tagSci-Fi & FantasyDust to Dust Ch. 03

Dust to Dust Ch. 03

byEvil Alpaca©

This story is a bit wordy and fairly long, so if you are looking for immediate gratification, you might want to look elsewhere.

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The following story is a work of fiction. Any resemblance between actual persons, living or dead (or just confused) is entirely coincidental. Please do not copy/redistribute the story, in part or in total, without the author's permission.

This story takes place in the fictional city of Springfield, California several hundred years in the future, so don't go looking for it on a map. Over the course the series, I will borrow quite a bit from my "Dead Man's World" series, so it might help (but isn't a requirement) if you read those stories. And in my little fictional world, there are no unwanted pregnancies or STD's, except as plot driving devices. The author encourages the practice of safe-sex.

This story also contains lesbian sexual activity.

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"Dust to Dust" Ch. 03

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Dusty groaned as she closed her textbook. Midterms were over, but the next round of tests weren't far off. Things had been surprisingly quiet around campus. There had been two attempts by Purity spies to get close to her, but Ash had dispensed with them quickly, and it seemed that the terrorist organization had finally decided that scaring Mr. Trendenfall was not worth the losses that they were taking trying to get to his daughter.

At Dusty's request, professor VanHouten had been brought in to help Chancellor Valar in working on Ash's condition. The professor had been overwhelmed by it all, but was drawn by the same curiosity that tugged at the chancellor. But even with their combined knowledge, they had been unable to unravel the mystery that was Ash.

Dusty's bodyguard sat unmoving at her standard place near the window. The other girls in the suite had become accustomed to the strange presence. The only one it bothered was Katrina, and that was only because her lover and mistress had become disinterested in physical activity since Ash moved in.

It was actually time for one of their regularly scheduled visits to the Chancellor's office.

"Okay, we're off," Dusty said, throwing on her "outside" clothes, which were nondescript at Ash's request.

"May I come with you?" Katrina asked. She very much wanted to see Valar again.

"Of course," Dusty chuckled. She could tell that her friend had an enormous crush on one of the most powerful men on Terra. She looked at Ash. "And we're escorting professor VanHouten there, correct?"

"Correct. We should go now."

Vexla and Vetlia decided to stay behind, so the other three headed out to the coach. They arrived at the professor's town-home shortly. But when Ash stepped off the coach and started looking around, Dusty knew that something was wrong.

Martha VanHouten opened the door so she could head out to the coach, but Ash jumped forward and shoved her to the ground. At that exact moment, everyone heard a wizzing sound and several bullet holes appeared in the door where the professor had just been standing.

Ash thought things had been too simple. Now she just guessed that they had been observing the groups patterns, trying to find a new way to strike. She looked at the coach. The driver had been shot dead, but Katrina and Dusty were safe inside. But they would not remain safe. "Inside!" she shouted, then exploded into a cloud of soot, obscuring any would-be snipers from being able to target the young women as they rushed inside. Once her charges were more secure . . .

"Stay down until I come for you," she said. Then, as the women watched on, she produced two hand-held rail weapons with scopes from out of nowhere and started pointing at rooftops. As the professor slammed the door shut, Dusty saw two bodies toppling to the street.

"You have an overly exciting life," the professor panted. She was more than a bit terrified, but there was something exhilarating about being caught up in all the cloak and dagger. Though she would really have preferred not to have her door shot up.

----------- ----------------

Outside . . .

----------- ----------------

Sean O'Reilly was nervous. He had been tapped to lead the Purity hit squad onto Terra with the simple goal of killing one human girl and anyone with her. He had been told she would be protected . . . he had been told it would be difficult . . . but still, there was only the one guard.

But he watched as the woman . . . the ghost . . . move with uncanny speed and determination. He had started with eight snipers, but four had been killed almost instantly. He looked around with his scope. He saw Bill Hannity over on another rooftop . . . the man was looking around frantically.

"Hannity," he whispered into his coms unit. "Get a hold of yourself. I'm going to have Hume move down and . . . "

*Where IS Hume? (click)* came the radio reply.

O'Reilly looked at the rooftop where Humes was supposed to be hiding and he gritted his teeth. Hume was propped up against a chimney, the top of his head missing from a shot just under the jawline. 'Who IS this bitch?!' he thought. He scanned back to look at Hume, but the man was missing.

"Hannity!" he shouted into communicator, "get back to your position and . . ." O'Reilly stopped shouting. He had found Hannity . . . the man had been thrown onto the street and was impaled on a wrought-iron fence. "Impossible," he told to himself. "No one moves that fast!"

Something caught his attention. The last member of his team, Tilton, had made his way to ground level and was fleeing down the street. The man's nerve had cracked.

O'Reilly stood up and screamed down the street in a blind panic, "Tilton, you get back here or I'll . . ."

Tilton stopped. There were two things that frightened O'Reilly at that moment. One was the large red splotch that slowly appeared in Tilton's back as the young man collapsed to the ground. The second thing was the little "thwump" of a rail-gun being discharged that he had heard when the man was gunned down. This was frightening to him because the sound had emanated from . . . right . . . behind . . . him.

In the dusk of his life, Sean O'Reilly knew true fear. Fear wore the face of a pale-ish eighteen year old girl with the most stagnant eyes he had eve seen. She held highly illegal rail pistols in both hands, one of which was still pointed at the man she had just killed from an impossibly long distance. He tried to pull his side-arm, but the woman stepped forward, kneeing him in the groin, stepping on his foot and bringing the butt of her other gun down on the back of his head. He collapsed nicely. And while the world was spinning and his ears were ringing, he was still able to hear the woman speak in something that sounded like venting steam . . .

"You have information that I want. You will give it to me. The only question is how long you want this to take." Something in the back of Ash's mind reminded her that what she was about to do stood on "questionable" moral ground, but the logical part of her brain overruled it. If this man had information that might help her, it made sense that she should take it. "Now," she continued, pointing one of her pistols at his knee-cap, "start talking."

--------- ----------------------

A little while later . . .

--------- ----------------------

Dusty, professor VanHouten and Katrina were all huddled up in the professor's house. Martha had alerted the authorities, but Dusty found herself worrying about Ash. She needn't have bothered, as the woman appeared in the doorway with no warning or noise. And Dusty couldn't help but notice that there were rust-colored splotches all over Ash's form.

'Blood,' Dusty thought with a shudder.

"The threat has been neutralized," Ash said evenly.

Just then, there was a banging on the front door. It was the local militia.

"Ash, get out of here," Dusty said, worried about her protector.

"If she leaves, how the hell do we explain what happened to our attackers?" VanHouten replied.

Ash thought it over. "The professor is correct. My job is to protect you . . . seeing you incarcerated would actually be in violation of my contract with your father." She calmly opened the door, letting the militia charge in. Katrina, Martha and Dusty were taken into protective custody. Ash was placed under arrest.

---------- ----------------

That evening . . .

---------- ----------------

Chancellor Valar had gone through a great deal of trouble to get Ash released and the entire incident "hushed." Being a personal friend of the Security Director had its advantages. Unfortunately, he realized that the rules of the game had changed.

The four women were in his office . . . three looked shaken, while the fourth looked perfectly at ease. His eyes looked over each of them, and he noticed that the young woman . . . Katrina . . . seemed to be staring back at him. When there eyes met, her eyes lowered demurely.

'She certainly is a fetching young woman,' he thought idly.

He sighed. "Dusty, I'm afraid we have a problem. While I was able to cover up some of the details of what happened today, the Council is on high alert. This Purity action cannot be ignored. Unfortunately, this means two things. One, travel between the two worlds is about to become much more complicated. Two . . . I'm afraid you will have to temporarily forgo attending the Academy. I'm sorry, but the powers that be cannot allow your presence to put other students in danger."

"Bullshit!" professor VanHouten said. "This isn't her fault."

"Is this truly necessary Chancellor?" Katrina asked.

"It's okay," Dusty said. "He's right. Anyone around me is in danger these days . . . I might as well go be with my father. He's already in danger."

"That is currently the plan. Your father has been taken into protective custody, and the same group that is providing his security will be coming and escorting you back to Earth tomorrow afternoon." He looked at Ash. "Unfortunately, you will not be allowed to stay either, though I promise to continue working on your problem and will stay in contact."

Ash nodded. She had suspected as much.

---------- -------------------

Later that night . . .

---------- -------------------

Dusty, Katrina, Martha and Ash were back in Dusty's suite. She had already finished packing. Ash vanished shortly after arriving . . . Dusty assumed she was collecting her gear and would stay in hiding until it was time to leave. Vexla and Vetlia had been moved into another suite, but had left notes saying goodbye and making Dusty promise to stay in touch.

Dusty sighed. She was going to miss this place. "Thanks, but you two don't have to stick around. I'm sure that I'm safe enough with Ash . . . somewhere."

"Please," Martha said with a grin. "You're my favorite student, and you certainly make life more interesting."

Katrina was in genuine mope-mode though. "I can not believe they are making you go."

Dusty grinned. She knew the real reason that Katrina was unhappy. With Dusty gone, who would fulfill the young woman's "special" needs? Then an idea popped into her head. Her grin got bigger as she looked between Katrina and Martha. "You know," she said, her voice lowering to a purr, "there are a lot better ways for us to spend my last night on Terra than moping around."

Katrina's eyes perked up . . . she recognized THAT particular tone. And professor VanHouten was smiling too.

'What is it about this girl that gets me so damn horny at the drop of an innuendo?' she thought.

Dusty picked up the communicator she had been given. "Ash?"

*Yes? (click)*

"Would you mind giving us some alone time for a bit?"

*As you wish. (click)*

Dusty walked around behind Katrina. "Unfortunately," she cooed, directing her eyes towards Martha, "it will be up to you and I to decide on the entertainment." She grabbed Katrina's wrists and held them behind her. Katrina gasped while Dusty continued. "This one doesn't have much imagination . . . she needs to be told . . . exactly . . ." she said, reaching around and grabbing one of Katrina's small breasts in her hand through the fabric of her dress, " . . . what to do."

Professor Martha VanHouten was an educated woman . . . she knew EXACTLY what Dusty meant. She sauntered forward until the helpless Katrina was pressed between them. "Ah . . . one of THOSE types," she whispered, taking Katrina's earlobe between her teeth and biting gently. She reached around and copped a feel of Dusty's ass while her teeth teased the vampire's ear . . . this would be a memorable night.

Katrina was as close to heaven as she wished to get before she died. She would be naughty . . . she would be used . . . she would be satisfied. The only thing that would make it better was if Chancellor Valar . . .

"Unh!" she grunted. Dusty had slid a hand down between Martha's and Katrina's bodies and was pressing against Katrina's mound.

"Hush," Martha said, placing a finger against the vampire's lips, then kissing her around it. But still . . . not directly on the lips.

Dusty withdrew her hand and started pulled Katrina's gown off of her shoulders and down past her waist. This made Martha happy, as she was able to gain direct access to Katrina's breasts, leading to some SERIOUS nipple tweakage. And nipple tweakage made KATRINA happy.

"Slutty isn't she?" Martha said. "You can tell from the breathing . . . like an animal. Hot and heavy . . ." She placed one hand on Katrina's pussy while tugging relentlessly on that little pink nibble with the other. One finger . . . then two . . . slid inside the young creature's body. "Whore," she whispered into the girl's ear.

"Say it," Dusty added from behind, gripping Katrina's ass tightly with both hands. "Tell us both what you are."

"I . . . am . . . a whore," Katrina gasped. Her head was spinning in delight. She felt so completely wicked, and she knew it would mortify her parents. "A common whore."

"Oh you're a whore all right," Dusty said, "but you're not common. You're an extra dirty whore." She grabbed the girl's wrists and held them behind her back. She pulled the scarf from around her neck and tied Katrina's hands securely with it.

Katrina's knees very badly wanted to buckle. Professor VanHouten's fingers were so incredibly nimble and long and were making her body feel quite tingly. Then they were gone, leaving the vampire nothing to do but whimper.

"We decide when you get to be pleasure," Martha cooed.

"On your knees," Dusty said, pushing the girl down. "Now stay . . ." She grabbed Martha's hand and led in through the open double doors to the bedroom, then looked back at Katrina. "You stay there until you're summoned like a good pet."

Katrina almost bit her bottom lip with her fangs. THIS was torture . . . watching those two women undress each other on the bed while she could do nothing but watch. But deep inside, she knew Dusty . . . knew that her friend and sexual mentor was only leaving her hanging to make her reward that much sweeter when it arrived.

"I was wondering if I was going to see these again," Martha whispered, wrapping her lips around the nipple of Dusty's warm, wonderful breast.

"Oh please," Dusty crooned. "I know you're just working your way down to my ass," she joked. Sort of.

"I'm just saving the best for last."

"You know, I think my tits would disagree as to which is 'best'."

"And YOU know that I'm an ass woman." Then those talented fingers slid into Dusty's now naked form, spreading those inner labia with delightful ease.

"Oh God she's good," Dusty said. "But you knew that, didn't you? She's got your pussy juice on the same finger that's inside me now. Almost like she's fucking me with you." Dusty clenched her thighs down on Martha's hand and rode it. She could see the hunger growing in Katrina's eyes . . . the girl wanted to be involved. "You," she said to Katrina. "Come here . . . on your knees."

Katrina slowly put one knee in front of the other, half-crawling across the floor.

Dusty pushed Martha away and spun her around to face the vampire. She did a reach around, prodding the professor to spread her legs. Then to Katrina, "Now eat her like a good pet." She grabbed Katrina's hair and shoved the girl's face into Martha's crotch. Katrina needed no such encouragement . . . but she liked getting it anyway.

"Cunt-licking slut," Dusty said to her friend. She kept grinding Katrina's head into the professor's pussy. She even moved around behind Katrina and forcefully grabbed that head so she could push harder. Then she pulled Katrina away. The girl's face was already slick, and that familiar desire was in her eyes. "You like that, don't you?" she asked, thrusting Katrina's head forward.

"She must like it," professor VanHouten said. "She's damn good at it." She raised a leg and placed it on the bed, giving the helpless Katrina more room to maneuver her tongue.

Dusty looked around for the box labeled "personal items." She tore it open and grabbed her "bag of toys." She opened the bag and poured it onto the bed.

"Oh! Christmas!" Martha exclaimed.

Dusty grabbed a small dildo with a handle, then grabbed the back of Katrina's head again and pulled it away. "Sloppy whore. You've got her pussy juice all over your face." She took the dildo and drove it several times into Martha's body, withdrew it and shoved the plastic cock into Katrina's mouth. "There, now you'll get it in your throat where it belongs."

Not wanting to be left out, Martha reached over and started fingering Dusty again. Dusty smiled at her, pulling the dildo out of Katrina's ravenous mouth, plunging it into the professor and then back down Katrina's throat.

"It's like feeding a baby bird," Dusty said. She pushed Martha onto the bed with her legs dangling over the edge. "Well, I've felt your fingers . . . now let's see what your mouth can do! But first . . ." She grabbed Katrina's hair and leaned her in between the professor's open thighs. With her hands bound, all she could do was land face-first on Martha's pussy. "If I EVEN need to tell you what to do . . ."

"No mistress," Katrina murmured before parting Martha's cleft with her tongue.

Dusty climbed on the bed, straddling the professor's face while still keeping an eye on Katrina. No sooner than she had one knee on either side of Martha's face than the professor's tongue went to work. She stroked Martha's breasts as the teacher gave her a lesson on oral delights.

Martha reached her hands around so she could grab Dusty's ass cheeks while she ate her out. And she couldn't resist tantalizing the young woman's asshole with her tongue from time to time. Each time elicited a shudder of pleasure, giving the professor a sense of satisfaction. She released one butt cheek to reach out to the pile of sex toys lying on the bed. She fumbled around until she got a hold of a slim glass dildo. 'Perfect,' she thought.

Katrina was trying so hard to please her mistress's other lover . . . her tongue was moving like lighting and she was penetrating it as deep as she could. Her arms were sore, her neck was sore and she was panting up a storm. But she would not relent . . . she was sure that she would be rewarded. And the professor tasted SO good!

The professor shoved the little glass dildo into Dusty's warm sex and wiggled it around. As she had done before, she concentrated and cause the glass to warp, warm and shift. Soon, there was a living glass snake burrowing into Dusty's honeypot, making her squirm. That gave her a few moments to play uninterrupted with that sweet little asshole until . . .

"Unh!" she grunted as Katrina's mouth brought her to orgasm. And it was a beauty of a climax, racking her body up and then wringing it dry.

Dusty watched her mentor's body shudder with delight. Katrina had a talented tongue, that's for sure.

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