tagSci-Fi & FantasyDust to Dust Ch. 02

Dust to Dust Ch. 02

byEvil Alpaca©

This story is a bit wordy and fairly long, so if you are looking for immediate gratification, you might want to look elsewhere.

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The following story is a work of fiction. Any resemblance between actual persons, living or dead (or just confused) is entirely coincidental. Please do not copy/redistribute the story, in part or in total, without the author's permission.

This story takes place in the fictional city of Springfield, California several hundred years in the future, so don't go looking for it on a map. Over the course the series, I will borrow quite a bit from my "Dead Man's World" series, so it might help (but isn't a requirement) if you read those stories. And in my little fictional world, there are no unwanted pregnancies or STD's, except as plot driving devices. The author encourages the practice of safe-sex.

This story also contains lesbian sexual activity.

------------ -------------------

"Dust to Dust" Ch. 02

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"They hit five targets. Two companies in the United States, including yours, as well as one in Spain, one in Russia and one in South Africa. Simultaneous hits, and all 'warning shots.' A half-dozen fatalities, mostly personnel, and the secretary of one company president. Then, there was a blitz on every infostream and all were heavily encrypted. Looks like we've got a new punch calling themselves The Purity." Agent Jones shook his head.

The three of them were sitting in Dr. Trendenfall's study at his house. They had talked to the authorities and then Jon had been whisked home. He had called his security company, and he now had roving security guards outside, and he had sent out secure data feeds to all his employees. Security at the lab would be tripled, but he wasn't going to blame anyone if they wanted to take some time away.

"Are these the same guys as before?" McBride asked.

"Nope." Jones had a headache. He knew this was going to get messy before it got better. "Hybrid Security pretty much wiped those guys out. These guys are just picking up the moniker for name recognition. They sent out a communication claiming that anyone seeking to 'toy with the fabric of creation' or 'play God' are the enemies of Heaven itself. These guys aren't going to try to challenge us up front like the last Purity movement did. They're going to fight us guerilla style, and that's a lot trickier to deal with. And unfortunately, they've got cult support on Terra . . . there were some attacks there within the last few hours. Apparently, there are some magic snobs who don't thing that magic is something that SHOULD be explained."

"I should bring Dusty home," Jon murmured, looking towards the communication orb. "She's not safe -- "

"She's probably just as safe where she is. Let her know what's going on, but don't draw attention to her," Jones said.

"But all she's got is ONE bodyguard!" McBride chimed in.

"Who has never failed in a mission," Jones reminded him. "And we can all agree that there's probably more to that woman than we could guess."

Dr. Trendenfall shook his head. "Can you imagine what would happen if the 'Purity" found out about her? A surviving child of the Chimera Project? Magical ability imbued into a non-magical being? She'd be as much of a target as anyone."

"You've at least alerted her, haven't you?"

Jon nodded. "As soon as I could. She has some kind of messaging system set up where she can get info streams even on Terra. She's got the hook up with some serious technology." He started running his hands over his desk nervously. "I'm worried," he said. "I hope Ash can protect my girl until I can figure out what to do."

---------------------- ---------

A few weeks later . . .

---------------------- ---------

Dusty had been a nervous wreck since she got the communication from her father. She had immediately wanted to come home, but he had forbid it, telling her she was safer where she was. She knew he was just trying to protect her.

"I'm not a baby anymore," she muttered absently.

[[ Good to hear, ]] came a feminine voice from the front of the room, [[ but the question was, 'How can the arrangement of air particles be altered to create a non-lethal substance?' I'm afraid your denial of chronological regression doesn't quite fit the bill, ]] Dr. Martha VanHouten was grinning.

Dusty blushed. She had been caught absent-minded in the middle of her Quasi-Chemistry and Transformation course, and now her classmates were getting a good chuckle. Dusty looked down the row at the comely professor. Ms. VanHouten was one of the most popular teachers in school, but not all of it was her knowledge of chemistry. Her classes were often swamped with young men who wanted to get a semester's glimpses of her slim body, elvish face, silky black hair and that long, luscious neck. Dusty didn't blame them. it was the primary reason that she was here as well.

[[ I'm sorry, ]] she muttered. [[ I'm out of it today.]]

Dr. VanHouten was aware of the happening back on Earth, so she cut the girl some slack. She was human herself, so she had some definite interests in recent happenings. She and her parents had moved to Terra as soon as her considerable magical aptitude had surfaced, and she had been the first human sorceress to teach at a Terran academy. [[ It's alright, Ms. Trendenfall. But if you could stay after class, I'd like to have a word with you. ]]

A few of the other students snickered . . . some things were consistent across dimensions. When you were caught daydreaming by the teacher, it was cause to be mocked.

[[ Yes ma'am. ]] Dusty was blushing even more. She tried to get her head back in the game and pay attention. She didn't want to disappoint Dr. VanHouten again.

------------- ---------------------

In the teacher's office . . .

------------- ---------------------

Dusty was bent over Martha's desk, her legs spread wide and her bra-clad, golden tanned bosom was pressed against a stack of papers. They had barely gotten back to the professor's office when she had put up the distracter illusion (to anyone outside the office, there were two women sitting in the office looking over papers) before the two had started removing clothing and had started making out hot and heavy. Martha hadn't been able to wait very long, and had spun Dusty around, bent over the girl's half naked body, lifted the girl's skirt and ripped off her panties before burying her tongue in that gorgeous pussy from behind.

The previous semester, Dusty had taken another of Dr. VanHouten's classes. The girl had almost sensed Martha's sexuality and had gone out of her way to tease her professor. The first time she had called the girl to her office, both had known exactly what was going to happen . . . over and over again. She knew the girl had a multitude of lovers, and she didn't regret being "just another" one of them.

Dusty was chewing on one of Martha's office pens as she was given the tongue-lashing of a lifetime. This was a woman she could learn things from, quasi-chemistry be damned!

"Unh," she grunted through her chew-toy. While she enjoyed her time with Katrina, it was nice to sometimes let someone else run the show for a bit. And Martha's tongue was burrowing into her like an angry worm with places to go and things to do.

Martha was gripping the golden globes that were Dusty's ass cheeks, keeping them spread as she parted that sexy little divide with her tongue. And she couldn't resist taking a few flicks at that pink little asshole that was so delightfully exposed in the current situation. Even the sexually adventurous Dusty had never had that done to her before she had met the good professor.

Dusty was getting even more heated. Martha had an almost unnatural obsession with her ass. At first, it had been upsetting since Dusty liked to emphasize her chest, but soon she had come to accept her academic partner's little quirk. Particularly since it felt SO good. Then Dusty felt the tongue disappear, but it was rapidly replaced by two fingers plunging into her ass while that tongue started flicking against her clit.

"Oh you silver tongued devil," she cooed.

"Who seduced who?" Martha reminded her. "I seem to recall it was you spreading these very legs (slurp) in the front row of my lecture. You've upgraded though . . . it's nice to see you can afford underwear," the professor chuckled. She picked up the shredded panties and put them in a desk drawer. She had a bit of a collection now. Then she went back to licking.

"You're complaining?" Dusty replied, on the verge of orgasm.

Martha was fingering that tight little asshole when she responded with, "Only that I don't have enough office hours to fuck you more often." She felt the girl's cunt tighten just a little bit and new she was going to get rewarded for her efforts. Soon, the cum began to flow, and the professor feasted upon it.

The professor wiped the girl's cum off on her own bunched up skirt. "You really needed to unwind, didn't you?"

At the mention of that, Dusty's heart seized a little bit. She was having fun . . . fucking a professor in her office, and her dad was in danger. "Let's not talk about that," she whispered. Just let me take care of you," she cooed, slipping back into a mode she was more comfortable with. She got on her knees and prepared to crawl under the desk, but Martha stopped her.

"Tisk, tisk! You can't go there without your present!" She grabbed a long, slim, smooth-sided rod of what appeared to be black stone off her desk. She had been using it as a paperweight, but now it was going to be a toy. She placed one rounded end in her mouth and sucked on it, letting Dusty watch her giving her toy head. In fact, it was just a piece of stone, but she had been practicing doing something with it. She pulled it from her lips and knelt behind Dusty. "Now open wide," she murmured, pushing the rounded head into the girl's pussy.

Dusty was used to her toys having a little more give, but there was something about the hardness of it that was a bit of a turn-on . . . as if she needed the help. Half of it was buried in her warm sex and she wanted more. But Martha shooed her under the desk. Even though no one could see them, she knew how much the doctor loved being eaten out while sitting at her desk and staring at the front door, wondering what would happen if someone just walked in.

In her crowded little space, Dusty pushed the professor's thighs apart and pressed her face forward. She was clenching her vaginal walls, keeping her hard toy in place while she flicked her tongue across the soft outer flesh of her lover's body. Martha kept a nicely trimmed tuft of pubic hair in a triangle right above her femininity. It pointed the way to paradise, and Dusty followed the trail.

Professor VanHouten leaned back in her chair and closed her eyes, dreaming happily. The girl was going to be a great lover some day. She already had skill and determination. She just needed a little more direction. Then, Martha started to concentrate . . . she thought of the stone dildo buried in her Dusty's cute little slot. She started breaking down the density of the stone, turning it into a flexible, rubber-like compound. And then she made it squirm.

Dusty felt two things simultaneously. First, she felt the professor grabbing her by the head and holding her against that sweet crotch. Secondly, in her own nether regions, she felt something wiggling like a snake.

"What the --" she started to mumble.

"S'okay baby," Martha chuckled. "It's just magic."

It was most certainly magic. That animated stone-rubber sex-worm was running rampant through her most intimate places. All Dusty could do was just a straight-forward oral assault, licking the slot, as well as sucking on labia and clit with tremendous fervor. Anything more complicated was out of the question, as the squirming sensation in her vaginal cavity was growing increasingly intense. Her g-spot was getting prodded like a novelty by a curious child.

"How does it feel?" Martha asked innocently.

Dusty just growled and latched her lips onto her lover's clit, sucking on it with tremendous fervor. She shoved a single finger into that wet slot, curling it upward and pistoning it rapidly. She was going to show this woman just what she was made of.

Dr. VanHouten placed her feet up on the edge of her desk and let Dusty ravish her. She concentrated some more on the toy in the girl's pussy. The end of it was sticking out into the air, so she willed it to curl around and ever so slowly push its way into Dusty's asshole as well.

"Oh fucking -- " Dusty gasped as the slippery device probed her rectum. She barely had enough presence of mind to lap up Martha's cum when it began trickling out. "You're (lap) cheating!"

"Of course I am," Martha purred. The dildo became thinner at the end that was violating the girl's rosebud, allowing for easier entry. Then the two ends began to pulse, expanding slightly and then retracted.

Dusty had never felt anything like this. She was getting double-fucked by a piece of rock, and it was maddeningly wonderful. She was sucking on the skin of Martha's inner thighs while the magic-enhanced stone continued to press all her buttons, making her cum two more times in rapid succession. Dusty was soon exhausted and curled up on the floor at Martha's feet, her face stuck in an ecstatic grin.

Finally, Martha willed the toy to work its way out of both of Dusty's orifices before returning to its usual, unremarkable state. "I was hoping you'd like that."

"You do the most incredible things," Dusty sighed, get up off the floor and straightening out her clothes.

"You could too . . . if you just paid more attention in class," Martha replied, giving the girl's ass a quick grab and smiling.

Dusty grinned back. "If I paid more attention in class, there wouldn't be any reason for you to keep calling me to your office." Her smile faded. Reality began to set in, and Martha saw the girl's face fall.

"I'm sure your father will be alright. He's got the best security," she whispered, standing up and giving her young protégé a quick hug and a kiss on the cheek. They never kissed on the lips. They were lovers, but not IN love.

"I just wish . . . I don't know why he won't let me come home. He needs me . . ."

"He needs you safe. Nothing will happen to you on this campus." Martha looked the younger girl in the eyes. "And anytime you need to vent or talk to someone --" She smiled, then, " . . . or to fuck, you know how to find me."

"Thanks Dr. VanHouten." Dusty sat in the appropriate spot, waiting for the professor to do the same so that the distracter illusion could be taken down.

Outside the building, Ash had been listening to the entire incident on her headpiece. She'd double check the video feed when she got back to her equipment, but she was pretty sure she had a clear picture of what had happened. Ash had bugged just about every place that Dusty had or was likely to go, just to make sure she had all her bases covered.

'The girl is quite sexually enthusiastic,' she thought. 'Might make things tricky as far as keeping her away from dangerous elements.' As she thought this, Ash was sitting on the unconscious form of a human male she had seen tailing Dusty between classes. It hadn't taken long to subdue him and drag him into one of the many hedge mazes that Terrans liked so much as part of the landscape. She had 'encouraged' him to talk before rendering him unconscious. He was part of the new Purity, all right. He hadn't planned on doing anything do Dusty directly, but rath had just wanted to get some photographs to send to her father, getting Dr. Trendenfall's attention. Besides that, he had been a low-level thug, and Ash had found little further use for him. She knew that logically she should just kill him. But she knew somehow that to do so would be wrong. She didn't want to be wrong.

Her mind drifted back to something that she had heard Dr. VanHouten say. "It's just magic."

'Nothing is "just magic." Nothing,' she thought and, for a moment, she sensed bitterness in her own mind.

------------ -----------------

Back on Earth . . .

------------ -----------------

Dr. Trendenfall was freaking out. He had just gotten a disturbing communication from Ash on Terra: someone had been following his daughter.

"What am I supposed to do Tom?" he asked of his security chief. "She's not safe here, but she's not safe there!"

"She's safer there now than here. They didn't have someone coming after her with a gun. Just a camera. They probably don't have the capabilities do make a full scale assault on the Academy." McBride rubbed his chin. "But we might want to alert to the Academy Directorate. If there's any chance ANY students might be in danger . . ."

"You're right," Jon said. "But we don't have to tell them about Ash do we? I'd rather keep that weapon a secret."

"Will do. I have no idea how they're going to react to this though. They'll probably be hyper vigilant. They have even more of a problem with magic-phobes than WE do. Might make it hard for her to maneuver."

Jon shook his head. "For some reason, I don't think it'll be a problem for her. She's dangerous, just like Agent Jones said. She's a ghost."

----------------- --------------------

Two days later on Terra . . .

----------------- --------------------

Dusty had been wracking her brain for the last few nights. Her blunder in Ms. VanHouten's class had proved something to her: that her brain wasn't in her studies. And one thing that she knew for sure, magic being wielded by an unreliable mind was dangerous. Her mind was back with her father, so she had decided that SHE needed to be there as well. So she had packed up a small bag of clothes and was in the process of writing a note explaining her absence to her roommates and her teachers. She was going to miss them . . . both physically and mentally. She loved her life on Terra, but her family had to come first. Her father was all she had left.

[[ What are you doing? ]] came a voice from the doorway.

Dusty jumped about three feet in the air, spinning around and staring wide eyed. It was Katrina. "What the hell --" She stopped. [[ What the hell are you doing here?! Shouldn't you be asleep? It's the middle of -- ]]

[[ I . . . I couldn't sleep, ]] Katrina muttered, staring at the packed luggage. [[ I was hoping that . . . you know -- ]]

[[ You are insatiable! ]] Dusty would have laughed, but she remembered she had places to be. [[ Not today though. I've -- ]]

[[ Where are you going? ]] the vampire asked. [[ I thought you weren't supposed to leave . . .]] Katrina caught on. She was a fairly smart girl. [[ You're going home, aren't you?! You're going to defy your father and the campus council?! ]] Being someone who thrived on obedience, Katrina was awestruck by her roommates gumption.

[[ What are you two babbling about?]] came a new voice.

[[ Afternoon Vexla, ]] Dusty said with a sigh. Her "quiet escape" was gathering an audience. Vexla was a female gargoyle, which were a stocky race of stone-skinned flying creatures that somewhat resembled lowland gorillas in basic shape. They flew on heavy wings that were intrinsically magical and were fairly tough to kill with traditional weapons. And they hated being woken up during daylight even more than most other Terrans.

[[ Why are you two being so loud? And where the flying hells are you going? ]]

[[ I'm just -- ]]

[[ She's defying the council and going back to Earth! ]] Katrina interrupted. This smelled of intrigue, and it was getting her excited.

[[ She's going where now? ]] came a fourth voice.

Dusty sat on the bed and put her head in her hands. Her fourth suite-mate, another young vampire woman named Veltia, had also been woken by the ruckus.

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