tagErotic CouplingsDutch & Rosa: The Next Day

Dutch & Rosa: The Next Day

byParis Waterman©

Rosa insisted he stay the night at her place, and he did. She looked in on Kathy, found her sleeping peacefully, and returned to find Dutch already undressed and climbing into bed.

"If you don't mind," she said quietly, "I need to sleep on the left side."

"Sure," he said unconcernedly.

Rosa felt she needed to explain herself and whispered, "The phone and the alarm clock are there. If they go off I can shut them off without disturbing you too much."

He laughed as he rolled to the right side of the bed. "I wake up around five-thirty every day regardless of how late I fall asleep, must have an alarm clock in my brain."

Hanging her dress up in the closet, Rosa nodded and said, "Me too. Only mine goes off at six. But every once in a while I'll oversleep." Chuckling, she added, "Like after a night like this, I might sleep for two or three days I feel so good."

"Came a few times did you?" He laughed and reached out to her.

"Ummm, I usually count them, but for some reason tonight I lost track."


"Oh yeah . . . you're good, ya know?"

"Go to sleep baby, morning comes all too soon and we've gotta go to work."

"Yeah, work... our salvation and the bane of our existence.


It was ten minutes to five when Dutch woke to find Rosa kissing him on the mouth. "Hmmm," he moaned and she suddenly pushed herself away from him.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry," she cried softly, "I didn't mean to wake you."

He reassured her, "It's alright, no harm done. I slept like a baby."

"You mean you woke up every two hours?" She teased him, pleased that he was not annoyed by her actions.

He smiled at her. 'This is a very special woman,' he thought. "No, not quite. I slept solidly and being awakened with a kiss is very nice. I just hope my morning breath didn't disillusion you."

She giggled, for the truth was it had been a concern until she actually kissed him. Now she was satisfied that tasted sweet enough, morning breath or not.

"It didn't. You have a wonderful taste, believe me."

With that, she rolled atop him and started kissing his face, lips, and eyelids. He placed his arms around her waist as she finished straddling him then bent forward and kissed him on the mouth sending her tongue burrowing under his. He felt her hard nipples pressing into the flesh of his chest.

"I love you," she said softly, her face scant inches from his. "Me too," he replied quietly and Rosa was kissing him again, on his chin, his neck and earlobes and the hollow behind them.

With a start, Dutch realized she was humping against his thigh and uttering soft mewling sounds as she kissed her way down his chest, paying extra attention to his hardened nipples.

As she kissed her way down his torso, his hardon dragged across her already open and steaming cunt. Rosa grunted at the sensual contact and humped faster as she continued downward. He spread his legs to accommodate her as she kissed his lower stomach, sending her tongue into his navel, and gripped his hips moving lower still, her silken black hair trailing over Dutch's chest.

Rosa planted a wet kiss on the tip of his cock and then laid a series of sucking kisses down the length of his long shaft, bringing spasms of pleasure to Dutch's thick prick. Suddenly she gripped the skin on his testicle and pulled even as she slowly jerked him off. He groaned loudly at the sheer pleasure it evoked.

The groan woke Kathy in the next room and she lay in her bed listening intently.

Rosa released him and moaned herself, thinking how magnificent he was and how wonderful he tasted. 'My God,' she thought, 'I could suck on him forever.'

Calling upon all her skills and using her imagination, she sought to please him as he'd never been pleased before. She sucked just the tip at first, but slowly took more of him in her mouth even as she wrapped her hand around the fat base and laved her tongue over his entire length. Her silky hair trailed across his abdomen tickling him pleasantly as Rosa's head began bobbing up and down.


Kathy knew instantly what was taking place in her mother's room. And rose up from her bed and pressed her ear to the wall. With each sound traveling through the thin wall Kathy grew hotter. With a soft whimper she parted her legs slightly as her hand traveled along her inner thigh. Then her finger was creeping along her labia. 'I'm wet,' she told herself and a second later her finger was easing through her folds and probing inside. She began to hum tunelessly to cover the increasing sounds her mother was making and causing next door. With the finger moving briskly in and out of her pussy Kathy moved her other hand down and began rubbing her cunt lips.

It felt sensational. She raised her butt a little, holding her finger on a certain delectable spot and pressing her cunt firmly back against it. A moment later she gasped and her hips were galvanized into action as she added another finger and frenziedly frigged herself. Thirty seconds later she was lost in the midst of her orgasm, shuddering and shaking quietly never having shaken the fear of discovery despite what she knew was going on in the next room.

Rosa had just pulled his rigid cock from her mouth and was rubbing it over her face, planting sloppy kisses down the length of it as she did. Dutch was thrilled to feel her hot breath on his testicles and the wetness of her mouth as she took first one, then the other in her mouth. All too soon she released them and seized his prick and wrapped her lips around his glands again, flicking her tongue and pumping her fist. Sucking gently at the corona and then working slowly on the crown, laving the entire area with her resilient tongue.

Dutch felt himself readying to come. "I'm going to come," he grunted, barely in time.

Rosa pulled the cock from her mouth and continued her rapid stroking. He felt the satin texture of her cheek against him as the first spurt erupted. Rosa moaned with satisfaction as his hot liquid splattered on her skin and she continued to pump him with all the energy she could muster.

(Pictures available on request) Even when Dutch had emptied his balls of sperm Rosa continued kissing and licking and sucking him. The wrapped her lips around the jizm-covered head of his prick, swirling her tongue round and round all the while grunting and mewling with pleasure.

When Dutch opened his eyes and looked down, Rosa was wiping his semen from her face and smearing it into her cleavage; with a contented sigh, she lay on top of him and Dutch felt his rapidly cooling semen on her breasts.

"I enjoyed that," she said enthusiastically and giggled like a little girl.

Dutch took a deep breath and answered her, "Me too."


"Hey there's nothing better than waking up to a blowjob."

"A blowjob, that's what you call it?" Rosa huffed, feigning hurt feelings.

"Well I'm sorry. What do you call what you just did?"

"Giving head, giving great head."

"Giving head, EH? Well all right, that was especially great head you gave me a minute ago."

"That's better," she said and giggled again. "But it was a good blowjob too wasn't it?"

Now he was laughing with her. "Yes it was you little tease." And he wrapped his arms around her and kissed her hard and long.


To Rosa's surprise and pleasure, Kathy joined them for breakfast. She seemed normal enough, but when Dutch tried to make light conversation with her, she burst into tears and fled the room. He looked at Rosa, clearly perplexed. Rosa wiped her hands on her apron and shut the bacon off and followed Kathy to her bedroom. Gritting her teeth, Rosa opened the door without knocking and was stunned to see her daughter shoving a finger vigorously in and out of her vagina. She was shocked when Kathy looked up at her but continued her masturbating.


But Kathy was coming. Her hips rode up to meet the plunging digit; her mouth hung open, jaws slack, spittle running from the corner of her mouth.

Rosa bit her hand but held her ground, patiently waiting until Kathy came down from the clouds. Several minutes later, a somewhat dazed Kathy opened her eyes and saw her mother standing there, as if drugged, Kathy began speaking at a much slower than normal pace.

"Mom I have a confession to make. You'll probably get mad at me and ground me forever, but I watched you and him this morning . . . as you . . . gave him head. Well, I didn't actually see the two of you this time, but I could hear everything, pretty much."

"This time?"

"Umm, I did watch you the last time."

'My God, what do I do now?' Rosa wondered, terrified that she had done damage beyond repair. But then she heard her daughter clearly.

"I wanted to jump in bed with you guys. It sounded so hot. I hope you aren't mad 'cause I watched that time and was listening earlier."

It took Rosa a moment to find her voice and another to form the words. "No darling, I'm not mad, I knew you were there. I mean in the next room, but I thought I could make love to Dutch quietly. I guess the walls are thinner than I thought."

She laughed nervously and added, "I owe you an apology for conducting myself that way. You should not have been subjected to us like that."

"I didn't mind Mom."

"It doesn't matter that you don't mind, you are my daughter and a minor. I should have been more careful and more considerate."

Kathy shocked her mother once again asking, "So what does his cock feel like?"

"I . . ." Rosa recoiled in stunned silence.

"I mean I saw it . . . and it's huge. Does it hurt much?"

"Kathy . . ." Rosa started before realizing it was time for a serious discussion. From the kitchen she heard Dutch's chair scrape the floor as he got up. 'My God' she prayed, 'don't let him come in here.'

"Gotta run Rosa, I'm due at the hospital in twenty minutes. Sorry, I'll call later."

She couldn't remember a time when she'd been more relieved to hear a door close and a car start.

Rosa decided to be candid with Kathy. Still, she had some trouble forming her thoughts because the hairbrush now lay at an angle with the end (the end Kathy had inserted inside her) cloying to her juice covered pubic hair. Struggling to compose a reply, she decided on complete honesty.

"No it does not hurt. But the first time you have sex with a man, his . . . penis does hurt a little."

Kathy interrupted her, "Like when he breaks the hymen?"


"But how does it feel?"

"Done right it's wonderful."

"He does it right doesn't he?"

"His name is Dutch, and yes, he's very good."

"Do you like sucking him?"

Rosa was startled at the bluntness of the question. "I . . . I don't . . . I mean . . . yes, Kathy, I love doing that for him. He loves it and I love it."

"Did he . . . did Dutch . . . did he cum in your mouth?"

The question was rapidly followed by a second, "What does it taste like?"

"Jeez, I have so many questions."

"May I ask you a couple?" Rosa asked.

Kathy shifted position and Rosa noticed the hairbrush fall off to the side, but Kathy made no attempt to cover her body.

"Sure, ask away."

Rosa gave a dry laugh and hugged her breasts tightly as she pondered her question.

"Just what have you done sexually? I mean aside from masturbation."

Kathy's eyes widened and sparkled. "Peggy and I play around with each other like this. I love it when she finger fucks me and plays with my clit. We go down on each other too."

Kathy recalled the woman who she'd met in the school restroom, but decided to keep that to herself, at least for the time being.

Rosa was absorbing this news.

"You're not going to tell him are you?"

"No this is between us. What else have you done beside the stuff with Peggy?"

"Last weekend Peggy and I double-dated with two seniors. We made out in the car and I let him feel my titties but he didn't really touch them. I got really, really hot from all the kissing and touching and when I felt his boner pressing into me I wanted to let him go all the way and fuck me. Is it okay to use that word?"

"In that context, yes, please go on."

"Okay . . . well like I said I was soooo hot, but I saw that Peggy was jerking her guy off on the front seat and so that's what I did. He came all over the both of us and I thought I'd never get the stuff off my clothes."

Rosa instantly remembered the suspicious stain on her sweater that she'd cleaned a few days earlier.

"I really, really wanted to take him in my mouth, but because Peggy didn't, I didn't."

Rosa gave her a wane smile and paused before saying, "It sounds like you are doing about all the same things I did at your age. I think you're almost ready for the next step, but I'd like you to hold off having sex with any of those boys. In the meantime I'm going to take you to the doctor and have you put on the pill. There's no sense in getting pregnant before you want to."


"Yes Kathy?"

"Do you think I'm pretty?"

"No. I think you're beautiful; and for that matter so is your friend Peggy."

Kathy's hand lingered over her breast, fondling a nipple.

"I'd rather you not play with yourself in my presence dear. It's unsettling. But I do have something for you. Just a moment, I'll be right back."

She left the room, but returned very quickly.

"Here," she said, handing a narrow box to her daughter, "use this . . . when the need arises."

The teen eagerly opened the box and found a handsome vibrator inside."

"Is this what I think it is?"

"It's my vibrator. Since Dutch will be around a lot I think you'll make better use of it than I."

Kathy sprang up and threw her arms around her mother. "Thank you! Are the batteries new?"

"Fresh enough," Rosa had to laugh despite herself. Suddenly she was very conscious of Kathy's breasts pressing against her. Embarrassed that even a hint of lust for her daughter had entered her mind, she made several excuses and left her room, dressed for work and only called goodbye from outside Kathy's room.

"Bye Mom," she called back, and Rosa heard the distinctive sound of the vibrator humming merrily away.


Later Rosa discussed the situation with Dutch. They agreed that while it would best if Kathy halted all sexual activity it was highly unlikely at this point.

Dutch was surprised when told about the vibrator, but didn't disparage Rosa for acting on an impulse. There was always the chance that she had done exactly the right thing. After all, the kid was already shoving a hairbrush up her hole and playing sixty-nine with her girlfriend. He felt his cock stir as he envisioned the two girls on a bed and allowed his hand to roam over Rosa's buttock.

"The best thing to come out of this situation as I see it," he said, "is that she's willing to talk openly about her activities. And you're responding in kind helps things enormously. I mean, instead of having a rebellious teenager you have an inquisitive daughter with an open mind."

Rosa sighed and leaned into him. "I guess so."

"It's not easy raising kids, honey."

"Oh, you don't know the half of it." And he drew her close and kissed her. Rosa instantly forgot all her concerns.


The next few days seemed to fly by. Dutch couldn't remember ever being as happy as he was whether they were together or not. And, if possible, Rosa's feelings were even stronger. It was love, no question.

She asked him if he wanted to move in with Kathy and her. He didn't hesitate, but began gathering his essentials to move in as soon as possible. As a cautionary measure, however, he didn't put his place on the market, but decided to keep it just in case.

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