From the Private Memoirs of
Edward Cullen

It is now November 2011 and my long-awaited nuptials with the lovely (shall I say delicious) Bella Swan have passed. We are on this romantic private island off the coast of Brasil and we are about to experience our marital, carnal enjoyment.

Oh, a vampire/human affair has not been without travail! Firstly, my bride's delicious fragrance has created tensions of which I have never known in my century of existence. It is true that her blood exudes an essence that elicits feeding frenzy in the most restrained of our kind but since Carlisle turned me in 1918 and under his tutelage, I have learned to resist human blood. Except for a brief rebellious moment when first turning that I went on the hunt for human blood (mindful to hunt only other killers of humans). But since that blood lust nearly a century ago, I have refrained from human blood without greatly missing it.

That is, until coming in the proximity of Ms Swan. Her scent was overpowering. I could smell her blood that exuded through the thinnest layer of skin and it took all of my will to resist taking her; from devouring that precious, intoxicating fluid which my inner being craved.

But with great control I not only refrained from killing Ms Swan, but could even tolerate being with her. Or, was I drawn to her? Was her blood scent a special pheromone that attracted only our kind. Needless to say I could not resist her, nor she me.

There were times worse than others, when her scent became overbearing. I finally figured out the 28 day cycle when her blood would escape the containment of her body. She could sense my torment and took extra care, using tampons and pads to conceal it, but our sense of detecting blood is keener than that of sharks - all it takes is one drop.

Bella was used to me spending the night in her room, watching her as she slept. What she did not know was my tantalizing, perhaps perverted fetish that I enjoyed on those nights of her menses. I would slip into the bathroom and take the used tampons of that day from the trash, slowly unwrap them and enjoy the intoxicating scent of her blood. I even ventured to taste them, sucking the blood from the cotton, desiring more - yet controlling myself from taking it from my peacefully sleeping lover in the next room.

I was surprised at how erotic this taste of her blood was, for I found myself quite hard and could not resist stroking it while I smelled and tasted the life essence of my lover. It took me back to those times in 1918, a teenaged boy guiltily stroking his cock, daring not to go mad as this overpowering force took control of his body. Spending a century around teenage boys I have seen this act of self-gratification gain favor. It is considered normal now, yet I still feel a guilty, surreptitious pleasure doing it - especially while sucking the blood out of Bella's tampons.

But that was then. Now, Bella and I are married and I am free to take my husbandly liberties with her body. There is always some risk for humans who are so frail. I must remember to grab pillows or the bed instead of my lover. I must remain in control for her safety.

She has worn one of the lacy, revealing negligees that my sister Alice put in her luggage. I remove it from her shoulders, revealing her firm young breasts that until now I have only had the pleasure of feeling through her clothing. I pull her toward me, my face between those breasts and inhale. With my nose pressed against her fair skin the fragrance of her blood is quite strong, and I shiver with anticipation of joining with her.

I am hard and Bella has her hand on me, stroking as she lays on her back on the bed. My fingers play in her wet slit for a while, then I get on top and she guides me into her. My cock is sliding into her when resistance is hit. I push and Bella gasps. Yes, she was a virgin, so rare in girls this century. I push on, enjoying the sensation of her warmth, of being inside her body, sharing this mutual feeling of love.

Then it hits me - the most overpowering scent of her blood I have ever endured. With each stroke out of her the scent increases as If I had bitten her artery. I grab the headboard but it crushes in my fingers. I must control this appetite for her blood!

I concentrate on the thrusting in and out of her. She is pushing toward each of my thrusts and it feels so good that I lose my lust for her blood and the scent becomes an intoxicating side note to this symphony of moaning and thrusting until finally Bella squeezes me in her thighs and digs her nails into my back cursing. My fingers rip into two pillows, sending feathers floating through the air as I feel my own fluids gushing forth into her.

Bella is breathing heavily beside me. I am not out of breath - and wish I could be. Bella is covered in droplets of sweat and as I lick them from her breast can't help regretting that this too will be lost when she turns.

I am enjoying the salty taste of her sweat and move my mouth down to her pubes. I can smell her blood here, it is strong and fresh. Lifting her leg, I press my face into her bloody crotch and lick the skin and hairs and shudder at the taste of her. Licking inside it is even fresher, as my tongue touches on the bloody edges of her torn hymen. Bella is enjoying this as I devour the last of her red blood and my white blood and move my tongue to her clit to excite her anew.

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