by swallowing it all without complaint. Chelsea then licked the cum off of David’s face which had dropped from her own.

When Laura had come down from her orgasm she asked to be on top and ride me. I turned over and she lowered herself on to me. We both let out a long moan as Laura pushed my cock all the way into her. She bent down and kissed me as her pussy worked itself back and forth across my cock.

From behind Laura, I felt someone grab hold of my balls and begin to massage them. “Oh he’s licking my ass baby. It feels so good to have his tongue up my ass.”

I did not know who it was that was servicing us and I don’t believe Laura cared who it was. I figured it must have been Garrett but then I looked down on the floor and he was still lying there.

Soon I felt one finger and then two push into Laura’s ass She gasped and then grinded down onto my cock and the violating fingers, showing her approval of the intrusion. She started swearing and talking filthy.

“That’s it fuck my ass with your fingers. Fuck my little rosebud, come on give it to me you fuck. Oh Jesus I’m gonna cum!” But then I felt the fingers leave her ass and she whimpered. TJ rose from behind her and placed his lubricated cock inside Laura’s waiting ass. “Oh, give it to me, I need it!” TJ pushed hard and fast into my girlfriend’s hole and began grinding his ample dick into her. She screamed from the pain and then started moaning loudly.

“Fuck both my holes. Oh fuck Daddy he feels so good in my ass. That’s it, fuck my ass you slut.” And TJ definitely fucked her ass hard. I could feel the pressure of our two cocks pummeling this beautiful women’s body and soul.

I looked up and saw Garrett with cock in hand waiting for someone to service him. I lifted my head and licked the bottom of his cock. He smiled down at me and put his leg near my head so that I could take him in my mouth. I opened my mouth to allow him to feed me his cock. He put the head in and pushed a little ways further. Laura lowered her head and sucked on the bottom of his shaft while I sucked on his head. He grew rapidly in my mouth and before long was pushing up against my throat. I couldn’t get him any further because of my position. Garrett finally realized this and pulled his cock from my mouth. He then pulled Laura’s head to him and she willingly took it into her mouth and started blowing him. I have never seen anything as sexy as my lover working her way down a huge cock. She had all three holes completely filled.

Garrett was finally satisfied with her blow-job and moved around the bed, placing himself behind Chelsea who was still riding David. He placed some lube on her ass and worked his finger inside her. She whimpered a little but he pushed it in her all the same. She quickened her pace a bit on David but he couldn’t handle it and began cumming inside her pussy.

Chelsea was obviously disappointed that her man didn’t last but Garrett took command of the situation. He bent down and licked Chelsea’s ass and pussy, tasting the cum that David had left behind. Garrett then rose to his feet and pulled Chelsea’s ass towards him. She looked hesitant and I guess any woman used to only a 5”er would be scared of a cock the size of Garrett’s. He slowly pushed the first few inches of his monster into her pussy and she started to whimper. It was plain to see she wasn’t fully ready for it. “Stop! I need to turn around.”

Chelsea flipped over and pulled on his cock a few times. She didn’t seem at all scared but instead somewhat anxious. She cooed as she placed the tip in her cunt. Garrett spit on his pole and began pushing into her. “Oh, give it to me you motherfucker. That’s it, give me that big cock. Fuck my cunt while my man watches.” This very obviously excited Garrett and he pushed about 8 of his 12 inches inside her and began fucking her hard. She began screaming from the pain and ecstasy of being filled so completely. “Come on you faggot, give me the rest of that cock,” Chelsea cried out and he did. He pounded the last 4” into her and didn’t miss a beat. Her orgasms seemed continuous and she proved to have one of the filthiest mouths I’ve ever heard.

Laura to, was in the throws of being seriously fucked. She had buried her face in my neck to muffle her screams. TJ was pounding into her ass hard and it took all I could to keep my cock buried inside her pussy. TJ began slapping her ass, “Come on you lazy slut, ride back on our cocks.” Laura raised her head and tilted back. Her eyes went back into her head and she began grinding back and forth on my cock while moving TJ’s in and out of her.

Laura spoke in demure tone. “Is that what you wanted baby? You wanted me to push my ass back and forth on your cock?”

“That’s it you little whore, show your Daddy how much you lick my cock in your ass.” She clenched her teeth tight and began moving even faster with TJ meeting her thrusts with his own. She stopped moving for a second, allowing TJ to continue screwing her, Then she screamed at the top of her lungs, ”FUUCCCKK MMMEEE, OHHHH MAKE ME CUMMM!”

Her orgasm lasted a solid minute and when she was done cumming TJ pulled out of her. Laura rolled over next to me in a half conscious state. I spread her legs as TJ came around the bed. I put my hard cock in her ass and it pushed into her easily. TJ dangled his cock in her face and began jerking his cock. She opened her eyes and then opened her mouth. I fucked her ass vigorously while TJ jerked himself. “OH FUCK, mind if I unload this on your woman?”

“Wait for me,” I replied. I felt the semen traveling up from my balls and I pulled out of her, quickly moving beside TJ. “Oh, that’s so sweet of you to wait for him TJ.” Laura said coyly. “That’s it, jerk those cocks for me. Oh yeah give me all that cum. I want it, I worked for it now give it to me.” TJ started to moan and jerk his cock quickly. Laura closed her eyes and opened her mouth wide. TJ was a good shot landing the majority of his cum in her mouth and around her lips and chin. I began to cum seconds after letting it fly all over her tits and neck. The next few shots landed on her cheeks and forehead. Then I made sure I put the last few in her mouth. She showed us all the cum that was in her mouth and then let it disappear down her throat. TJ and I wiped our spent cocks all over her messy face. She cleaned both of them with her tongue and afterwards we collapsed.

When Laura left to clean up, my attention went back to Garrett and Chelsea. Garrett had pulled himself from her and was now lubing up his cock. Chelsea realized his intention and protested. “No, I don’t even let David do that, I can’t fit you. Please don’t.”
TJ responded, “Shut the fuck up you little whore,” and he pushed his cock into her mouth. “Thanks for shutting this whining slut up man. I thought she’d never stop her fucking whining.” Garrett began pushing his rod into her. Slowly her ass opened up for him. Her screams were muffled by TJ’s cock, which was growing inside her mouth. Garrett didn’t waste any time before screwing his monster into her ass. TJ let her come up for air and she yelled Garrett, “You fucker, that’s it fuck my tight virgin ass. Oh my God your gonna split me in two.” With that TJ shoved his cock back in her mouth and began fucking her throat hard. They continued this for a couple of minutes until TJ laid down next to Chelsea and told her to get on his cock. She did and lowered her pussy onto his waiting rod.

Garrett sat down to take a breather. I watched on and stroked my now hardening cock. Chelsea looked over at me, “That’s a nice big cock,… how about feeding it to me. I walked over to her and as soon as my dick was within reach she engulfed it. She swallowed it in one try and buried her nose in my pubic hairs. I couldn’t help but start fucking the back of her throat. I did that until I was fully hard and then moved around the bed, positioning myself behind her. Her ass was already lubricated and I pushed into her easily. She stopped moving on TJ’s cock as I pushed all the way into her and then she began moving rapidly between us.

“That’s it fuck my ass you big dick motherfucker.”

“Oh, now you like having your ass pounded.” With that I grabbed onto her hair and fucked her ass with no abandon. She screamed in agony but she soon started to cum on our dick as we both sawed into her. Garrett came up behind me and slowed me down. He licked my ass a bit and then began screwing me with his finger. He lubed me up good and began pushing his cock into me. I was surprised at how well my ass accomadated his enormous cock but I must have been all stretched out from the night before. The four of us got a rhythm going as TJ and I fucked Chelsea and Garrett screwed into my ass.

When I looked over I saw Laura lying next to us on the bed. Her legs were spread open and she was fingering herself. “Oh Daddy, does that feel good? Does her ass feel good? Do you like having that huge cock in your ass?”

I think I was the only one who noticed that David was moving onto the bed, but Laura certainly did when he put his dick in front of her mouth. She licked his cock until it was hard and then began fucking him with her throat. He grabbed hold of her head and fucked back as he buried his cock into her. She pulled him out, “Lie down and let me ride that cock.” She got on top of him and began bouncing up and down on him. Garrett pulled out of me all of a sudden. He moved behind Laura and licked her ass as she moaned from the sensation. He pushed a finger and then a second inside her ass and she began screaming in ecstasy as she came hard.

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