tagGroup SexDutch Takes Rosa To The Doctors

Dutch Takes Rosa To The Doctors

byParis Waterman©

The Gathering

Dutch & Rosa's Trip to the Doctor's

After work, Dutch drove to Dr. Lamouerux's office where he found Rosa waiting for him.

"I didn't go inside," she said taking his arm. "I thought it would be better if we went in together, since you know her so well already."

They went inside the building and headed directly to the doctor's office, which was locked.

"No problem," Dutch told Rosa, "I've got a key."

"That's interesting," she said wondering just how long he had been screwing the nice doctor.

"I should explain," he said anticipating her question. "I helped her move in, this is her new office. I never returned the key she gave me."

They entered the reception area and Rosa looked around. She was impressed with the decorations. 'She has good taste or knows someone who does,' she thought.

Dutch thought he heard sounds coming from the examining room. His brow furrowed in concentration trying to determine what it was he heard. Then he moved closer to the door. Someone was moaning and groaning. Someone, probably Sharon was really going at it. He felt Rosa move in beside him listening too.

Suddenly the voices grew louder and clearer. "Oh yes you dirty fucker, right there, do it again! OH GOD, fuck me harder! Come on, harder you bastard!"

"Is that the doctor?" Rosa whispered, trying not to laugh out loud. He grinned back at her and squeezed her hand.

"Shall we peek in on them?" Dutch was now behind Rosa, pressing his erection against her ass.

She wriggled her butt back at him and purred softly when he gripped her right nipple with a thumb and trigger finger and applied pressure.

"Most definitely," she whispered. "I want to see her operating first hand."

Quietly he put the key into the lock and turned it. The door opened and they peeked into the examining room. Dr. Sharon Lamouerux was leaning over her desk, bracing herself with one hand while the other spread her ass apart as her breasts flounced wildly about from the force of a tall brown man's cock slamming in and out of her ass. Rosa's eyes were riveted on his large balls as they slapped against the doctor's labia with each thrust into her ass.

Dutch looked on with an almost clinical interest as the brown skinned man's outsized hands reached for her hips and pulled her ass back to meet his stabbing prick. He caught a glimpse of a Navy tattoo on the muscle of his left arm and realized he knew the guy; an X-ray technician from down the hall.

The fornicating couple was still unaware of their presence. And Dutch, his erection probing the cleft between Rosa's ass cheeks shoved her into the examining room ahead of him.

The technician's hand reached out and grabbed a juggling tit and yanked on the doctor's extended nipple.

Sharon moaned and then blurted out, "Christ, Timmy I'm there! Faster, please hump me faster!"

He released her breast and while gripping her hip with one hand, used the other to rub her clit, and then he pounded furiously into her gaping hole.

Rosa shed her skirt and rolled her panties to her thighs as Dutch yanked her black blouse up over her breasts. He kissed her passionately, cupping her left breast with one hand and covering her pussy with the other. The kiss ended as he sank a finger into Rosa's moist cunt. Rosa took a quick look at the other couple and almost came herself on seeing the juices gushing from Sharon's cunt, running down her thighs and forming a puddle on the floor. (Pictures are available on request. Just state the chapter(s) desired.)

"God! Oh, God! I'm cummin'!" Sharon moaned.

Dutch had his mouth over a breast and had added a second finger into Rosa. And Rosa, weakened by what was transpiring, felt her knees buckle. Only Dutch's presence of mind kept her from collapsing to the floor.

"Me too!" the technician bellowed, "Look!" And he pulled out of the doctor and came in her face.

Rosa's left hand now covered her lover's as it fingered her pussy. Dutch nonchalantly removed his dick from his slacks.

Meanwhile the technician reinserted his semi-erect prick into the doctor's cunt and caused her to come once more. Timmy's jizm slowly cascaded from her left lens down onto her cheek. Other than blinking furiously for a moment or two, Sharon ignored it, choosing to revel in her lingering orgasm. After another minute or so Timmy's flaccid cock flopped out and she moaned at the loss.

"Got time to do me again Timmy?" She pleaded, still oblivious to the presence of the couple standing only six feet from her as she began cleaning her glasses of his sperm.

"A little later doc," he said, "I gotta get back to work, but I can be back in an hour or so," Timmy said adjusting himself after tucking his well used meat back into his pants.

"Ciao until then, baby," she said and put on her glasses then turned to kiss him and then both of them noticed Dutch and Rosa. Timmy reacted first. "What the fuck, who are you?" he said menacingly. He balled his fists as he glanced from Dutch and his prominent hardon to Rosa who stood almost nude and still had one of Dutch's fingers in her pussy.

"Oh, shit!" Sharon cried out. "No Timmy, I know them. We must have gone on past their appointment," as she spoke she shimmied into her smock, but only half-buttoned it. Wondering why she even bothered doing so. In the final analysis she determined it was due to her trying to retain a modicum of professionalism. She took her cum streaked glasses off, and put them back on.

"Christ, I'm blind as a bat," she giggled and wiped them clean on her smock. Both Timmy and Dutch relaxed. Rosa used the opportunity to assess Sharon's figure and gave her a ten, the highest on the measurement scale.

"Dutch . . . err," she nodded to Rosa, and giving her well developed torso the once over as only a woman can do. "I'm sorry, we haven't met."

"We have now," Rosa said, smiling and giving her pelvis a faint thrust forward toward Sharon who smiled at her.

"I'm Rosa," she said calmly, groaning inwardly at the loss of Dutch's finger which he was now studying. Apparently thinking nothing of how she must appear to this strange woman, Sharon extended her hand to Rosa who accepted it and shook hands while blatantly staring at Sharon's breasts, which were almost entirely exposed, wondering if the doctor was bi-sexual.

Sharon took her time in appraising Rosa, then turned to give Timmy a hug and a wet kiss. After a curt nod in Dutch's direction, Timmy left them to return to work.

"He gave you quite a workout Doc," Dutch said as a wide grin crossed his face. In response Sharon raised her left leg and placed it on the desk with the skill only a dancer or former dancer could manage providing both Dutch and Rosa with a perfect view of her cunt. The few pubic hairs she had adorning her mons glistened with the body fluids of her recent coupling with Timmy.

"Want a taste Dutch?"

"Perhaps a little later, right now I'd like you to taste, I mean test my girl. You know the usual stuff."

"Of course, Dutch if you'll wait outside we'll do it right now."

Rosa was surprised but pleased. Dutch sauntered out into the reception area shaking his head at the sudden change. One minute the doctor was fucking a guy in front of them and he had stripped Rosa, in fact was reaming her pussy with his fingers and now the women wanted privacy. 'Go figure,' he thought and then wondered where the receptionist was. Checking his watch he concluded she was having an early lunch.

The doctor already had Rosa's feet in the stirrups and was peering into her vagina with professional aplomb. "You have sexual intercourse quite often I see."

"Yeah, Dutch sure keeps life interesting," Rosa responded, hiding a smile the doctor couldn't see. Sharon finished examining Rosa's vagina, but kept a finger inside her. "Does this bother you?"

"No, I find it very pleasant."

Inserting a second finger, the doctor asked, "And this, does this bother you?" With a Cheshire grin on her face, Rosa answered, "Oh, no doctor it feels great."

"Want more?"

A peal of laughter that reached Dutch's ears in the adjoining room, burst from Rosa's throat. "Sure, doctor, keep 'em coming." A third and then a fourth finger were quickly inserted and Rosa flushed as she felt the heat building within her loins.

"You do nice work Doc."

"Getting close?" Sharon inquired with more than professional interest this time as she increased the tempo of her thrusts into Rosa's cunt. "Ummm," Rosa murmured as she lay back in the special chair, legs spayed wide apart, her cunt open to the world. "Dutch wouldn't mind seeing this."

"Perhaps you're right," Sharon said and called out, "Dutch? Can you come in here for a moment?" Smiling with satisfaction, the doctor waited for him to enter and adjust to the scene before him.

"My God!" Dutch exclaimed on seeing Rosa spread out before him and on noting Sharon's fingers thrusting in and out of Rosa's well lubed pussy; the hardon he already had roared in his brain.

"I bet that's not a pipe in your pocket," Sharon giggled and lubing the middle finger of her free hand, jabbed it into Rosa's ass. Rosa screamed out as she climaxed. Sharon continued using alternate thrusts, right hand fingers into Rosa's cunt, left middle finger up her ass. Rosa continued to come, totally exposed to Dutch's eyes.

"Some days it just plain fun being a doctor," Sharon giggled as Rosa came again. Dutch had lowered his pants and was stroking his hardon. "Save that for me baby," Sharon said. "But first I need to draw some blood from this darling girl you've brought in. Reaching into the nearby drawer she extracted the necessary implements and quickly took a sample of Rosa's blood. Rosa, coming down from her orgasm, felt nothing of the needle.

"There," she said carefully labeling the tube filled with Rosa's blood, "I bet you didn't feel a thing." Rosa beamed at the doctor. "Oh I felt plenty, but if you're talking about that damn needle, no I never felt it."

"I'm sorry but I can't sample your pussy today, Rosa, but as soon as I get the reports back... which should be tomorrow, we can explore Sapphic delights at our leisure."

"Do I have to wait until tomorrow?" Dutch asked with a leer and peeled off the last of his clothing.

"Not unless Rosa objects."

Both turned to her and asked, Rosa?"

"Be my guest, Doctor."

"Please, don't be so formal. Call me Sharon."

"Okay, Sharon it is. Fuck him, suck him, but don't put him away wet."

They all laughed at that, and Dutch pulled her nude form against him, sending his tongue deep into her willing and hungry mouth.

"Dutch!" Sharon screeched, "Please ... go easy!" He whirled Sharon around until she faced the desk and bent her forward.

"A repeat performance," Rosa laughed as she slowly dismounted from the stirrups and placed her feet on the floor. His hardon trembled like a steel bar being fine tuned. "I'm gonna fill your ass this time little girl."

Sharon surprised Rosa with her response. She purred and said, "Just do it to me honey, I love that big ole fat piece of meat in any hole."

"First I'll use your pussy to lube me up," he said.

"Oh, baby let me suck it a little first," she replied, almost tearing off her clothes until she was clad in only her white thigh highs.

He laughed delightedly as his prick slid down her throat. He glanced at Rosa to see how she was taking this and saw she was already caressing a breast as she watched intently. He closed his eyes and enjoyed the sensations of the good doctor's expertise. Gradually he opened his eyes and saw Rosa languidly masturbating while watching the two of them through hazy, half-closed eyelids. Hardly grunting with effort, he hoisted Sharon up in his arms and carried her to the examing table and sat her down.

"What now, superman?" she asked delighting in his strength and expecting to see an even better example of it very soon.

"Grab your legs by the knees and lift them up," he said tersely, his prick quivering with excitement at having two women in heat like this. The doctor complied and he drove his thick prick deeply into her.

"Ooof!" She gasped, as his thrust forced most of the air from her lungs. Dutch leveraged his hips and pounded into her with a fury, not caring if he came before she did.

"SHIT! FUCK ME BABY! FUCK MY CUNT!" Sharon bellowed.

Easing his thick cock from her slimy vagina, he carefully rubbed the slick head of his cock all over her pinkish rosebud. "Spread your cheeks you horny slut!" Dutch snarled. He was close to coming and desperately wanted to have fucked her in all three holes while Rosa looked on.

Sharon eagerly complied, spreading them as wide apart as she could. He was stunned to hear Rosa say, "Let me help."

"What did you have in mind? he asked, holding his mammoth erection in his right hand.

"I wanna open her up. I'll use my finger."

"Okay, but put a glove on," Sharon said, turning toward the dark haired Rosa. Reaching into the glove box on the counter, Rosa quickly donned a glove and, probing Sharon's juicy pussy, lubed it and returned the favor, ramming a finger up her ass.

"Revenge is sweet, huh?" Sharon laughed, obviously she had accepted Rosa's finger with ease.

"You bet it is," Rosa laughed. "Fuck her good, loverman." And she stepped away as he took aim and pushed his cock head into her tight ass ring, and ignoring the good doctor's moan of protest, kept forcing it in until he was in two inches. Then he waited until she was relaxed enough to accept more. He did pull out to add additional lubricant and after doing so found Sharon was able to accept him much easier.

Soon her ass was sucking on his cock, due in part to the fact that Rosa was applying three gloved fingers to her pussy, churning away as if trying to make butter from all the juice now flowing from Sharon's cunt and down her legs.

Sharon came three or four times before Dutch was ready to unload. He asked her how she met Timmy, hoping the conversation would delay his orgasm.

"Same as you . . . oh, God . . . there! Yes right there! He came in for an exam and had the nicest cock . . ." Dutch increased his pace, not caring if she finished telling him about Timmy. He was ready to explode. He realized both women were talking at the same time and strained to hear them.

Sharon: "God, Dutch . . . you can hit my womb with that thick fucker of yours!"

Rosa hornier than ever, exhorted Dutch to, "Come in my mouth Baby . . . Please come in my mouth!"

Touched by her plea, Dutch compelled himself to hold off from coming. He ran his index finger across her teeth and listened as Rosa moaned. He touched her tongue and when she made a face, kissed her while holding back. His prick still lodged in Sharon's ass, but not moving, throbbed incessantly. Sharon, fully sated for the moment, relaxed across the desk, lost in a haze of lust.

Dutch discovered that he couldn't kiss Rosa hard enough. His hand drifted down to her cunt and then back to her mouth, she absorbed his finger. He grunted and she realized he was about to come just as he pulled away from Sharon to offer his prick to Rosa's anxious lips. She managed to take the head of his prick into her mouth just a split second before he spewed forth the most prodigious load of his life.

Rosa choked, causing a good amount of the sperm to cascade down her chin. Struggling to control her gag reflex, she managed to overcome the copious quantity of cum in her throat; swallowing some; then more as Dutch continued rubbing his molten cock against her lips. Sharon an active onlooker, pushed Dutch away and savagely kissed Rosa, savoring both her own taste and his on the other woman's teeth and gums and then calmly licked her jizm clad face clean.

Rosa found herself white-hot with carnal heat and had another orgasm that included a primal quiver brought on by the long, lingering kiss.

Déjà vu!

Minutes later Dutch was hard again and mounted the insatiable Rosa after reseating her in the examining chair. As he fucked her methodically, Timmy returned to the office, took things in with a glance, and stripped before steering Sharon to her well used desk.

"Oh yes," Sharon moaned, "That's what I want, Timmy. I need you to fuck me bad. I need that cock of yours!"

Timmy wasted no time, moving behind her and grasping her by the calves, he raised her legs almost straight up in the air. Sharon had to lean back in order to maintain her precarious balance while gripping the edge of her desk with her hands.

The lithe technician still holding her ankles moved in front of her and looked down at her gaping cunt. Traces of his earlier deposit oozed from her slit. He placed his knob against her still moistened hole and thrust in and out until she squealed in delight from the sensation of his thick member gliding along the walls of her vagina.

"Gotta suck those tits," he gasped, and leaned forward, almost causing Sharon to fall backward off the desk. Only a quick recovery on Timmy's part saved the doctor from possible harm. Applying his weight he kept her both impaled on his prick and firmly on the desk.

Reluctant to change her position since it felt so well, she didn't shift. Timmy slapped her ass and a somewhat truculent Doctor turned over for him. Timmy grasped her legs and raised them to her shoulders and slammed his prick in until it glanced against her womb. Sharon screamed delightedly and he leaned down and engulfed almost half of her breast in his mouth, first sucking, then licking and finally chewing the nipple vigorously.

Meanwhile Rosa was cajoling her man, "Dutch, why haven't you kissed my pussy like you kissed Sharon's?"

He didn't hesitate. He slid to the floor and knelt in front of her. She pulled her legs up and placed them back in the stirrups. Highly aroused, he kissed his way along the inside of her thighs. On reaching her pussy, he flicked his tongue out and licked the end of her hard little clit. Rosa gasped despite herself, jerking uncontrollably every time his tongue touched her there.

He continued licking and sucking, feasting on her juices. Changing course he allowed a finger to sneak into her asshole.

"Oh Dutch, I love you soooo much!" she managed to pant, before losing her breath completely.

His mouth closed over her entire pussy, and as he sucked and licked and swallowed, his rogue finger made its way into her ass before backing out and beginning again in a slow, steady pumping motion. He fastened his lips around the tiny morsel that was her clit and sucked it; licking the end of it as his lips pulled away from it, causing Rosa to grab his head with both hands, pulling him hard against her pussy, as she let out a little shriek. She was coming!


Sharon, having milked Timmy dry with her kegels was now tickling his huge testes with one hand while the other was slowly sliding along his flaccid shaft, trying to restore some semblance of life to it. It wasn't long before he gradually began to harden. Sharon pumped him quickly several times, intent on watching the juice seeping out of the slit in the tip. Apparently satisfied with his recovery rate, she leaned forward and stuck out her tongue tentatively touching the tip of her tongue to the end of his prick.

Oh, how she loved that taste! She couldn't get enough of it; and she swiped her tongue over his corona, causing Timmy to groan with pure pleasure. Then to her surprise she discovered Dutch standing alongside her. Quickly she released Timmy and drew Dutch's cock into her mouth, holding onto Timmy's as if her life depended upon it.

'Mmmmmm, I love my job,' she thought, and turned back to Timmy's prick, engulfing it half-way down her gullet.

Timmy's hands reached out and held the doctor's head in place. He didn't force her in any one direction, but she understood his message and acted accordingly, absorbing more and more of him until the head of his prick brushed against the back of her throat. Sharon could tell she had little more than half of it in her mouth. Concentrating hard, she allowed the rest of his massive cock to slide down her throat and once again she felt the flush of triumph in deep-throating someone most woman would never dream of taking on. Then she eased him from her mouth until only the head remained.

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