tagGroup SexDutch & Molly, His Neighbor

Dutch & Molly, His Neighbor

byParis Waterman©

18 – Molly, the Neighbor's Wife

Three months later on a Sunday morning Dutch found himself alone reading the headline of the morning newspaper, "JFK Jr. Missing at Sea." He scanned the article.

A Grim Search read the headline in the L. A. Times -

The morning after the plane belonging to the successor of John F. Kennedy's legacy was due to arrive on Martha's Vineyard along with his wife and her sister in a private plane bound for the Kennedy family compound. Their party was to attend a wedding.

Everyone was at Kathy's softball game. 'Such a waste of life,' he thought, and put the paper down, stood up and stretched. He had promised Rosa that he'd do something about repairing the run down fence separating Rosa's house from the one next door.

This seemed as good a time as any and so after ambling out to the garage and locating the necessary tools, he made several long overdue minor repairs to the fence. Afterward he decided to give the fence a primer coat and finish the job off over the course of the following week. He rummaged around the garage and found some primer and a couple of usable brushes.

Dutch thought he might as well get some sun and peeled off his shirt and began applying the primer coat to the fence. Twenty minutes into the job he reminded himself to consider the temperature before tackling a job like this again. Still he consoled himself with the fact that the pool was there for him if he got to hot. He decided to quit early anyway.

Pausing to admire his finished product, he opened a beer and took a long gulp. As he put the beer down on the ground, he heard the backdoor slam shut next door. This was followed by the sound of feminine feet clop-clopping across the patio and the screeching noise of a chaise lounge being dragged over concrete. Dutch primed the next two boards before noticing the knothole two boards over.

Always curious about females, he positioned himself in front of the hole and peered through it. The neighbor's wife was lying out about twenty feet from him, facing Dutch, her eyes closed. He searched his memory for her name and came up empty. He recalled meeting the husband, a frail looking guy, who if Dutch remembered was an accountant at the local bank.

For a second or two, he wondered if she could possibly look up and see his eye staring at her. Then he shrugged it off, 'fuck her,' he thought, 'I'm painting the fucking fence, she comes out in that bikini and I happen to catch a glimpse, so what?' He looked her over. 'Not bad though,' he said to himself, 'great legs, a brief enough bikini, flat stomach. That guy's got a nice piece of ass going for him.'

For the first time he realized he was getting a woody, and was wondering how he could strike up a conversation with her when he accidentally kicked the can of primer over. "Damn it!" He roared, pissed at his clumsiness. Quickly he knelt down and tried to salvage as much of the primer as possible, dipping the brush into it and slapping it on the fence.

Her voice froze him in his tracks, "Now that's even better than Tom Sawyer's routine."

He looked up and she was standing, peering over the fence at him. It was only then that it occurred to him that her yard had a higher elevation than his.

"Oh, hi," he said trying not to let his embarrassment show. "I'm just a klutz I suppose."

"No, I don't think so," she replied. "Every time I paint something I manage to spill paint where I shouldn't. In fact, my husband . . . his name is Arnold . . . well, he's told me not to even pick up a paintbrush."

Dutch smiled at her. "If you tell him about this, he'll probably tell me the same thing."

She returned his smile with a nervous grin. "No fear of that happening," she said and finally managed a smile, "he's hardly ever around here anyways."

Rising to his feet, Dutch looked over the fence at her. 'Jesus,' he thought, 'she's got a great set of tits.' "My name's Dutch. I'm going out with Rosa."

"I thought as much," she said. "My name's Molly, Molly Reeves. I don't really know Rosa. I mean, we've met and all, but we haven't had an opportunity to get to know one another yet. I . . . err, don't get out much."

"Well we can rectify that," he said. "There's a steak burning contest going on over here around seven tonight. Why not drop by? I'll tell the ladies to expect you."

"That's very kind of you. I might just do that. I do hate eating alone."

"Your hus . . . I mean Arnold, won't he be coming too?"

"I seriously doubt it. He'll most likely be at the club."

"Too bad," he said obviously not meaning it.

"Say," Molly said, pursing her lips, "by any chance do you know anything about pool filters?"

"What's wrong?"

"Ours is acting up and . . . well he's not here and I'd hoped to get a swim in."

"Let me take a look," Dutch said and easily vaulted over the fence, landing cat-like on his feet.

Molly watched him land, absorbing his masculinity and felt a tingle in her loins. "Impressive!" She said and reminded herself to take a breath.

He stared at her bunched up tits, barely constrained by her halter. "Very." He said softly, but loud enough for Molly to hear. She flushed as they sauntered over to the pool and the filtering mechanism.

"Here," she pointed and bent over. Dutch hung back enough to enjoy seeing the taut bikini bottom form a vacuum and get drawn up into the crack of her ass. Shifting his position to garner a look down into her ample cleavage, he was pleased to see one of her aureole completely exposed to his view. Taking a deep breath himself, he knelt next to her and after a short struggle managed to open the clogged trap and clean it of the debris, made sure it was functioning and closed the filtering trap.

When he stood up he discovered Molly staring at his erection. Jerking her eyes away, Molly spoke to him in a very sultry tone.

"Would you like another beer? I have a couple on ice . . . err, in the fridge."

His eyes remained on her breasts as he answered, "If it's no trouble and you join me."

"Sure. Be right back." He followed her as she retreated to her home, her ass providing a little extra wiggle as she walked.

Molly was back with two ice cold beers very quickly. Dutch noticed her nipples were a bit more evident through the stretchy fabric of her bikini top. Handing him one, she sat down on the lounge chair and invited him to sit down beside her.

"Will it hold the two of us?' He asked with a grin.

"It can hold three people," she said matter of factly waving her hand about.

"Oh, then you've tested it out?" He said, grinning at her. Molly went crimson after realizing his meaning. She convinced herself he meant no harm. She was admiring his white teeth and thinking about them being applied to her, in various erotic ways when her errant hand came in contact with his rampant member.

"Oh!" She said.

"Oh!" He said.

They tried to laugh it off, but her nipples gave her away. She blushed even deeper wondering just where this was going. Dutch glanced down at his crotch and saw the pre-cum spot spreading over the porous material of his shorts. Molly saw it too.

He took a long drink of his beer.

She licked her lips, hoping he'd make a move on her.

Nothing happened.

[Pictures available on request.]

He was trying to determine when the women would return to the house when Molly said, "Maybe we'd be more comfortable inside." That convinced him she wanted it and he rose to his feet, his hardon obvious to both. "Yeah, that's a good idea," he said hoarsely and followed her inside.

In the kitchen, Molly was placing her beer on the countertop when he moved against her, pressing his seething cock into her ass. She moaned, but remained still. His left hand crossed her chest to her right breast and cupped it. Molly responded by pressing her hips backwards and rotating them a bit as she bit her lip in excitement.

He was thumbing her turgid nipple through the fabric of her bikini top when she managed to stammer, "I . . . I was watching this movie earlier. May . . . maybe you'd watch it with me?"

Jabbing his erection into the crack of her ass, he said, "Why not?"

They moved to the large couch in the living room. Molly picked up the remote, switched on a porno movie in which a large, very well endowed black man was being blown by a pretty blonde.

"You've got great tits," he said removing one from her halter and studying it.

"You really think so?" Molly was obviously in need of some compliments.

"Oh yeah," and he leaned forward to take her nipple into his mouth.

Molly moaned as he bit down on it.

On the television screen, the blonde was running her hands over her breasts, milking them upwards, tweaking and massaging her erect nipples.

Molly's fingertips were tracing the outline of his fat prick, still encased in his shorts.

"Take your clothes off, Molly," he whispered to her right ear.

Reaching behind her in that graceful manner women have, she opened the knot with one hand, relaxed and hunched her shoulders a bit and the skimpy top fell off, dropping into Dutch's lap.

"Everything," He rasped hoarsely, "everything."

He took in her breasts. They were huge, hanging ever so slightly from their weight. Her areole the size of a silver dollar, eraser sized nipples fully erect, begging to be bitten over and over.

Raising her hips and placing her thumbs into the bikini bottoms, Molly managed to remove them; and using her left foot, flung them away.

"Now you!" She gasped her voice husky and her eyes smoky. But he kissed her instead, feeling her lips vibrate with another muffled moan. One of Molly's hands slipped into his shorts and began to rub his member as their hungry tongues probed with almost desperate need.

On the screen, the blonde still had one hand working on her breasts. Her other hand was now playing with her belly, pubic hair, and, every once in a while, dipping down to rub along her downy slit as she eagerly sucked on the longest dick Dutch had ever seen.

"Please," Molly pleaded, "let me have it. I have to have it in my mouth like she does."

He couldn't take much more anyway and wrested his shorts off, kicking them away and ironically, they landed on top of her bikini bottoms. His thick, eight-inch cock sprang free from its confinement and stood pointing upward. Molly's breasts lightly brushed against his genitalia as she reached for it. Then grasping it with both hands, Molly began a slow jerking motion on his prick, and after thoroughly coating the head of his member with a combination of pre-cum and her own saliva, she leaned further and blew a hot, wet breath along the length of it.

His cock jerked involuntarily.

Molly was grinning as she gazed up at him. The grin turned wickedly evil as she took just the tip of it into her mouth, and swirling her tongue around the rest of his cock head, twittered around the sensitive ridge. His hips flexed involuntarily and his massive cock jumped again.

She laughed. "You have the most delightful cock," she murmured nibbling around his testicles. Dutch moaned and Molly took the length of him into her warm, moist, mouth. He had already classified her as a great cocksucker, even before she'd really got going on him.

"And you can really suck a cock."

"Your cock, maybe!" she croaked, breathing with difficulty between her urgent slurping and wet sucks.

He looked down past her fair-haired head and saw from the movement of her hips that she was working on herself, too. "Your fingers are busy too." He said hoarsely. He could also see the TV above her head, the black stud was ass-fucking the blonde, who apparently loved every stroke he was hammering into her.

Molly ran her tongue along the underside of his cock and then engulfed him, taking about five inches of him into her throat. He raised his arms and shook off his T-shirt.

"Mmmmmm!" She slurped.

He realized he wasn't going to last much longer.

Molly increased her suction. "Mmmmmm!"

Dutch could feel a pleasant tightening of his stomach muscles. Between gasps of pleasure and involuntary thrusts into Molly's mouth, he told her he was getting ready to come. She responded by squeezing his balls and taking him further into her mouth, using her tongue in still more delightful convolutions.

Now he was actively fucking her mouth. With both hands on her head, clenching and pulling her blond hair, getting closer and closer to the edge; he could feel his balls pulling in to his body in anticipation of what wasn't far away. Molly finally pushed him over the edge by running her tongue repeatedly around the sensitive ridge on his cockhead. Dutch thrust spasmodically against her mouth and held her head tightly as he started spurting down her throat. Molly didn't even try to move away; she just kept sucking on his cock, swallowing its load, and draining the last of the sperm from him.

After he had collapsed back on the couch and was idly caressing her hair, Molly let his softening cock slip from her mouth and moved up to kiss him. She hadn't swallowed all of his jizm; he tasted himself as their tongues entwined.

Wanting nothing more than to make Molly come herself, Dutch nibbled on her ear, planted little kisses in her hair, on the nape of her neck, in the hollow of her throat and on her shoulders, doing his best to drive her crazy. She shuddered and moaned, then stopped him and turned around. Her breasts were red from his attention and her face was flushed.

"Wait," she said, then turned around and bent over, giving him a wonderful view of her gorgeous ass and puckered sphincter. Her breasts he saw only as two globes hanging partially in view between her legs. He could also see her pussy, puffy with arousal, surrounded by lightly colored downy pubic hair. Many of those hairs had tiny droplets of Molly's juices hanging from them, a sight that turned him on again.

As he felt himself lengthening once more, Molly licked a finger and then placed it between her legs and touching her sphincter. After lightly rubbing around the rim of her asshole, she pressed inward then ran her finger forward, bisecting her swollen lips.

After licking her finger clean, she ran the finger along her puffy labia and into her slit again, this time pressing a bit deeper, a bit harder. Dutch couldn't stand watching her any longer and therefore got up and pulled her back down on the couch. Molly's questing fingers felt his arousal and squeezed him hard. He bit one nipple and tugged on the other, causing her to yelp aloud with satisfaction. Quickly he sent a questing finger into her dripping cunt.

She shuddered, but moved away from his finger. At first, Dutch didn't understand, but her motive soon became apparent as the fingertips of both hands wandered down his chest and stomach. When she reached his navel, Dutch's elongated prick slipped in between her breasts and bumped along her sternum.

After slapping her turgid nipples and breasts with his prick and hearing her whimper with anticipation, he bent to suckle them. Then using the very tip of his tongue and licking broad, rough swathes over her aureole, he enticed her nipples to new heights. Molly grasped his head and hugged it roughly against her chest. Dutch played windshield wiper, first licking the right nipple, then the left.

Molly began to writhe. She attempted to force his head downward, but lacked the strength to do so. However he got the message and was soon kissing and licking his way across her abdomen. Her pelvis arched upward to meet his tongue and fingers. And as soon as she felt his fingers upon her, Molly began massaging her breasts.

Intuitively, Dutch knew Molly hadn't been laid in a while and was desperate for a wholesome fucking. 'Could he make her a regular piece of ass?' he wondered while caressing her inner thighs.

She was moaning deliriously now, her legs spread lewdly as he moved his fingers in and out of her. He continued to tease her, spreading her labia with two fingers while continuing to probe her cunt with two others. He brought his mouth close to her drooling cunt and kissed the top of her mons. Molly's entire body was trembling and she kept moaning softly. He was glad they had moved inside and although he didn't know it, so was Molly.

'I'm, so hot . . . I must be a slut,' she thought. 'I should have stayed outside and the world could be watching as he fucks me.' She trembled at the thought. 'What's the matter with me? Oh, oh, oh, I need him in me!'

At that precise moment, he blew gently upon her wetness and saw her clit pop free of its hooded sheath.

He breathed on her again and noted the contraction of her stomach muscles. Her moaning intensified. Her fingernails were dug into the cushions so fiercely the material was close to bursting from the pressure. He took his finger from her cunt and stuck it up her ass and listened as her breath whooshed out, followed by a slow, excruciating inhalation. Molly wriggled her ass trying to gain even deeper penetration.

He established an alternating rhythm, first pressing his finger into her hole then sending another finger on a probe of her juicy cunt. Satisfied with himself, he bent his head close and traced his tongue through her pubic hair. Molly jerked upright and pressed his head tightly against her, an indication that she was clearly enjoying the sensations.

Her hips were rocking back and forth, gradually picking up speed. When he fastened his lips to her nipple and hummed, Molly's sporadic moans turned to a crescendo of unending groans and pleadings for him to please fuck her, please suck her, now!

Dutch continued to finger-fuck her ass and cunt while sucking on her nipple. Molly applied more pressure to his head, which also forced him to bring additional pressure to her sensitive nerve endings. As his fingers moved back and forth, probing up the third knuckle, her cunt made a series of sucking noises. Dutch laved his tongue between her breasts and those sensations became too much for her. Every muscle tensed and she began to quiver spasmodically, bucking wildly.

She began her climax.

He continued to tongue-lash her breasts, extending her pleasure as wave after wave swept over her. Molly was counting her orgasms -- that is -- until the eighth one hit, then overwhelmed by it all, she passed out.

He held her in his arms until she was sufficiently recovered.

"Like it?" He asked, before kissing her.

Her voice was hardly discernible, "Yes . . . Yes, I . . . really needed that."

"There's more in store for you," he smiled and kissed her again. This time her tongued responded and the kiss lasted a while.

His prick was jutting out from his body, a detail Molly soon noticed.

"Want to try something kinky?" She grinned.

"I'm game for anything sweetheart," he responded.

" kay, why don't you lay on your back?"

"Going to do all the work, eh?"

Coyly, she answered him, "Maybe."

He rolled over on his back as she had requested. Molly shoved her hands between her legs and when she was satisfied they had sufficient moisture on them, rubbed them over her breasts, especially into her abundant cleavage. Realizing what she was up to, Dutch helped out, licking each nipple as they hovered above him.

Molly moved into place and lowered her breasts around his cock, her nipples pointing at him, engorged again. Molly began moving slowly back and forth, fucking his prick with her hanging teats, giving it little licks and sucks each time his prick came into her range.

"Always wanted to try this," she husked, looking at him through smoldering eyes.

Lifting her right leg, she placed it over his and let him feel her growing heat as she ground her pussy against him. Soon, she was breathing heavily and Dutch was thrusting into her cleavage and groaning himself. Just before he could come, Molly gripped him with her hands and squeezed the lower end of his shaft, curtailing his orgasm for the moment.

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