tagRomanceDuring the Storm

During the Storm


I'd like thank my editor gotwood49.

I'm laying here on my bed thinking of you. I just logged off the computer because of the storm, so I decided to take my memory of you to bed with me and write something for us. I lie here with my paper and pen, pressing my pussy into the bed as I imagine your cock underneath me. I write as my hips lift and fall, my pussy getting wetter as I think of your cock sliding in and out of me. Oh, how I want this to be true - to have you under me, letting me ride your cock.

I drop my pen

I had to put my hand into my blouse. I pick up my pen to write about how my nipple is slowly beginning to harden as my fingers rub across it. My pussy clenches again, as a soft moan escapes my throat. I continue to pump my hips into the bed and play with my nipple. I can feel the bumps and ridges that are rising up as I tease and pull at the hardened bud. I find it somewhat harder to write now, as I begin to move my hips in a circular motion, still lifting and pumping. My pussy lips are so wet I can feel the juice wanting to slide out. I raise my hips and angle my body so I can slip my hand underneath, between my pants and underwear.

I stop writing for a moment.

Mmmm. . . Sorry love, I had to close my eyes for a moment, before I could pick up my pen to try and describe to you what I'm doing. I'm rubbing my panties with my hand, and pressing against the warm flesh hidden beneath the cotton cloth. I know that if you were here it would be your hand, and you would be under my pussy sucking at my juice and licking my walls. I keep rubbing my pussy as I struggle to write, pausing between sentences to close my eyes and enjoy the sensation of my panties rubbing my cunt. I'm biting my bottom lip now.

Once more I drop the pen.

I'm trying to do this for us, love, but it is so hard. I'm sliding my panties to the side so my finger can rub against my wet lips.

The pen falls to the paper.

Oh god, baby, I'm trying to put into words what I'm doing. I have my finger in my pussy while I write to you, gripping the pen hard. My breathing is heavier. "Oh god," I quietly moan. I have to be quiet because the children are in the other room, and I don't want questions or interruptions as I explore myself, with you in my mind. Oh how I wish you were here with me, right now, grabbing my thoughts and taking me to heaven...letting your fingers be where mine are. Darling, I have to stop. . . I have to use both my hands.


I'm back now, sweetheart. I know you're frustrated by my broken sentences, but I won't cheat you from knowing what I was doing. When I dropped the pen, I had to sit up and slide to the edge of the bed. I had worked my pussy into a frenzy, so I knew it would be fast if I didn't slow myself down. I moved off the bed and stripped naked. I wanted you in the room with me; needed you in the room with me. The musky scent of my arousal filled my surroundings and I laid back on the bed. I pushed the notebook and pen to the floor and laid there in the center.

Honey, I thought of you as I kept my eyes closed. I pictured your face and how it looks when I catch you staring at me. I ran my fingers along my collarbone as my other hand slowly slid around my stomach. I felt my legs tremble as I pictured your mouth on my neck, so I tilted my head, imaging your lips kissing my skin. I kept letting my hand move further down to my breast. I let my palm run over it, and I felt my nipple begin to harder once more. I could almost feel the weight of your body sliding down mine, cupping my breast with your large hands and running your thumb across my nipple.

I moaned during this part. I had a clear image of your mouth closing over my breast and teasing the bud with your teeth. My love, the image of you doing that caused my hips to raise up, and I let my hand slide down to my pussy. I rested it there, just like you do when you let my body become accustomed to your touch and your heat. I was wet, and my hand slowly moved up and down over my curly hairs. I ran my tongue across my lips and over my teeth. I knew, had you been there, you would have been watching, and would have been flicking my nipple with your tongue.

My pussy was squeezing and rocking side to side. I so much needed release from my thoughts. My body was on fire, and I could feel the tremors of desire coursing through my veins as I let my thumb rub my clit. I moved my nipple between my fingers and pulled at it with my nails, imagining my nails were your teeth, and I pinched my hard center, bringing a sharp but wonderful pain to my breast. I let my finger slip into my wet pussy, and my love?. . . I can only tell you that at that moment you were with me. Your finger was mine, and it slid deep into the wet, slippery hole. I rested it there, before rotating it against the fleshy walls. I squeezed my muscles and felt more sweet nectar escape my body, to rest on my finger.

I slid my finger out, and ran it down my wet lips and over my clit. My body was thrashing, love, moving up and down on the bed. My whimpering sounds were growing louder, so I took my hand and covered my mouth with it. I moved my finger back to the slick opening, and this time I spread my legs further and slipped two fingers in, and began to pump them harder into my pussy. Deeper, I went. I tried to reach that special spot that you find on me. I could sense it was just out of my reach. Oh my love, how I so needed you at that moment; so wanted you to touch the place that only you had ever found on me. I squeezed my walls together and held my fingers tightly inside me as I bucked and lifted my hips. I moved my hand from my nipple to open my pussy lips more, and rub my clit at the same time. I tried a third finger and pushed hard and deep, up into the hot path of my sex.

Oh my god. I did it, my love. I found that spot, and I loved it. I let my fingers press against it, allowing them to rub slowly and build up the tension in my body. I lost control then, my sweet. Each thrust of my hips brought your name from my lips. I knew I had to be quiet, but I didn't want to; I couldn't control it. As the orgasm finally slammed out of me, I screamed your name. Oh god, how your name echoed in my ears! I continued to moan and thrash as I pumped faster and harder, letting each spasm rock me, and each release of my cum cover my fingers, finally sliding into my hand. I could feel you there; could feel your kisses, caresses, and your body. I felt your presence as I slowed my gyrations against my fingers. Yes, my love. I came. I came with your name on my lips. I had to lie on the bed for awhile, and it was during that time that I heard the soft knock at my door. I told the youngest child that mommy was fine, and all was well.


Now, love, I'm here; lying on this bed, once again telling you goodbye. The storm is gone, and I want to get back to the computer and talk with you. I know you'll be there, and soon, when you are home, we'll be together again. So farewell sweetheart, and I'll look for you online.

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